Style Glossary: Shoe Styles

We are shoe gals here at PMHQ and are always eager to try a different shoe style. Take a peek at this list of shoe styles from our Style Glossary and be sure to snag one of each for your own shoe collection!


061215_style glossary_dorsay

D’orsay: Refers to any shoe that has a closed heel and toe but which is cut down to the sole at the sides. It can be made with a heel of any type and any style of vamp (front).


061215_style glossary_espadrille

Espadrille: Shoe with a canvas upper and rope sole.


061215_style glossary_flatform

Flatform: A type of shoe that has a very thick, but fairly flat sole. This type of shoes is typically associated with 90’s fashion.


061215_style glossary_loafer

Loafer: Moccasin-style classic slip on shoe that has a slotted strap at the front. The strap is stitched to the front (vamp) of the shoe. If the strap has a coin inserted in the slot, the shoe is called a penny loafer. If it has a tassel at the front, it is a tassel-top loafer. Sometimes a metal chain is fasten to the strap, and the shoe is called a chain loafer. As a modern twist on a loafer, sometimes you’ll see them without the slotted strap.


061215_style glossary_mule

Mule: Shoe or slipper, usually made with high heel, that has a vamp (fitted front) but nothing at the back. The front part of the shoe can be made in any one of many different styles. The heel can vary in height.


061215_style glossary_oxfords

Oxford: A basic shoe style that either laces shut or is closed with some other fastening. Details of styling and cut will vary.




Slides: A typically flat shoe or sandal that has a strap across the foot without a back.

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Style Glossary: Warm Weather Fabrics

The temperatures are rising and the wardrobe you’ve been wearing for the last several months is starting to feel…heavy. What’s a girl to do? Buy a new spring wardrobe on Poshmark, of course! Here are six fabric terms from our Style Glossary to help you find the lightweight pieces that will keep you looking (and feeling!) cool all spring and summer long.


040315_style glossary_chambray

Chambray: A lightweight woven cotton fabric with a colored yarn in the warp and a white yarn in the weft. It is often referred to as a lightweight denim.


040315_style glossary_chiffon

Chiffon: A woven fabric with a crepe texture, chiffon is sheer and airy and is usually woven from silk or synthetic fibers.


040315_style glossary_georgette

Georgette: A sheer, lightweight crepe fabric with a crinkled finish. Bridal gowns, evening dresses, and other formal wear are sometimes made with georgette fabric.


040315_style glossary_jersey

Jersey: A type of soft, knitted fabric that can be made from wool, cotton or silk.


040315_style glossary_poplin

Poplin: A strong, finely ribbed fabric made from silk, wool, cotton or synthetics.


040315_style glossary_seersucker

Seersucker: A lightweight cotton, linen or rayon fabric with puckers and, usually, stripes.

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Style Glossary: Dresses

We’ve all been there: You’ve just pulled out a dress from your closet that you’ve been seen in one too many times and are ready to list it on Poshmark. You know it’s important to accurately and thoroughly describe your items on Poshmark, but you’re not quite sure how to describe the style or silhouette. Not to worry, we’ve got your back, girl! We’ve selected a few helpful terms from our new Women’s Fashion Glossary to help you get the low-down on common dress styles.


022515_posh glossary_a-line

A-line: An A-line dress silhouette mimics the letter “A” and has a narrow top and a flare. You can also find the A-line shape on skirts and women’s coats.

Fit and Flare

022515_posh glossary_fit and flare

Fit and Flare: A fit and flare dress closely hugs the body through the bodice and right past the hip, where the skirt then flares away from the body. You can also find this style on skirts.


022515_posh glossary_sheath

Sheath: A sheath dress is a short, slim-fitting dress that is cut to cinch in at the waist without a belt or waistband.

Shift Dress

022515_posh glossary_shift

Shift dress: A shift dress has a loose fit and lacks a defined waistline. It is often a short dress.

Shirt Dress

022515_posh glossary_shirt dress

Shirt Dress: A dress with a collar and buttons in the style of a shirt, typically cut without a seam at the waist.


022515_posh glossary_skater dress

Skater: A skater dress resembles the dresses the figure skaters wear; a fitted bodice with a short skirt that flares out from at waist. You can also find this style on skirts.

Slip Dress

022515_posh glossary_slip dress

Slip Dress: Often resembling the undergarment, a slip dress fits close to the body, is usually made of smooth fabrics and has lace trim.


022515_posh glossary_trapeze dress

Trapeze: A trapeze dress has a round neckline and a fabric that falls in an A-line shape to a wide flare. This styles is usually short and hits about mid-thigh. You can also find this style in tops.

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