Posh Party LIVE: How do I host?

Posh Shows Host Eligibility Criteria

During this initial phase of Posh Party LIVE, we will be inviting hosts based on the volume and engagement of the LIVE shows they’ve hosted. Please note that hosting LIVE shows is an eligibility requirement to host shows during LIVE parties. 

We’re excited to begin inviting hosts! Stay tuned—we will reach out as soon as we’re ready for you.

If you’re auctioning during the party time with listings that meet the criteria, your show will automatically join the LIVE party. 

You’ll see a welcome message during your show once this happens. Shoppers in your show will also see this message.

When viewing your listing tray, you’ll be notified if a LIVE party is happening, so that you know which of your listings meet the party criteria.

When choosing which listing to feature next on your second device, your tray will automatically filter the listings that meet the party criteria. You’ll join the party when you feature those listings in your show! 

If you choose to feature a listing outside the party criteria, you will be notified that while your show continues, it is no longer in the LIVE party. 

If you want to get back into the party, simply feature a listing that meets the party criteria! Please keep in mind that shoppers will see an option to continue shopping listings in the party, so it’s always best to keep their attention by continuing to auction those types of listings! 

Add shared listings from the community to your show as Host Picks! 

Now with LIVE parties, sellers can share listings that meet the party criteria to the entire show. From there, Posh Shows hosts can add those listings to their show. Whether you’re wanting to support fellow Poshers or running out of eligible listings and want to stay in the party, adding shared listings is a win-win for everyone! 

Just like today, you’ll add listings to your show from a second device, but now you have the option of Posh Party LIVE listings. Here you can add listings to your show!