New Listing Features to Make Sales

Your Poshmark closet is off the ground, and now it’s time to level up your listing game! From dynamic listing videos to enticing shipping discounts, our listing process holds all kinds of tools to help you set your item above the rest. Sales are just a few steps away!

Listing Videos: 

Listing videos are an easy way to bring your listings to life—style looks, show intricate details, and give your buyer an idea of what the piece looks like in motion. By creating a listing video, you’ll gain more exposure to your closet, as the video will automatically be shared to your Posh Stories for all to see!

How to use: Simply tap Edit > Add Photo & Video, and either upload a pre-filmed clip or record one on the spot.

Style Tags:

Make your listings more discoverable by adding Style Tags! Style Tags let you add more specific style descriptors to your listings such as silhouette, material, and aesthetic of your item. Your listings will be more discoverable for potential buyers when searching for a general style rather than a specific item—win-win! 

How to Use: Go to your listing and select Edit , scroll down to Style Tags, and either select a tag from our pre-populated list or create your own!

Price Suggester: 

Your price comparison process just got a whole lot easier—Price Suggester will provide you a reference price range based on similar sold listings on Poshmark, to save you time when deciding how to price your item. 

How to Use: All you need to do is fill in your item title, category, original price of the item and the price range will automatically populate.

Seller Discounted Shipping:

Seller Discounted Shipping is a great way to give potential and returning buyers an extra perk when they shop with you. Discounts are visible on your listing, making them extra enticing to shoppers. 

How to use: To add a discount to your listing, simply select your preferred discount while creating or editing a listing.