Posh Tip: How to Shop on Poshmark

Whether you love finding a great deal on your favourite designers, want to experience online thrifting or simply looking to refresh your wardrobe – Poshmark is your one stop shop. We chatted with three fashionistas who love shopping on Poshmark! Get to know these Poshers plus find out their tips and tricks for navigating the app!

Hi folks! My name is Kate and my closet on Poshmark is @readwritethrift. I’m a PhD candidate and avid thrifter. I’ve been selling and shopping on Poshmark since August 2019.

I’m Sheri Pavlovic (@sheripavlovic), a quirky Canadian Refashionista who lived a most extraordinary existence in North America, Japan, England, Greece and Germany before finally ending up in Toronto after over 20 years spent living and working abroad in the DIY, Fashion, Publishing & Entertainment industries. I’ve only been using Poshmark for a few months but absolutely love it!

My name is Kimberly Freitas and my closet name is @ratherthrift247. I live in Cambridge, Ontario Canada. This month actually marks the one year anniversary of shopping and selling on Poshmark.

Give Kate, Sheri & Kim a follow on Poshmark and check out their tips & tricks below. They’re discussing how to shop on Poshmark and their inside scoop on how to find must-have items and great deals.

Q: What are your favourite features to use on the app to help you find an item you’re hunting for?

Sheri: I definitely like the variety of categories, sizes and colours to narrow my search.

Kim: One of my favourite features is the Shop Button, this allows me to search for my favourite brands. The app also saves your history of brand searches, so it’s right at your fingertips. I also really like this feature because I can do a quick search for new “Just In” listings, as well.

Another favourite feature is the My Likes. This allows you to “Like” items you are interested in. If you’re lucky, the seller will send you a discounted offer and possibly discounted shipping.

You also have the option to send a reasonable offer to the seller if you would like.

Kate: One of my favourite features is recent searches. If you’re looking for a specific item, going back to your recent searches lets you see what new items have been posted that fit your search, and it gives you a better chance to be the first person to snap it up when it appears! This is the feature that helped me find the perfect denim jumpsuit after trying to find one in my size for months! 

In case you miss out on an item, my other favourite feature is “other listings you might like.” When an item that you like gets sold, Poshmark automatically generates a list of similar items underneath the original post, so you can keep an eye out for an alternative. There is so much new stuff that gets posted every day, so it’s always worth returning to the same searches and categories to see what new goodies pop up.

Q: What are your tips & tricks for how to find a great deal?

Sheri: If you’re looking for something specific be sure to use the search, category and “my size” features + click the “low to high” price setting too! Once you’ve found an item you love, scroll through the rest of the seller’s closet and check if there’s anything else you’d like to have. If you discover more items you can’t live without, bundle them all together and make a reasonable offer! (Purchasing multiple items from one seller absolutely saves on shipping costs which leaves more for your next preloved scores!)

Kim: One tip I would say is, be active on the app and turn notifications on. When a seller sends out a price drop, this is sent to most Likers. With items on Poshmark, you never know what will be listed, and available, and if you like it, grab it up.

Another trick is, bundle offers (when possible), and follow Poshers that list your favourite brands. You’re likely to have similar taste. When you bundle, you save on shipping too. Win win!

Kate: My main tip for finding the best deals on Poshmark is to use search filters! These filters can be applied to any category (by going through the Shop page to categories) or to any search term. And when I say use filters, I mean play around with them! Since Poshmark listings are created by users, there can be variation in the way people list or describe their items. If you don’t have any luck with a certain category, play around with the size filter (by adjusting your list of “my sizes” or turning it on or off for certain brands), colour filter, and price filter. You can also sort searches by price, recently posted, or – my personal favourite – by “recently price dropped” to find the best items at the best price.

Another great tip is to connect with fellow Poshers with whom you share a similar style. I’ve had great luck creating an amazing community and browsing both the closets and the shares of other Posh queens! If you think somebody has a great style, check out their listings and browse the list of items that they have shared from other closets (these can be found under their closet header by clicking on “listings” and “shares”). You never know what gems others have found that you may have missed! And as always – don’t be afraid to make an offer. Most Poshmark sellers are open to negotiating on prices. It never hurts to try and find a happy medium between the listing price and what you feel comfortable paying.

Q: What do you like most about shopping on Poshmark?

Sheri: The fact that I can score amazing preloved fashion from the comfort of my home in my PJs is a definite plus! As there is currently a pandemic, I also love having awesome vintage and preloved [items] delivered straight to my wardrobe and Refashionista material stash without having to physically go to a store. It’s also pretty fab to know that I’m supporting small businesses and helping to create a more circular economy.

Kim: What I love most about shopping on Poshmark is that it’s sustainable shopping. This platform is for both new, and used. So for those who want to transition to a fully sustainable fashion lifestyle this is perfect. You are able to find brands you love for a fraction of the cost you would pay retail, without any guilt. The earth will thank you.

Kate: My favourite aspect of shopping for clothing on Poshmark is the opportunity to take part in a cyclical fashion economy! Everything on Poshmark is secondhand or coming directly from somebody who no longer needs or wants an item, so you are contributing to keeping clothing out of landfills every time you make a purchase. This is super exciting to me! It also feels like a treasure hunt every time I open the app–a little bit like a real vintage or thrift store! You never quite know what new goodies are going to pop up on your feed, or what new fashion inspiration is going to come your way. I’ve been able to use Poshmark to explore different styles and trends, and I always know I can re-list and re-sell something if it doesn’t quite work for me.

Q: What’s your favourite item you’ve scored?

Sheri: It’s difficult to pick just one favourite but, as I’d been searching for the perfect preloved floaty floral maxi dress for ages, I’d have to say the perfect preloved floaty floral maxi dress that I recently scored at a great price (along with a few other fab items from the same seller, of course!).

Kim: This is very Canadian of me to say, but my favourite item I have scored on Poshmark is an amazing “like new” Maple Leaf jacket. I had been on the hunt for one for so long. But since restricting myself to only buy used, it was nearly impossible to find. But, of course I searched for the keywords “maple leafs” and tada! It was an amazing deal and I bought it right away of course! Go Leafs Go!

Kate: Oh gosh this is such a hard question. I’ve made so many amazing finds that it’s hard to pick one, since they’re all special in different ways. Definitely my most worn and most beloved purchase is a pair of brand-new white Converse in my size that I scored for 80% off the retail price. I wear them literally all the time. I also have found so many gorgeous maxi dresses that are super on trend for 2020. I found a floral maxi dress with the tags still on that fits perfectly and flows in all the right ways! And my most unique find is definitely a pair of bright red cowboy boots. These also still had the original tags. They’re a bit outside of my comfort zone but like I mentioned above that’s the joy of Poshmark: I can be creative with my style while staying within budget and keeping my environmental impact low!

Q: Best tip you would give to someone new to shopping on Poshmark? 

Sheri: Appreciate the time involved in photographing, listing, packaging and sending items and make sure your offers reflect that. Although not all sellers take the time to edit multiple, well-lit photos, write informative descriptions, pack items securely or post in a timely manner the ones that do absolutely deserve your reasonable offer, follow and repeat business.

Kim: The best tip I can give anyone new to Poshmark is be as active as possible on the app. Follow as many Poshers as you can. The more followers the more eyes on your closet = more sales! Also, share, share, share your closet frequently.

Kate: To anybody getting started on a secondhand fashion journey on Poshmark, my number one tip is to browse and let yourself get lost. There are so many different ways to look for goodies on Poshmark, from brands to styles to sizes to individual closets. Keep clicking, fall into rabbit holes, and you never know what goodies you might stumble upon on a deep dive. And don’t forget: ALWAYS “LIKE” ON THINGS YOU LIKE. There is nothing worse than trying to find that one blouse you saw and not being able to remember where you found it. Your “likes” page is almost like a Pinterest board or collection of style inspiration and it’s so cool to scroll through and see how your tastes change and style develops over time.

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