Poshmark Canada: Posh N Sip

Posh N Sips are the perfect opportunity to meet other Poshers IRL or introduce Poshmark Canada to your community! A Posh N Sip can look like any of these events:
  1. Intimate gathering: Get together with family and friends to introduce Poshmark.
  2. Listing party: Help each other get fresh listings and share covershot tips and tricks.
  3. Social: Go out with your PFFs for sourcing, brunch or coffee.
  4. Seminar: Teach new Poshers the ins and outs of Poshmark—guest speaker optional!
Posh N Sips are hosted by our amazing community members like YOU! Team Posh always has your back and are here to support bringing your Posh N Sip to life. We send hosts Poshmark branded swag to help spread the #PoshLove and promote your Posh N Sip both in app and on social – so you can reach new PFFs in your area! Interested in hosting a Posh N Sip in your area? Fill out our application form HERE for more information on how we can support your future Posh N Sip! You can also host a Posh N List! A Posh N List is a gathering hosted by our community to educate and inspire each other to create learn best practices for listings to increase sales. Learn more about Posh N Lists and how to apply to host here.

Upcoming Posh N Sips: 

 Vancouver, BC – Date TBD

Winnipeg, MB – Date TBD 

Past Posh N Sips: