Turn Your Closet Into Cash!

Let’s face it. We’ve all got some clothes, jewelry, and accessories that are collecting dust in our closets. List them on Poshmark, earn cash, and purchase items you’ll actually wear!

Top 10 items to list now!

  1. The designer jeans that don’t fit quite right
  2. Heels that are just a smidge too high
  3. The cocktail dress from last year’s holiday party
  4. Jewelry from an ex
  5. A gifted scarf you never wore
  6. A dress you bought for a wedding, were Instagrammed in, and never wore again
  7. Shoes purchased on sale that are too small, but were too good of a deal to pass up
  8. The blazer you bought for an interview
  9. A handbag that’s too big
  10. Sunglasses that don’t fit your face shape

So get to it! Make room—and money—for things you really love today!