How to Style Your Closet with @StudioCovet

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On. Point. That is how we describe the aesthetic genius that is @studiocovet‘s closet. There’s a little bit of Jenna Lyons inspiration, edgy details and sexy sophistication, and it all comes together to be the perfect selection for the modern, fabulous woman at work or at play.

We had to know the story behind Josie’s closet and what inspires her style. Read more to learn how she infusers her closet with style – and how you can, too!

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What led you to Poshmark and what has your experience been so far? I actually was an eBay powerseller back in the day. It’s in part how I supported myself in college. My friends say if I have a super power it’s definitely being able to find the most amazing deals, and I love passing them on. One girl can only have so many Gucci booties anyway. Almost as fun as the shopping is the photo shoot – I love styling and taking outfit pictures… and if I can make money too, well then even better! I love Poshmark as a place to share my finds as well as style inspiration, and I’m overwhelmed how positive the community is! I believe in helping other women and other girl bosses find a way to profit from their passions. Poshmark is the perfect place for that.

We are obsessed with how you’ve styled your closet. What was your inspiration? We’re young creative professionals and our closet is a reflection of that – pieces that you can wear to work or an after work cocktail that are professional and polished, but never boring. Our studio is full of graphic designers, art directors and photographers who perfectly marry their creativity with their ability to lead businesses. As a result our closet ends up being filled with bold classics that have an artistic edge.

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Has having such a strong aesthetic point of view helped you make sales? I think that fashion (and beauty) are incredibly powerful tools to use in crafting your identity. I’ve always believed in developing an aesthetic point of view for myself, and sticking to it – it changes season to season. In fact I used to do a concept board for my personal closet every season as a way to decide what to invest in. Knowing who you are and who you aren’t unlocks the power in fashion. I think in terms of sales people start to associate us with a style both in our photography, and the items we have.  As a result we definitely have repeat customers come back to us for more of what they know we do well.

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What are some styling tricks to help a Posher take her closet to the next level? LIGHTING! I’d recommend Poshers experiment with lighting – it can be part of your closet identity. Play with natural lighting, but also try some low budget lamps at different angles. Other than that,  have fun with it! We try to do “photoshoot Fridays.” We take time to play with hair and makeup and have some friends or colleagues over to take posh pics. Everyone loves a photoshoot so you won’t find it hard to find volunteers. Styling outfits and taking pictures can be incredibly fun – go for it!

Any favorite trends or pieces that you’re loving for spring? If you know us, you know that we love a shirt dress with a statement shoe, but for spring our closet is full of d’orsay shoes, leather minis, pencil skirts, menswear inspired oversized classic shirts, and a lot of stunning head to toe black and white. You’ll see all of the above in our closet soon.

Influencer Spotlight: Laura of Walking In Memphis In High Heels

If it’s timeless fashion inspiration you seek, take a stroll over to Walking in Memphis in High Heels. Laura is the master of infusing stylish pieces into everyday life. Whether through pops of color or pattern mixing, her style has personality and panache. We’re happy to have Laura spill her secrets with us today on the blog and don’t miss your chance to shop along with her at the Timeless Style Posh Party, starting at 7pm PST in the app.

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Where do you find outfit inspiration?

Everywhere! In everyday life, in magazines, on tv. Everything I see or do each day inspires my style whether it be a sleek, modern, colorful piece of furniture I am eyeing or landscaping outside an upscale hotel. I truly believe that you can find style inspiration anywhere, and I think that doesn’t just come from fashion, it comes from art and design also. I don’t really have a particular person whose style I really follow, but as far as fashion goes, I would have to say Gwyneth Paltrow is definitely my style icon or inspiration. She has such timeless style, but she also knows how to have fun with it. She can pull off a casual glam look or a gorgeous and sexy look, all the while looking as classy as ever. 

Your love of Memphis is apparent through your blog. How does your city impact your style?

Memphis and my surroundings impact my style quite a bit. It is usually pretty hot and humid in the summers which call for essentials like dresses, wedges, boyfriend jeans, bright colored bags and florals. We also love our monograms in the south, so a monogrammed hat, jacket or tee is also perfect for casual weekend wear.

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How has blogging helped grow your personal style?

My blog along with my career have changed my style drastically. I really started developing my style more recently when I was promoted as a credit manager at my corporate office. I wanted to dress professionally, but still feminine and age appropriate. But I didn’t want that to mean boring suits or pencil skirts everyday. That is when I started gravitating towards skirts with modern and fun shapes, like a full skirt or skater style, and I also started mixing patterns a lot. I think it is a good way to dress professionally while still having fun and showing your individuality and style in the workplace. I think blogging has helped to fine tune that even more. There are some days I just want to throw on my flip flops and a t-shirt (and sometimes I do!), but most of the time I try to spend a little more time on the way I dress and look. One of my favorite things to do each day is to express myself through fashion. My blog really pushes me to put myself out there and try something new. I am definitely out of my comfort zone some days, but if you don’t try a new style, you’ll never know for sure if you like it or not.

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As the host of the Timeless Style Party tonight, what are your essential wardrobe pieces?

My essential wardrobe pieces are great fitting denim, a killer pair of heels, attention grabbing skirts and dresses, blazers and statement jewelry. They complete and pull your look together, and they are a wardrobe must!

What kind of items will you be looking to feature for tonight’s party?

Anything that catches my eye that I think my closet cannot live without. Think classics but also pieces that really add a punch to your wardrobe.


Attendee Spotlight: Jessica Flores of Domesticated Me

Poshers near and far are jetsetting across the country to attend PoshFest in Vegas, and social media has been buzzing about how excited they are about Poshmark’s first ever fashion festival. New York user and fashion and beauty blogger, Jessica Flores of Domesticated Me, shares the three things she’s most excited for at PoshFest:

1. I’m excited to meet my favorite Poshers in person. I’ve gotten to meet a great number of amazing, fashionable women on the app and it’s going to be incredible to finally see them face to face. This, of course, includes some of the brilliant Poshmark staff.
2. I’m really looking forward to seeing all of the ladies displaying their Poshfinds and Poshstyle. I know many of the attendees will be wearing items they’ve purchased (myself included!) and items they’re currently selling on the app. What a better way to showcase your pieces than live at the Poshmark convention!?
3. I’m thrilled to learn how I can become a better seller on Poshmark. I know I will come back to NYC with a better understanding of how I can grow my closet on all levels thanks to panels like “How to Build Relationships” and “Power User Tips & Tricks”. 
If you’d like to meet Jessica and other Posh influencer, it’s not too late to buy your ticket to PoshFest! Check out our Eventbrite page for more information.