Influencer Spotlight: Laura of Walking In Memphis In High Heels

If it’s timeless fashion inspiration you seek, take a stroll over to Walking in Memphis in High Heels. Laura is the master of infusing stylish pieces into everyday life. Whether through pops of color or pattern mixing, her style has personality and panache. We’re happy to have Laura spill her secrets with us today on the blog and don’t miss your chance to shop along with her at the Timeless Style Posh Party, starting at 7pm PST in the app.

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Where do you find outfit inspiration?

Everywhere! In everyday life, in magazines, on tv. Everything I see or do each day inspires my style whether it be a sleek, modern, colorful piece of furniture I am eyeing or landscaping outside an upscale hotel. I truly believe that you can find style inspiration anywhere, and I think that doesn’t just come from fashion, it comes from art and design also. I don’t really have a particular person whose style I really follow, but as far as fashion goes, I would have to say Gwyneth Paltrow is definitely my style icon or inspiration. She has such timeless style, but she also knows how to have fun with it. She can pull off a casual glam look or a gorgeous and sexy look, all the while looking as classy as ever. 

Your love of Memphis is apparent through your blog. How does your city impact your style?

Memphis and my surroundings impact my style quite a bit. It is usually pretty hot and humid in the summers which call for essentials like dresses, wedges, boyfriend jeans, bright colored bags and florals. We also love our monograms in the south, so a monogrammed hat, jacket or tee is also perfect for casual weekend wear.

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How has blogging helped grow your personal style?

My blog along with my career have changed my style drastically. I really started developing my style more recently when I was promoted as a credit manager at my corporate office. I wanted to dress professionally, but still feminine and age appropriate. But I didn’t want that to mean boring suits or pencil skirts everyday. That is when I started gravitating towards skirts with modern and fun shapes, like a full skirt or skater style, and I also started mixing patterns a lot. I think it is a good way to dress professionally while still having fun and showing your individuality and style in the workplace. I think blogging has helped to fine tune that even more. There are some days I just want to throw on my flip flops and a t-shirt (and sometimes I do!), but most of the time I try to spend a little more time on the way I dress and look. One of my favorite things to do each day is to express myself through fashion. My blog really pushes me to put myself out there and try something new. I am definitely out of my comfort zone some days, but if you don’t try a new style, you’ll never know for sure if you like it or not.

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As the host of the Timeless Style Party tonight, what are your essential wardrobe pieces?

My essential wardrobe pieces are great fitting denim, a killer pair of heels, attention grabbing skirts and dresses, blazers and statement jewelry. They complete and pull your look together, and they are a wardrobe must!

What kind of items will you be looking to feature for tonight’s party?

Anything that catches my eye that I think my closet cannot live without. Think classics but also pieces that really add a punch to your wardrobe.