Atlanta’s Most Stylish: Meet Your Posh Party Hosts!

Atlanta, are you ready to party with us tomorrow night at our LIVE Ladylike Luxe Posh Party? We can’t wait to see everyone’s fabulous outfits, have a cocktail (or two) and meet and mingle with our blogger babe co-hosts!

If there is anyone to get style inspiration from, it’s definitely these ladies. Look out for them at the party and be sure to say hi! In the meantime check out some of our favorite looks from their recent blog posts. Can we say LOVE?!

Not able to join us in ATL? No worries, you can still shop and share along with everyone in the app at 7pm PST. See you there!


Mattie of Mattieologie // Palm prints are having a major moment, and Mattie is wearing it oh-so-well. We love the unexpected denim pencil skirt paired with the tank and fierce matching green shades.

My Style Vita

Jessica- ATL 
Jessica of My Style Vita // Black and white never looked so good! Jessica rocks the classic gingham print amped up with a sassy pink lip– and a stylish pup is always the best accessory!

Awed by Monica

Monica- ATL

Monica of Awed by Monica // When you pair a flirty dress with edgy sandals what do you get? Style perfection! Monica sure is leaving us in “awe” with this look.

Guest Feature: Get Wedding Ready with @accessoriesgal

Hello fabulous ladies of Posh!  I am super excited to be the host of tonight’s Downtown Glam Posh Party and would love to tell you a bit about myself. I am one of those crazy people who chooses to live on the island of Manhattan. I schlep my groceries, walk miles every day, hear sirens at all times of the day, and navigate traffic. But on the other hand, New York is one of the most amazing and creative places on earth. I wouldn’t have started my business, E.Kammeyer Accessories, had I not been here, nor met my husband.

accessoriesgal wedding 1

Yes, I am recently married and when I was chatting with the amazing women at Posh, they asked me to share a bit of my wedding wisdom with you. So here it goes!

My top 5 tips to get wedding ready:

1. Make a workout schedule.  How intense the schedule is up to you. Now, most people would consider me a maniac when it comes to fitness, especially my husband. So when it came down to my wedding, I wanted to make sure it looked as toned as I could. I chose to hire a trainer, Andrea from, who I worked out with twice a week, and who created my entire workout schedule up until the wedding for me. This included working out 7-9 times a week. I’m not going to lie, it was a lot, but worth it in the end. Not everyone needs to go this nuts though. My suggestion is find a plan you can follow and feel confident in.

accessoriesgal wedding 2

2. Get serious about your skincare.  I got facials once a month for the six months leading up to the wedding from VMV Hypoallergenics in NYC. Additionally, I created a daily skin care regimen that I followed from Juice Beauty. For more details on my regimen, check next week for my post on wedding skincare.

accessoriesgal wedding 3

3. Start hunting for your bridesmaids gifts, groom’s gift, etc. I chose to give my bridesmaids a few cute little items. Each received a piece of jewelry I picked out for each individual, a clutch with a cute little french phrase (our wedding was in France), and heart sunglasses. A great place to find bridemaids gifts is Poshmark!  There are tons of closets that are bursting at the seams with cute gift ideas.

4. Create a wedding spreadsheet. I happen to not be very good at this kind of thing, but found out through the planning process that my now husband is an amazing project manager and spreadsheet master! We found a template on Google docs and made it our own.  Google docs was a genius tool!  We could share the spreadsheet with each other as well as our wedding planner and anyone else.

accessoriesgal wedding 4

5. Take time to breathe and enjoy the precious moments. Planning a wedding is no small feat.  Make sure to take the time to enjoy yourself with your friends, family and partner.  The moments I had with my bridesmaids making the invitations were some of my favorite. If I had let the stress get the better of me, this would have been just a task. Instead we had a blast staying up late and treasuring the time we all had together. Make sure to soak up these moments, they fly by.

For more wedding fun and to see the entire adventure unfold, check out  I’ll be posting wedding details about beauty, style and planning over the next month.

Guest Feature: Radical Darling’s Merchandising Magic Tips

Photo by

Hello fabulous Poshers! My name is Melanie and I’m a style blogger at, and I’m also a fashion illustrator and graphic designer. I’m all about creating beautiful imagery. From my art and design work to my Poshmark clothing listings, I love to develop a look that I hope people can appreciate! Branding and creative marketing are some of my biggest passions so I’m here to share some tips with you!


Why is merchandising your closet important? A closet needs to be merchandised to maximize your sales potential. When you choose an overall aesthetic, it’s one less thing for your buyers to focus on. You want them to notice your clothes, not your wood floor AND your aztec throw blanket AND your gauzy curtains AND your closet door. Make it easier for them to take the item in since that’s what you’re trying to sell.


Original photo, photo after editing in Snapseed, photo after editing in VSCO.

Do you use photo editing apps? Which are your favorites? I ALWAYS take the photo in the phone’s native camera in square mode (it automatically does the cropping work for you) and then I get optimal brightness in the Snapseed app. After that, I run it through the VSCO Cam app and throw on a filter, adjust warmth, temperature, sharpness, and whatever else necessary, always making sure to keep the image true to the actual product color. Of course, nothing beats natural light…no app can duplicate that look and it’s my best tool for my base images.

What three tips would you give someone just starting out on Poshmark? If you’re just starting out on Poshmark, I recommend this:

  1. Your images are most important. Take the time to take great photos and it’ll pay off. If you do the work so that people don’t have to ask questions, that’s an easy sale right there.
  2. Update regularly. Adding new clothing not only puts new eyes on your new listing, but if your images are great (see rule 1 above) people will look into the rest of your closet to see what you have and you may make a sale on an older listing!
  3. Keep trying new things! I’ve had about three different “sets” for selling. I used to wear the clothes and use my SLR camera, which people appreciated it, but I could sell faster just by laying them flat and using my phone. White backgrounds work best for me, opposed to patterned paper or busier backgrounds.


What makes a great covershot? A great covershot is well-lit, minimal, and lacks distraction.

Where do you get fashion inspiration? I don’t look anywhere specific for fashion inspiration…I wear what I think would look great with other pieces in my wardrobe! I do read fashion blogs and follow models to enjoy their off-duty style on Instagram, though!

What summer trends are you loving right now? This summer, I’m in love with large floral prints and gladiator sandals! They’re a perfect pair.

San Diego’s Most Stylish: Meet Your Posh Party Hosts!

Is everyone as excited as we are for tomorrow’s LIVE San Diego Posh Party? We can’t wait to meet you, have a cocktail (or two) and mingle with our oh-so-stylish hosts!

With such great style, we had to share some recent outfits and get everyone inspired to dress up in their best Summer Style looks! If you haven’t already, RSVP for tomorrow’s event and be sure to follow our hosts on Poshmark to get first dibs on their lust-worthy listings.



Blog: Lil Bits of Chic // Shop her closet: @lilbitsofpau

Paulina’s bright outfit matches her bright personality. We love how she looks polished, chic and oh-so-fun.


Vanessa Balli

Blog: Vanessa Balli // Shop her closet: @vanessaballi

Oh, hey chambray! Vanessa styled this dress perfectly for a warm summer day with gladiator sandals, fierce aviators and her gorgeous long locks! (P.S. This dress is for sale in her Poshmark closet.)



Blog: Platforms for Breakfast // Shop her closet: @esmirna_tapia

Fringe is having a major moment and Esmirna is wearing it well! Pairing the statement jacket with the simple denim skirt and ankle strap heels is H-O-T when finished with the dark lip. Meow!

SF’s Most Stylish: Meet Your Posh Party Hosts!

Is everyone as excited as we are for tomorrow’s LIVE San Francisco Posh Party? We can’t wait to see our local Poshers, have a cocktail (or two) and mingle with the oh-so-stylish hosts!

We adore their style so much, that we had to share a few of their recent outfits that we couldn’t stop crushing on! If you haven’t already, RSVP for tomorrow’s event and be sure to follow our hosts on Poshmark to get first dibs on their lust-worthy listings.



Blog: Stone Fox Style // Shop her closet: @stonefoxstyle

A little boho and a whole lot of babe. Bryn mixes flirty pieces with edgy accessories to create a perfectly balanced look. (P.S. this Rebecca Minkoff dress is for sale in her Poshmark closet!)


Jyo-CuppaJyo 2

Blog: CuppaJyo // Shop her closet: @jyotsnacs

Hello, California chic! We love how Jyo rocks bold colors and fun prints so fearlessly. And can we talk about that cute braided hairstyle? Her look is perfect from head to toe.


Melissa San Vicente

Blog: Melissa San Vicente // Shop her closet: @msanv

Stop it right meow! Black on black never looked so good. You can count on Melissa to look classy, sassy and a little badassy.


Veronica Lombard and Fifth

Blog: Lombard and Fifth // Shop her closet: @lombardandfifth

When we wake up, we wish we could looked just like Veronica in this flirty and feminine ensemble. It’s a mix of fairy princess with modern chic and we love every single thing about this ladylike look.

Inspired Style: Jolene of Boardroom Blonde

If there is one thing we love, it’s the empowering and inspiring women of Poshmark community. When we came across Jolene’s cheerful and fun closet, we had to find out more about her and her fabulous style.

Not only is she a law school student by day, but she also runs the successful blog Boardroom Blonde. Read on to get to know her and how she approaches personal style.

051915_influencer feature_boardroom blone 2 

We love your bright and feminine style! If you had to describe your style in just three words, what would they be? Stepford, Barbie and daring.

What are your favorite brands to shop? Kate Spade, Eloquii and City Chic

Where did your blog name come from? I’m a law student and I love to show young professional women how to incorporate trends into their workwear and weekend wardrobes.

How do you find time to study law, blog and be a rockstar seller on Poshmark? School has always been my priority but I’ve found that doing what I love in your free time as well as in my career keeps me feeling inspired.

051915_influencer feature_boardroom blone 1

We loved your blog post on how to find the best plus size bathing suits! Which is your personal favorite for the summer season? I love Monifc swimwear. I’m planning several more blog posts this summer showcasing how beautiful they all are!

What’s your favorite thing about Poshmark? I love being able to share my closet with my readers. I’m obsessed with putting together entire outfits that I sell as bundles because it takes the guesswork out of looking fashionable.

Pineapples or Watermelons? Pinepples. All day, everyday!

Is it true? Do blondes really have more fun? No way! I collect besties like Barbies in literally all of the colors of the rainbow. We’re all super fun!