How to List on Poshmark

Are you ready to start earning cash? Here’s everything you need to know about listing your very first item.

  1. Pick an item to sell. Do you have an outfit you wore to an event, shoes that don’t quite fit right, or an item that you’ve fallen out of love with? Now is the perfect time to list it!

2. Prep your item. Check for any damage, discolouration, or other details to include when describing the condition of your item. Bonus points for adding measurements or giving clothing items a quick iron or steam to get them looking photo-ready.

3. Snap up to 16 well-lit, detailed pics. No photo is complete without the perfect backdrop. Place your item in a clear, well-lit area, snap a few shots, or create a quick listing video. Don’t forget to photograph any noteworthy details or flaws.

4. Create descriptive listings. Here is your opportunity to tell the buyer everything about your item. Clearly describe the brand, size, and condition with and put as many keywords and details as possible into your title so buyers can discover your items.

5. Post it! But don’t stop there. The best way to get your new listing seen is to share, share share! Posh Parties and social channels will help increase visibility and make that sale even quicker.

Your items won’t sell themselves. Start listing now!

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