The Poshmark Wholesale Marketplace is Live

Qualified sellers, are you ready to take your Poshmark business to the next level?! It’s time to shop our Marketplace for wholesale inventory…and hurry, everything will sell out FAST.

How to shop the Wholesale Marketplace

Where can I find the Wholesale Marketplace?
The Wholesale Marketplace is accessible in your account settings under “My Seller Tools,” or under the Shop Tab in “Wholesale” if you’re boutique certified.

Who is qualified to access the Wholesale Marketplace?
Sellers with 10 or more sales, 4.5+ average rating, and completed Boutique Certification are qualified to access the Wholesale Marketplace.

How does buying work?
Purchase inventory within the Wholesale Marketplace just like you would a normal listing on Poshmark. Press that big, blue “Buy Now” button!

The only difference is that each listing in the Wholesale Marketplace represents a pack of 5 items. The price of the listing is the wholesale price of all 5 items combined.

How do I know what I am getting with my pack?
Be sure to read the listing title and description for detailed information about each pack. Remember, each listing represents a pack of 5 items.

How to Prep for the Poshmark Wholesale Portal


Eager to take your closet to the next level (um, yes!)? We’re here to help you prep for this major expansion coming to Poshmark soon.

What is the Wholesale Portal?
It’s a place (in the app!) where certified Poshmark sellers will be able to purchase wholesale inventory, in bulk, from brands they know and love, at competitive prices.

How will the Wholesale Portal work?
It’s easy! You’ll buy bulk inventory from the Wholesale Portal in the app, have it shipped directly to your door, then list it as NWT Retail inventory and sell it at retail prices in your Poshmark closet.

The only difference? Each listing in the Wholesale Portal will represent a pack of 5 items. 

How can I prepare?
1. Make a list and check it twice. Do your customers love jewelry? Shoes? Make a list to be ready to buy when the portal is live.
2. Set aside some funds to shop. Inventory in the portal will range in price and we’ll have options for all budgets.
3. Complete our Retail Certification. You’ll need this to gain access to the Wholesale Portal.

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Want even more information? Check out our Retail FAQs.