Friday Five: NBC San Diego, Michelle Money, and More!

1. If you were in San Diego and watching the nightly news on NBC, you probably saw a little Poshmark before bed. We were featured by NBC 7’s Consumer Bob on a segment about turning your closet into a profit, as they interviewed our rockstar user (and friend!), Jocelyn of Bossy Jocey. Watch the clip with us today!


2. Bachelor fans, did you see that we were featured by Michelle Money in a video of her favorite things on her hilarious YouTube Channel? It’s one of our favorite things this week, and that’s why we had to feature it in our Friday Five!


3. We’re nearly at 1,500 followers on Tumblr! Help us get even more love, spread the word, reblog, and follow us! We want to send out our PMHQ updates, fashion-forward news on trends and styles, and love and glitter to all the ladies we can. 

4. We California girls love the sand, sun, and summertime fun. With the weather warming up and June fast on its way, get ready for the summer by stocking up on cute crop tops. Here is one we’re particularly wild about, but shop many more on Poshmark here, here, and here.image

5. Are you a “Girly Girl” or a “Downtown Chic” lady? Then you are going to want to Posh Party with us all weekend long for our weekend lineup of spectacular parties. Happy Poshmarking!


Happy Friday!

Host Feature: The Voice’s Adley Stump


In many ways, Adley Stump is like many of us.

From her blog, she writes “I live on faith. Hard work. Ramen noodles. And passion. Because I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else.”

As style mavens and fashion lovers, we are as passionate about attending New York Fashion Week as Adley is about performing in Nashville, and we are girls who want to look glamorous throughout it all. On a stage as big as national television, it’s about singing and wearing statement pieces.

In the second season of The Voice, there’s no mistaking Adley Stump’s signature headband as a statement piece. As a contestant, Adley wore her signature headband throughout her time on television, which later inspired a collection of hair accessories by BBT.


During the blind auditions, Adley established her stage and style presence when she earned herself a spot on Team Blake. What earned her a spot on Team Poshmark was her rock-and-roll-and-glam approach to the standard country sweetheart look. Ditching the usual brown cowhide cowboy boots, Adley was strutting on stage with knee-high silver cowboys and a metallic statement belt á la Wonder Woman. 

If you’re interested in boots made for strutting, stilettos for breaking hearts, or one more bold handbag, join The Voice’s Adley Stump as she hosts our Bold Statement Pieces party tonight at 7pm.