Posh Stories: The Ultimate Guide to Using Stories on Poshmark

Stories will appear when you scroll down your Feed, from there you’ll be able to create and see Stories from accounts you’re following on Poshmark. When a new Story is posted, profile photos will appear with a burgundy ring around them.

How to use Posh Stories

To view someone’s Story, simply tap their Profile Photo and their Story will appear full screen, showing you all the content they’ve posted in the last 48 hours. The content in a Story collection will play chronologically from oldest to newest. Swipe up to see the most recent Story in a Story collection.

How to post Posh Stories

To create your own Story, go to the top of the Feed and tap your Profile Photo with the (+) sign icon. From there, tap the button to take a photo or hold down to record a video up to 15 seconds long. 

Posh Tip: How to add content from your camera roll

To upload a video or photo from your camera roll, select the on the bottom left of the screen and select the content you’d like to add to your Story. 

Once you have your content uploaded, you’ll be able to edit and customize your Story.

To delete a post from your Story, tap on the bottom right when viewing your Story and select Remove this Story.

How to use text in Posh Stories

To add text to your Story: 

Select at the top of the screen and start typing:

  • Customize your font style by tapping and select your desired text by tapping through the options.  
  • Select to left, center, or right-align your text.
  • Select to add a background to your text (this will help make your text look more legible on top of your photo or video). 

To change the color of your text, select an option from the color palette that appears at the bottom of the screen after you start typing. 

How to tag people, brands, and listings

To tag people:

Select   at the top of the screen . Tap to find a specific Posher you want to tag. Tag up to five Poshers in a single Story.

To tag listings:

Select at the top of the screen. From there, you can tag listings from My Listings, My Shares, or My Purchases. If you want to filter these by category, you can switch between Markets by selectingand tap to narrow your search. Tag up to five listings in a single Story.

To tag brands:

Select . From there, you can search brands from the Poshmark catalog and tap to add to your Story. Tag up to 10 brands in a single Story. 

After adding text and tags to your Story, you can adjust and position them to your liking by: 

  • Rotating and resizing text or tags by using two fingers to pinch and zoom.
  • Dragging and dropping text or tags to where you’d like them to appear on your Story.

When you are ready to publish your Story, tap at the bottom of the screen to share your Story, and voila! Your content will appear at the top of the Feed for your followers to tune in and shop.

How mentions work in Posh Stories

If another Posher tags you or your listings in their Story, it will automatically appear on your own Story as a mention Story for your followers to see. 

How to shop on Posh Stories

Shopping for items on Posh Stories is easy, here’s how to get started:

  • Scroll down in your Feed in any Market.
  • Tap on the Posher’s Story that you’d like to shop. 
  • Tap on the right hand side of the Story.  
  • Tap the listing you want to purchase from the tray. 
  • Tap Buy Now or Offer on the listing. 

Shopping by brands on Posh Stories:

  • Scroll down in your Feed in any Market.
  • Tap on the Posher’s Story that you’d like to shop. 
  • Tap a tagged brand on the Story. 
  • Select a listing on the brand page. 
  • Tap Buy Now or Offer.

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