Posh Tip: 5 Ways to Be a Positive Posher

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One of the reasons we love Poshmark so much is its community. At PMHQ, we enjoy being active and spreading the PoshLove with our fellow fashionistas. The community is what you make it, so that’s why we wanted to share some tips to ensure a positive and happy experience for all Poshers.

1. Communicate With Courtesy

Interacting with all users in a respectful manner, maintaining common courtesies when leaving comments, and keeping a kind and tolerant tone creates a supportive forum for all users.

2. Spread Positivity

The love you spread will get returned. Share each others listings, leave love notes and compliments, communicate openly, and follow all guidelines. The more encouraging feedback, the more likely you are to build relationships with lifelong stylemates.

3. Put Your Best Face Forward

Always keep in mind you are a brand ambassador, and consider yourself an extension of your closet. Remaining flexible and considerate means more positive transactions and happy buying experiences.

4. Keep Calm and Contact Support

We understand issues with transactions can arise. When issues with a transaction or conversations escalate, support is always here to help! Please be sure to remain level headed and understanding, and contact support@poshmark.com immediately for assistance.

5. Patience is Power

When waiting for your package to ship or funds to be released, please remember to remain patient and aware of potential delays. When awaiting a response from a fellow user, please allow ample time to respond and keep it cool and composed.

Have a #ClosetCrush?

Recently purchased something you love? Create a #ClosetCrush listing to thank the seller! 

It’s easy! Here’s how:

Step 1: Create listings on Poshmark showcasing your best PoshFinds – items you’ve purchased that you’re absolutely in love with.

  • Get creative with photos of yourself wearing your PoshFinds.
  • Set the brand to #ClosetCrush (this is important so we can see them!) and set the price to $0.
  • Comment on the listing making sure to tag the seller so she gets notified and if you love her style, ask what closets she’s currently shopping!

Step 2: Don’t be shy! Tell everyone on Poshmark how much you love what you’ve bought from them! If they aren’t on the app, spread the #ClosetCrush tag everywhere – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. – and express your desire to shop their closets (making sure to tag Poshmark).

Happy Poshing!

PoshFest 2013: Day 2 Recap!


Source: kwistenm on Instagram

Day 2 at PoshFest called for our fab attendees to get up-close and personal at workshops that were led by power Poshers and Team Posh! From learning the tips and trick to being a rockstar user to understanding why spreading the PoshLove is SO important, these intimate sessions definitely sparked the most ahh-mazing conversations.

“Spreading the PoshLove: How to Build Relationships That Matter”


Moderated by the lovely Lyann, Poshmark’s Director of Community, and our workshop speaker, Charis Gailard, this workshop had the entire room tearing up just a little bit as we shared our own personal stories on how relationships on the app have changed our lives. We learned that Poshmark not only connects us all as women across the country, but through generations of daughters and mothers using the app!

“Like a Boss: How to Start a Business on Poshmark”


Source: missaisha555 on Instagram

This hot topic had us all eyes and ears with our notebooks ready in hand! In a discussion led by Director of Marketplace Operations, Olivia Tam, power user and businesswoman Evelyne Teman shared her experience of creating a booming Posh empire, turning her garage into a merchandise warehouse and using the app to connect with customers all over the country. 

“Power Users Tips and Tricks”


Source: FashionableeME on Twitter

Bubbly and bold power user and Community team member, Adiel Cloud, dug deep in her bag of tips and tricks to show our attendees how they can go above and beyond with their Posh etiquette! From using the handy USPS app to describing your item like a seasoned Posher, this workshop covered all Posh tips from A(pp) to Z!