Posh Shows – Australia

Congratulations, you’re one of the first users in Australia to be granted access to our new LIVE selling feature, Posh Shows.

Outlined below are 10 key steps to help you host a successful Posh Show. This is the basic information you’ll need to host a Show, but we recommend browsing the additional resources (linked) and tuning in to Shows happening now in Australia and even exploring Shows in the United States and Canada so you can get a taste of what it’s all about. 

Any questions? For order-related questions (including shipping), customer support, and technical app inquiries please reach out to support@poshmark.com

Step 1: Watch Me

We’ve created a 3 minute video on the basics of hosting your first Posh Show!

Step 2: Curate Your Posh Show

Encourage viewers to attend your Posh Show by creating a theme and designing an eye catching covershot.

#PoshTip: use our covershot templates as a starting point and then add your own flair. You can do this by using an editing app. We recommend adding some images of the listings you’ll be selling too. Alternatively you can just use any still image.

Step 3: Schedule Your Posh Show

  1. Host your Posh Shows on either a THURSDAY or SUNDAY between 4 PM and 10 PM (we’ll be driving viewership during these times)
  2. Head to My Seller Tools by selecting the tools icon in the top right-hand corner of your closet. From there, select My Posh Shows and tap Create
  3. Fill out your details, add a covershot, and pick your start time and duration (you can continue to host your Posh Show past your set duration time)
  4. Add up to 3 suggested or custom tags to increase discoverability
    • We suggest:
      • First Show
      • [Category]
      • [Style] 
  5. Select show type as Live Show
  6. Add up to 50 listings to your Show. Be sure to add listings ahead of time, so shoppers’ can shop your show ahead of time and get excited! 

Step 5: Promote Your Posh Show

Once you’ve scheduled your Posh Show, you can share the link to your upcoming Show to help increase viewership. We’ve created some templates to help you get you started

Step 6: Prepare Your Space

  • Make sure your live show area is well-lit. Natural lighting is best, but artificial lighting works just as well. 
  • Think about your background noise and ambience. Bring the vibes with some soft background music and keep the energy of your show consistent and fun from start to finish!
  • What can viewers see behind you? We recommend a clean and tidy space. You can be as bold or minimal as you like. 
  • Make sure your device is ready to go LIVE.
    • This must be through the app on either a tablet or phone. 
    • Turn off notifications
    • Make sure you have the latest version of the app
  • Have a second device nearby so you can add or delete listings to your show and respond to comments once you go LIVE. This can be a phone, tablet or laptop/computer. 

Step 7: Showtime!

  • Start your Posh Show during the scheduled time and bring your best self. 
  • Introduce yourself and start interacting with your viewers and encourage them to write comments. 

#PoshTip: You must go LIVE from the Poshmark app and cannot start your show on the desktop web version of Poshmark. You will have the ability to do everything else on web including responding to comments, featuring listings, and running an auction.

Step 8: Auction Your Listings

To start auctioning, you’ll need to feature the listing.

  1. Tap the featured listings icon and then tap the listing you want to feature 
  2. Tap the blue Auction button 
  3. Set your Auction start price and your preferred duration

#PoshTips: How to engage your viewers

Share your item’s story. Do you have a personal connection or styling tips for an item you’re selling? Come prepared with details of your items for sale!

Engage with your shoppers.Connecting LIVE is such an important part of shows— don’t forget to view the comments section, answer questions, have fun, create a poll to gather feedback, and more!

Be as descriptive as possible. If there are any flaws or defects to your item, be sure to let your viewers know to avoid any return cases. It’s also great to highlight the special details that are best showcased during a LIVE show

Step 9: Auction Other Sellers Listings (optional)

During your Posh Show you can sell listings from other closets, this is called Sell Together. As the host you can request sellers to share listings to your show, or you can add listings from other sellers closets. During your show you’ll need to tap Request to Auction on the listing you’d like to feature. Look for shared listings with a green dot, which indicates the seller is in your show and ready to approve the item for auction. Read more about how it works here.

You can now Sell Together On-Screen

Step 10: End Your Posh Show

Before you end your Show:

  1. Announce when you’ll be hosting next – be sure to schedule at least 2 shows in advance. Viewers can then save your upcoming shows and be notified when you go live.
  2. Let your buyers know when you’ll be shipping their items
  3. Support fellow Poshers by sending viewers to another show once yours ends

Here’s how to send viewers to another show:

  1. Tap on the ‘X’ in the top-left corner and confirm that you would like to Send Shoppers to Another Posh Show
  2. Select another seller’s show from the queue 

Tap End Show and head to the Poshers’ show if you’d like.

Browse additional blog resources to help you prepare. 


How do Auctions work? Auctions are only available in Posh Shows. Just like any other sale on Poshmark, bids are binding. The lowest auction starting price is A$5. Note: you cannot set a reserve price. Before you start the auction you can choose a duration of either 30, 45, 60 seconds. If someone bids with under 10 seconds remaining, an additional 10 seconds will be added to the auction time. At auction close, the highest bidder automatically purchases the listing.