Poshmark City Guides


Inspired by every city we visit for Posh Party LIVE (and each and every city in-between!), we’ve asked local Poshers to share their favorite local boutiques to the best PFF hangout spots in town. Explore each new city and keep checking back for more!

Austin, TX
First stop? Austin, Texas!

Portland, OR
Beer? Good people? Portland, OR is for you.

Nashville, TN
Can’t stop, won’t stop the music in this city.

Chicago, IL
Local Poshers dished about all the hidden gems to check out.

Phoenix, AZ
Travel to the hot heat in Phoenix, AZ!

San Diego, CA
Sun and fun? BRB, booking a trip to San Diego, CA.

Dallas, TX
We can’t get enough of you, Texas!

Washington dc
Washington D.C.
Local Poshers pledged their love to their city and we see why!