Posh Party LIVE | Edmonton Recap

What a way to kick off our first Posh Party LIVE in 2020 – we loved meeting our Edmonton #PoshmarkCanada community! To all who attended, thank you for bringing your excitement and engagement whether you’re new to Poshmark or already a Posh Ambassador.

The evening was jam-packed with helpful tips & tricks to level up your Poshmark experience from your local Seller Stylists: @yegfashion, @rinserepeatlove & @findthegood247. We also hope you had the chance to dive deeper with @fabulous_flips  & @kirsten_bee780  in their Consultations and met Team Posh! 

Couldn’t make it to the party? Check out all the highlights below and stay tuned for upcoming events in your area.

Straight from the Attendees

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Posh Party Live! I had the opportunity to join this fun little party hosted in Westin hotel downton and learn all things Posh. I had my virgin ceasar❤, filled up on appetizers and had fun meeting other #yeggers. . 🛍Poshmark is an app you can use to buy and sell clothes, shoes and acessories on consignment. You can either sell clothes you no longer use from your own closet or you can thrift and resell in #poshmark app. . 🛍It started in U.S. and opened in Canada in spring 2019. Company is headquartered in Vancouver, BC. . 🛍From the people that I've met at the event, many  use it as a business. As this 21 century unfolds its another amazing way to make some money online from the comfort of your own home. . 🛍There was a group of panelists from our local #yeg who are very successful after using it for less than a year. One girl currently has 600 items listed 😱, has half a million followers and have the whole system of storing, organizing and reselling items. . 🛍What differentiates the company apart from ebay and kijiji is that it is a social platform, where you follow other sellers, share their listings and engage with others in the community. Also, the company takes care of customer service and shipping details for you, and who wants to deal with customers really. Ofcorase there is a fee as with any consignment store, around 20% as I recall. . 🛍Maybe I wont go full on enterpreneur/thrifter but will definitely use it to Marie Kondo my closet once again. It was very intersesting to me as I have seen ads but never really knew the company, so I though I would share my experience.  Have an amazing weekend friends ❤😘

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Check out the photos from the events:
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Want to attend Posh Party LIVE? Stay tuned for where we’ll be heading to next!