How to List on Poshmark

Ready to start cashing in on your preloved clothes? Here’s how:


It’s quick, easy, and free to list! Take several clear photos of your item and include a detailed description so buyers know exactly what they’re getting.


Once you’ve listed, start sharing! Sharing regularly helps keep your listings at the top of search results, allowing more shoppers to discover your items and lead to more sales. You can also share other Posher’s listings in hopes they’ll return the #PoshLove.


There are a few different ways to make a sale. The buyer can Buy Now at the listed price, or Offer a lower price, which you can accept, counter, or decline. You can also send private offers to likers using Offer/Price Drop.


In order to redeem your earnings you will need a PayPal account. Once you make your first sale, we’ll send you a notification to complete this step so you can cash out when your item is received by the buyer.


Final step is to generate the prepaid, pre-addressed shipping label by selecting parcel pickup or drop off. On Poshmark buyers pay for postage, so once you’ve made a sale, simply package your item securely, print your label and attach it to the package, and you’re ready to ship!

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