How to List on Poshmark India

Just joined the Poshmark community? Welcome! We’re excited to have you and are here to help you get started with everything you need to know about listing.

Before you start listing, make sure to add your GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number). As mandated under government regulations, all sellers making interstate sales of goods and supplies via e-commerce platforms will need to register under GST and add a GSTIN to sell on the platform.

For more information about GST, including potential obligations, and to register as a seller under GST, visit the GST portal at

To add your GSTIN on the App, head to the Account tab > My Seller Tools > Manage Tax Info > Add GSTIN.

On the web: To add your GSTIN, head to the Account tab > Account settings > Manage Tax Info > Add GSTIN.

(Photo Credit: @ciarajoscloset)

Step One: Take Listing Photos

Ready to list your first item? It all starts with taking photos. Tap Sell in the app or click Sell on Poshmark on the web to get started. You have 2 options: snap a photo of your item within the app or upload directly from your smartphone’s camera roll. Need a little more inspo? Check out our tips on how to take great listing photos in our Poshmark Listing Photography Guide. You can add up to 8 photos for your listing, so use that real estate to show as many photos as you can so potential buyers can see every detail and angle of the item. Please note that each individual item must be listed separately or else Poshers won’t be able to purchase.

P.S. For an even easier way to showcase your item, add a Listing Video to bring your item to life.

Step Two: Show Me the Details 

Photos, check! Your next step is adding all the details. It’s important to be as descriptive as possible. Here’s what your buyers need to know:

  1. What are you selling?
    This is the title of your listing. In a few short words, describe what you’re listing. For example, if you’re listing a black dress from Zara, add a descriptive title like “Black Zara Midi Dress”. Posh Tip: Include the brand, category, and other defining features in your listing title to appear in more searches.
  1. Describe it!
    If your buyers couldn’t see this item, how would you describe it? Use this section to break down all the details such as fabric content, possible wear or tears, sizing, how you would style the item, etc. that aren’t obvious through photos. Posh Tip: Including more than 20-25 words in your description increases the likelihood of a sale by 40%.
  1. Category
    Are you listing a women’s, men’s, kids’, or home item? Indicate which category your item falls into. You can even choose a subcategory to help narrow down your item when searching.
  1. Size
    Small? Medium? One size fits all? Double-check you’re selecting the correct size.  
  1. Original Price
    If you remember the original price of the item you’re selling, input the price here.  Otherwise, feel free to input “₹0.00”.
  1. Listing Price
    Name your listing price. Just underneath, you’ll see how much you’ll be earning once your item has been purchased. Cha-ching!

Know Your Options

Of course, there are the optional components to a listing to consider. The more descriptive you are, the more likely a buyer will see your listing! 


Own more than one of the same exact item? Sell them all in one listing rather than creating a brand new one. Once this is activated, you’ll be able to select the sizes and quantities available right underneath this section.  Note: Multi-item listings must be in the same colour.


More often than not, people are searching for a specific brand, so adding the brand here gives your listing more exposure.


We’re getting down to the nitty-gritty. Check off the colours that are most prevalent in your item. 

Note: If you have a multi-item listing, the items must be in the same colour. Items of different colours must be listed separately. 

New with Tags

Is the item you’re selling new with the tags still on? Enticing! Let the buyer know it’s brand new.

Additional Details (Private)

This section is a next-level tool but once your closet is up and running, you may end up using this too! The Private Listing Field is perfect for Poshers who are growing their inventory and need a bit more organization. These fields are only visible to you and can be found in your Sales Report and Inventory Report

  • SKU: A unique code that you’ve created specifically for this item. It can be any combination of numbers and letters.
  • Cost Price: The original amount you paid. It may be different from the Original Price.
  • Other info: Consider this your personal notes section to add any details you’d want to track.

Step Three: Share to Your Networks

Once you tap “Next”, you’re given the option to share your listing to your connected social media accounts or to your own closet. Just tap the slider to select which channel you’d like to cross-share to. Lastly, tap “List” and voila! You have your very first listing.

Now go on and make your second, third, or fifteenth listing! Just know, it doesn’t stop there. Head over to the Poshmark Merchandising Guide to learn how to keep your inventory selling. You’ll be a #PoshBoss in no-time.