Poshmark Community Meet-Ups

What’s more fun than Poshing? Poshing with your PFF, of course! Find a meet-up planned by fellow Poshers near you. Find details by clicking on the image below.

Don’t see a meet-up in your area? Why not plan one? Contact us at hosting@poshmark.com for more information on how we can support you.

Learn more about meet-ups here.

Upcoming Community Meet-Ups  






Past Community Meet-Ups 

Hosted by Lindsey & Ali
Hosted by Stefani
Hosted by Noelle
Hosted by Jill, Rebecca, and Joy
Hosted by Tina & Maylene
Hosted by Anna
Hosted by Sheila, Michelle, & Nicole
Hosted by Cynthia
Hosted by Renee & Kempt
Hosted by Chastity
Hosted by Andrea & Shay
Hosted by Shirin & Miere
Hosted by Teresa & Bertha
Hosted by Cheryl, Dallas, Amber, & Suzi
Hosted by Nicole
pastaz10_1Hosted by MonicaLondonMireya, & Missy
Hosted by Jordan
Hosted by Jessica
Hosted by Anna, Cynthia & Jennifer
Hosted by Noelle, Stefani, Christina, Grace & Jordan
Hosted by Caroline, Sandy, Joy, Jill & Diana
Hosted by Kimberly
Hosted by Anna
Hosted by Stacy & Christine
Hosted by EdizaMichelle, & Claire
Hosted by Kristy
Hosted by Tiffany, Xochitl, and Jessica
Hosted by Jill
Hosted by Tarah & Julie
Hosted by Jill & Joy
Hosted by Anna
Hosted by Erika and Carol
Hosted by Holly and Lesley
Hosted by Elle, Brandy, Brenda, and Christina
Hosted by Chastity
Hosted by Pam
Hosted by Shiela, Michelle, Nicole, and Stef
Hosted by Anna
Hosted by Yisell and Valeria
palm springsHosted by Anna
Hosted by JenTanya, & Pauline
pastDC5_7Hosted by Erin, Penelope, Alison, & Stephanie
Hosted by Jewel
Hosted by Anna
Hosted by Jordan, Tiffany, Teresa, Stefani & Indra
Hosted by DaneenRandi
Hosted by Teresa & Bertha
Hosted by Jen & Sarah
Hosted by Tiffany & Gina
pastCA1_31Hosted by Jenni
Hosted by Kristy
Hosted by Rocio, Amanda, Michelle, Anne, & Elle
nycHosted by Patricia, Shauntee, & Athena washingtondcHosted by Monica, Rosalind, & Tari

las vegasHosted by Anna

beverly hills Hosted by Kylie
CHICAGOHosted by Jewel, Shekinah, & Nona

PHILLY.jpgHosted by Lesley, Holly, & Andrea

nyc Hosted by Rose pastCO12_5_15
Hosted by Shiela, Aspen, and Nicole
Hosted by Cathy, Amy & Julia
BIRMINGHAM_PASTHosted by Teresa & Bertha
Hosted by Chandra, Diane, Saundra & Olga
Hosted by Rochelle
Hosted by Erika & Bethany
Hosted by Saundra, Olga, Jen & Jessica
Hosted by KreithcheleJo-Ann, Chloe, Anna, Izzy & Cindy
BOSTON_PASTHosted by Ann & Sandy
Hosted by Jennifer, Tanya & Amy
miamiHosted by Anna

arizonaHosted by Rochelle, Lana, Amy, & Cathy

Birmingham Alabama Meet & GreetHosted by Teresa, Bertha, & Cat
seattle Hosted by Elle, Cheryl, Lynn, & Brenda Oahu Poshmark Meet-UpHosted by RochelleHi’ilei, Tani, Jes, & Kimberly
nashvilleHosted by Brenda, ErikaStacy, & Kimberly LOUISIANAHosted by Janis, Kasie, & Blair
philadelphiaHosted by Lesley, Lucretia, & Holly atlantaHosted by Shaliesa
denverHosted by Shiela, Cassie, & Nicole kansas cityHosted by Debbie

LA 2-7Hosted by Jennifer, Sarom, & Chrissie Marie

BORDERFESTHosted by Rochelle

VA DC MD Wine Tour Meet & GreetHosted by Holly CAROLINASHosted by Jaime
spooktacular Hosted by Ilene and Maria alabamaHosted by Sherry, Brenda, Kristi, AlishaAlicia, Cat, & Janet
DMVHosted by Cheryl SAN DIEGO Hosted by Shawn & Diane
CHICAGO Hosted by Brenda, Lynn, Marie, & Amina TEXAS Hosted by Olga, SaudraShannon, Brittney, & Socorro
sunriseHosted by Ilene & Maria denverHosted by Shiela
LOUISIANA Hosted by JanisAmie, Ruth, & Aleah ST LOUIS Hosted by Lynn, Elle, & Kelsie

52 thoughts on “Poshmark Community Meet-Ups

  1. We love love love to get together in No. Carolina! We’ve had 4 real time parties & hope for another in the next couple of months. We really like each other, and enjoy sharing Posh stories over dinner. Our last meet up was in Sept. and we included our spouses in it!! We always have a great time together and had the honor of Queen Mumm (Brenda) at our party in May! HAPPY, HAPPY!! 😍😍😍😍

  2. I am very new to Poshmark, but I have to say my experience with it so far has been great. I would love to be a part of or even possibly host a ” Meet Up”. How would I go about making this happen? I live in South Florida, Plantation to be exact. Any ideas and/or information would be greatly appreciated. thanks

  3. I live in Midland, Texas. Does anyone know where that is? So far I’ve only met one fellow Posher from Midland. What’s the deal? I talk to everyone I see or meet about POSHMARK and I definitely wear just about everything I buy from POSHMARK so when I see someone I always say this is from POSHMARK. Or someone will say that is so pretty where did you get it? And I’ll say POSHMARK. I would love to go to a meetup even if I have to go to Houston, or even DALLAS, Texas I think it would be awesome!!

  4. more info on meet ups? what happens there, just mingle and talk, or is there some kind of presentation? is it free? can i go if im new? what if i dont know anyone yet, can this be a good opportunity? do they give tips etc…. thanks for the info

    • Hello Donna! I know this is an older post but just wanted to reach out. I live in Jacksonville Florida. We should try to get a posh meet-up together! Would love to meet some fellow players! 🙋☺

  5. Okay ladies I am fairly new to Poshmark. I have purchased here before, but never sold. My question is does poshmark take a portion of what u sell? I saw on a few comments that they do.. Please just give a “newbie” the information please. I didn’t see anywhere else to ask this question. Thanks Ladies

    • Hi Elaine, Our fees are very simple and straightforward. For all sales under $15, Poshmark takes a flat commission of $2.95. You keep the rest. For sales of $15 or more, you keep 80% of your sale and Poshmark’s commission is 20%. Once your sale has been delivered and received by your buyer, the earnings from your sale are yours. You can spend your earnings within the app or withdraw your money as cash whenever you like. For more, read our FAQs: https://poshmark.com/faq

  6. I attended the Midwest Meet-up in Kansas City and had a blast! @chicbirdie and I (@sunfloweria) are wanting to host another Midwest Meet-up in the Fall in Iowa! Leave a message in our closet if you want an invite!

  7. Our Emerald City Meet Up in Seattle was so much fun! I’m excited to host another next year! Lmk if you’re interested in joining, hosting or contributing!


  8. I’d love to connect with poshers from Texas! Specially from the South area, I live in the border with Mexico. Please if a party is cooking around here.. I’m in!

  9. Tulsa is a little smaller than las Vegas and N.Y. and L.A. and whatnot, but there are a lot of poshers in T-town. We should have one, great way to meet new people. Plus we could have food! Yay!! All in favour??

  10. Hello, Ladies!
    Reading all about your parties makes me want to come to one. I have been “Poshing” for 3 months now and am really enjoying it. If anyone is hosting in PA or Ohio, I would really consider coming. I am a bit intimidated about hosting one right now. I would love to come to one to see what all happens.

  11. I’m from the Fort Worth area and I’m interested in hosting a Meetup. I don’t see any in the DFW area at all. Please provide me info. Also, I’m a MeetUp Organizer. Not sure if that is the same Meetup to which you are referring on your blog but I have over 1000 members to whom I could reach out.

  12. I’m in Camden County, Ga however Jax FL is a hop, skip and jump away!!!anyone int in Co hosting or in the Brunswick Ga area? Sounds like super fun times..Please let me know and let’s get this party started!!!!

  13. Hi Delta! Im in Jacksonville and there’s actually a meet-up on the 24th in Palm Coast. Not sure if that’s too much of a drive for you but it would be so great to meet you! If not then maybe sometime in the future we can plan another here in Jax. I love the opportunity to meet some of the awesome ladies that we have “met” online! Hope to see you on the 24th! (Let me know if you would like more details from the host😊)

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