Introducing the Boutiques Section on Poshmark

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Are you ready for this major update?! The Poshmark Boutiques Section has arrived!

Now at the top of your newsfeed you will be able to simply tap on the Boutiques section and shop from sellers that offer a curated selection of brand-spankin’ new merchandise.

It’s like shopping your favorite boutique in person, but better. You can now access thousands of diverse boutiques straight from your phone. Hello, messy bun and sweatpants.

Poshmark Boutiques. All brand new, all the time.

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Want even more information about the Boutiques Section? Check out our FAQs.

Download the newest version of the app to get started! If you don’t see the Boutiques Section in your Feed just yet, don’t worry. It will be available to the entire community (including Android!) in upcoming weeks.

Price Drop Notifications: FAQs

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We know your interest was piqued when we last mentioned Price Drop Notifications. Now we’re back with some FAQs to help you make the most of one our latest features. Plus, we’re celebrating this fab new feature with a special shipping discount promotion!


How are Price Drops and shipping discount eligibility communicated to potential buyers? When a seller drops the price of a listing by 10% or more, Poshmark will notify every user who has liked the item directly in their Poshmark newsfeed. Please note the following details:

  • This only applies to items that have a final minimum price of at least $10.
  • The listing must be at least 10% lower than the lowest historical price of that listing.

We will also send them a push notification and an email to the address associated with their account.

How do I turn on my notifications so I don’t miss out on the price drop?

  1. Click on the bottom right tab in the app
  2. Click on “Notifications”
  3. Turn on “Party Invite” setting to get notified through a push
  4. Turn on “Price Drops” setting to get notified through an email

081914_FAQs_shipping discounts

How are shipping discounts associated with the Price Drop Notification feature determined? Our system randomly selects which price-dropped listings receive the current shipping promotion. We are unable to give you a specific shipping discount for your listing.

I was offered a shipping discount on an item, but when I go to purchase it, the shipping price is back to normal. What’s the deal? Our current Price Drop shipping promotion lasts for one hour to six hours from the time the seller drops the price. If you try and purchase the listing after the one-six hour time period, the shipping rate goes back to normal. To ensure you don’t miss out, turn on your email and/or push notification settings in the app.

081914_FAQs_seller strategy

I’m a seller. Why is this feature beneficial for me? Drop the price to encourage potential buyers who have liked the item to hit the “Buy” button right away. Get inspired by this Posher, who made 47 sales in 24 hours thanks to the Price Drop Notification feature!

How often are Price Drop notifications sent? A notification is sent for every price drop that occurs.

I don’t see my question answered. Help! No problem! Shoot us an email and we’ll help you:

Posh Q&A: Price Drop Strategy with Ediza

Today we’re chatting with Ediza of Healthy Girl Fashion about her closet-selling strategies. Utilizing the new Price Drop Notification feature, she made 47 sales in 24 hours! Plus, tonight she’s hosting our Boho Babe Posh Party at 7pm PST, so be sure to tag her in your related listings and shop her host picks!


Hi Ediza! How long have you been on Poshmark and what led you to the app? 

I’ve been an active Posher for a little over a year now. I initially downloaded the app and didn’t know what I was doing. After I had a garage sale where I was selling my designer denim for $10 and no one wanted to buy it, my friend suggested that I should start utilizing the Poshmark app and for sure they would sell, and she even said I could probably get more. So I did, and I sold all my jeans for a little over $10 and I was instantly hooked. That’s when I started selling not only my clothes but items for other family members as well.

How much have you made through Poshmark?

A little over $6,000, but I wasn’t as active in my closet as before. Since I’ve been devoting more of my time into my closet, I’ve been able to increase my sales. The bulk of my earnings were literally within the last 6 months.

What strategies have proven most successful in getting your items sold?

I share a lot, whether it’s my closet or through the feed. I also follow members who are active and follow the Poshmark guidelines. I believe that if you are consistently sharing your own closet at least 3 to 4 times a day you are giving people a look into your closet, which will boost interest as well as boost your sales.

What is your approach to pricing, both setting initial prices and adjusting them?

It really depends. If I purchase an item to resell, then I have to stay within my own guidelines so that I don’t go negative on a sale. If the item does not belong to me, then any offer will be passed along to the owner of that piece. I know some people purposefully place their items a bit higher so that when people ask the famous question “What’s your lowest?” they are able to accommodate that request. Right now I am at a time where I can be really flexible with my inventory since I am really trying to downsize. I’ve taken off up to $20 on bundles or been able to lower the amount to offset the shipping cost for the buyer, but it is usually what I believe is fair for the buyer as well as fair for myself as the seller.

How has the price drop feature affected your sales? 

The price drop feature has changed by sales immensely. There was a period where I wasn’t getting any sales for about a week and it seemed really dry at the time. I remember that it was a Thursday and on a whim I thought I should just lower half my closet anywhere from $5-$35 each item, whatever I could afford. Then orders started pouring in, one right after another. People were bundling like crazy, and I was non-stop all night! Within 24 hours I had sold 47 items in my closet and my packages were sky high. It was one of the greatest Poshmark sales that I’ve had and it was great! Now I wait till Thursday or Friday to lower my closet since it’s one of the busiest times of the week for shopping.

I love the new feature; now if I decide to have a sale, I don’t need to make a listing to show I’m having a sale and hope people see it. If I lower an item, there will be people who are actually interested in the item, getting a notification so the likeliness of it selling it is way higher!

What advice would you give to other sellers?

Lower your items on Thursday or Friday, since that’s when people get paid. Share your little heart out, and don’t forget to share your closet, it’s your way of marketing yourself. Lastly, make sure to answer your buyers questions in a timely manner. I’ve lost a few sales just by not answering questions right away.

Anything else you have to share about your Poshmark experience?

Well I went to PoshFest last year which was a BLAST so of course this year I will be attending as well. I have never in my life felt so attached to something that I originally thought I wouldn’t be noticed among its users. Right now, other users in my Los Angeles region know me and even some of the staff at PMHQ which is an incredible feeling! The Poshmark community is so wonderful, it really sends out such a positive message of women supporting other women, which is why I started my blog to help support other poshers as they are getting acquainted with the app. The team is so unbelievably approachable and they are the sweetest, genuine people, bar none. What’s even better is that the CEO Manish will make time for each and every Posher to talk to them, listen to their needs, and pose for pictures with each and every girl. I am very pleased with the app and all the changes and the opportunities that Poshmark gives to its users and can’t wait to continue further as the company grows. Furthermore, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank team Poshmark for featuring me on their blog and the honor of hosting this upcoming Posh Party. All their hard work and efforts they put together to bring the community closer, to involve users, and to create wonderful events is really remarkable.

New Feature Alert: Rate Your Purchase


We are excited to announce our latest Poshmark feature: Rate Your Purchase! With this new tool, we’re empowering sellers to build trust and be recognized for providing an exemplary, five-star shopping experience for their buyers.

So, what exactly is Rate Your Purchase?
This new feature allows buyers to rate their purchase experience with 1 to 5 stars. If the rating is four stars or less, buyers can suggest up to six ways the seller could improve: item description, item cleanliness, packaging, ship time, seller responsiveness or other.

When can a buyer rate a purchase?
Buyers have up to 30 days to rate their purchase after the order is accepted. The Rate Your Purchase page can be accessed from the order details page. Note: if a return case was opened regarding the purchase, buyers are no longer able to rate the purchase.

How can a buyer rate a purchase?
After a buyer accepts an order, they will automatically see the Rate Your Purchase page. If the order was auto-accepted three days after delivery, the buyer can choose to Rate Your Purchase from the order details page.

How are ratings displayed?
Ratings information is displayed privately in My Closet Stats. Sellers and buyers can also see their individual ratings details under My Purchases and My Sales. We do not have any future plans to display an average rating score for a closet publicly to the community.

How are ratings communicated to buyers and sellers?
Buyers receive an email and Newsfeed reminder one day after an order is auto-accepted. Sellers receive a push notification and Newsfeed alert when they receive a rating.

Can a buyer edit a rating?
Yes, buyers can edit a rating within 30 days of leaving the initial rating. We’ve found buyers sometimes accidentally leave a lower rating, mix up purchases or change their mind after resolving a concern with their seller.

Can a seller appeal a rating?
No, sellers can’t appeal ratings. We expect the Poshmark community will almost always be fair and helpful when leaving ratings. However, there may be times when a seller feels a specific rating is unfair. Their average rating will reflect the great experience they deliver to buyers.

We are excited about this new feature as we know it will shine a bright light on the amazing purchase experience all of our Poshers deliver every day.

Happy Poshing!

App Update: Showrooms, Baby!


Looking for your favorite Jeffrey Campbell boots for under $100? Or maybe you’re on the hunt for a wow-worthy sequined dress for a holiday party? We’re always working on ways to make your shopping experience even better and we know that improving how you discover fabulous listings is the way to go.

This week, we’re launching a new feature called Showrooms: another way to shop, explore, and discover new listings through shoppable collections of trends and brands, such as “J. Crew Jewelry under $50” or “Moto & Biker Jackets.”

At the moment, this new feature is only available for iOS, but stay tuned, Android Poshers! Be sure to upgrade to the latest version of the Poshmark app in order to shop our shiny new Showrooms!

Follow these simple steps to access Showrooms:

1. Open up the app and click on the “Search” tab on your “Feed.”


2. Under the “Search Listings” bar, a few Showrooms will be available for browsing and shopping. You can also choose to expand the list by clicking on “More Showrooms.”


3. Click on a Showroom of your choice, and voila – shopping made even easier!


The Showrooms will change daily, so make sure you check back often. Happy Poshing!