Ship, ship, hoor-EH!

It’s happening, you sold your FIRST ITEM! Now what?

Step 1:

Step one, do a happy dance—this is the first of many sales! When an item sells, you will receive an email and push notification alerting you to the sale and directing you to a prepaid, pre-addressed shipping label. Your shipping label will specify whether your item will need to be shipped via Canada Post.

Step 2:

After downloading your shipping label from the email, print it out and get your packing tape ready.

Step 3:

Pack your sale into any box or padded envelope you have. Really, just about anything will work! Feel free to reuse packaging that your own Poshmark orders arrived in, recyclable items like old cereal boxes, or even repurpose sturdy paper shopping bags. If your item is breakable, be sure to add some extra padding so it makes it to the final destination in one piece. Personalize your package by writing a thank you card, or adding some tissue paper to make an even more memorable customer experience. Once your item is packed, tape the shipping label to the outside of the package.

Step 4:

Postage on your packages is prepaid every time, so when the time comes to send your item off, you’ll need to drop your package in a Canada Post mailbox (if it fits), or take it to your nearest Canada Post location

Once your item has been scanned by Canada Post, it will begin tracking, so you and your customer can see where it is in its journey.

Step 5:

Once you’ve dropped your order off, tap into the app to check off any remaining boxes on your post-sale checklist.

Step 6:

When your item reaches the buyer, they will have 3 days to accept the order or contact our support team if there is a problem with the item. After the order has been accepted, your earnings will be released to you—cha-ching!

Congrats again on your first sale—now get packing! #PoshTip: Snap a photo of your #PoshPackages and tag @poshmarkcanada on Instagram for a chance to be featured.