A Posh Recap of 2013

Goodbye, 2013!

It’s been one fabulous year filled with fashion, glitter and our ahh-mazing Poshmark community. We had so many wonderful firsts – from Poshmark on Android to jetsetting to Vegas for PoshFest to our shiny new Showrooms feature – that 2013 is the year to remember. To top it all off, we celebrated our 2nd birthday at PMHQ and across the country with the ladies who made it possible: our community.

Here’s to another app-solutely stylish year!

PoshFest 2013: The Best of PoshStyle


There was so much style at PoshFest that we had a hard time picking just nine looks from the weekend in Vegas. We hope that you’ll enjoy all the sparkle, prints and sassy tees (because we sure did) and continue to share how you style your favorite Poshmark purchases on Instagram!

Don’t forget! This is the last week to enter our #POSHSTYLE Instagram Giveaway for a chance to win $50 in Posh Credits! Just be sure to follow our Instagram and use the #POSHSTYLE hashtag before next Monday 12PM PST! So start snapping your way to a whole new outfit!

Network with Style: Tips for PoshFest 2013


PoshFest is not only a great opportunity to learn how to take your closet to the next level, meet Team Posh and Posh Party the night away – it’s the perfect event to build your professional and social networks and make connections that will last you beyond the weekend.

We definitely believe that building relationships matter when it comes to your closet (and life in general). Here are a few tricks and tips for networking with style:

1. Come prepared. In networking events, you meet so many faces that it’s hard to remember everyone you meet, and business cards are the perfect way to leave an impression that lasts. Don’t have your own personalized business card? Poshmark and Moo.com have teamed up to offer you 100 FREE (yes, that beautiful word) mini business cards – available for pick-up at PoshFest! The only thing you have to pay for is $3 shipping! Hurry – this offer only lasts until October 13 11:50PM EST!

2. Share your Posh story. Don’t know what to say at networking events? At PoshFest, women from across the country and all walks of life are coming together to share their common love for Poshmark, and they want to know your Posh story! It’ll definitely spark tons of other conversations!

3. Follow up, ladies! The only way to build lasting connections beyond Vegas is to follow up with your new friends. Shoot them an email, say hi on Instagram, or of course send a nice little comment on Poshmark! 

With a little patience and a lot of Posh love, these connections might last you a lifetime. If you want to make new Posh BFFs in Vegas, get your ticket for PoshFest 2013 on our Eventbrite page.


PoshFest Essentials with Kate of @wearinla


Blogger darling and power Posher Kate of Wear in La is not only writing a guest post on our blog today, but she’s also joining us at PoshFest as a panelist – sharing all her fashionable tips and tricks for marketing yourself in the virtual world. If you want to join Kate for PoshFest, get your tickets on Eventbrite!

Let’s find out what Kate’s bringing to Vegas:

From the minute I heard about the amazing idea of having a huge live Posh Party in Vegas, I have excitedly been asking myself (and all my Posh friends) the same question over and over again: “What in the world am I going to wear?!” I’m the kind of girl who packs too much, doesn’t get around to wearing nearly half of it and ends up having too much to even care! This time around, I’m planning my outfits ahead of time to minimize luggage and keep myself focused on having a great time and working hard!


In lieu of keeping things simple, I chose a color palette and plan to stick with it so that everything can be interchangeable (you can save so much room in your suitcase if you pick items that mix and match well). For PoshFest 2013, I’m sticking to the oh-so-trendy basics of black and white with a couple pops of color! A classic little black dress can get you through any situation – dinner, drinks, dancing, conference – you name it! Neutral nail polish, such as a nude or silver sparkles, will go with everything – it’s a good idea to consider your wardrobe color palette and choose a polish that meshes well.


Now let’s get down to business – your Posh closet that is! PoshFest is going to be the number one event this year where you can network, learn, and grow your business on Poshmark. Remember to bring your iPhone or iPad, perhaps a notepad, and of course your business cards! Lucky for you and me, Poshmark has offered 100 free custom cards to each attendee to get us jumpstarted! Click HERE to order yours!


Since PoshFest is a two-day event with workshops and panels going all day long, it’s important to have everything you need for the day with you in an easy-to-carry tote. In between speaking on the Marketing Panel, learning new strategies for networking and meeting new Posh friends, I will be fabulously toting around my iPad/iPhone with chargers, a little notebook (yea, I’m still a little old school like that!), business cards, extra pens, perhaps a pair of fold-up flats (you never know…sometimes heels can just be a little too much!) and some basic beauty touch-up products (i.e. lipstick, travel hairspray, bobby pins, and the like). I’m the kind of girl who comes prepared for anything – you just never want to be caught without when you’re in need!

In all my excitement for PoshFest, I have been sharing the Posh love like crazy, encouraging girls to keep on selling and earning towards the trip! I’ve even curated a “PoshFest Essentials” list in my own closet of items that are Vegas-worthy listings up to 20% off. It’s not too late to buy your PoshFest tickets – I so look forward to meeting each and every one of you!


I would love to hear how everyone else is prepping for PoshFest. Share your packing secrets and what you’re going to wear with us here and on Instagram (@poshmark & @wearinla)!

Let’s get this PoshParty started! Vegas, here we come!

xo, Kate

PoshFest 2013: Last Minute Posh Purchases


With a little more than 2 weeks until PoshFest, it might be a bit of a scramble to get the perfect Vegas wardrobe. Skip the lines at the mall and check out the glitz, glamour and gold on our PoshFest wishlist.

If you’re absolutely in love with these statement pieces, be sure to buy them soon so they can make it in your suitcase to Vegas!


Isabel Marant Godart Embroidered Skinny Jeans: $450 Retail $675
Vibrant Coral Fold Over Clutch
: $42
Kate Spade Autumn Astor Court Handbag: $250 Retail $350
Metallic Gold Folded Clutch/Crossbody: $25
Brian Atwood “Consort” Heels: $175 Retail $325
Betsey Johnson Jeweled Clutch: $45
Ray-Ban Tortoiseshell Sunglasses: $95 Retail $200
Arden B Gold Sequin Skirt: $55 Retail $59

If you’re looking for an occasion to wear these stunning listings, check out the PoshFest 2013 page on Eventbrite for information, FAQs and tickets.

Five Reasons to Go to PoshFest



PoshFest’s cherry-on-top of a really fabulous cake is going to be our biggest ever LIVE Posh Party with glitter, cocktails and dancing with all your Posh BFFs. We might teach Vegas a thing or two about what it really means to have a party!


From how to take the perfect Covershot to using social media to market your listings, what you can learn from PoshFest will help your Poshmark closet shine bright. Our lineup of panels, workshops and speakers will sharpen your business-savvy skills – talk about a wealth of knowledge!


At PoshFest, you can finally meet your Posh BFFs from across the country and make a hundred more! Lovers of Poshmark come from all walks in life with all different styles (we celebrate and love them all) and nothing is stronger than the sisterhood of traveling Poshers.


Vegas is going to be the capital of some unstoppable and fabulous fashion as our passionate Poshers show us why their closets are droolworthy! Don’t get us started on the goodie bags. This is THE opportunity to get some one-of-a-kind Poshmark swag.


PoshFest is not only about fashion and friends – it’s also about being inspired and educated to be the woman you’ve always wanted to be. Poshmark wants to celebrate you as a Posher, a woman, an entrepreneur and a style icon! Get inspired by fashion and industry leaders who want to empower your inner Posh goddess.

If you want to join us in Vegas for PoshFest 2013, get your 25% off your ticket by using POSHFEST25 at checkout! Don’t delay – this sweet deal ends October 2nd. Get your PoshFest ticket on Eventbrite!

PoshFest 2013: Your Questions Answered!


Wondering what a ticket to PoshFest can get you?

With all this buzz about PoshFest, we bet you have quite a few questions about our first ever fashion festival! This blog post will hopefully answer all your questions about PoshFest and help you make the choice to join us in Vegas on October 19-20th!

If you’re ready to go to PoshFest, use the code POSHFEST25 at checkout to get 25% off your PoshFest ticket – just because we love our Posh community. Get your ticket on our Eventbrite page.


Panel 1: Jumpstart Your Style

Step up your own personal style and become a Poshmark tastemaker with this panel’s expert tips.

Panel 2: How Poshmark Changed My Life: Secrets To Selling Success

Hear from four power users as they discuss the personal impact Poshmark has had on them.

Panel 3: Marketing Yourself In The Virtual World

Learn how marketing can increase sales in your Poshmark closet from a crew of some fabulous Posh marketing mavens.

Workshop 1: Like a Boss: How to Start a Business on Poshmark

Poshmark’s Director of Marketplace Operations will lead this interactive discussion around what you need to take into account when running a business on Poshmark.

Workshop 2: Spreading the PoshLove: How to Build Relationships That Matter

Poshmark’s Director of Community will lead this interactive discussion around how to make relationships count on Poshmark.

Workshop 3: Power User Tips and Tricks

Poshmark’s Community Ambassador and power user will lead this interactive discussion on how to add a little pep to your Posh step while cutting some corners in the pursuit of Poshmark efficiency!


What is PoshFest?

PoshFest is a live two day event filled with fashion, friends, and fun happening in Las Vegas that will connect, inspire, and empower the Poshmark community from all across the country.

Is there an age requirement for PoshFest?

There is no age requirement to to attend PoshFest 2013. 

Will you be selling tickets at the door?

No, we will not be selling any tickets at the door.

Who’s invited to PoshFest 2013?

We’re excited to invite all registered members of Poshmark to join us at PoshFest! Not a member yet? No problem! Download the free Poshmark iPhone or iPad app, or register on the web.

Will my PoshFest ticket provide any meals/accommodations/travel throughout the weekend?

Your PoshFest ticket will provide two days of breakfast and lunch, but dinner is on you! This ticket does not pay for any accommodations or travel.

If you’re still on the fence about PoshFest, check out our fun little Instagram video: