Posh Party Preview

Happy Monday! The Posh Party Line-Up is ready to go with a week of shopping parties. Are you ready? Get to know this week’s style influencer hosts and get ready to shop her host picks in the app!

Style Icon, Tuesday, November 10


Indiana // blogger at Mom Jeans and Dad Jokes


Tracy // blogger at Polished Two



Wardrobe Goals, Thursday, November 12


Stephanie // blogger at New York Fashion Hunter

What To Wear: Summer Wedding Style

Wedding season is here and as the invitations are rolling in, you’re probably searching for a dress that is not only affordable, but that will get you noticed by the hottest groomsmen–right? Right. So, should you opt for something short and sweet? Or gasp, a black ensemble? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ve got the low-down on the types of dresses that will be sure to impress…and the best part is that you can find all these outfits on Poshmark!


  Wedding Florals

Got a daytime wedding to go to? Choose a floral flock that shows off your romantic side. Style the look with nude pumps and loose waves and you’re bound to turn heads.

Get the Look: Zara floral dress // Topshop floral dress



Many people will tell you that a crop top is a faux pas. However, when done right, a crop top can be as tasteful as a floor length dress. Just remember to pair it with a high waisted skirt to balance out the weight of the outfit.

Get the Look: Silk Crop Top // Floral Crop Top // Mint Tulle Skirt // Express Black high waist skirt



Want something flowy, comfortable and have the potential to be dressy? Then look for a pleated dress. The pleats gives the dress a nice movement that will be perfect for the dance floor.

Get the Look: Green, pleated Jessica Simpson Dress // ZARA Pleated Two Tiered Dress

(All images via Pinterest)

Announcing Poshmark’s First Site-Wide Sale!

Poshmark's first site-wide sale

We’re celebrating the upcoming holiday season by kicking off our first Site-Wide Sale. Join us (and half a million closets nationwide) today through December 1 for a sale of epic proportions.

Bonus: Throughout the Site-Wide Sale, Poshmark will be matching select Price Drops with 1-hour shipping promotions to help you sell big this season. (Minimum final price must be $10.)


Sellers, use this schedule to plan your price drops! Buyers, be on the lookout for unique deals every day on our favorite things.

Sunday, Nov 23: Tops

Monday, Nov 24: Jewelry & Accessories

Tuesday, Nov 25: Dresses & Skirts

Wednesday, Nov 26: Gift Worthy Items

Thursday, Nov 27: Luxury

Friday, Nov 28: Cold-Weather Essentials

Saturday, Nov 29: Party-Ready Styles

Sunday, Nov 30: Girly Essentials

Monday, Dec 1: Clutches & Wallets

Posh Party Preview

It’s another week of shopping parties and we couldn’t be more excited. The Posh Party Line-Up is updated and joining us this week as style influencer hosts are the ever-so-fabulous Kristin (follow her on Instagram), Jacqueline of NYC StylistaKristen of Kristen Blake Style. Be sure to head to the app at 7pm PST on party day to be able to shop along with these trendsetters in real time.

Everyday Essentials Party, Tuesday, October 21

102014_pp preview_fancypantsmcgee

Kristin | @fancypantsmcgee

What can we expect to see shared to the Host Picks Showroom? Classic and modern pieces that can be worn by anyone and are perfect for the fall season.

What are your favorite everyday pieces and trends? I’m currently deep into an ankle boot obsession. I also love minimalist jewelry that works for any occasion.

Give us a sneak peek of what you’ll be sharing!

  1. Elizabeth & James Burgundy Cropped Sweater
  2. Gold Lariat Necklace
  3. Forever 21 Pointed Toe Booties
  4. Flowy Army Green Pants

102014_pp preview_jax11n

Jacqueline | @jax11n

What can we expect to see shared to the Host Picks Showroom? My closet is filled with classic Everyday Essentials; therefore you can expect to see similar items that I own as Host Picks, as well as fabulous items that I wish I owned.  As a sneak peak to the Host Picks Showroom, you can expect to see: my 5 favorite essentials as well as, other classic pieces that everyone should own and that can be worn on a daily basis.

What are your favorite everyday pieces and trends? My five fav are: fabulous suede boots, a large handbag, a classic scarf, fitted black jeans and to pull it all off a statement bracelet or two.

Give us a sneak peek of what you’ll be sharing!

  1. Vince Camuto Purse
  2. J. Crew Crochet Scarf
  3. NYC Vintage Beaded Bracelet
  4. J. Crew Wyatt Suede Boots

Best of Fall Party, Thursday, October 23

102014_pp preview_kristenblake

Kristen | @styledbyblake

What can we expect to see shared to the Host Picks Showroom? I will be sharing some of my favorite trends at a variety of price points. As a freelance Fashion Stylist, my trademark is “Style is not a Luxury.” By showing the must-haves of fall at all price points, it shows that everyone can incorporate the new trends into their wardrobe – from colors, to textures, prints and classics.

What are your favorite fall pieces and trends? I am loving that Bordeaux and variations of wine colors are front and center from jackets to jeans, shoes, bags and other accessories. The feminine touches to the menswear look are beautiful and sure to become classics, from the baseball shirt and letterman’s jackets coming back within casual wear and being able to be worn day to night. This season, however, hands down my favorite trend for FW14 is sequins! Sequins, sequins and more sequins! Now I have heard the resistance from women of all ages and it is the same concern. Aren’t I to old to wear that? Everyone can add just a bit of sparkle to their wardrobe and let their style shine!

Give us a sneak peek of what you’ll be sharing!

  1. Gold Sequin Clutch
  2. J. Crew Sequin Mini Skirt
  3. Royal Bordeaux Blazer
  4. Rachel Roy Draped Blazer

PoshPost: How Poshers Are Embracing Change

Poshmark always values feedback from the community so we wanted to take this opportunity to hear from a few members in regards to how they’ve handled the recent news surrounding Poshmark’s latest changes, including PoshPost. Read on to learn more!

With the new shipping and commission updates, I’m making more sales now that the shipping rates are lower. I find that even a dollar or two can really make or break a deal when customers are looking to purchase. I don’t feel like I have to increase my prices to maintain my earnings margin because I’m offering higher quality items that are above the $15 mark, so I feel unaffected by the commission changes. Additionally with the shipping rate lowered I feel like Poshmark now allows me to make more sales and not feel pressured to discounting more for customers unhappy with total price of an item plus shipping.

Some things I’ve been adjusting to include using the Not For Sale (NFS) status to show the items in a “preview to come” listing to increase pre-promotion of new items to my followers. I also use it as a hold on items that are bundled until they have been accepted.

A couple of tips that I would offer to Poshers still adjusting with the changes are: use the NFS tags in creative ways for reserves, welcome posts, chatting listings, or party announcements. Also, share the news with your followers and potential customers that shipping rates are lower – it may lead them to making more purchases.


With the new commission and shipping updates, my customers have been buying more because they are spending less on shipping. In addition, I have been using a five items for $15 promotion and have had more customers spend more than $15 on their bundles. They feel like they are getting more for less and I am making the same profit as the 20% commission (if not more!).

To encourage sales and bundles, I have created my own personalized thank you business cards. The cards state thank you for your purchase please leave feedback and 10% off will be awarded off your next purchase. Makes it simple and fast!

One recommendation that I have for any Poshers still adjusting is to be proactive not reactive about change. Change is a very difficult thing to deal with, and any comments that you make about the changes, Poshmark, or other individuals is a reflection of your closet. You are a brand ambassador for yourself and the Poshmark community. Keep it positive.


I believe the new shipping and commission updateshave improved morale of the general community, and also increased my sales. I have not actually increased my prices to maintain earnings because careful thought always goes into my pricing. I allow myself a sufficient margin to anticipate trends whether it is changes made by Poshmark or those due to current demand and competition internally and externally (outside of Poshmark). I am now seeing less bundles and more single purchases of higher cost, and I believe this is because the buyer no longer has to “jump through hoops” to get a great deal now.

One noteworthy change to my Poshing is I have been using the NFS status for inventory management. When I need to know how many available listings I have this gives me a true number since it excludes notes with listings of $0 listing price. It’s a quick tool to be able to know what I’ve sold weekly. Now I have much easier visual inventory control. Defining my unproductive inventory is also quicker now. By using the NFS tool in conjunction with the Filters, I am now able to define the 20% that’s selling and 80% that’s not. I am also able to track trends of each item posted.

My advice for Poshers still adjusting to the updates is first and foremost to have fun! Poshmark is an evolving platform that is consistently listening to its users in order to improve. In this day and age we don’t have the luxury to think rigid. For example when Apple has an upgrade we all know it’s going to be for something better. Poshers that are still adjusting should inherit that same trust.