Poshmark Canada Turns Three, a Report by Poshmark

A Note from Maria Morales, General Manager, Canada

This month, we are thrilled to be celebrating our third anniversary in Canada. Together we’ve built, grown, and nurtured a powerful, fun, and supportive community of over 4 million sellers, buyers, secondhand-lovers, and entrepreneurs across all provinces and territories in Canada. Collectively, you’ve listed close to 1 billion dollars worth of inventory in your Posh closets! Just think about how many items you’ve given a second, third, fourth, and even a fifth life, how many new generations of entrepreneurs and shoppers you’ve supported, and how you’ve helped reduce environmental impact. In fact, in 2021, you helped us plant 30,000 trees in New Brunswick, Canada as part of our partnership with tentree. This is just the beginning of the impact our community will have as we continue to work towards creating a more circular and sustainable future together. 

Whether you’re on Poshmark to earn a bit of extra money, change up your wardrobe, or clean out items you simply don’t use anymore, our culture of sellers helping sellers no matter what Posh journey they’re on is where we thrive. It’s truly what makes the Poshmark community you’ve helped establish so special. You have passionately shown up for each other since day one, and as we navigated the ups and downs of the past few years together, you successfully continued to maintain a welcoming and encouraging Poshmark community. Whether forming your PFF circle by attending one of the 100+ virtual and in-person events, or engaging in the more than 2.6 billion social interactions on Poshmark (that’s a lot of sharing, commenting, following, and liking each other’s listings!) you have all connected, mentored, and supported each other in remarkable ways. Watching you establish and grow your relationships has never been more rewarding—it’s the fuel that keeps us going.

Happy birthday to you, Poshmark Canada. Thank you for embracing Poshmark, our team, each other, and for making this platform the leading social marketplace for new and secondhand styles for women, men, home, and more. Most importantly, thank you for making this a place where everyone is welcome and anyone can thrive. Cheers to celebrating all of your accomplishments and the many more to come!

All across Canada, our Poshmark community is proudly represented from north to south and east to west, with Poshers buying and selling across all 13 provinces and territories.

How has Poshmark positively impacted your life?

It’s been my dream to have my own vintage store and Poshmark has helped create the framework for this goal by transforming something I enjoy into a business that helps me financially.

What’s the most rewarding part about Poshmark?

Having a closet filled with awesome items and being able to find them a new home. It always puts a smile on my face knowing I’ve helped someone find something they’ve been searching for.

What’s your favourite part about having a closet full of vintage goods? 

Being able to offer people unique clothing they would never find at the mall. With vintage clothing, you’re purchasing a piece of art and history that you can wear. 

Any vintage styles you’ve noticed that are trending in your closet right now?

Trends come and go FAST, and nowadays the spotlight is more on styles than brands. The baggy fit is in right now, and styles like baggy cargo pants will sell fast. Some others to keep your eye on include shackets, cottagecore styles, Coogi-like sweaters, Carhartt jackets, aviation jackets, military jackets, wildlife shirts and sweaters, and of course, band tees—they will never go out of style.

Why is shopping secondhand important to you? 

Purchasing secondhand allows me to take myself out of the equation of environmental and social impacts and means that I’m rescuing an item from going into landfills or an incinerator, which are neither good for the planet nor our health! Plus, buying secondhand helps support someone’s small business, and that always feels good too.

How have you benefited from using Poshmark? 

As a content creator focused on fashion and body confidence, I regularly create videos showcasing how to style new trends, so having a rotating secondhand closet is important to me. I shop on Poshmark because it’s easy to shop and search, and being a bigger girl, it has way more cuter options than the average thrift store. Selling on Poshmark also means that when I am done with a trend, I can sell that item knowing it’s going to a good home where it will be cherished and worn more! 

What’s your favourite Poshmark closet to shop from?

Lulubootyique @lulubootyique and Cida’s Closet @punkyinpink.

Part of what makes Poshmark such a thriving community are Poshers like you who love to connect. Since launching in Canada, you’ve proven that collaborating, sharing, and supporting one another is at the core of what you do. Selling and shopping is simple, social, and fun when working alongside your PFFs!

After nearly 2 years of exclusively connecting online, we were finally able to bring our community together in person during the later half of 2021. Despite the time apart, you all jumped head first into opportunities to reconnect, showing that community truly is the heart and soul of Poshmark. New friendships were forged, mentorship opportunities were realized, and previous virtual interactions finally had the flexibility to take place in whatever situation was most comfortable for you.

Tell us about how you use social media to your advantage when it comes to your Poshmark business. 

Social media is a very powerful tool because it gives small business owners access to many potential buyers. It’s important to create interesting content and find ways to incorporate your business into it. I stay on top of social media trends by following other Poshmark resellers and fashion bloggers. If you stay true to yourself, it won’t be difficult to create a trendy post or video in your own fun and inspiring way! 

What’s one actionable tip you’d give someone to get started if they want to utilize social media for their business? 

Educate yourself! Social media changes very quickly, new trends replace the old ones, old techniques become outdated. To get started on the right foot, watch other accounts to gather insight about what works and what doesn’t.

What’s one word to describe the Poshmark community you’ve built on Instagram and why? 

Authentic! We have built a community of real people who believe, just like me, in sustainable fashion and the importance of social media.

How did you meet with your PFF (Posh Friend Forever)? 

Jenn: We met each other through our mutual love for shopping. After a few years of knowing each other, a house came up for sale just across the street from me and that was an easy “YES” decision for Michelle! Neighbours AND friends? Amazing! 

How has your PFF impacted your Poshmark business? 

Jenn & Michelle: Having a PFF really keeps us motivated. We set aside a day every other weekend and have a Poshing marathon! We work together to play off each other’s strengths: Jenn is incredible at quality control and staging items to photograph, and Michelle works away at adding the best descriptions by pulling in background research, great adjectives, and details. We’re a fun team—the stories, the laughs, the snacks, and the catch-up time we have together is such a great bonus.

For both of you, what’s one word to describe your PFF? Why? 

Michelle: Jenn is “uncompromising” – she has a great eye for quality. 

Jenn: Michelle is “expressive”- her bubbly personality brings our descriptions to life!

How do you work together to ensure that your businesses thrive?

Jenn & Michelle: Jenn has a great strategy to optimize Closet Clear Out days. Michelle is an active sharer and we encourage one another! We check in with each other often to make sure we’re both staying on track to meet our goals.

In the world of social media, some trends come and go so fast that you barely have time to add that perfect trendy piece to your wardrobe. A single cultural moment can send the internet into a spiral, clamoring for the same buzzy piece (enter: Beyonce’s moment with the Telfar bag last summer). Among these moments of fashion chaos, you’ve turned to us to find those must-have items, filling our search bars with queries ranging from “Jillian Harris” to “Star Wars.” Week after week, we saw these items sneak into our top searches.

Most-Searched Items

Lululemon is a forever favourite among Canadians, and the Everywhere Bag is no exception. Combining the athleisure aesthetic with overall functionality, this belt bag made it big last spring and its momentum hasn’t slowed one bit, topping our trending search queries month after month.

 What’s old is new again, and the versatility of the vintage crewneck will never get old. Channel the ever-classic Princess Diana “uniform” by pairing it with chunky sneakers and biker shorts, or dress it up with platform boots and a micro mini.

After years of the beloved skinny jeans dominating the chart, the events that took place the past 2 years have reminded us that our clothes don’t have to be tight to look fabulous. Enter: the Aritzia Effortless Pant. The wide legs and super flattering waist make it no surprise that shoppers can’t get enough.

 We told you about Squishmallows in our 2021 Holiday Trend Report, and we are here to let you know that these delightfully squishy stuffies are STILL a big deal. Taking up space every month in our trending search queries, it seems your favourite plush toy is here to stay.

This past year has been all about making up the time we lost during the worst of the pandemic. We’re ready to be seen in bright hues and nostalgic silhouettes and hit the town. The baguette shape and candy colours of the newly-released Coach Tabby made it an instant hit on TikTok, and you wasted no time scouring the app to snag one for yourself. 

Top Style Tags

Since launching in 2021, Style Tags has been a key way to get your listings in front of more shoppers, give customers outfit inspiration, and more. Tagging items with terms ranging from vintage, to the latest TikTok micro trend, this handy tool has helped change the way shoppers find and discover items they love.

From snagging the perfect pair of shoes to finding styles to complete your look, to items for pets, home decor, accessories, beauty, and beyond, you have made Poshmark your top destination for new and secondhand items.

Poshmark makes selling and bundling items for buyers extremely easy, which helps make larger sales. I appreciate the amount of support Poshmark gives sellers, and I can always count on them to help me out when I need it. 

I’ve been on Poshmark full time since April 2021, and if you want to step up your business, my best tip is to be consistent on the platform. Listing and updating your closet on a regular basis allows shoppers to find your closet. If you treat it like a full-time job and work the same amount of hours as one, you will be very successful.

What’s your favourite part about being on Poshmark full-time?

I love being my own BOSS! The flexibility of Poshmark allows me to never miss a moment with my young children as I am able to work when it’s convenient for me.

Tell us how Poshmark has benefited you financially—how have you spent your Poshmark earnings?

Poshmark has greatly impacted my family’s life by providing us with more financial freedom. We’ve been able to pay off student loans and meet financial milestones. We’ve been able to go on family vacations, create a Poshmark office, and it allowed our family to get a part-time nanny. Poshmark is just incredible and so user-friendly—I personally think ANYONE can use it and make a few extra bucks (or a flexible full-time income).

What’s a piece of advice you’d give someone who wants to be a full-time Posher?

Just do it! If your numbers and knowledge from part-time selling are adding up and you find yourself thinking about Poshmark all the time instead of your day job, take a bet on yourself! Poshing full time has been so rewarding and I am so grateful I have made the change. 

Data represents purchases, listings, searches and engagements from May 29, 2019 – April 30, 2022.

Poshmark Canada Turns Two, a Report by Poshmark

Today we’re celebrating the two year anniversary of Poshmark Canada! With buyers, sellers, secondhand-lovers, and entrepreneurs alike, our thriving community has grown to over 2.5 million Canadians across the country who have listed nearly half a billion dollars worth of inventory. Since we launched in May 2019, we have rerouted over 200k pounds from landfills in jeans alone1, extending the lifespan of the items we own and reducing our environmental impact, while supporting a new generation of entrepreneurs and shoppers.

So cheers to all of you who help make Poshmark a fun and social place where everyone can thrive.

From Vancouver to Yellowknife and back down to Toronto, the Poshmark Canada community is proudly represented across all 13 provinces and territories.

Poshmark is fuelled by a vibrant community that loves to connect, share, and support one another, making selling and shopping simple, social, and fun.

Community is the heart and soul of Poshmark. People don’t just come to buy and sell—they also come to find human connection, especially in light of the past year. In a time where many were faced with changes and challenges, one thing remained constant: the Poshmark community and the friendships, mentorship opportunities, and interactions you virtually had with one another.

From women’s, men’s, kids, and pets to home decor, accessories, beauty, and more—Poshmark has become your one-stop-shop for a range of new and secondhand items.

Our community ranges from casual sellers, frequent shoppers, secondhand enthusiasts, side hustlers, and even full-fledged business owners.

Happy 2 years to our growing community of buyers and sellers. We wouldn’t be where we are today without your passion, determination, and hustle!

Data represents purchases, listings, and engagements from May 29, 2019 – April 30, 2021. 

1 Calculations based on average weight of a pair of jeans (average weight = 1kg – source: https://bit.ly/3tFsRvu) multiplied by the total number of jeans sold on Poshmark Canada between May 29, 2019 – April 30, 2021.

Poshmark Canada Turns One, a Report by Poshmark

Since launching in May 2019, Poshmark has built a vibrant community of over one million Canadians across the country who’ve collectively listed over C$100M worth of inventory. The Poshmark Canada community is creating inspiring side-hustles and full-fledged businesses, while also helping to accelerate the circular economy.

Meet some of the Seller Stylists powering Poshmark Canada.

Meet Lora, a fashion-lover since a young teen, who has made her passion her everyday by dabbling in luxury resale. After getting her start the day Poshmark launched in Canada, Lora has maintained a closet filled with new and pre-loved luxury handbags—most notably, her favourite sale of a black YSL Large College bag. 

Lora’s #PoshTip for reselling designer items: 
Photos! Clear images that accurately display the item say a thousand words, so you don’t have to! This leads to less questions, and buyers are able to make more confident purchase decisions.”

Goal for year two:
“As we adapt and navigate through 2020, I hope to inspire others to use the Poshmark platform as an opportunity to generate supplemental income from home.” 

Side-hustling on Poshmark since August 2019, Vivian loves the creative process of styling and shooting outfits for her listings and giving people that “gotta have it” moment when shopping her closet. 

Vivian’s #PoshTip for turning Poshmark into a side hustle: 
Great communication! Include as much info as possible regarding size, quality, and feel of the garment (measurements are the BEST thing you can include)! This will save you plenty of time later by not having to go back into your inventory to reinspect or measure an item.” 

Goal for year two:
“Connect with more Canadian Poshers and inspire more people to shop second hand. Also, to hit 1,000 listings!”

Selling on Poshmark since the Canada launch, Mayette has taken her business from a fun side-hustle to a full-time job. She has learned to stay organized by “establishing a routine that is easy and comfortable for me to follow.” 

Mayette’s #PoshTips for taking the plunge into full-time Poshing: 
“Keep yourself updated on the current fashion trends. Know what sells, when it sells,  how much it sells for, and where to get this inventory at the lowest possible costs so you can get the best margins.” 

Goal for year two:
“Double my sales and add more luxury items to my closet!” 

Meet Sanela, an avid-thrifter who’s constantly on the hunt for unique vintage pieces. Whether she’s on the lookout for “romantic pieces with an edgy touch” or “detail and authenticity,” Sanela has been reselling vintage clothing on Poshmark since day one. Her favourite flip this year? A vintage Celine cross-body bag.

Sanela’s #PoshTip for navigating a thrift store:
Use your time wisely. When thrifting, I first quickly make my way through the store and see if there are any gems that will catch my eye. I’m looking for unique patterns, prints, and colours. After that, if I have the time, I will go back through the aisles one more time.”

Goal for year two:
“Grow and refine the style of my closet to be more curated with unique vintage items and modern basics.”

Data represents purchases, listings, and engagement on Poshmark Canada from May 29, 2019 – April 24, 2020

Summer Style Recap: Men’s Edition

From the NBA Finals to Queer Eye’s second season to shotgun celebrity engagements, these were the moments that defined men’s style this season.
Where, when and what did men shop for this summer season from coast-to-coast? Poshmark has the scoop.
Temperatures may be dropping, but these items stayed hot all summer long, rising to the top of the list as the most in-demand items purchased by men this season. 

Men in California, Texas and New York shopped the most on Poshmark this season and men in every state spent more $$$ per purchase than women.
MDR 9MDR 10The Sunday Scaries are real. Men shopped the most on Sundays, with a quarter of all purchases made between 7:00 – 11:00 p.m.
MDR 13.png

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