Poshmark City Guide: Washington, D.C.

Local Poshers know how to pledge allegiance to their city and we can see why.


Get yourself a souvenir from the nation’s capital:

  • Willow (843 Upshur Street Northwest)
    Located in the heart of Washington DC, Willow is your one-stop shop for unique gifts, clothing pieces, or accessories.
  • Violet (1924 8th St. Northwest)
    Opened in 2011, Violet has continued to help the women of D.C. find their personal style and on-trend looks.
  • relish (3312 Cady’s Alley Northwest)
    If you’re feeling like treating yourself, head to the luxury boutique, relish, featuring designers such as Dries van Noten, Aspesi, Calvin Klein, and more.  
  • Made in DC (Multiple Locations)
    If you want items made right in DC, this is the store for you! This store showcases local and talented DC designers, artists, and makers. 


Coffee + pastries. Name a better duo.

  • Compass Coffee (1351 Wisconsin Ave NW)
    “A locally owned coffee brewery that’s nitro cold-brew is not to be missed. Airy and spacious inside, you can stay awhile or take your caffeine to go. Boasting eight locations across the city, it’s a must stop shop before jumping back into go-mode,”says @kateegreene.
  • The Royal (501 Florida Ave NW)
    Talk a walk on the historic U Street, “the heart of DC culture both past and present.” Once you’re done, pull yourself a chair and order a cortado and guava pastry to relax!  
  • La Colombe Coffee (924 N St NW)
    La Colombe was founded on the premise, “America Deserves Better Coffee.” With that, founders Todd Carmichael and JP Iberti worked together to bring “an elevated coffee experience.”

Honorable Mentions: Tryst, Swings Coffee, Peregrine Espresso


Grab your PFFs and gear up for a night out!

  • Capo Italian Deli (715 Florida Ave NW)
    On the outside, it looks completely inconspicuous. Don’t be deceived by the deli shop storefront. Once you’re done there, you may want to check out the speakeasy downstairs!
  • The LINE DC (1770 Euclid St NW)
    “Housed inside a 110-year-old beautifully restored church transformed into a gorgeous and highly social hotel that is also pup-friendly! A product of a vibrant community effort by local chefs, bartenders, artists, and designers, this richly rounded hotel is more than meets the eye. List all day from the lounge, where you will likely spot local influencers moving in and out of its main doors before stretching your legs and then moving on to lunch (bellinis included!) with your PFF,” says @kateegreene.
  • Union Market (1309 5th St NE)
    What’s better than eating great food and supporting small businesses? This open warehouse has been completely transformed into a place where you can literally spend your entire day. Pace yourself on the delicious food!  

Honorable Mentions: The Park at 14th, Blackwall Hitch, Virtue Feed & Grain, Old Ebbit Grill, The Turn House, Clyde’s, The Gibson, Denson Liquor Bar, Busboys and Poets


So many restaurants to choose from, so little time!

  • Haikan (805 V St NW)
    The best RAMEN! There are lots of ramen options all over the city, but Haikan is definitely my favorite because the atmosphere is hip, drinks are great, and the ramen is the most authentic!” says @phantombae.
  • Ben’s Chilli Bowl (Multiple locations)
    Several Poshers gave this restaurant a special mention. We love a city staple and this one is it! Ben’s stood through all historic moments taken place in Washington D.C. It’s a wonder what this place has seen!
  • Le Diplomate (1601 14th St NW)
    A nod to French cafes with delicious French classics at an affordable price point.
  • Maketto (1351 H St NE)
    “Quite possibly, the coolest restaurant and hang-out in the city. This communal marketplace focused on menswear (think the Men’s and the new Kicks Market on Poshmark) and featuring a modern/minimal attitude is co-located with one of the tastiest dim-sum restaurants in the city,” says @kateegreene.

Honorable Mentions: Ben’s Chili Bowl, Founding Farmer’s, Royal Taj, Sushi Sono, Del Ray Cafe, Lena’s Wood-Fired Pizza & Tap, Ambar, Timber Pizza Company, Dukem Ethiopian Restaurant, Iron Gate, TigerFork


  • “The nation’s capital! Home to the president, Congress, and all major political decisions in the country. DC is fast-moving with a highly transient population. The DC vibe is very business-oriented. Here, we work hard and party harder.” – @phantombae

  • “DC is known for politics globally, however, DC has a vibrant culture and rhythm outside of politics. From Go-go to the arts to independent brands to quality free museums and history, D.C. is an awesome city with so much soul.” – @clrdgrlshffl

  • “Old Town [has an amazing] casual vibe but with lots of hidden gems as well as regular haunts too. Then you have Del Ray with its equally cool spots and the ever famous Stomping Ground! And history! Can we talk about the Masonic Temple, the Free Trolley rides the length of King Street and a ghost tour? C’mon now!” – @cloeseditrerun

  • “When most people think of DC, they think of the government and politics. It’s true those are two major aspects of DC, but there’s also a whole other world within DC that has nothing to do with what you see on the national news. There’s an incredible sense of community within the neighborhoods, fantastic local businesses (especially food!), and great people. If you visit, venture beyond the National Mall and explore some of the residential areas – there’s some amazing food to be found!” – @carpediemstyle

THE ESSENTIALSIcons_Insta Spots 

BRB, making a checklist of what we’ll need to pack:

  • An umbrella
  • Prepare for the beach (swimsuit is a must)
  • A metro guide
  • Blotting papers (the humidity is killer!)
  • Belt bag for a hands-free experience

Thank you to @phantombae, @4_u_head2_toe, @hildaarchstar, @clrdgrlshffl, @closeditrerun, @carpediemstyle, @coffeerocknta2s, and @kateegreene  for contributing to the Washington, D.C. Guide.

Poshmark City Guide: Chicago, IL

Not only is this city known for its delicious food but local Poshers dished about all the other hidden gems to check out.


First things first, shopping!

  • Cinnamon Boutique (2104 W Roscoe St)
    “Cinnamon has been open for more than 10 years and is run by a local mom who does a wonderful job giving back to our community. Cinnamon has a beautifully curated mix of casual yet stylish clothes, workwear, evening wear, and even beachwear! I love that I can walk down the street and get anything I might need” – @anneray405
  • Bottomline Boutique (2208 W Chicago Ave)
    “The proceeds of this shop go to support a nonprofit called Bridge to Success that enhances employment opportunities for at-risk, low-income, no-income men, women, and young adults,” says @anneworth522015. Grab your Marc Jacobs, Prada, and YSL items here!
  • Squasht Boutique (2556 W Chicago Ave)
    If you’re all about shopping local, this is your go-to! All the items sold are 100% locally handmade. What better way to find something unique while supporting the local community?


Fuel up before taking on the city.

  • Hero Coffee Bar (Multiple locations)
    Grab your drink and ‘gram it too. These coffee spots are small but mighty with the menu featuring a greek yogurt “salad bar.” One Posher can’t wait to try their new bourbon barrel-aged coffee. Yum!
  • Intelligentsia Coffee (Multiple locations)
    Intelligentsia may be seen around the country but there’s no place like home. It’s deemed as a “Chicago classic,” so take a sip of history.
  • Caffe Streets (1750 W Division St)
    Whether you come for the coffee or the aesthetic, Caffe Streets has it all. This is a perfect spot to turn into your workplace for the day. “The coffee tastes so smooth and delightful, and they’re serious about it, offering pour over, drip, lattes, and clearly communicating the origins of their products,” says @anneworth522015.

Honorable Mentions: The Wormhole Coffee, Ipsento 606


Chicago has some of the best places to meet up with your PFFs!

  • Three Dots & a Dash (435 N Clark St)
    This place was deemed “one of The World’s 50 Best Bars by Drinks International” so you know they HAVE to be good! We’re sold.
  • Kaiser Tiger (1415 W Randolph St)
    The back outdoor patio is calling you and your PFFs names to talk all things Posh. Fun fact: During winter, the entire patio is transformed to a place for everyone to brush up their Curling skills.
  • The Darling (905 W Randolph St)
    This place is quite literally, darling. Head here if you’re feeling a bit fancy. Pinkies up!
  • Punch Bowl Social (410 N Greet St)
    Keep things light in this fun, game center. Grab a drink and play video games, go bowling, have a fun meal with your PFFs in a place with great vibes.

Honorable Mentions: Pops for Champagne, The Northman, City Winery Chicago at the Riverwalk, Sugar Factory, The Map Room, AceBounce, Federales, Soho House Chicago, Goose Island Brewhouse, Rainbow Lounge


Chicago does not disappoint when it comes to food!

  • Bellemore (564 W Randolph St)  
    This place does not lack in food or decor. The food alone will be having you asking for more! Bellemore food is classified as “Artistic American” featuring a menu fit for all tastebuds.
  • Pequod’s Pizzeria (2207 N Clybourn Ave)
    Chicago is known for its deep dish. Several Poshers swear you MUST try this local favorite. “Their caramelized cheese crust is everything!” says @trendyende.
  • Giant (3209 W Armitage Ave)
    Opposite of its name, this restaurant is NOT giant so book your reservations in advance. “Your tastebuds will thank you,” says @anneworth522015.
  • Giordano’s (Multiple locations)
    Another local Posher favorite! Reserve your spot early and get ready for a wait, but don’t worry. It’s worth it! Each deep dish takes approximately 1 hour to finish. You’ll be ready to dive in right away! 

Honorable Mentions: Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company,  Dimo’s Pizza, Kaufman’s, Kuma’s Corner,  The Purple Pig, Dick’s Last Resort, Au Cheval, Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ, Legend Tasty House, Flo, RM Champagne Room, Ēma  


  • “Chicago is authentic and fun. Chicago may be the largest city in the Midwest, but it’s home to the nicest people. Chicagoans are very friendly!” – @trendyende
  • “Chicago, often referred to as the Windy City, is known for its architecture, sports teams, and deep dish pizza.  It has a friendly Midwestern vibe, with all the amenities of a big, bustling city. You can spend the day on the beaches of Lake Michigan, explore the history, art, and science at one of the many museums, or shop the day away on the Magnificent Mile.” – @anneray405
  • “We’re friendlier than most cites (at least I think so!!) We love our sports!!  LET’S GO HAWKS!! Go Cubs Go! Da Bears!” – @rockcandystyle
  • “The Windy City is iconic all around the world for so many reasons! Navy Pier, Millennium Park, Sears (Willis) Tower, the historic theaters and architecture, and Wrigley Field Home of the CHICAGO CUBS! Everything you want to do can be done in this beautiful city. It is modern, it is cool, it is hip, and there is something for everyone in this city.” – @valeriemae28
  • “My city is full of great museums and architectures with variety of food. We are a vibrant city with so much to do from riding a bike on the lakefront to having a drink while playing ping pong, pool or bowling to hitting the town for some live music and dancing.” – @alena821
  • “Chicago is a multifaceted city known for sports teams, hot dogs without ketchup, good music and amazing restaurants. I truly believe that Chicago offers options for whatever hobby or interest you may have. Try Googling it to prove me wrong. You may have to go off the beaten path to find that record shop, a Peruvian restaurant, comic store, or 4 am bar that plays Prince and Bowie videos, but it’s out there, waiting for you to find it. My personal favorite part of Chicago is the food. I believe Chicago has the best restaurants in the U.S. Explore Eater Chicago for restaurants that suit your style.” – @anneworth522015
  • “Chicago is a city of neighborhoods. You can go 6 blocks in any direction and be in a totally different environment. If you are a newcomer, don’t be afraid to venture out of downtown. Pick a few key train stops, and get out and walk around nearby. You’ll get so many different experiences and not have to worry about navigating too much.” – @nina_in_the_chi


Suitcase must-haves:

  • Bring a jacket or two (You never know what the weather is going to be like.)
  • A good pair of shoes for dancing!
  • A windbreaker
  • Cash (“Believe it or not but even in 2019 but a lot of the best Chicago hangouts are cash only still. Most have an ATM inside in case you forget. The Boiler Room gives you a free shot of Jameson to make up for the ATM fees!” says @nina_in_the_chi)

Thank you to @trendyende, @anneray405, @clothesliveon, @rockcandystyle, @valeriemae28, @alena821, @nina_in_the_chi, and @anneworth522015 for contributing to the Chicago Posh City Guide.

Poshmark City Guide: Dallas, TX


We just can’t get enough of you, Texas! We had so much fun in Dallas for PoshFest 2018. We’re back and exploring all things this city has to offer.


Shop ‘til you drop in these one-of-a-kind boutiques.

  • Forty Five Ten (1615 Main St.)
    Prada? Celine? Balenciaga? Yes, please. Forty Five Ten opened its flagship store in the heart of downtown Dallas three years ago and continues to be home to global luxury and emerging talents alike.
  • The Laughing Willow (301 N Bishop Ave)
    For unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, The Laughing Willow is for you! Whether you’re in need of a new staple piece, something for your #PoshMini or something your home, you’ll find it here. Once you’re done, catch a performance from a local artist on their outdoor stage. You deserve a break from all that shopping!
  • The Impeccable Pig (6607 Hillcrest Ave)
    Fun fact: This family owned and operated boutique was once geared towards home decor. Now, the boutique shop is home to coveted brands such as Wildfox, Nikki Smith Designs, and more. If that doesn’t convince you to shop, here’s one more thing: The Impeccable Pig contributes to local non-profit organizations that embrace women’s empowerment. We can get behind that!


Fuel up before venturing out in this big city.

  • Cafe Brazil (Multiple locations)
    We don’t know what we’re drawn to first: the coffee or breakfast pancake tacos! It’s no wonder why people are almost always lined up outside the door.
  • First Watch (Multiple locations)
    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and First Watch knows this. Come for the welcoming vibes, stay for the delicious food.
  • Mudsmith (2114 Greenville Ave)
    Grab yourself an Avoca coffee (locally micro-roasted coffee) or kombucha on tap and keep cool on their patio. People watch or do some work. It’s up to you.

Honorable Mentions: Press Cafe, Ascension Coffee


Round up your PFFs for a much needed R&R! You deserve it.

  • Henry’s Majestic (4900 McKinney Ave)
    Grab a drink and plates to share with your PFFs. “Their brunch features local favorites and is served family stylea must for the Dallas fashion scene,” says @elissastern.
  • Truck Yard (5624 Sears St.)
    The adult playground of your dreams. Climb your way into a treehouse while enjoying a cold one with your PFFs!
  • Playground Bar Uptown (2908 McKinney Ave)
    “Go back to your youth & sit on a playground swing or teeter-totter while sipping on one of their cool fun kid-inspired drinks like Kool-Aid or the Gummy Bear concoction. Or, enjoy the famous Oscar the Grouch Punch served in a trash can. Plus, they also have a never-ending happy hour!” says @goldenpolkadot.

Honorable Mentions: The Rustic, Neighborhood Services, Dallas Farmers Market, Landon Winery, Deep Ellum, Sixty Vines, Canopy Dallas, The House of Blues, The Henry, Katy Trail Ice House

4F259D9E-D228-4EC0-B502-B68FFE09E675 - Catina Henderson


Food = the one thing we can all agree is the BEST part of visiting new cities!

  • El Fenix (Multiple locations)
    “This family-owned spot has been around for 100 years. In this town to last that long, you better be good,” says @boho_sockmonkey.
  • Don’t Tell Supper Club (2026 Commerce St.)
    Missing Vegas but don’t want to necessarily make the trip out there? This is for you. Dine in and enjoy the live show.
  • Eno’s Pizza (Multiple locations)
    Deemed as a “must-go-to” place by one local Posher, we can’t get mad at that! Check out the Pig Smiley with ingredients such as local honey and housemade pepperoni. Um, yum!

Honorable Mentions: Mi Lindo Oaxaca Restaurant, Flower Child, Knife, Velvet Taco, Tex Mex, The Fatted Calf, 60s Vines, Yanni’s Greek Cafe, Meso Maya, Babes, Bread Winners, Emporium Pie, Whistlebritches, Zushi Sushi, Fork in the Road, El Fenix, Feed Company, The Legacy Food Hall, Cane Rosso Woodfired Pizza, Joe T. Garcias, Mi Covina, Don’t Tell Supper Club


  • “Dallas is the best of Texas with family-friendly atmospheres and everything you need in one place! There are a lot of local breweries and taprooms. Check them out! People are easy-going and take pride in their city. There are always new places to eat, you will never go hungry.” – @styleinthebag
  • “Dallas Metro is known for its diversity. Its eclectic persona provides interesting & fun choices for entertainment, dining, and shopping.  A variety of sporting events, unique cultural experiences, and beautifully landscaped parks are part of its vibrant lifestyle!” – @heartfinds
  • “Dallas is eclectic, multicultural, and distinct. It embraces Southern hospitality and offers everything from world-renowned museums to roll up your sleeves barbecue. Dallas is known for personal style. People love to dress up, and there’s more shopping per capita than any other city in the United States. Whether you want high end or vintage, Dallas is your city to shop.” – @elissastern
  • “Dallas is a large metropolitan area. We have so many sites: Bishop Arts District, Deep Ellum, West Village, Frisco for various dining and nightlife. Dallas is a friendly busy city.” – @amtzdanc
  • “Dallas-Fort Worth are like Ying and Yang.  Pretty much opposites. Dallas is urban, hip and happening. New and fresh. Fort Worth is old, country, way more laid back. It’s exciting to flip flop between them as I live in Arlington which is located in the middle.” – @boho_sockmonkey
  • “My lovely city of DFW is known for its friendly people who just love going out for a great time out on the town and many of us are so proud and passionate about our college and professional sports teams. We are proud to be the home of NHL Dallas Stars, NBA Dallas Mavericks, MLB Texas Rangers and, of course, The Dallas Cowboys!” – @goldenpolkadot
  • “Dallas is BIG! Big hearts, big ideas, big dreams, and big fans. The people in our city are some of the friendliest you will find and much more glamorous than you could ever imagine. A walk around the city just tells you how big of a role fashion plays in the local’s daily lives. “ – @chasinglabels


  • Sunglasses. Warm weather arrives early here!
  • Uber/Lyft app or money for a cab. Public transit is limited.
  • An appetite. There’s much food to grub on!
  • Lots of changing clothes. By day it’s a tourist city and by night, it’s “party party party.”
  • A GPS. Dallas-Forth Worth is so huge! There are unlimited things to do and see.


Thank you to @boxofdazzle, @styleinthebag, @heartfinds, @threadheadz, @_brought2life_, @elissastern, @amtzdanc, @boho_sockmonkey, @goldenpolkadot, and @chasinglabels for contributing to the Dallas Guide.

Poshmark City Guide: Nashville, TN

Nashville, Tennessee may be known as Music City but there’s so much more to it. Go for the music, stay for the atmosphere.


What’s going to a new city without exploring the shopping it has to offer?

  • Ever Alice (2209 Bandywood Drive Suite G)
    “They are ALWAYS on trend, they are in a great location, they’re a small business and I love supporting our local small businesses. Not to mention, everyone who works there is so sweet,” says @Koris_kloset1.
  • Draper James (2608 12th Avenue, South Nashville)
    Everything Reese Witherspoon touches turns to gold and has that southern charm. Leave it to Reese to bring you contemporary yet timeless southern pieces to fit into your lifestyle.
  • Habit (2209 Bandywood Dr. Ste H)
    This small but mighty clothing boutique might be just the place to find those pieces you didn’t know you needed… until now!

Honorable mentions: Ramona & Co, Grace Works


Grab a cup of Joe on the go.

  • Milk & Honey (214 11th Ave S)
    Protip: Get here early, but trust us, it’s worth it! A little birdy told us the homemade pop tarts are the best.
  • Fido (1812 21st Ave S)
    Popular with the locals, Fido provides you with all the organic and local foods your heart desires. Don’t skip the dessert selection either!
  • Crema (15 Hermitage Ave)
    “This local coffee shop is right near downtown and has a great espresso selection with a small bites menu. I love coming here for quick meetings because it’s close to everything!” says @closettheory.

Honorable Mentions: Cafe Roze, Frothy Monkey, Bongo Java, Red Bicycle


Dust your boots off and grab a few drinks with your PFFs.

  • Pinewood Social (33 Peabody St)
    Grab a drink, dine in with your PFFs, and end the night with a friendly game of bowling at the Pinewood Social!
  • L.A. Jackson (401 11th Ave S)
    “When I meet up with real-life bestie and PFF @bettyjax we will visit L.A. Jackson for the amazing vibe!” says @nashvilledeals.
  • Old Glory (1200 Villa Pl Ste 103)
    If you’re into hidden speakeasy-like bars, Old Glory is the spot for you! Previously an old boiler room transformed into a swanky little bar, this is a must-see for some great drinks.

Honorable Mentions: Rare Bird, Bar Louie, Granite City, J Alexanders, Pinewood Social, Patterson House, Urban Cowboy, Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge


Music? Check. Food? Check!

  • Bourbon Steak Nashville (201 8th Ave S)
    Feeling fancy and want to treat yourself? Head here. Not only will you get an incredible view of Nashville, you’ll get your money’s worth with their delicious menu!
  • Rolf and Daughters (700 Taylor St)
    “Rolf and Daughters is my favorite restaurant in Nashville: incredible pasta with an intimate vibe —it’s gathered many accolades since it opened. Best to go with a group of PFFs so you can share and try a number of things!” says @libbyh86.
  • Butcher & Bee (902 Main St)
    This tapas-style restaurant is perfect for a night out with your friends & family. Safe bet on ordering the entire menu here.

Honorable Mentions: J. Gumbo’s, Amerigo Italian Restaurant, Sunda, Taco Mamacita, Kayne Prime, Virago, Adele’s, Nomzilla, Rose Pepper, Nama, Tansau, Stoney River, Tim Roof, Whiskey Kitchen, Jeff Ruby’s, Kitchen Notes, Butcher & Bee, Husk, Loveless Cafe, Pancake Pantry, Restoration Hardware’s Cafe


  • “Nashville is always known for its country music. But, it also has areas with great hiking as well as parks with many activities throughout the year.” – @bbumsun

  • “Most people know that Nashville is music city, or better yet, country music city. We may also be known for our killer hockey team the Predators and our not so awesome, Titans NFL team. Regardless, Nashville is so much fun and there is always something to do. Nashville has been my home since birth and I really can’t imagine living anywhere else. Everyone is friendly, you can’t ever say you’re bored here, and not to mention, we have some great history here. Nashville will always have my heart.” – @koris_kloset1

  • “Nashville is more than just country music! It’s full of trendy shops, delicious restaurants, and plenty of Instagram-worthy photo ops.” – @alison102390

  • “Nashville is home to live music and sunshine! We take care of each other and always greet strangers with a smile. Nashville is vibrant, energized, and full of life.” –  @nashvilledeals

  • “Live music every night and plenty of things to do both day and night.” – @britthutch5

  • “Nashville is Music City! If you love live music, warm weather, and friendly people then this is the city for you! Nashville is home to some of the best local restaurants and country music talent, all brought together with classic hometown hospitality. Not to mention, the great shopping!” – @closettheory

  • “Nashville is, of course, Music City. The music industry here is vibrant and you can find live music in nearly every part of town, which is such a treat. At its core, Nashville is a welcoming and fairly laid back Southern city (complete with fried food and “bless your heart”), but it’s growing significantly and attracting people from all over the country who are bringing more, and different kinds of culture. I’m excited to see how it continues to evolve!” – @libbyh86


  • Energy to walk and take in the sights and seasons.
  • A camera! You never know who you might see downtown.
  • Comfortable shoes for city and Greenway walks.
  • A good purse to keep all of your essentials on hand.
  • Great appetite for all of the delicious local places to ntry.
  • A hair-tie. It gets humid, y’all!
  • Bring your cowboy boots and your singing voice! Broadway is full of honky-tonk bars where you can show off both!

Thank you to @bbumsun, @koris_kloset1, @alison102390, @nashvilledeals, @britthutch5, @ljsoswpf, @kaleed3, @closettheory, and @libbyh86 for contributing to the Nashville Guide.


Poshmark City Guide: San Diego, CA


Need a place that doesn’t lack sun or fun? Head to San Diego! Local Poshers raved about their city in this guide and we can see why.


Treat yourself with some sunshine and novelty gifts to take home.

  • Pigment (North Park – 3801 30th St)
    This place is your go-to for plants and home decor. Poshers mentioned, “they have great colors and lots of Instagrammable moments inside and out” and note Pigment is the “perfect place for gifts for others and a little gift for yourself.”
  • Current Collective (5032 Niagara Ave)
    Take a break from the beach and head to Current Collective. “This is a true, authentic collection of local and small vendors for art, home decor, gifts, jewelry, and clothing. They feature pop up shops and local artists, and the decor and lighting in here is just pristine,” says @jennarelyn.
  • The Fabulous Rag Boutique (845 Grant Ave)
    Have a special occasion coming up? Be sure to check this place out. The staff there are happy to help you put looks together and make recommendations when needed.
  • Wysh (300 Carlsbad Village Dr. Ste 117)
    Located in downtown Carlsbad, this shop has everything you need for your closet and perfect for little trinkets to decorate your desk.

Honorable mentions: Liberty Station Public Market, Graffiti Beach Boutique, and Be Boutique.


Skip Starbucks and head to one of these local coffee shops.

    • Better Buzz Coffee (801 University Ave)
      If you’ve ever wanted to experience the “Best Drink Ever,” Better Buzz Coffee has it. “It’s literally the BEST DRINK EVER!” says @mimisdbest.
    • Bird Rock Coffee (Multiple locations)
      Take a seat inside this small coffee shop and enjoy some music from local artists. No need to go alone either, this place is a perfect spot to bring your furry friends too.
    • Holy Matcha (3118 University Ave)
      This is an Instagrammer’s dream. Order the matcha and stay to take the perfect Instagram photo.
    • Lofty Coffee Little Italy Cafe and Bakery (444 W Cedar St)
      Loft is for serious coffee drinks. Made from locally sourced beans, this place will impress every coffee aficionado you know.
    • Dark Horse Coffee (Multiple locations)
      Sounds like Poshers are divided between Better Buzz and Dark Horse. While we can’t make the choice, people say the vegan donuts at Dark Horse are worth checking out!

Honorable Mentions: Communal Coffee, Twiggs, Duet Coffee, Industrial Grind Coffee, Bing Haus.


After a long day of sharing and listing, here are some places to unwind with your PFFs.

  • Kindred (1503 30th St)
    Named as one of the hottest spots in town by a local Posher, Kindred is the spot to grab a cocktail and chat with some friends before a night out!
  • Herringbone (7837 Herschel Ave)
    Great happy hour? Check. Live music? Check. A friendly atmosphere? Yes! Grab a seat and order yourself a plate of oysters to share.
  • JRDN restaurant (Located in Tower23 Hotel – 723 Felspar St)
    If sunsets by the water are your thing, this is the place for you. Make sure to request a seat outside!
  • One Door North (3422 30th St)
    One Door North brings nature to you. Take a seat underneath a tent and enjoy the company of your fellow campers. No bug spray required.
  • Polite Provisions (4696 30th St)
    Making cocktails is an art form and Polite Provisions knows what’s up. You’re sure to find something unique. They even provide cocktail classes for anyone who wants to learn! “It reminds me of a bar you would find in London – it has a very interesting and refreshing vibe to it,” says @erinerniecha.

Honorable Mentions: Jayne’s, Biergarden of Encinitas, Lumberyard Tavern, Cutwater Spirits, Mister A’s, Urban Solace, and Blind Lady Ale (get the Bianca Al Prociutto).


Where do we even begin? San Diego is filled with so much good food. Be ready to arrive with a huge appetite!

  • George’s at the Cove (1250 Prospect St in La Jolla)
    “George’s has amazing service wonderful food and the views cannot be beaten. It has been renovated and is really a great area to visit. You can walk down to the beach and see the sea lions on the beach before or after dinner,” says @nazer95. Dinner and a show? Count us in.
  • The Great Maple (1451 Washington St)
    This modern American eatery gives you comfort food with a twist. Once you’re done, don’t forget to order the maple bacon doughnut. They’re fresh and made to order, YUM.
  • BO-beau kitchen + bar (4996 W Point Loma Blvd)
    “Definitely a date night spot, but who says you can’t have a date night with a girlfriend? It’s a French cuisine and KNOWN for the brussels sprouts. Trust me, there is nothing like them. A full or a half order you ask? Order the full and thank me later,” says @jennarelyn.
  • Cowboy Star (640 10th Ave)
    This one is for the meat lovers. “They have a wagyu strip steak that is not expensive and I’d be willing to trade my boyfriend in for that steak,” @haute2wear. (LOL!)
  • Plant Power Fast Food (Multiple locations)
    A fast food spot made entirely without the use of animal products, GMOs, or artificial ingredients? Wow. “They have a vegan Big Mac and vegan animal style In-and-Out fries. They also use compostable serving materials, so you can eat junk food virtually guilt-free!” say @erinerniecha.
  • SALUD (2196 Logan Ave)
    “San Diego has the best Mexican food and this place is one of my favorites. They have a great selection of tacos and sides. The restaurant also has beautiful Mexican-American art,” says @chellelibra.
  • Menya Ultra Ramen (9119 Clairemont Mesa Blvd)
    We can’t pass up  a good ramen place, even in sunny SoCal! “Everyone has their preferences but Menya Ultra is by far the best ramen spot in San Diego! You’ll have to get there quickly though! Lines will start forming before it even opens and wait times will go up to over an hour on busy days! I think that goes to show just how good it really is,” says @everlynnk.

Honorable Mentions: Little Italy Food Hall, Tocaya Organica, Blue Water Seafood Market and Grill, Buono Forchetta, Tomcats, Hodad’s , Sugar and Scribe Bakery, Board & Brew, Hash House, Pomegranate, Searsucker, Cafe Graditude, Pizza Port.  


  • “San Diego is an amazing town filled with life, love & fun. The weather is amazing 360 days of the year. Our beaches are beautiful and our Mexican food is AMAZING!” – @mimisdbest
  • “I will be biased with my response but San Diego is home to 5 military bases and my fave is the Naval Base Coronado where my husband is stationed at. San Diego is home to 60% of the ships in the fleet of US Navy and the Marine Corps and  widely known as ‘America’s Finest City.’” – @hazelmarie06
  • “We’re basically living the dream! We’re known for our sunshine, beaches, tacos, babes, outdoor activities and so much more!” – @cageyscloset
  • “San Diego County is known for its amazing weather and friendly people! It is an absolutely gorgeous place filled with a variety of things to do. There’s hitting up the beaches, great hike spots, swap meets, farmers markets, and more. I find San Diego to be just as diverse as the people living in it.” – @allison_starr22
  • “San Diego loves dogs. Everyone has a dog. And if you don’t have a dog, you want a dog. And every restaurant (so it seems) has a dog-friendly patio. P.S. get the tri-tip nachos.” – @jennarelyn
  • “Honestly, San Diego is one of the best cities in the world. We have the best weather, Los Angeles is a hop and a skip away as well as Mexico. San Diego has such a rich Latin-infused culture that makes most residents empathetic to everyone. The fact that you can go have brunch at Lobster Town in Puerto Nuevo or go to Mexican Wine Country and cross back to watch Game of Thrones at night in your apartment in San Diego is epic.” – @haute2wear
  • “San Diego is known for its beautiful weather, beaches and omg the food. Did I mention the food? So many different options.” – @carmaldove
  • “Born and raised in San Diego and never leaving. I love it here. San Diego is known for its weather, the beaches, and hiking trails are close by. Plus, we have a great selection of restaurants and cuisines.” – @chellelibra


  • A small bag to carry your goodies including some sunscreen just in case!
  • Plenty of spending cash. Prepare yourself for a little fun in the sun.
  • Bathing suit. “Whether it’s the jacuzzi, a beach day, going out tanning, or attending a pool party, you never know what you’ll need it for,” says @curiouscourt.
  • Running shoes. You’ll be outdoors for the most part so it’s better to be prepared!
  • Your appetite. With so much food and beer to try, you’ll want to make sure you have room to try as much as possible.
  • Sandals, flip flops, sunglasses, and cutoff shorts. “Everyone dresses very casual here. Just be comfortable!” says @itsoinky.

Thank you to @mimisdbest, @itsoinky, @berryk06, @nazer95, @hazelmarie06, @cageyscloset, @allison_starr22, @chictowear, @jennarelyn, @bossyjocey, @calibriz, @gggabriella, @haute2wear, @erinerniecha, @premierefinds, @girlracer86, @carmaldove, @daintythreadz, @haleyeff, @chellelibra, @mypinkhanger, @everlynnk, @jenangel89, and @\fetchpowers for contributing to the San Diego City Guide.