Posh Tip: When in Doubt, Just Ask!

We consider ourselves pretty savvy shoppers at PMHQ. We scroll through Showrooms, consult with our PFFs over purses, and we’re never shy about asking sellers a question or two over an item we’ve been eyeing.

Whether you’re finally ready to make that Like yours or you’re indulging in an impulse buy, here are a few questions to ask the seller before you hit that Buy button. 

Can you measure it for me?

It goes without saying—fit can be tricky! What fits your PFF perfectly might look completely different on you. Instead of asking how a seller how that dress or top fits, we have a better alternative: Ask your seller for exact measurements. Getting specific measurements from a seller for areas like the inseam, bust, and waist can help give you a better idea of if an item will fit you just the way you want it.

Can you model the item?

If stock photos or photos of the item on a hanger leave you scratching your head, don’t be shy about asking your seller if she can model an item for you. This way, you can see multiple angles of that dress you’ve been eyeing.

What color is this?

Lusting over a pair of fierce heels but aren’t quite sure if it’s the color you’ve been looking for? Ask the seller to take a photo of the item under natural or outdoor lighting, with no filters applied to the photo. Having a clear, well-lit photo to reference can make all the difference when you’re looking for an item in your favorite hue.

Does it zip, button, or snap?

Little details like closures and hardware can be easy to overlook! If you hate fumbling over buttons or want to make sure that the bag snaps shut, simply ask your seller for specifics.

Is the dust bag, original box, or belt included?

If you’re buying a pair of shoes or a bag, it’s always a good idea to ask the seller if they still have the dust bag or original box. Or maybe you want to recreate your Closet Crush’s awesome styling in her Covershot—don’t forget to ask her if that belt or sash she cinched the waist with is included. That way, you and the seller are completely clear on what should be packaged up before you complete the transaction.

Last but not least, don’t forget to leave a note thanking your seller for the extra time and help! Even if you decide an item doesn’t work for you, you might just gain a brand new PFF.

Happy Poshing!

Posh Tip: How to Describe the Condition of Your Item

It should be no surprise that we here at PMHQ are seriously into shopping. One upside to this—besides a cute pair of shoes, of course—is that inevitably an item or two (or three!) will make its way to our own Poshmark closets once our actual closets start to overflow.

Other than creating an awesome Covershot, one important thing to keep in mind is how to appropriately describe the condition of an item. Whether it’s that purse you just had to have one minute but ended up sitting in your closet the next or a summer dress that you’re ready to say goodbye to, we’ve got some tips on how to best describe your item’s condition.


New With Tags (NWT)

Have an impulse purchase you never got around to wearing? If it’s still got tags attached, it’s NWT. New With Tags items are brand new, never worn, with the tags still attached. Is your item is brand new but has no tags? Easy—that’s NWOT (New Without Tags).

(Also, if some of these acronyms have you scratching your head, find a helpful list of oft-used abbreviations in our Poshmark glossary.)

Excellent Used Condition (EUC)

We’ve all been there—sometimes you wear an item, only to find it just doesn’t work for you. If something has been worn once or twice but has little to no signs of wear, it’s Like New. Even if you’ve worn an item just once, it’s always a good idea to give it a thorough inspection, just in case.

Good Used Condition

Have a top or pair of shoes that no longer makes it into your #ootd rotation? Your preloved item could be another Posher’s new favorite. Items in excellent condition are gently used, with little signs of wear. Just be sure to include any details that your buyer should take note of before she hits that “Buy” button—examples include any pilling, pulls, or loose stitches.

Very Used Condition

Time to let go of an old favorite? Be sure to give it a thorough inspection and let your buyer know of any signs of wear, fading or discoloration, and additional details that should be noted. Be sure to double and triple check the item—sometimes it’s easy to look over little details like seams, straps, and zippers. If you need to show a lot of detail, create a second listing for your item.

Posh Tip: Can I List It?

Poshing can be a serious (and seriously fun!) full-time addiction. But with all the sharing, discovering, Posh Partying, and PFF-bonding, we wanted to give our awesome community a quick refresher for a commonly asked question: Is this okay to list?


Have a new lipstick that you’ve never touched or a brand new eyeshadow palette that you know just won’t go with your coloring? No problem! List it on Poshmark for some other lucky Posher to take home! Just keep in mind that used makeup is unsupported—that includes products that have been swatched or tested (even just once!).


The best kind of weather is swimsuit weather. Like all clothing on Poshmark, we ask that swimsuits are clean and good condition. Remember that impulse buy bikini that’s stashed away in your closet? No sweat! List it—then share it as you sip on a tall glass of lemonade by the pool.

Perfume and nail polish

As much as PMHQ goes crazy for a good mani and some fierce nail art, nail polish isn’t allowed on Poshmark. Any liquid that contains alcohol is considered hazardous to ship through USPS Priority Mail, which is the type of mail that Posh Post uses. This includes nail polish, perfume, and hairspray.


Though we love our gadgets and devices as much as the next person, Poshmark does not support the sale of any electronic item. That includes headphones, hair tools, and iPad keyboards. Here’s a helpful hint: if it charges, requires batteries, or plugs into something, it’s considered an electronic.

Have any questions about what is or what isn’t allowed on Poshmark? Just shoot an email to support@poshmark.com and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions.

Community Feature: Covershots that Shine!

We here at PMHQ love a good covershot; the kind that makes you stop and take a peek at the rest of someone’s closet. Modeling your item, utilizing a ton of natural light, using creative angles and alternative points of view can help take listings to the next level. Need some inspiration? Here are some that we’re loving lately. We can’t wait to see more!

@pebbles1008 / @splendeur

Posh Tip: Creating a Second Listing for an Item

We have a little mantra when it comes to listings: the more, the better! And sometimes, four photos just aren’t enough when it comes to showcasing that awesome handbag or fab pair of shoes that you’ve got listed in your closet.

Here’s an easy solution: Create another listing specifically for additional photos of your item. A second listing can be helpful to highlight any additional details that you’d like buyers to take note of. Whether it’s to show extra angles of a dress or some minor wear to a handbag, a second—or third—listing can give your buyer all the info she needs before she hits that “Buy” button. Just follow the steps below and get to listing!

1. Create a new listing for the additional photos. Take clear, detailed shots and make sure to title the listing appropriately!


2. Mark the item as “Not for Sale.”


3. Direct buyers to the additional listing and tag them in the comments!


Happy Poshing!