The Listing Guide: Men’s Edition


This week we’re covering a department with growing demand, Men’s! Whether you’ve got a #PoshMan in your life, or you’re one yourself – list with these insider Posh Tips in mind and you’re destined for greater success:

1400pxNot sure where to start? You’re in luck, check out these closet cleaning tips. And stay tuned! The Listing Guide is happening all January long, get ready for next week’s tips here on the blog.

The Listing Guide Has Arrived


Goodbye 2016, helllllooo new wardrobe! We’re helping you start 2017 off right by refreshing both your closet AND your wallet after the holidays. To get you started, each week of January we’ll be sharing a weekly listing guide! These guides will be jam-packed with insider Posh tips and listing tricks, so be sure to check back each week.

To kick things off, start by taking a look at your closet and asking yourself these 6 questions. This will serve as your rule of thumb on whether to keep an item or list it!


Want more? Tune in next week for tips on creating listings & making sales!

The Details on Retail: How to Think About Buying Inventory

5_25 Blog Recap

In case you missed it, or just need a refresher, our weekly live stream series, The Details on Retail covered some tips to keep in mind when buying inventory. The key? Thinking seasonally. You should prep your inventory by buying for the season ahead.

This benefits you and your boutique in many ways:
1. It gives you some organization around what to buy, and when
2. It allows you time to receive the inventory, photograph it, merchandise it, and tie the listing together with a great description

With summer just around the corner, we highly suggest building your inventory around seasonal items such as bathing suits, maxi dresses, wedges, shorts, dresses, etc.  –these are all items that customers are looking to add to their wardrobe for the upcoming season!

One of our current favorite Wholesale Portal Brands is Fashionomics. They’re listing tons of great items that are perfect to round out your summer inventory (and offer plus size options as well — score!)

Another added bonus of Poshmark’s Wholesale Portal? The quick turnaround from purchase to receival. All wholesale brands have their packs ready to go and ship out within 5 business days. Can you say amazing?

You can catch the full livestream here:

Want even more live streams from Team Posh? Tune in on our Facebook Page weekly, at 6pm PT!

Key to Success: Sharing

The key to success on Poshmark is share, share, share!

If you’re new to Poshmark, you should know there are two types of shares: “Self shares” are when you can share your own listings to your followers or to a party or “Community Shares” when you share other people’s listings to your followers. Both benefit you and your sales as well as the overall community and the buyer experience on Poshmark.

Read on to see the benefits of sharing in the Poshmark community:


Self-shares are powerful tools for keeping your closet top of mind for buyers and increasing exposure. Shares show in your followers’ Feed, and often your followers will share your listing to their followers too. It lets others know that your closet is active, and a closet with a lot of shares can attract buyers — more sales? Yes please!

Insider tip: Sharing keeps the listings at the top of search results, brand pages, followers’ Feeds, and showrooms!

Curious to know how often you self-share? Check out your Closet Stats on the account tab!

Your Feed is the place where all shares from the Poshers that you follow show up – both their self-shares and community shares. Our algorithms make sure that listings relevant to your personal style and favorite brands are highlighted. Sometimes, multiple shares are combined in your Feed to make discovery easier.

Community Shares


Sharing another Posher’s listing is the easiest way to spread the love and infuse energy into the community. Community shares build connections with others and can help increase your sales. (Remember, sellers are also buyers!) We always encourage Poshers to return a share for a share because it helps everyone expand their networks and reach new buyers.  The Poshmark platform is built on love and support, so don’t forget to pay it forward and pass on the PoshLove!

Insider tip: New visitors to your closet will look at your Shares and be inspired to follow you. Be a Posh Stylist to the community and curate Shares that reflect your unique style.

Just like self-shares, community shares can also be combined in the Feed for easy discovery and browsing.

Posh Party Shares

Posh Parties are the perfect time to share your listings and reach hundreds of thousands of Poshers browsing the party showrooms.  There are five different showrooms that can highlight your listings, such as NWT, Designer, and First Look. Each showroom can be seen by all Poshers in the community!  Your listing appears chronologically based on its first share time in the Party showrooms. Any additional shares of that listing will still appear in your follower’s Feed.

Insider tip: The Posh Party main showroom becomes dynamic after the party ends so your listing will go to the top of the showroom when it is shared even after the party is over!

We are always working on evolving sharing and improving our algorithms to bring you the best experience. One thing will always remain true—each share builds your network, followers, and ultimately your sales.

PoshTip: How to Get Your Closet Ready for Festival Season

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 5.22.40 PM

Festival season has arrived and we’ve got you covered. As mentioned in our February Trend Report video, this style is in high demand so we’ve stocked the Portal with all the boho, gypset inspired looks that are sure to sell faster than you can say Coachella. From carefree, sun-basked outfits to eye-catching, finishing touches — your buyers will find everything they need for the wild, fun, festival season, right in your closet.

To kick off this exciting season, we’ve curated a collection of the best boho brands in the Wholesale Portal:

Flash Tattoo

Flash Tattoo 2

Boho Gypsy Sisters Jewelry

Boho Gypsy Sisters

April Spirit

April Spirit

Ketzali Accessories


SunaharA Jewelry


Haven’t yet shopped the Wholesale Portal? What are you waiting for?! Head to your Account Tab to get certified and shop this inventory before it’s gone!

Want to sell retail or have more questions about our Wholesale Portal? Visit our FAQ page!

Poshmark’s Trend Report: February 2016

Welcome back to Poshmark’s Trend Report series! We can’t believe February has come and gone, it was a short but oh-so-sweet month. We’re so excited to share all the totally trending items from the last month to help you stock your closet with the hottest pieces, shop for the best deals, and prep for the upcoming seasons. If you missed January’s Trend Report you can still watch it HERE.

Enjoy, Poshers!

Closet Clear-Out Tips: Make Some Green This 2016

A new year has just begun and what better time to rid your closet of unwanted clothes than right at this moment (all while making some extra moolah!)? We have all at one point or another looked in our overstuffed closet and declared that we had nothing to wear. While some people have a difficult time getting rid of clothes, it doesn’t have to be that hard.


When cleaning out your closet, there are a few key tips you should always remember that can help you decide which items to part with. Below are our top three tips to help you get ready to clean out your closet:

  1. The Right Fit

Are you guilty of keeping clothes in your closet that don’t fit with hopes that you’ll wear it again someday? #same. This is the likeliest reason you only wear 25% of the items in your closet. Enter the “One Year Rule”. If you have not worn an item in the past year, or don’t realistically see yourself wearing it in the anytime in the future, it is officially time to say “au revoir”. This way, you save room in your closet for items you will actually wear and don’t have to worry about unwanted items taking up space.

  1.  Personal Style Evolution

Another question you should ask yourself is if the item fits your current personal style. Did you buy one too many trendy items last year and are currently looking to go with a more classic, minimalist style? Yup, we feel ya. It is perfectly normal for your style to vary with time so it is important to imagine yourself buying the item now. If you wouldn’t purchase something at this moment what are the chances you are ever going to wear it again? Slim to none.


  1. New Year New You

The items in your closet may be stylish and chic, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they make you feel that way. You should only keep clothes in your closet that make you feel confident.  If one of your items doesn’t make you feel your absolute best, it is time to let go.  That top may look great on the hanger but if you don’t feel great wearing it, maybe someone else will.  

Now it’s your turn! What rules do you have when it comes time for a closet clean-out?

((Images via Pinterest and Architectural Digest))