Posh Parties 101 Australia

Posh Parties are your go-to for sharing, selling, shopping, and connecting with other Poshers. Snag your next #PoshFind from a curated selection of listings, or share your on-theme listings to get more visibility.

What are Posh Parties? 

Posh Parties are real-time, virtual shopping events where Poshers connect on Poshmark to share, shop, and sell clothing, beauty products, home decor and more. There are 4 Posh Parties per day, and this is when our community is most social. 

Why Share to a Posh Party?

  • Sharing your on-theme listings to Parties is a great way to get exposure to your closet and increase discoverability of your listings
  • Growing your followers is key to future sales, and a lot of Poshers use Posh Parties to discover new Closets 

Why Shop during a Posh Party?

  • Parties offer a selection of listings around a specific theme for a more curated shopping experience
  • Parties are when our sellers are most active in the app, so it’s a great time to Like, ask questions about listings you’re interested in, create a bundle, or even make an offer

When do Posh Parties happen? 

Posh Parties happen 4 times a day and each Party has a different theme. 

9AM AEST – BRAND PARTIES: Feature some of the community’s favourite brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Zara, Nike, Adidas, Levi’s,Tommy Hilfiger H&M, and more.

12PM AEST – CATEGORY PARTIES: Showcase specific product categories like “Best in Bags,” “Best in Jeans,” and “Best in Home.”

4PM AEST – DEPARTMENT PARTIES:  Highlight some of the different departments such as Men, Kids, Plus Size, Home and Pets.

7PM AEST – STYLE PARTIES: These Parties focus on styles, seasons, and trends, such as “Athleisure Cool,” “Fashion Favourites,” and “Australian Winter Staples.”

How do I share listings to a Posh Party?

After a Party begins, head over to your Poshmark closet and follow these steps:

  1. Select a listing that matches the Party theme 
  2. Tap Share 
  3. Tap Share next to the name of the Party

Posh Tip: Show Posh Love by sharing Listings from other Poshers Closets to Parties too.

Can’t make a Posh Party? Don’t stress! You can still shop the Party later, as the listings that were shared are saved as a showroom (although some will have already sold of course

How do I join a Posh Party? 

Find upcoming and past Posh Parties in just a few simple steps: 

In the App:
1. Go to the Shop Tab.
2. Scroll down to Parties.
3. Tap All Parties.
On the Web:
1. From the top navigation
bar, click on Parties.

Who can Host a Posh Party?

Hosting is one of the perks of being a Posh Ambassador. Learn how to become a PA here.