Posh Tip: Spring Clean to Stock Your Closet

Spring is in full swing and for many this sparks the urge to freshen up and unload clutter in your life, especially in your closet! Right now is the perfect time to lighten the load of that closet rod while stocking your Poshmark closet—and wallet! Not sure where to start? Here are five tips to help you make the tough call on what should go to a loving new home!


Image via Emily May

1. It Doesn’t Fit You Right Now

Whether it’s too big, too small, or just not right for your body type, life is too short to hold onto clothes that you can’t wear. Try it on and if it’s just not the right size or cut, list it to your Poshmark closet.

2. It Doesn’t Suit Your Personal Style

Personal style is ever-evolving, so your favorite pumps from last year may be collecting a bit of dust now since you reinvented your style. If that boho top doesn’t quite fit your new ladylike vibe or it just simply doesn’t go with anything else in your closet, snap a covershot and list it!

3. You Wouldn’t Buy It Now

Take a good look at the item and ask yourself: If you saw this on the rack at your favorite store today, would you buy it? If the answer is no, it’s time for it to go to a new home! 

4. It Brings Up Bad Memories

Everyone has a piece in their closet that they associate with a not-so-great moment or experience. Whether it’s a piece of jewelry from an ex or that dress you were wearing when you had your most embarrassing moment, make some room for good memories by parting ways with it.

5. You Never Actually Wear It

You know that item in your closet that you keep trying on, but never actually leave the house wearing? It’s a sign that it’s meant to be in your Poshmark closet. And if the tag is still on it after months of hanging in your closet, you should definitely make some room for something you’ll actually wear by selling it!

By thinking through these five points when spring cleaning your closet, we’re sure you find lots of new inventory for your Poshmark closet all the while making room to shop for new summer kicks and flirty frocks.

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Closet Feature: @randilyn


We have fallen in love with everything ethereal, relaxed and outdoor festival-chic these days. What’s not to love about distressed fabrics, flowy lines and laid-back glam? Randi gives us an array of pieces that we already want to mix and match for ourselves, but check out her closet for yourself and see if you can leave with just one piece. Happy Shopping! 

1. Feather Necklace – $10 retail $0
2. Zara Suede Short Boots – $38 retail $0

3. 7FAM Cut-Off Embellished Shorts – $50 retail $0
4. Free People Layered Tutu Dress – $60 retail $148
5. Hudson Bleached Zipper Jeans – $85 retail $325
6. Kate Spade ‘Daisy Chain’ Drop Earrings – $38 retail $75 
7. Lucky Brand Leather Cross Body – $60 retail $148
8. 7FAM Buckle Sandal – $60 retail $198

PMHQ Picks: Year-End Pieces

The holidays are in full swing and the Poshmark Community Team has been on the hunt for the perfect pieces to help end the year with in style.  Check out what we have our eyes on right now:

Ashlee’s Picks:

1. Mink Pink Sequin Dress from Lauren Nicole’s closet – $105 retail $150

“Whether you’re at a holiday party or out on the town for New Year’s Eve, this flirty dress is an eye-catcher!”

2. Anne Klein Silver Heels from Erika’s closet – $60 retail $99

“These heels are simply elegant and can be thrown on with any outfit. The shorter heel also makes for a night of dancing the night away while avoiding the pain!”

3. Gap Red Peacoat from Kathleen’s closet – $30 retail $120

“The festive red color makes this the perfect cozy coat to throw on during these cold winter nights!”

4. Freshwater Purple Pearl Earrings from Francesca’s closet – $30 retail $75

“Pearls never go out of style and these chandelier earrings are the right combination of glam and sparkle.”

Adiel’s Picks: 

1. French Connection Sequin Dress from Designher’s closet – $70 retail $180

“All eyes will be on the gal in this full sequin dress when the New Year ball drops!”

2. Sparkly Tweed Jacket from Natali’s closet- $35 retail $45

“Add a little sparkle to any special night with this shimmery jacket!”

3. Bow Bracelet from Brooke’s closet- $29

“This sweet bow bracelet is a sweet addition to your holiday arm party!”

4. Red Cape Jacket from Kyra’s closet – $60 retail $189

“Keep stylishly-warm in this adorable red cape!”

Happy Poshmarking!