Level Up LIVE: Poshmark Photography Tips


We’re back with another panel of our series Level Up LIVE on YouTube! Join us each week as we connect with fellow Posh entrepreneurs and have them share their personal experiences and the unique ways they’ve grown their Poshmark businesses. Follow along and learn something new on a topic you want to learn more about! 

This week, we went live with @chevah, @desireluxe, and @merileean to chat about how they take listing photos, capture the perfect Covershot, and more. Check out the highlights below.

Poshmark Closet: @chevah
Instagram: @chevah
Location: California
Posher since: 2017

Q: Do you have a dedicated space for taking photography?
A: I have a dedicated space in my living room and it’s very versatile, so I can pack away [my photography stuff] when I have people over. My space consists of assembled hardwood composite tiles that I placed on top of my existing tile. I’m fortunate to have a nice brick wall that adds a great backdrop and I can store everything under the couch and out of the way. You only need a pack [of tiles] and you can find it at any supply hardware store.

Q:  How do you prepare for taking photos?
A: I try to take photos during the daytime, but my schedule dictates my time. I’ve been making a lot of use of the Drafts feature lately. If you’re running short on time, rather than focusing on descriptions, take a bunch of pictures, then go back to add details to the listing when you have time and don’t need light. If I know which items I’m going to photograph the following day, I can build out a listing draft the night before and add the photos the next day. I also try to take photos of the same type of items at one time to get in the zone and make sure the angles and lighting are consistent. For example, if I have a few hats, I’ll photograph them on the same day. I’ll try to do this most of the time, but sometimes I prioritize getting favorite items out quickly. 

Q:  For anyone looking for lighting kits, what are your recommendations?
A: I recently caved and bought a selfie ring light and I’ve noticed a difference in the quality of my photos. You can also make due with what you have around the house. Before purchasing the ring light, I was using two lamps with bright, white light. Find what works best for you and your space. You don’t have to invest a lot of money to get great results. 

Q:  How do you decide which props you use and how do you use them to enhance the item in your Covershots?
A: I use an acrylic stand to prop items up and capture them at a better angle so that the item that I’m selling is slightly elevated and stands out more. Also, my Covershots include 4 items that are also in my closet. I get so many messages from people asking if an item in the Covershots is available. It’s a great way to advertise other listings in your closet. I like to create a vibe and outfits in my Covershots to give buyers an idea of the potential of the item.

Poshmark Closet: @desireluxe
Instagram: @shopdesireluxe
Location: Indiana
Posher since: 2016

Q: What is a step you make sure you do to capture the perfect Covershot?
A: I’m all about natural light. Try to get all the photographs first and then measure later. Getting measurements do not require lighting and you can take your time with that after.

Q: What happens when you don’t have natural lighting?
A: I try not to use my studio lighting and I’ll honestly go outside. I may use an umbrella light to boost the lighting in my closet. You do not need a lighting kit but it helps with taking photos during off times. I will also add that I like the way lightboxes look and it makes everything white instead of yellow.

Q: Do you do any editing after you take your photo?
A: I like to use the built in iPhone editor. The tools I use the most are black points, contrast, and shadows. Sometimes, I’ll lightly use the brilliant tool but that may make photos look yellow so you’ll have to be careful.

Q: With the 8 photo listing option, how do you dictate what photos to use? 
A: I definitely utilize the 8 photos every time. I make sure I have pictures of the care tags, measurements, fabric, and flaws if applicable. In the end, you’re being honest to your buyer. If you need to go beyond 8 photos, you could create a collage or create another listing.

Q: What is your top tip for someone who wants to revamp their Covershots?
A: Do your research! Browse other places to find inspiration and see if you want to replicate it and make it yours. There are so many boutiques other there and figure out what draws you to that listing.

Poshmark Closet: @merileeann 
Instagram: @merileeann
Location: California
Posher since: 2015

Q: Do you have a dedicated space for taking photography?
A: I take pictures all over the place, I’m all about finding natural light. So depending on the time of day I have a hook on my porch, sometimes I’m in my master bedroom that has tile that looks like wood. It sits right by a window and is a beautiful tile that’s so neutral and works really well for me. Wherever I can take a picture where the lighting is the best, that’s where I am. 

Q:  How do you prepare for taking photos?
A: This is my best Posh tip, I’m not even kidding! One day in a Poshmark Facebook group, I posted a photo of a shirt before I cleaned my [phone] lens, and after I cleaned it and people were shocked. People don’t think about it, but it’s in your pocket all day. A huge thing to remember after lighting is a clean lens before you start. 

Q:  How do you decide which props you use and how do you use them to enhance the item in your Covershots?
A: When you have too much in a picture it’s hard to tell what’s for sale. If I’m going to add a pair of shoes, I sneak them in. I’ll sort of cut off the back of the shoe or only half of it, just so it’s obvious that I’m selling the item taking up the most space. 

Q: What is your top tip for someone who wants to revamp their Covershot?
A:  Steam or iron your clothes and make sure your item looks like someone would want it. Don’t forget you’re selling to a stranger. I’ll even rotate my Covershots—I’ll have a mannequin form shot and a flat lay shot and I’ll sometimes swap it. A lot of times it’ll get new likes. If you have 2 Covershots, don’t be afraid to periodically switch them around. 

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Level Up LIVE: Inventory Management

We’re back with week two of our brand-new series, Level Up LIVE on YouTube! This week, we spoke with Poshers @beckypark, @elducho, and @poshingwithmona on how they manage their inventory and what systems work for them. From organization tips to processing inventory and utilizing Poshmark tools, check out the highlights below.

Poshmark Closet: @beckypark
Instagram: @beckyparkonposhmark
Location: Illinois  
Posher since: 2017

Q: How were you managing your inventory in the beginning?
A: I had piles of stuff along the wall and then my inventory started to take over my daughter’s room. It would take me hours to find an item that sold. That’s when I realized that I need a better system because it shouldn’t take me this long to find something.

Q: What does your inventory process look like as soon as you get new items? 
A: I’ll photograph the item and set it aside to organize later. I’ve tried to come up with a system that’s as efficient as possible because I don’t have a lot of spare time. I have numbered bins where I store the items and each bin has a corresponding spreadsheet. Once an item has been listed, I’ll store the item in a gallon bag that is numbered and place it in a bin. Later, I’ll dedicate time to updating my spreadsheets with the new items placed in a bin. I make sure to reuse my inventory supplies too.

Q: What does your process like when you make a sale?
A: When an item sells, I’ll search in my spreadsheets for the item and locate the item in its corresponding bin/bag. I’ll package the item using the free USPS supplies and any supplies that the buyer can repurpose such as tissue paper and yarn. 

Q: How are you utilizing the private inventory fields that are available in the listing?
A: I was so excited when this feature launched and thought it is such a game changer, but I have yet to use it. If I had more time, I would probably use those fields to track the buy/cost expenses, which would help determine my potential profit when I get an offer. I definitely see the value of it!

Q: What roadblocks did you encounter while developing your process?
A: I’ve had many days where I’ve had to go through every bin trying to locate an item I’ve sold and I also have a student that photographs my items, so it’s difficult to keep track of who has the item and where it is. I took a lot of inspiration from other resellers and how they approach their inventory system.

Q: For anyone considering getting organized or evolving their system, what advice would you give them?
A: It’s important to be honest about how much time you’re willing to invest and evaluate how feasible an inventory system is for your lifestyle. Also, clear bins make a huge difference because you can peak through and find an item without digging through everything. Lastly, use this time to find a system that will set yourself up for success. 

Poshmark Closet: @elducho
Instagram:  @elduchothrift
Location: Washington 
Posher since: 2017

Q: How were you keeping track of your inventory at the beginning?
A: I had bins but it still wasn’t the best. The reason is because I had 60 or so items in each bin and so looking for items was a challenge.

Q: What does your process look like after you purchase your item?
A: When I bring my loot home, I first photograph the item. I’ll do them in batches and knock out 40 items at a time. I’ll sit at my desk, measure the items, and put in the inventory in my Google spreadsheet. I have a virtual assistant so I have to be clear and give as much detail as I can so that they can help me create descriptions. 

Q: How are you utilizing the private fields?
A: I input the date in the sku. I know some people will add their buy cost. I don’t do that but this is a great place to do that. 

Q: For anyone that’s looking to evolve their system, what advice do you have or them?
A:  Be proactive in being organized right away so you don’t run into this problem. There’s a lot of content out there for resellers. I recommend watching those videos, cherry-pick what you like, and add your own spin to see what works for your space. You don’t have to wait until you have 500+ items in your closet to start your inventory process. Do that now as it’s easier to add to your inventory process than to work backwards. In addition, always be willing to evolve as your inventory is evolving.

Poshmark Closet: @poshingwithmona
Instagram: @poshingwithmon
Location: Texas
Posher since: 2013

Q: How can you compare your inventory process from when you started Poshing to what it’s like now?
A: In the beginning, I honestly would just take my inventory and throw it in the closet. Yes, it was a chaotic mess. I realized that it wasn’t sustainable so I moved towards having an actual inventory process. Now, I use bins so that I can locate my inventory easily.

Q: What does your process look like after you purchase your item?
A: I prefer writing it down in my notebook. Once I do that, I describe it, steam my item, take the pictures, and put it in a bag. I try to do all the work prior to the sale so that when I make the sale, I can just pull the item, put it in a box, and ship it immediately.

Q: What benefits do you see tracking in a notebook vs a spreadsheet?
A: My laptop is currently dead. Using a notebook is what works best for me. I used to do everything on the laptop but find it being easier working through my notebook. In scenarios like this, it’s great to have a reliable backup.

Q: For anyone that’s looking to evolve their system, what advice do you have or them?
A: Do what works for you and find something that makes it easy to locate your inventory. It’s ok to do it differently. Don’t get overwhelmed or you’ll burn yourself out quick. Using bins works for me but if that doesn’t work for you, then that’s ok. Also, take into consideration the space you have. If you don’t have a lot of space, consider getting compartments to store under your bed.

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Level Up LIVE: How to creatively source for your Poshmark Closet

Did you hear the news? We kicked off a brand-new series, Level Up LIVE on YouTube! Join us each week as we connect with fellow Posh entrepreneurs and have them share their personal experiences and all the unique ways they’ve grown their Poshmark businesses. Follow along and learn something new on a topic you want to know more about! Whether it’s managing your inventory or gaining marketing tips, there are sure to be conversations that’ll inspire you to level up YOUR business.

This week, we went live with @violet507, @haleys_hanger, and @brickroadco to chat about ways you can creatively source for your Poshmark closet. Check out the highlights below.

Poshmark Closet: @violet507
Instagram: @violet_507
Location: Pennsylvania 
Posher since: 2014

Q: How have you had to adapt your sourcing strategies in recent weeks and what tips can you give to your fellow Poshers?
A: I’ve been cleaning my closet, my husband’s closet, my kid’s closet, and [went] through different things I have around the house. If I haven’t worn it in a while, it’s going up on Poshmark. Before I started looking outside, I thought, “This is a good opportunity to go through my own things and see what I could get rid of.” 

Q: Where else online are you sourcing from? 
A: I think nowadays, a lot of the retailers have to turn online. This is a great opportunity to sign up for emails or promotions with your favorite store. They’re sending out offers every day (ex: free shipping)! 

Q: What are your thoughts on Mystery Boxes?  
A: You can ask the seller on Poshmark what’s included in the mystery box. Get an idea of what brands and see if it’s something you’d carry in your closet. Most sellers are very responsive. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a seller and ask any questions that you might have about that mystery box.

Poshmark Closet: @haleys_hanger
Instagram:  @haleys_hanger
Location: Minnesota
Posher since: 2017

Q: How have you had to adapt your sourcing strategies in recent weeks and what tips can you give to your fellow Poshers?
A: I have done a lot of sourcing on Poshmark. My grandma jokes everyday that it’s Christmas because I have a package every day on my doorstep. A lot of people are having really good sales in their closet, wanting to move inventory. People are at home trying to sell on Poshmark for the first time too so they’re listing to get rid of things and get them out of the house. People are accepting good offers and sending good offers.  

Q: Are you getting to work with your friends and family’s items? 
A: I posted something on my personal Instagram a couple of weeks ago. I said that if they were doing some spring cleaning and are looking to get rid of their clothes, I would love to do a curbside pick up. All that I ask is that if they didn’t let me pay for it was that they at least let me bring them their favorite Starbucks drink and drop that off in place of the clothes. Just a little thank you to show how appreciate I am for their donations and their clothes. 

Q: For those who are using this time to tackle their “death piles” or to put a positive spin on that, their “opportunity piles,” what tips can you share for getting their items listed quickly and well?
A: Set reasonable goals for yourself. That’s one thing I always have a hard time with. I can look at [the deathpile] and be discouraged and think, “I don’t even want to start that.” But, if I tell myself, “I want to do ten things today” and once I get those ten things, if I feel like I could do another ten more, then that’s great. 

Q: How have you been a part of or seen #PoshLove spread recently?
A:  Everyone has been so creative in the ways that they’ve been supporting one another. A big thing I’ve been seeing is that people just want to see how you’re doing and what they can do to help. It’s been really fun to see tons of #PoshLove going around.

Poshmark Closet: @brickroadco 
Instagram: @brickroadco
Location: Colorado
Posher since: 2013

Q: Are you getting to work with your friends and family’s items? 
A: The app, Nextdoor, has been fruitful for me in the past. It’s been nice to see that people are willing to go through their own closet for you if it’s something that they haven’t done. You just kind of have to think outside the box right now for a little bit and draw upon those resources you have around you. 

Q: For those who are using this time to tackle their “death piles” or to put a positive spin on that, their “opportunity piles,” what tips can you share for getting their items listed quickly and well?
A: I had a groove and it was great. Kids were in school, I work from home so I had the house to myself. I had my set number that I could really pump out as far as listing or relisting.

For me, I’m trying to find a way to redefine what that looks like but also give myself permission that if it doesn’t work out, that’s OK too.

Right now I’m really trying to stick with 5 listings a day. If I could list 5 with everything that’s going on, I’m OK with that. It’s setting that small attainable goal for me and sticking with it. 

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The Poshmark Merchandising Guide


Learning the ins and outs of merchandising will help you maximize your closet to its fullest potential. In this guide, we’ll cover how trend forecasting can take your closet to the next level, how to price your items for sales, and how to attract more shoppers to your listings on Poshmark.


Look Ahead with Trend Forecasting

Listing items that you already own in your personal closet is the perfect way to get started on Poshmark. If you are looking to take things a step further, start thinking about what your shoppers might be on the hunt for and apply that knowledge to your closets. Here are some ways to do so: 

  • Get ideas for sourcing new products
  • Brainstorm content ideas for your social media 
  • Update your photos with on-trend styling
  • Include relevant, top-searched terms in your titles, Style Tags, and descriptions
  • List new items ahead of inline with upcoming seasons or key shopping moments

Today’s Trends

One great way to keep up with what’s trending is by checking out Today’s Trends found in the Feed or Shop tab. These are curated daily, so you can stay up to date on what shoppers are looking for (a.k.a. what you should be listing right this moment!). Posh Tip: Turn on Trends push notifications in the Account tab to get the scoop on new trends every morning—this can help you forecast and source for next season’s must-have items.

Once you land on a trend, tap on View Details to be taken to its Trend Guidelines. These tell you what details make up that trend like recently-trending brands, categories, subcategories, and departments to help you list. It also highlights the trend’s keywords so you can easily stay on top of what shoppers are looking for or add the relevant keywords to your listings.

Seasonality is Everything

Knowing when to list is key when thinking about how to grow your closet. While some items can be considered year-round staples, most people shop based on season. They typically look for specific items (like shorts) during certain seasons of the year (like summer). For example, during summer, you might want to think about listing sandals, tanks, and other warm-weather styles that are perfect for the summer heat! Updating your listings regularly not only keeps your closet fresh but will have your customers coming back for more.


The Price is Right with the Right Pricing Strategy

Now it’s time to think about getting your pricing strategy right. You’re free to price your items at your discretion but here are a few tips to stay competitive: 

  • Check out comps (short for comparables). Do some research on  similar, previously-sold items on Poshmark to see how much they sold for and think about pricing inline with those sold items. You can also check out similar ‘For Sale’ listings to stay competitive.
  • List your item higher than the lowest price you’re comfortable selling at. After a few people have liked  your item, drop the price and we’ll send a notification to all Likers, incentivizing them to hop in on the deal! Posh Tip: Try dropping your prices in bulk by tapping on the tool icon on the top-right corner of your closet and selecting Bulk Listing Actions > Edit Listing Price.
  • When searching, shoppers can filter by any price, but the preset filters are mostly used. Try matching your prices to the range of the search filter preset prices so they show up when shoppers use these preset filters. For example, instead of pricing an item at $55, try pricing it at $50 so that it shows up in the $25 – $50 filter.
  • Take advantage of My Inventory Report! It’s the perfect tool to keep track of all your listings in one place. Pay special attention to the ‘Number of Days Listed’ column. This may signal that it might be time to relist your item with fresh new Covershots to entice anyone browsing.

Attract More Shoppers to Your Listings

Titles and Descriptions are key

Include key components like brand, style number, and official name, if available. You can find this by locating the style number from the back of a tag and typing it into a search engine. The search engine will surface the correct name for the item, and you can use that to amplify your description more universally. 

When drafting your description, think about how you would describe your item to someone who can’t see or touch the item. Providing measurements, exact colors, and noting flaws gives the shoppers more information that they can use to make their purchasing decision.

Yes: NWT Madewell long sleeve top. Women’s size medium. Turtleneck, dolman long sleeves. 100% wool. Looks great paired with skinny jeans and booties.

No: Size small from Madewell.

The more helpful keywords you add to your description, the better the chance for your items to appear in Poshmark search. These can be popular style terms, like patterns, materials, and trends that shoppers may be searching for. Posh Tip: Check out Today’s Trends in the Shop tab to see what shoppers are searching for, and add those keywords and Style Tags to your relevant listings. This gives them more visibility and a chance to be featured in Poshmark’s marketing channels, such as email and social media!

Posh Tip: Check out Listing Descriptions That Make SALES for more tips.

Leverage Posh Parties to Capture Shopper Interest

Party with your PFFs by participating in Posh Parties—these happen 4 times per day (at times of the day with the most traffic in the app)! Parties are a great opportunity to list and share your items directly to a wide audience of interested shoppers, a.k.a. shoppers who are already looking for what you’re selling. 

Check out daily party themes below, and our Posh Party Lineup for a weekly schedule of parties. 

  • 9am PST Brand Party: From luxury to athleisure, find the community’s favorite brands such as Madewell, Gucci, Patagonia, and more 
  • 12pm PST Category Party: Centered around different categories such as “Best in Dresses, Skirts & Suits”
  • 4pm PST Department Party: These parties are specifically geared towards different departments (e.g. Petite, Men’s, Kid’s)
  • 7pm PST Style Party: Focus on sharing your items around different styles and trends

Posh Tip: Check out Sharing on Poshmark to read more about how sharing can lead to more sales.

Keep Your Merchandise Moving


Getting likes, comments, bundles, and offers on your listings? Awesome! These are signs that shoppers are interested in what you’re selling, and now is the time to show them some #PoshLove and close the sale. Here are the basics:

  • Offer great customer experience from the start. First impressions matter! 
  • Respond quickly when shoppers ask a question or make an offer.
  • If you have multiple listings, use My Shoppers or Bulk Listing Actions to engage with and respond to your customers in bulk. You can also use My Shoppers to re-engage with past and potential repeat customers with comments, bundles, and price drops.
  • Keep the sales momentum going by marketing your listings to expand your reach—check out some ways to promote yourself below: 

Limited-Time Events

Closet Clear Out: During a CCO day, head to your Poshmark closet and drop the price of your items by at least 10% of the lowest historical price. This will send a 6-hour-long shipping discount to all your Likers!

Make a Deal Day: To participate, tap Price Drop on any listing and select Offer to Likers. Next, drop the price by at least 10% and choose a shipping discount. We’ll send your offer to everyone who has liked the listing. Plus, you’ll be automatically entered to win prizes! (US Only)

Always-On Promotional Opportunities

Offer to Likers
Notice a lot of likes on a particular item? Send them a deal they can’t refuse. Tap Offer / Price Drop on any listing and select Offer to Likers (private). You’ll need to drop the price by at least 10% and choose a shipping discount. We’ll send your offer to everyone who has liked the listing. All offers expire in 24 hours! To be successfully sent, the offer must be at least 10% below your lowest offer in the last 90 days.

Social Media
Connect your social media accounts to Poshmark to easily share your listings to all your platforms with the tap of a button. Tap the Account tab > Sharing Settings to add your Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts and let the sharing begin.

Looking for photo tips? Check out the Poshmark Listing Photography Guide.

Want more listing tips? Check out these Listing Tips for More Sales.


The Poshmark Listing Photography Guide



Your listing photos on Poshmark are arguably the most important deciding factor for potential shoppers who click on your listing to hit that ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Offer’ button. In this guide, we’ll cover how to photograph your listings with focus on the basics such as style, composition, lighting, equipment and editing. In addition, we’ll walk through what photos to include in your listing to make sure you’re stepping in the right direction (towards a sale!).

Types of Photos in a Poshmark Listing

A Covershot is the first photo in a listing and serves as the first impression of the item you’re selling. Like any first impression, you want to have your item stand out to potential shoppers and entice them to click and buy. Posh Tip: Keep your Covershot product focused by using a white or simple background. Whether you choose to style your item via a flat-lay, mannequin, hanging, or modeling method, stay consistent as you start to create new listings—this will give your closet that branded feel when shoppers browse it.

Detail photos are what we call all of the other photos in your listing (you can add up to 16 photos and 1 video!) that come after the Covershot. Detail photos are a great way to show shoppers your item from all angles, helping them have a better understanding of what they’re buying. Take a photo and represent your item from all sorts of different angles—the back, the front, laid full out. You should also include photos of any possible rips, stains, or signs of wear, the tag so the buyer can reference the sizing, your item next to something else for scale, a close up of the texture or cool details, etc. Posh Tip: Bring your listing to life by adding a Listing Video to help your listing stand out.

Think About Composition & Lighting 

Whether you’re an experienced photographer or just beginning, one Posh Tip is to learn how to effectively compose your shot. One simple way to get started is to get a plain background to shoot your items on. We recommend you use a plain white sheet or you can pick up some white posterboard or even a roll out backdrop. Your product should be the main focus on the photo, but you can help it pop by incorporating your own personal style. Doing so can help set you apart and make your personal brand come to life. All you need is any additional props or backdrops that fit your personal brand’s aesthetic.

Listing photography is the perfect medium to incorporate your own personal style. Doing so can help set you apart and make your personal brand come to life. All you need is any additional props or backdrops that fit your personal brand’s aesthetic. Here are a few amazing closets that are already doing this!

Lighting is essential to listing photography, and it’s the first thing a shopper will notice when looking at your photo. When you photograph your items with proper lighting, it allows buyers to see clear details of your listings. Take advantage of the natural light in your home! Open up all the curtains or blinds, set up near a window and let that natural light shine through. Lacking the natural light? Try out a ring light to get that light just right.

Did you know? Most household light bulbs cast a warm yellow light, which may result in an off-color image, especially when photographing denim. If you aren’t looking to spend any money on your photo setup, take your photo by natural light or window light using your phone—most phones will adjust for exposure before taking the photo.


The beauty about listing on Poshmark is that the only equipment you truly need is a smartphone, but you can definitely level up your shots with the following equipment: 

  • A smartphone or camera: both are great to capture your listing photos.
  • A backdrop: great for making your photos look very clean.
  • Artificial lighting: does the trick in case you’re in a space with low natural light. These come in many forms such as ring lights and box lights.
  • A tripod: super helpful if you’re shooting multiple listings in one session.


Editing in-app is easy—play with one of our out-of-the-box photo filters or fine tune your adjustments. When editing, consider these tips:

When editing your photos the first thing you want to edit is the brightness. There are various ways to edit the lighting but the simplest way is experiment by increasing or decreasing the brightness until desired. Posh Tip: don’t overdo it on lighting or your photos will appear grainy or overexposed.

The crop tool is the easiest tool that can make a real difference. If you’re shooting your own photos on your phone or camera it’s important to note that you will need to edit and crop your photos to square size upon uploading them to Poshmark. Therefore, when shooting on your phone, shoot in square (1:1) mode. This emulates how Poshmark listing photos appear in search and in closets. If you shoot the photo as a square, you can fill the screen without running into any cropping issues later. Posh Tip: If you’re uploading images that aren’t square, you can now pinch to zoom out so your whole item is in the frame!