Get the Look: Chicago Blogger InstaStyle

Happy Friday! As the Instagram addicts that we are, we couldn’t help but round up some of our favorite looks of the week. These are some of our favorite shots from some of our favorite Chicago bloggers and we will show you how you can get the looks on Poshmark!


 Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 8.47.20 PM

Red Bucket Bag // Sweater Dress // Tortoise Sunglasses // Statement Necklace


Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 11.59.03 PM

Mirrored Sunglasses // Lace-Up Sandals
Printed Shorts // Pendant Necklace // Panama Hat


Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 12.07.50 AM

Black Wool Hat // Striped Tank
Olive Joggers // Shoulder Bag // Strappy Buckle Heels

Similar Styles: Lynsie’s Tips To Get The Look For Less With Poshmark


How many times do you scroll through Instagram thinking “OMG, I need those shoes” or “That #ootd is #sogood”’? You are not alone and to help our fellow Poshers, we recruited an expert on the subject to spill her secrets.

Meet Lynsie of the blog Similar Styles who is known for recreating her favorite looks using items purchased on Poshmark. So, if you are oohing and ahhing over your favorite blogger or celeb style, read on to hear Lynsie’s tips on how to get the look. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and for her Posh Party tonight!

Posh Q&A with Lynsie of Similar Styles


What was the inspiration behind Similar Styles?  I’ve always loved fashion and finding outfits similar to celebs, bloggers, etc! I’m a huge thrifter and when I realized I can recreate similar looks this way I wanted to show everyone that you can dress similar to high-end fashion without paying a similar price!

Who are your three favorite bloggers and why? Eleni McMullin of Convey The Moment because she’s not just an amazing blogger but she’s also a super genuine person! My other two would be Julia Hengel of Gal Meets Glam and Julia Sarinana of Sincerely Jules because, well, have you seen their fashion?! #onpoint


What spring trends are you looking forward to? I love gingham! I’ve been wearing it a lot lately. As you can see, I have a gingham button-down on with my Poshmark Hunter rain boots. Also, pattern mixing is a fave of mine! Flowers and stripes and polka dots – oh my!

We always love seeing your fab #PoshStyle. Do you have a strategy for finding the best deals on Poshmark? I’m usually inspired by something I saw on Instagram and then I head over to Poshmark right away to search and see if I can find a similar item! I think knowing what you’re looking for really helps. Also, if you see something that you’re not quite sure you want to buy, like it! You’ll thank me for that later when you don’t have to spend hours searching for that item again.

What is your favorite PoshFind to date? Or top two if you really can’t pick. LOVE my Hunter Boots! They are the exact  color I’ve been looking for. Along with all my other Poshmark shoes I really love my black cut-out wedges. They are perfect for spring and summer! Oh, and I’ll add a third, I LOVE my fringe booties! They are my go-to boho shoes!

Connect With Your Favorite YouTubers on Poshmark!

Do you ever log into YouTube and just get completely mesmerized by all the makeup tutorials, fashion hauls, and DIYs? Us too. We are totally addicted (#sorrynotsorry) and are so excited to share some of our favorite YouTuber ladies who you can connect with on Poshmark.

Be sure to follow them and shop their style as they often add fabulous items. Be sure to act fast when you see something new listed as they sell out quickly!

Dulce Candy // @dulcecandy87

041015_youtubers_dulce candy

Laguna Beach Love // @lagunabeachlove


Hey Claire // @heyclaire


Marianna Hewitt // @marianna10

041015_youtubers_marianna hewitt

Polina Beragova // @polinaberegova

041015_youtubers_polina beregova

How to Style Your Closet with @StudioCovet

032615_feature_studiocovet 4

On. Point. That is how we describe the aesthetic genius that is @studiocovet‘s closet. There’s a little bit of Jenna Lyons inspiration, edgy details and sexy sophistication, and it all comes together to be the perfect selection for the modern, fabulous woman at work or at play.

We had to know the story behind Josie’s closet and what inspires her style. Read more to learn how she infusers her closet with style – and how you can, too!

032615_feature_studiocovet 2

What led you to Poshmark and what has your experience been so far? I actually was an eBay powerseller back in the day. It’s in part how I supported myself in college. My friends say if I have a super power it’s definitely being able to find the most amazing deals, and I love passing them on. One girl can only have so many Gucci booties anyway. Almost as fun as the shopping is the photo shoot – I love styling and taking outfit pictures… and if I can make money too, well then even better! I love Poshmark as a place to share my finds as well as style inspiration, and I’m overwhelmed how positive the community is! I believe in helping other women and other girl bosses find a way to profit from their passions. Poshmark is the perfect place for that.

We are obsessed with how you’ve styled your closet. What was your inspiration? We’re young creative professionals and our closet is a reflection of that – pieces that you can wear to work or an after work cocktail that are professional and polished, but never boring. Our studio is full of graphic designers, art directors and photographers who perfectly marry their creativity with their ability to lead businesses. As a result our closet ends up being filled with bold classics that have an artistic edge.

032615_feature_studiocovet 3

Has having such a strong aesthetic point of view helped you make sales? I think that fashion (and beauty) are incredibly powerful tools to use in crafting your identity. I’ve always believed in developing an aesthetic point of view for myself, and sticking to it – it changes season to season. In fact I used to do a concept board for my personal closet every season as a way to decide what to invest in. Knowing who you are and who you aren’t unlocks the power in fashion. I think in terms of sales people start to associate us with a style both in our photography, and the items we have.  As a result we definitely have repeat customers come back to us for more of what they know we do well.

032615_feature_studiocovet 5

What are some styling tricks to help a Posher take her closet to the next level? LIGHTING! I’d recommend Poshers experiment with lighting – it can be part of your closet identity. Play with natural lighting, but also try some low budget lamps at different angles. Other than that,  have fun with it! We try to do “photoshoot Fridays.” We take time to play with hair and makeup and have some friends or colleagues over to take posh pics. Everyone loves a photoshoot so you won’t find it hard to find volunteers. Styling outfits and taking pictures can be incredibly fun – go for it!

Any favorite trends or pieces that you’re loving for spring? If you know us, you know that we love a shirt dress with a statement shoe, but for spring our closet is full of d’orsay shoes, leather minis, pencil skirts, menswear inspired oversized classic shirts, and a lot of stunning head to toe black and white. You’ll see all of the above in our closet soon.

Posh Q&A: Gettin’ Blingy With @tanyakara

Accessories are a girl’s best friend, right? Right. There’s nothing we love more than finishing our look off with the perfect pair of earrings, fierce handbag or stack of rings.

One gal who knows her accessory game? Jewelry entrepreneur and Posh rockstar Tanya Kara. This business owner and Posher has mad style game as seen on her blog, Insta, and of course in her closet. She’s on fire!

031715_posh qa_tanya kara

Want to know how Tanya got started in the industry? She’s sharing advice, her guiltiest accessory obsessions and more just for you, our fab readers. Plus, don’t miss out on your chance to shop with her at tonight’s “Laid Back Glam” Posh Party!

Read on to learn more about how Tanya got started in the industry, advice for new Poshers and her guiltiest accessory obsessions.

How did you get into the fashion industry? I first entered the fashion industry as a young child, thanks to my parents who were jewelers in Los Angeles. My father in particular had great success in the fashion industry designing jewelry for countless celebrities, including rapper Tupac Shakur. As I got older, I eventually started my own jewelry company, Tanya Kara Jewelry. I loved that I could inspire women all over the world by providing jewelry that inspired them with motivational quotes and made them feel beautiful and happy!

What made you take your business to the next level and join Poshmark?  As a business owner, when I discovered the Poshmark app, joining was a NO BRAINER! People don’t really realize how much marketing costs, how much time it costs to create a shipping label and how much effort it takes to create a professional online platform to sell items. The amazing thing is Poshmark does all of that for me as a seller which made it a no brainer to join Poshmark! An as an added bonus, the Poshmark community is filled with such amazing, friendly people. I love it!

031715_posh qa_tanya kara bracelet

Any advice for getting started on Poshmark? You’ve had great success thus far in only a few short months! Aw, thanks! The advice I would give new Poshers is to treat your closet as your “brand.” This is your chance to make your closet like your own personal store! Post cute pictures and don’t be afraid to get creative. If your pictures are super cute, good quality and unique, people will always want to come back and visit your closet, resulting in you helping people fulfill their fashion needs!

If you could only wear one piece of jewelry for the rest of your life, what would it be and why? That’s a hard one! If I could wear only one piece of jewelry I would wear a bracelet with a motivational quote on it to remind myself to stay positive. For example, I have this really awesome bracelet that I wear almost everyday that says “Don’t be afraid, keep going!” It reminds me to always keep pushing and pursue my dreams no matter what.

031715_posh qa_tanya kara watch

Gold or silver? Gold! I LOVE gold!

Where do you find style inspiration? I find style inspiration all around me! I’m always looking at what bloggers are wearing, what’s in the magazines, what are the latest and hottest trends online, etc. The fun part is taking all the style inspiration and creating a style of my own.

What spring trends are you looking forward to?  I really look forward to collar necklaces. They are so cute and chic. I especially love the plain gold collar necklaces. I also look forward to colorful BRIGHT jewelry for the spring. I love that you can be wearing a plain outfit and as soon as you put on a bright colored necklace your outfit is completely transformed. Oh, how I love Spring!

Posh Q&A With ‘It Girl’ @bbelecki

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 10.43.52 AM (2)

How does one define an “it girl”? For us, it’s a Posher who has impeccable style, takes beyond gorgeous covershots and tempts you to buy everything in her closet.

See also: Beth a.k.a. @bbelecki. Not only are we OBSESSED with her closet, but just love following her style on Instagram. How does she do it all so stylishly? Read on to learn how she is leveling up her closet, her tips for new Poshers and how she gets inspired.

We notice you have started “leveling up” and selling some wholesale items. Amazing! What made you take the plunge?

Ever since I started my Apparel Merchandising and Design degree, I’ve always been interested in starting my own online shop, but it was never a practical goal while I was in school. Poshmark has been just a hobby, until I graduated in December and became an unemployed post grad with endless free time. Since then I took my hobby to the next level and I’ve been running my closet like a small business. I’m still in the early stages, but I’d like to take it even further in the future.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 3.06.05 PM

Your photos are so gorgeous and uber-stylish. Where do you look for inspiration?

Thank you! I’ve always found my main inspiration in color/texture combinations and the ways they compliment each other. I follow an insane amount of fashion/interior design bloggers, Instagrammers, etc. and I get a lot of my style inspiration from them. Whatever site I’m browsing, if I see an outfit or color combination that I’m drawn to, I screenshot it to get inspiration from later. I find that when styling, you can’t go wrong with neutrals and pops of color. I’m also constantly inspired by how fellow Poshers style their closets.

What’s your favorite thing about Poshmark?

Besides being able to give and snag killer deals on clothing (I love me a good deal!), my favorite thing is definitely the awesome community. I love that Poshmark is a community of women inspiring and helping one another to succeed. I would have never gotten as far on Poshmark if it wasn’t for the encouragement and support from Posh strangers turned PFF. I love that Poshmark inspires women to become entrepreneurs and gives us a platform to be girl bosses.

We consider you a total “It Girl” at PMHQ, who are three other “It Girls” you admire?

Hayley | @hhua – I’m not sure if she knows this, but she was the original person to inspire me to amp up my closet because hers was so creative and cohesive. She also was the first person to really support my closet and share my items like crazy!

Kristen | @fancypantsmcgee – Those cover photos though…I’m a visual merchandising lover and the way she visually presents her merchandise is absolutely flawless and inspiring.

Victoria | @alvictoria – Since before and after Poshmark’s blog post feature, her incredible success and closet inspired me and my Poshing efforts. Her crazy designer deals are the epitome of why Poshmark is a fashion girl’s best friend.


How would you describe your style?

My style constantly changes with my mood. Sometimes I’m girly, edgy, boho, or casual, it all depends. I’m a firm believer that an outfit can impact your mood for the day. I blend different styles together to create a look that is chic but with an edge. I own an abundance of simple items in a range of colors that I can mix and match into different looks and pair with statement items. The blog “Sincerely Jules” is my fashion spirit animal.

If you could give 3 pieces of advice to someone starting out on Poshmark what would they be?

  1. Ask questions! If you’re confused on what to do, there are tons of women who are excited and willing to help introduce you to the community, address any questions you have, and give you constructive feedback to help you succeed.
  2. Cover photos are the best selling tools. You don’t have to be a creative genius to present your item in a clean and stylish way.  Take some time to lie or hang your items on a plain background (lighter colors look best in my opinion) with good lighting, and boom! You’re done. Most of all have fun with it!  Clear item/cover photos will get customers to gravitate to your closet.
  3. Share, share, share! The best way to get your start on Poshmark is to share other Poshers items and return the favor when someone shares yours. Sharing items other than your own will help you and other closets get noticed. It’s a win-win situation.


InstaStyle Crush: Allie of @aaprovost

You know those girls who are so stylish everything they touch turns to fab? Meet Allie – a.k.a. @aaprovost – who has mastered that visual Midas touch on Poshmark and Instagram. You’re in luck, because she’s stopped by the blog to spill her stylish secrets. Don’t forget to shop along with her at tonight’s in-app Wardrobe Staples Posh Party!

021015_instacrush_allie 3

Your Instagram photos are GORGEOUS, what kind camera do you use? Thank you! It definitely depends on what I’m shooting and where I am. I recently invested in my dream camera – the Canon 5D Mark II – and I’m OBSESSED with it! I typically use it for all of my #ootd posts and will use it for my future blog posts as my blog is currently in the works. For my more casual photos when I’m out for the whole day I will either use my other DSLR Canon Rebel T3I (because it is much smaller) or simply my iPhone 6.

Sticking with the photo theme, do you have any favorite apps for editing? VSCO Cam is by far my favorite filter app. I’m not entirely a fan of strong filters so I love the variety VSCO offers and the ability to adjust the strength of the filter.

021015_instacrush_allie 2

Any tips on styling flat lay photos – yours are always so beautiful! For styling flat lay Instagram photos, it’s really simple! I start with one item that I want to be the focus and then just walk around my apartment adding stuff to go with it!  One of my favorite flat lay pictures was one I did for the New Year’s.  I grabbed my Kate Spade Pop, Fizz, Clink clutch and the champagne bottle that was conveniently in my fridge. After taking a couple test shots, I decided it looked too plain and I went for the necklaces! And to get the best angle, I stand on a chair…it looks silly but is very effective.

What’s your favorite thing about Poshmark? Oh jeeze, there are so many things I love about Poshmark! From the convenience to the simplicity (I always describe it as the lovechild between Instagram and eBay); but I think the community of Poshers would have to top everything. Everyone is so supportive and they all make shopping fun!

021015_instacrush_allie 1

What has been your favorite Poshmark purchase to date? My favorite purchase is actually my first purchase. I bought a hexagon bracelet from Kate Spade way back in 2012 and wore it to the point where it was no longer wearable.  I stumbled upon the exact same one in @bagsandbaubles’ closet, basically freaked out, and purchased it immediately to replace my worn out one!

Where do you get style inspiration? I get style inspiration everywhere!  My favorite bloggers are Blair Eadie from Atlantic-Pacific, Julia Engel from Gal Meets Glam, and Jessica Sturdy from Bows and Sequins. But at the end of the day, I try not to take my style too seriously. If there is something I love, I wear it!

Donuts or cupcakes? Easy, both.  Never choose.