Posh Tip: Getting Your Closet Started is FAST and FREE

Selling on Poshmark is not only as easy as 1-2-3, but it’s also fun and empowering! With Poshmark, you’ll fall in love with your closet…again!

Create a listing in seconds. We make it super simple for you to list an item for sale on Poshmark. Simply snap a few pictures or upload them from your album, give your item a title, short description, set your price and – VOILA! Your item is available for women across the country to buy! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Name your own price. Take control over your closet with Poshmark! Unlike your typical consignment store, Poshmark let’s you decide how much you want to get in return for your item when it’s sold. So, go ahead – list that Louis Vuitton purse you never wear or those Alexander Wang booties that are way too high for you and find them a new home…at your own price terms!

It’s free to list and sell. Listing and selling on Poshmark is not only quick, but it’s free, which means no need to worry about hidden listing fees or pesky credit card fees (we take care of that for you). To top it off, we provide you with a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label once your item sells, so all you have to do is box it up, print and attach our label, and send it off via USPS.

What do you have to lose? Go ahead, list your closet and start making money!

Poshmark anywhere, anytime. Because Poshmark is mobile, we make it convenient for you to instantly communicate with others in the community, sell, and shop at any time of the day, no matter where you are!

In Hawaii? Poshmark after dinner with the late-night crowd who can’t sleep in New York City. Waiting for your friends to arrive for happy hour? Open up Poshmark and find a new necklace to wear on your weekend date. Commuting on the train? Pass the time (and have plenty of fashion fun) by joining our daily Posh Parties or shopping past parties – straight from your phone!

The 10 things in your closet you can sell RIGHT NOW.

We know you have handfuls of clothes, jewelry, and accessories that are collecting dust in your closet. The list below will help you de-clutter and turn those once-loved items into cash on Poshmark.

Here are a few ideas of items to list that we know every girl has in her closet:

1. The designer jeans that don’t fit quite right.
2. Heels that are just a smidge too high.
3. The cocktail dress from last year’s holiday party.

4. Jewelry from an ex.
5. A gifted scarf you never wear.
6. A dress you bought for a wedding and never wore again.

7. Shoes purchased on sale that are too small, but were too good of a deal to pass up.
8. The blazer you bought for an interview.
9. A handbag that’s too big.
10. Sunglasses that don’t fit your face shape.

So get to it! Unlock that treasure and make room—and money—for things you really love today!

The Anatomy of a Great Listing Description

We all know about the importance of a great covershot, but some might say the description of a listing on Poshmark is just as essential as the photos. Buying an item without holding it in your hands can be tricky so it’s imperative as a seller to do your best to help potential buyers know precisely what they’re purchasing.

Read on as we breakdown the anatomy of a great Poshmark listing description!


Take a good look at the item and describe what you see. Closure type, tag locations, and fabric manipulation will all help your potential buyer get an idea of the item as a physical piece.


It may seem silly to point out the color when you have photos, but it’s important to include details about the coloring, as photographs can sometimes distort the color.


You have probably noticed that a frequent question from potential buyers is whether or not the fit is “true to size.” If you know something runs smaller or larger than the size listed on the tag, do everyone a favor by mentioning it in the description.


Whether the item is new with tags or well loved, full disclosure regarding the condition of the item is crucial. When listing, thoroughly inspect the item for any stains, snags, tears, or other details that potential buyers should know about. Remember, listing flaws on an item doesn’t mean it won’t sell!

Fabric Content

Listing the material is another key way to help your potential buyer learn more. Find the tag that lists what the material is made of and take some time to describe the way it behaves. Is it stretchy? Super stiff? Share it!


Grab a tape measurer and include a few important measurements of your piece. Buyers can compare your measurements against their own body or clothing to know if it’ll fit before they even buy the item.


Finally, have a little fun! Include a little bit of YOU in your description to make your item stand out from the rest!

Now it’s your turn! What do you look for in a great listing description? Let us know!

Posh Tip: How To Have A Listing Party

We all take selfie cover shots and have a time of day to take our photos for creating listings, but having friends over and helping each other out is twice the fun! Read our tips for hosting a listing party of your very own — we’re certain you’re going to want to make this a regular occurrence!

1. Find a place with good lighting.

Natural lighting is your best friend; find a spot by a window or outside in indirect sunlight.

Taking a covershot2. Have mirrors on hand.

It’s always a good idea to have mirrors handy (full length is nice!) so that you and your guests can style the garment and primp before a photo. Everyone likes to look their best, right?

3. Designate a separate room or space as a changing room.

Privacy to change in and out of pieces will allow your guests to feel comfortable around others. It also adds an element of surprise; you and your friends can dress up an outfit and then emerge from the dressing room with pizzazz!

cheese and nut plate4. Provide snacks and refreshments.

Having something to nibble or sip on is a fantastic way to break the ice and get the party started. Have wine and cheese, smoothies and veggies, or coffee and pastries ready for your guests; they’ll appreciate it!

Posh Tip: Apps That Make Your Photos Shine

This week’s Posh Tip will help you add a special touch to your photos before you create a listing. We’re going to share with you all a few of our favorite apps that we use frequently to beautify our photos.

1. Instagram

Hudson, Valencia, Hefe…if you want saturated hues and a variety of tones and highlights, consider popping your photo into one Instagram’s filters. We love how simple it is to enhance your photo’s appearance with just a couple of taps on their filter wheel. Don’t forget to use the blur tool to create some fun depth of field.



2. Picfx

Ever wonder how people add that hint of blur to their photos in the corners or along the sides? We love using Picfx when we’re adding ‘Bokeh’ to our photos. These clusters of background lights come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors – we love them all! This filter is a
quick and simple way to make your photos pop. Picfx also has a large library of color filters that can be subtly adjusted with the slider on the right hand side of the frame as well as layered with multiple filter effects.


3. PicFrame

We’ve all been there: there are multiple photos that you want to share but you’ve only got 4 frames on Poshmark to utilize. Enter PicFrame. Choose from a multitude of ratios to adjust the frames and then choose what type of frame you’d like to use for your photos (you can add up to 9). This is a great app to use when you have many angles you’d like to highlight for your listing.


Enjoy! Can’t wait to continue to see your gorgeous covershots and listings!