What Boxes Can Be Used to Ship Poshmark Sales

As you may know, Poshmark uses Priority Mail shipping labels for all Poshmark orders. But what boxes can you use to ship? We’re here to clear that up for you!

Priority Mail Boxes

USPS offers a line of FREE boxes and envelopes for Priority Mail customers. This packaging can be picked up at many Post Offices, but keep in mind that at some locations they may be kept behind the counter so you’ll have to ask for them. Don’t have time to go to the post office? No sweat! You can order supplies for free on USPS.com or on their free mobile app.


Your Own Packaging

If you have your own boxes or padded envelopes lying around, you are, of course, welcome to use them to ship your sales. We do caution that you are careful to cover or remove any old shipping labels, barcodes or addresses so that your package is properly delivered.

What Not to Use

USPS offers a variety of free packages for it’s different mail services. If you are using the boxes they provide, be sure you are not shipping in the boxes that are labeled ‘Express,’ ‘Flat Rate,’ or ‘Regional Rate’ as they will causes delivery delays and/or additional shipping fees.

As always, if you have questions about shipping or anything else, please feel free to reach out to our support team. We’re happy to help!

Friday Five: Festival Fun, Posh Party Announcements, and More!

1. Are you Coachella-bound? Spend a few moments Coachillin’ with PM and check out our “Festival of Fashion” style board on Pinterest for a few outfit ideas. With the hot hot heat, you’re bound to have a few wardrobe changes.


2. Poshmark is taking over the East Coast in Philly and DC for our next LIVE Posh Parties. Save the date for April 23rd (for Philly) or April 25th (for DC)! Get ready to mingle with our fabulous co-hosts, dress to the nines with some wines, and make a network of Posh sisters. Stay tuned to the blog for details next week!


3. Recently, we’ve been noticing all the too-cute-to-quit packaging from our Posh sellers on social media, and we wanted to send you all some sweet kudos for sending your buyers some extra love. If you have some cute packaging for display, send us a hashtag (#poshpackages) on Twitter and Instagram!


4. Just because it’s Friday doesn’t mean that Posh Partying ends! Join us throughout the weekend for our Fresh Fashion party on Saturday, Ladylike Luxe on Sunday, and all our other parties.

5. From Poshmark with love, have a fabulous Friday! Listen to music outside and have a dance party on your lawn, indulge in a little DIY, or have a Ryan Gosling movie marathon. It’s your Friday!


Friday Five: Have a Sparkly Weekend!

Happy, happy Friday everyone! Don’t let today being Friday the 13th bring you down-we sure aren’t! This week was so amazing, and are excited for this upcoming sunny weekend- can we get a woop woop?! So without further adieu- here are our Friday Five highlights of the week, enjoy!

1. Words of Wisdom– Earlier this week, our Founder & CEO Manish Chandra, attended the Mobile Beat Conference in San Francisco to talk about mobile social commerce (ahem-Poshmark) and the secret to great mobile app design. His interview was featured on Venture Beat so check it out here– GO MANISH!

2. Blog Love! This week we hit our 100th Follower here on Tumblr! Thank you so much for all the support and following along with us on our Poshmark blog! We have some exciting new blog features coming up too so stay tuned!

3. Be sparkly! This weekend we have some glitterific Posh Parties planned for you, so get ready to sparkle and shine! Don’t miss out  on the “Leather & Sparkle”  party Saturday, and the “Glitz & Glam” party on Sunday!

4. Pretty Packages– Here at PMHQ, we absolutely love seeing your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter updates of items you have purchased on Poshmark! Be sure to share the pretty packaging with us when you get them…or even better yet, share a picture of you wearing the item! Simply tag us (#Poshmark) so you have the chance to be featured on our Facebook Page our here on the blog! 

5. Sharing is Caring- Our Poshmark community amazes us more and more each day. We saw this adorable note posted about helping your Posh Friends out by sharing each others closets, and we of course, couldn’t agree more! So don’t forget, if you see a listing you love- be sure to share it! (Thanks to our user Ltran07)

Have a fabulous and stylish weekend Poshmarkers!