Kids in Wholesale Has Arrived

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As you may have noticed, this has been a HUGE couple of weeks for Poshmark! Following our recent launch of Kids on Poshmark, we are thrilled to introduce Kids’ merchandise in Wholesale! From now on, you’ll be able to shop and stock some of the best Kids’ brands around. Woo to the hoo!

We’ve recruited some of the ca-utest Kids’ clothing and accessories so that you can stock your Boutique with a range of styles. Now your customers will be able to shop for their kids as well as themselves!

As well as being a seriously smart business move (hello, affordable pricing), it doesn’t hurt that kids’ merchandise is absolutely adorable! From fun backpacks to irresistible onesies, this inventory will have you wondering, “Do they have that in my size!?”. Kids clothing is a great way to kickstart your Boutique, and will help you add range to your product mix.

So, who are the amazing Kids’ brands we have lined up?

T&J Designs Kids
The Mommy-Moguls behind the brand have come out with a gorgeous Kids’ line. Think smaller versions of their famous graphic tees.

Ellie Kids
Serious princess vibes! These little girls’ party dresses add major wow to any Boutique!

Littlest Prince Couture
The mom-favorite brand focuses on a range of dressy and casual clothing for little boys, right down to mini dress shoes! *Swoon*

Accessories alert! These adorable backpacks and lunch boxes are the perfect addition to any Boutique!

Lily Nily
Delicate jewelry for little girls! These gorgeous necklaces will add yet another dimension to your Boutique – they make great gifts!

The Mini Classy
The Mini Classy has the best selection of Kids’ streetwear! Think comfy loungewear with a quirky twist. Love!

Doodle Pants
This brand specializes in truly the most amazing leggings! Soft, cute and hilarious.

So get shopping! This inventory is already flying out the door – smart Boutique owners are cashing in on this whole new demographic!

The Details on Retail: What to Think About When Pricing Your Merch


This week’s The Details on Retail was all about how to price your merchandise while keeping in mind of what you should pay yourself back for.

Wholesale Portal brands offer a MSRP, look out for it in the description field under a wholesale pack listing. OR you can use the retail rule of thumb: a markup of 2.5-3x the wholesale price.

Some other key things to think about:
1. The 20% Poshmark commission
2. Factor in the $5.95 shipping cost
3. Price drops – determine the lowest price you’ll go before pricing an item

*Pro tip: If a Wholesale Portal brand is offering a pack of say, the same t-shirt in the same color, and you think you can sell that same t-shirt in different colors – you can ask that brand to do a custom bundle for you! #loveit

Things you may not necessarily think about when pricing are the things you should pay yourself back for. Consider:
1. Your time (think about how much you want to be paid on the hour to list, share, pack & ship – calculate that in)
2. Materials (like tape, thank you cards, tissue paper, etc.)

Putting your boutique on par with the traditional brick and mortar shop:
1. Don’t put your inventory on sale immediately (allow for 30-60 days to sell an item then think about putting it on sale)
2. Know your boutique has value & that there are more retail buyers coming to Poshmark

You can watch the full video(s) (amongst some small technical difficulties!) Happy Poshing!

Part One:

Part Two:

The Details on Retail: How to Think About Buying Inventory

5_25 Blog Recap

In case you missed it, or just need a refresher, our weekly live stream series, The Details on Retail covered some tips to keep in mind when buying inventory. The key? Thinking seasonally. You should prep your inventory by buying for the season ahead.

This benefits you and your boutique in many ways:
1. It gives you some organization around what to buy, and when
2. It allows you time to receive the inventory, photograph it, merchandise it, and tie the listing together with a great description

With summer just around the corner, we highly suggest building your inventory around seasonal items such as bathing suits, maxi dresses, wedges, shorts, dresses, etc.  –these are all items that customers are looking to add to their wardrobe for the upcoming season!

One of our current favorite Wholesale Portal Brands is Fashionomics. They’re listing tons of great items that are perfect to round out your summer inventory (and offer plus size options as well — score!)

Another added bonus of Poshmark’s Wholesale Portal? The quick turnaround from purchase to receival. All wholesale brands have their packs ready to go and ship out within 5 business days. Can you say amazing?

You can catch the full livestream here:

Want even more live streams from Team Posh? Tune in on our Facebook Page weekly, at 6pm PT!

PoshTip: How to Get Your Closet Ready for Festival Season

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 5.22.40 PM

Festival season has arrived and we’ve got you covered. As mentioned in our February Trend Report video, this style is in high demand so we’ve stocked the Portal with all the boho, gypset inspired looks that are sure to sell faster than you can say Coachella. From carefree, sun-basked outfits to eye-catching, finishing touches — your buyers will find everything they need for the wild, fun, festival season, right in your closet.

To kick off this exciting season, we’ve curated a collection of the best boho brands in the Wholesale Portal:

Flash Tattoo

Flash Tattoo 2

Boho Gypsy Sisters Jewelry

Boho Gypsy Sisters

April Spirit

April Spirit

Ketzali Accessories


SunaharA Jewelry


Haven’t yet shopped the Wholesale Portal? What are you waiting for?! Head to your Account Tab to get certified and shop this inventory before it’s gone!

Want to sell retail or have more questions about our Wholesale Portal? Visit our FAQ page!

Introducing the Boutiques Section on Poshmark

Boutiques Launch 1200x497

Are you ready for this major update?! The Poshmark Boutiques Section has arrived!

Now at the top of your newsfeed you will be able to simply tap on the Boutiques section and shop from sellers that offer a curated selection of brand-spankin’ new merchandise.

It’s like shopping your favorite boutique in person, but better. You can now access thousands of diverse boutiques straight from your phone. Hello, messy bun and sweatpants.

Poshmark Boutiques. All brand new, all the time.

<<Upgrade Your App!>>

Want even more information about the Boutiques Section? Check out our FAQs.

Download the newest version of the app to get started! If you don’t see the Boutiques Section in your Feed just yet, don’t worry. It will be available to the entire community (including Android!) in upcoming weeks.