Make Your First Sale on Poshmark

From Bundles to Posh Stories, Poshmark has all kinds of seller features and tools right at your fingertips. With so many options at your disposal, consider this your one-stop guide to making major sales.

  1. Offer to Likers: Send Likers a private offer they can’t refuse. Tap the Offer/Price Drop button on any listing and select Offer to Likers.
  2. Price Drops: Drop the price by at least 10% and we’ll notify Likers. Tap the Offer/Price Drop button and select Edit Listing Price.
  3. Posh Stories: Showcase your listings in short videos and photos that disappear in 48 hours. Tap the (+) icon on your avatar, create our story, then hit post.
  4. Bundle: Use bundles to send multiple listings directly from your closet! Tap the shopping bag icon in the bottom of each listing and type in the username of the Posher you’re styling.

Making sales has never been so easy! Give these features a try and get your items sold in no time.

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