PoshFest 2013: Day 2 Recap!


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Day 2 at PoshFest called for our fab attendees to get up-close and personal at workshops that were led by power Poshers and Team Posh! From learning the tips and trick to being a rockstar user to understanding why spreading the PoshLove is SO important, these intimate sessions definitely sparked the most ahh-mazing conversations.

“Spreading the PoshLove: How to Build Relationships That Matter”


Moderated by the lovely Lyann, Poshmark’s Director of Community, and our workshop speaker, Charis Gailard, this workshop had the entire room tearing up just a little bit as we shared our own personal stories on how relationships on the app have changed our lives. We learned that Poshmark not only connects us all as women across the country, but through generations of daughters and mothers using the app!

“Like a Boss: How to Start a Business on Poshmark”


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This hot topic had us all eyes and ears with our notebooks ready in hand! In a discussion led by Director of Marketplace Operations, Olivia Tam, power user and businesswoman Evelyne Teman shared her experience of creating a booming Posh empire, turning her garage into a merchandise warehouse and using the app to connect with customers all over the country. 

“Power Users Tips and Tricks”


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Bubbly and bold power user and Community team member, Adiel Cloud, dug deep in her bag of tips and tricks to show our attendees how they can go above and beyond with their Posh etiquette! From using the handy USPS app to describing your item like a seasoned Posher, this workshop covered all Posh tips from A(pp) to Z!

Five Reasons to Go to PoshFest



PoshFest’s cherry-on-top of a really fabulous cake is going to be our biggest ever LIVE Posh Party with glitter, cocktails and dancing with all your Posh BFFs. We might teach Vegas a thing or two about what it really means to have a party!


From how to take the perfect Covershot to using social media to market your listings, what you can learn from PoshFest will help your Poshmark closet shine bright. Our lineup of panels, workshops and speakers will sharpen your business-savvy skills – talk about a wealth of knowledge!


At PoshFest, you can finally meet your Posh BFFs from across the country and make a hundred more! Lovers of Poshmark come from all walks in life with all different styles (we celebrate and love them all) and nothing is stronger than the sisterhood of traveling Poshers.


Vegas is going to be the capital of some unstoppable and fabulous fashion as our passionate Poshers show us why their closets are droolworthy! Don’t get us started on the goodie bags. This is THE opportunity to get some one-of-a-kind Poshmark swag.


PoshFest is not only about fashion and friends – it’s also about being inspired and educated to be the woman you’ve always wanted to be. Poshmark wants to celebrate you as a Posher, a woman, an entrepreneur and a style icon! Get inspired by fashion and industry leaders who want to empower your inner Posh goddess.

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PoshFest 2013: Your Questions Answered!


Wondering what a ticket to PoshFest can get you?

With all this buzz about PoshFest, we bet you have quite a few questions about our first ever fashion festival! This blog post will hopefully answer all your questions about PoshFest and help you make the choice to join us in Vegas on October 19-20th!

If you’re ready to go to PoshFest, use the code POSHFEST25 at checkout to get 25% off your PoshFest ticket – just because we love our Posh community. Get your ticket on our Eventbrite page.


Panel 1: Jumpstart Your Style

Step up your own personal style and become a Poshmark tastemaker with this panel’s expert tips.

Panel 2: How Poshmark Changed My Life: Secrets To Selling Success

Hear from four power users as they discuss the personal impact Poshmark has had on them.

Panel 3: Marketing Yourself In The Virtual World

Learn how marketing can increase sales in your Poshmark closet from a crew of some fabulous Posh marketing mavens.

Workshop 1: Like a Boss: How to Start a Business on Poshmark

Poshmark’s Director of Marketplace Operations will lead this interactive discussion around what you need to take into account when running a business on Poshmark.

Workshop 2: Spreading the PoshLove: How to Build Relationships That Matter

Poshmark’s Director of Community will lead this interactive discussion around how to make relationships count on Poshmark.

Workshop 3: Power User Tips and Tricks

Poshmark’s Community Ambassador and power user will lead this interactive discussion on how to add a little pep to your Posh step while cutting some corners in the pursuit of Poshmark efficiency!


What is PoshFest?

PoshFest is a live two day event filled with fashion, friends, and fun happening in Las Vegas that will connect, inspire, and empower the Poshmark community from all across the country.

Is there an age requirement for PoshFest?

There is no age requirement to to attend PoshFest 2013. 

Will you be selling tickets at the door?

No, we will not be selling any tickets at the door.

Who’s invited to PoshFest 2013?

We’re excited to invite all registered members of Poshmark to join us at PoshFest! Not a member yet? No problem! Download the free Poshmark iPhone or iPad app, or register on the web.

Will my PoshFest ticket provide any meals/accommodations/travel throughout the weekend?

Your PoshFest ticket will provide two days of breakfast and lunch, but dinner is on you! This ticket does not pay for any accommodations or travel.

If you’re still on the fence about PoshFest, check out our fun little Instagram video: