Host Feature: Ghost Hunters’ Amy Bruni


You might recognize power Poshmarker Amy Bruni from SyFy’s Ghost Hunters. However, there is a lot more to Amy than just seeking spirits in haunted spaces! This “Massifornian”—Amy’s term for Nor-Cal native living in Boston—is also a new mom and fashionista with a keen shopping eye!

With a closet full of goodies from Anthropologie, Joie, Tory Burch, J.Crew, Frye, and more, we’re thrilled that Amy is opening up not just her wardrobe, but a little bit more about her life beyond paranormal investigating. Read on to find out more about Amy and be sure to tune into her Casual Cool Posh Party tonight at 7pm!

Poshmark (PM): How did you discover Poshmark?

Amy (A): I think I found it when someone I was following on Instagram posted their closet. I was like, “Oh no, what is this and why don’t I know about it?! I’m one of those people who is constantly rotating clothes, so Poshmark is perfect for me. The environmentalist in me loves Poshmark too, because I love giving a second life to designer fashion, rather than always buying new.

PM: Where do you Poshmark the most? At home? On the go?

A: EVERYWHERE. Oddly, I’ll find myself awake in the middle of the night, scrolling through Poshmark. When we’re working and have downtime, I’m scrolling through Poshmark. If I’m on a plane with WiFi, Poshmark.

PM: How do you decide what to wear for an investigation? Do you have a go-to outfit?

A: I almost always wear Converse or my Frye 12R Harness boots with skinny jeans—Hudsons or Citizens—and a tee of some sort. I’ll try to liven it up with jewelry, but anything too loud and the sound guy yells at me—haha! Sometimes I’ll throw on a vest or fun sweater, but it’s filmed in IR so very little of what I wear is even noticeable – which is so sad to me! I’ve definitely become known for my scarves. I wear scarves all year round, they’re an easy way to liven up an outfit and I figured that out quick on the show.


Amy, left, during an investigation on Ghost Hunters, photo via SyFy

PM: Do you get to shop while you’re on the road with the TAPS team?

A: Yes! Too much! I always look for funky vintage stuff on the road. My favorite is this great vintage wrap skirt with a whole forest scene and deer on it. It looks like something from Anthropologie, but I found it in a vintage store in North Carolina for ten bucks.

PM: As an experienced traveler, can you share any tips for packing light and stylish?

A: Good jeans are your best friend; you can never spend too much on premium denim. Bring two pairs plus lots of tops and jewelry and a killer pair of heels, and you’re ready for anything. My bags are always stuffed with bulky work clothes with a little section of stylish stuff in case we have time for fun. I wear so many dresses, so I always roll up a couple and bring them along, too.

A huge thank you to Amy for hanging out with us, and be sure to tune into her “Casual Cool” Posh Party tonight in the app! 

Posh Party Line-Up

With all the fab Posh Parties that happened over the weekend, we are back and excited for another full week of stylish themes, amazing hosts, AND we have a really fun announcement coming up to help with all your closet cleanout needs, so stay tuned! Oh- and it doesn’t hurt that the San Francisco 49er’s won the playoff game-yay!

Monday, 1/14:

Tuesday, 1/15:

  • 9am PST: “CHANEL, Burberry, Chloe, & Balenciaga”
  • 12pm PST: “All About Boots”
  • 7pm PST: “Sweet & Feminine” Hosted Party by Elissa of Sparkles & Prays  

Wednesday, 1/16:

  • 9am PST: “Kate Spade, Anthropologie, J.Crew & Madewell”
  • 12pm PST: “Handbags, Clutches, Wallets”
  • 7pm PST: “Classic, Preppy & Chic” Hosted Party by Kristin of Living in Color Print

Thursday, 1/17: 

  • 9am PST: “Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior, & FENDI”
  • 12pm PST: “Cozy Knits & Outerwear”
  • 7pm PST: “Essential Trends” Hosted Party with Ashley of Fashion Junkies United 

Friday, 1/18:

  • 9am PST: “Coach, Cole Haan, & Steve Madden”
  • 12pm PST: “Bold Baubles”
  • 7pm PST: “Desk Job to Date Night”

Saturday, 1/19:

  • 9am PST: “Rebecca Minkoff,  Marc Jacobs,  All Saints, & L.A.M.B”
  • 12pm PST: “Sunglasses, Watches, & Accessories”
  • 7pm PST: “Winter Trends”

Sunday, 1/20: 

  • 9am PST: “Betsey Johnson, Ed Hardy, & Juicy Couture”
  • 12pm PST: “PM Challenge”
  • 7pm PST: “Back to Basics”

Hope to see you there!

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