Leveling up your Poshmark Business with @fabfashion123 @fashionboost @styled_by_sena

Poshmark Closet:  @Fashionboost
Instagram: @anything.is.poshable  
Location:  California 
Posher since:  2016

Q: Let’s talk sourcing. Where do you get your inventory and how has your strategy evolved recently?  
A: Before COVID-19, I did a lot of thrifting at local thrift shops. I like supporting the mom and pop stores around me. I also went to the Goodwill outlet centers, called “the bins.” I was fortunate enough when COVID-19 hit I had a huge “death pile” (aka clothing that hasn’t been listed yet). I also started sourcing online [like David did]. I found multiple closets that do 5 for $25, mystery boxes, or reseller boxes and I’ve purchased a few of those. By selling one item you can triple the money you spent, don’t sleep on Poshmark guys!

Q: What strategies do you have for making a sale?
A: Definitely using the new Copy Listing feature. Going through and relisting my stuff constantly has really helped pick up sales!

Q: What is one thing you wish you knew when you first started on Poshmark?
A: A big thing I always say, is that you don’t have to have the biggest and the best equipment. Since we’re all college students, it’s really hard to have a bunch of money to get ring lights and have a gorgeous set up.

I love sharing the story of my dorm, from one wall to the other wall, it was 6 ft. I stood up on my dorm bed and on the other side of the wall, I had a little shelf and I put my phone up there on a timer and opened my window for some natural light, and stood up on my bed and did some awkward model shots. That was my set up. You can’t necessarily always afford the best things, but get creative, be confident in yourself, and find your own style.

Poshmark Closet:@fabfashion123  
Instagram: @fashionthegagakat6
Location: Seattle, WA 
Posher since: 2016 

Q: Where do you get your inventory and how has your strategy evolved recently?  
A: Since COVID-19, I have purchased one bundle box from a Poshmark seller I follow on Instagram. Purchasing bundles on Poshmark is a great way to source while COVID-19 is happening and is also a great way to support a fellow Posher while acquiring inventory at a low cost. Now I’m back reselling my own items along with other family members while waiting out COVID-19. 

Q: What is your top sourcing tip?
A: I love a good deal and anything that catches my eye. When sourcing, I’m always hunting for good name brands at good prices to resell while having a large selection of women’s items. 

Q: What strategies do you have for making a sale?
A: Aside from providing new listings, I really focus on the overall customer experience to all the Poshers who are looking at and shopping in my closet. Great customer service is very different on Poshmark via in-person (totally different dynamic).

I have taken all my learnings from my in-person training and have applied them online to Poshmark. If someone likes an item, I will go to the Bundle Feature and add the liked item (or items) into a bundle with a personal comment letting them know a about a sale or answer any questions while providing a great customer experience.

Q: What are your favorite Poshmark tools or features and why?
A: I really love the new Copy Listing feature on the app! This is a great way to give a listing “New Life” update without having to keep dropping the price. Also, this is a great way to create a new listing without redoing all the info, size, pictures. It’s so easy! 

Q: You’re all reps in our Posh On Campus program. How has getting involved with the community helped you?
A: What sets Poshmark apart from all others is the community and the millions of users but we’re still so tight-knit. All the events and programs really help bring the community together.

Being part of Poshmark has taught me to be my own manager, finance team, merchandiser, fulfillment, and supply-chain. These skills have taught me so much responsibility to apply in my real world. I consider this part of my professional profile! Poshmark has also taught me so much about customer experience, the fashion industry, marketing/branding, and time management. Along with putting myself out there while setting goals! 

Poshmark Closet: @styled_by_sena 
Instagram: @styled_by_sena 
Location:  Atlantic City, NJ
Posher since:  2014

Q: Where do you get your inventory and how has your strategy evolved recently?  
A: My inventory comes from my own closet. I like to rotate my wardrobe a lot, and I usually buy my personal pieces off Poshmark. As soon as the season changes, I’ll list the items that I’m ready to part with. I’m a big fan of supporting small businesses, and it’s important to recycle clothes until they can no longer be used so there is less textile waste. 

Q: What are your favorite Poshmark tools or features and why?
A: I like the Bundle Feature because it lets you talk to buyers on a personal level. The comments don’t have to be public. I’ve had a buyer provide me their exact measurements, and I was able to advise her accurately if something would fit her based on that personal information. You can customize your pricing just for the buyer too. It’s a great way to connect personally. 

Q: You’re all reps in our Posh On Campus program. How has getting involved with the community helped you?
A: My second semester I became a rep, and it changed my entire college experience. We would do photoshoots in our Posh On Campus sweaters, and it was really fun. The community of Poshmark resellers is the most supportive group. We have a huge group chat with 100+ resellers, and we all support each other’s closest and sales. We get so many opportunities on Poshmark that not all resellers get, which makes it unique. All the Posh On Campus reps come from such different backgrounds and majors, so there are a lot of unique perspectives. 

Q: What’s one goal you want to achieve by the end of 2020?
A: I want to have more listings by the end of 2020. I have a smaller closet right now, so I really want to grow that. Poshmark is my portfolio, so the more I grow it, it shows that I’m serious about this. I have 300 right now, but I want to get to 500 by the end of the year. 

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Level Up LIVE: How to Grow Your Poshmark Business Through Social Media & Content

We’re back with another panel for our series Level Up LIVE on YouTube! Join us as we connect with fellow Posh entrepreneurs and have them share their personal experiences and the unique ways they’ve grown their Poshmark businesses. 

This week, we went live with @memyselfdonuts, @girlygrrlstyle, and @stylishbear to chat about ways to market your Poshmark business and how to use social media to make sales. Check out the highlights below:

Poshmark Closet: @memyselfdonuts 
Instagram: @memyselfdonuts 
Location: Massachusetts   
Posher since: 2018

Q: How did you decide to double down on your marketing strategy?
A: I started on Instagram a couple of years ago and I really wanted to find my place in the Poshmark community there. Once I figured out my following and which posts worked for me, it helped shape what I was going to do. 

Q: What’s your hashtag strategy?
A: Take some time to look up which hashtags are trending and use hashtags that other Poshers in the community are using. There are plenty of sites that help you generate sets of hashtags for you. 

Q: How do you decide whether to separate your personal and business Instagram account?
A: I started off as a personal account and switched over to a business account. I noticed that my following changed, especially when I stopped posting more personal posts. That’s where trial and error comes into play. Figure out what works best for you. I use my feed for more Poshmark-related items and utilize IG Stories for more personal posts. 

Q: How do you approach your content and do you have a strategy?
A: I used to schedule my posts, but curating so much brought me a lot of anxiety. It’s important to not post sporadically and some structure is good to have. There are certain posts that my followers enjoy a lot, so I make sure to include those in a balanced way such as tips, packages, and posts about my parents because my audience loves those. 

Q: How did you develop your personal brand?
A: Everyone knows me as donuts, so I wanted to focus on something that I love that is also relatable. I’ve played with color theory, fonts, and different design elements.

Poshmark Closet: @girlygrrlstyle
Instagram: @girlygrrlstyle 
Location: Washington 
Posher since: 2018

Q: How do you pick a social media channel for your business?
A: You have to pick a social media platform you’re excited about. Don’t be afraid to try something new. If it doesn’t work, try something new and find what excites you. Instagram is an easy way to market yourself if you don’t want your face out there. YouTube is great if you do want your face out there. TikTok is on the come up so I’m very excited to try it. Do what you love!

Q: How do you market your videos on YouTube?
A: Make sure you have a title that has great information, and have a clear description. Make sure your hashtag is searchable. There’s a tool called TubeBuddy. See how different hashtags are performing with other videos that use the same hashtag you do. Try not to use hashtags that are overused.

Q: How do you leverage different content for different platforms?
A: That was a question I had when I was first figuring out the different platforms. I keep the content separate. I find that on Instagram, I have a different audience than YouTube. On YouTube, they’re willing to sit through a 30-minute video, but Instagram is more geared for photos. I utilize the tool based on what the audience is there for. For example, I did a video for the copy feature on YouTube, but did a post for it on Instagram. 

Q: How do you structure your content on YouTube?
A: Know who you are as a brand, and what you’re representing. On YouTube, we have a weekly live and we talk about reselling. We do a lot of thrift hauls, as well as ‘what sold’ videos because that’s what our subscribers want to see. I also do a lot of videos on money because that’s what I was interested in when I first joined. As things come up, I can be more flexible with the content I put out in-between, like with the copy-feature video. Just make sure it’s on brand.

Poshmark Closet: @stylishbear 
Instagram: @stylishbearcloset
Location: Oregon
Posher since: 2019

Q: How do you pick what channels work for you?
A: It’s all about what makes you comfortable. If you’re a writer, think about starting a blog. If you want to show humor, maybe consider TikTok because you can really excel there. If you enjoy teaching, think about using YouTube and explain things there. Start with something familiar and then consider branching out later.

Q: Have there been things that you’ve tried that didn’t work?
A: It’s trial and error for myself. For TikTok, you really have to batch check. My first 3 videos were very structured that didn’t get much traction. On my 4th video, I was zooming up and down my background and explained my setup quickly. This video almost has a million views and 70k likes! I had no idea this was going to happen but I gave it a shot and it worked out.

Q: Throughout all of the years of social media, there are different channels that have risen in popularity, like TikTok. How would you summarize what TikTok is?
A: Amazing. I love it so much and it’s a lifestyle. You can learn anything there. The thing I love the most is you can be what you want to be and not what you think you have to be. The more authentic you are, the more followers you get which is why I think it escalated so quickly.

Q: Social media burnout is real. How do you avoid that?
A: I honestly just took a burnout break. It sounds really cliche but if you’re not feeling it? Cancel. Don’t worry about it. Having multiple platforms is great. If you’re burned out with taking photos, go on TikTok and watch some dog videos. Step back and be yourself. Chill out and relax. Social media will still be there when you’re ready to come back.

Check out the full panel below: 

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Level Up LIVE: Use These Tools to Drive Poshmark Sales


We’re back with another panel for our series Level Up LIVE on YouTube! Join us each week as we connect with fellow Posh entrepreneurs and have them share their personal experiences and the unique ways they’ve grown their Poshmark businesses. 

This week, we went live with @jewelbutterfly, @allthatglows, and @ashleyhwheeler8 to chat about tips on ways to make your listings stand out, which promotions to take advantage of, and how to make the most out of My Inventory Report. Check out the highlights below:

Poshmark Closet: @jewelbutterfly
Instagram: @jewelbutterflystyle
Location: Arizona  
Posher since: 2018

Q: What information do you make sure to include in your listings?
A: When it comes to listings, the title and description are really important because people are searching on Poshmark and Google for a certain item and your listing can pop up in the search results just based on what you write (hello, SEO value!). I first include the brand, followed by style names, special materials, and size. 

In the description, I include measurements and suggest where the customer can wear the item. Think about what your customer is searching for and test it out to see where your listing populates in the search results. For people with skin sensitivities, details such as materials are important to include.

Q: Can you talk more about how you check comps (aka price comparables)?
A: I check comps primarily on Poshmark. I tend to price my items in the top range in the pricing spectrum to allow wiggle room for Offer to Likers or for an upcoming Closet Clear Out. Every quarter, I have a 3 for $30 sale in my closet so I have to find a price point that accounts for the discounts.

Q: You use the information in your My Inventory Report in a number of ways. How do you put this information to work?
A: I have an analytical background, so I’m able to apply my analytical skills to my Poshmark business. 

  • Listing Date: Has your item been in your closet for too long? Maybe it’s time to relist an item, mark the price down, or donate the item. 
  • Departments: Am I running low on items in a particular department or category? 
  • Brands: Are you running low on your top selling brands? If so, those brands will be at the top of my shopping list the next time I source. 
  • Sizing: I like to see if I have enough of my top-selling sizes or decide whether I need to diversify my size offerings. 
  • Likes: Look at your likes and plan for Closet Clear Out. Items with the most Likes receive a shipping discount. 
  • Lowest Listing Price: Look at this to determine if it’s time to relist an item because you can’t drop the price any further. 
  • Current listed price and the date the item was listed: This helps me determine if the item isn’t selling because the item is priced too high. 

There are so many ways to use the My Inventory Report!

Poshmark Closet: @allthatglows
Instagram: @hannahposhes 
Location: Pennsylvania 
Posher since: 2015

Q: What do you make sure to add in your descriptions? 
A: I like to be able to tell a story with my listings. So obviously you want to get the practical information out there like: measurements, fabric content, if there are any special instructions like dry cleaning or if it needs to be hand-washed. But if it’s a really special piece, I like to talk about where I got it from. 

For example: my grandmother has the most amazing vintage closet in the world. And she’s slowly been giving me things to sell for her. So I’ll mention “My grandmother wore this in the ‘70s! It has these amazing sequins, you can just picture it on a night out back then!” Now, those may not be words people are searching for, but if you can draw them into the world of that clothing piece, that can definitely help you close that sale. 

Q:What’s your method for pricing a listing?
A: I always make sure to sort by size. If I’m selling Free People jeans in size 26, and the only ones available on Poshmark are size 27 and 28, I know I have the only pair in that size. So you have a little more of an advantage there, and can price up. However, if you’re one of 35 size 6 white H&M shirts, you might want to bring that price down if you want to get that item out the door. 

Another thing I have been doing is that I have been a little more lenient with my pricing. I have also been accepting lower offers more. This is a tough financial situation for people, and also more people are shopping. If I can bring in some money, and maybe it’s $2 less, I’ll take the loss. 

Q: Do any of you play with pricing based on seasons?
A: I like to relist my items pretty frequently. However, I won’t bother relisting a Christmas sweater, they’ll just be hanging out after the price dropped a few times until December. If someone wants to come snap it up again at that 3x discounted price, that’s great. But once November rolls around, you can bet that I will be deleting those listings, making them nice and fresh, and bumping them up to see what I can do with some offers. People might be willing to pay a little more, thinking about what’s selling at retail stores. So if you have a bunch of chunky knit sweaters and it’s July, it should be discounted because that’s what retailers will be doing with those sweaters.

Q: How are you strategically using promotion events (CCO, Make a Deal Days, etc.)?
A: I try to send out offers within the hour of getting the like. I am on my phone kind of a lot, not to push the teenager stereotype! As a shopper on Poshmark, I try to think about what I like as far as sellers sending offers to me. I like being reminded about an item pretty quickly that I liked when casually scrolling through my feed, and then getting that notification really brings my attention back to the item. It makes me think about whether or not I really want it.

Poshmark Closet: @ashleywheeler8 
Instagram: @ashleywheelerof8
Location: Oregon
Posher since: 2015

Q: How do you think about trends and seasonality?A: I love to see what’s in and what people are enjoying. I would Google that season, say ‘Spring 2020’ and ‘fashion trends’. I also like going to Instagram and paying attention to what the influencers are talking about as they generally talk about trends before the season hits. Regardless if we’re in season or not, I’ll still keep the item up as you never know. In fact, I had a Christmas sweater that I sold just a month ago! People want to get into different spirits at different times.

Q: What is your strategy with Offer to Likers?
A: I strategically send out Offer to Likers on Thursdays because it’s payday for most people. Offers are good for 24-hours long and so my offers will also roll into Fridays!

Q: How are you utilizing features like My Inventory Report & My Sales Report?
A: I love that they both tell the story: what’s happening in your store and what to prepare for in the future. I found that I was selling a lot of shoes and breaking it down more, I saw that I have sold a lot of ankle boots. In current events and having to do a lot of sourcing online, I’m able to focus exactly on what sells well in my closet versus going into a thrift store, seeing what they have to offer, and deciding whether I want to sell it or not in my closet.

Q: What does your sharing schedule look like?
A: I have definitely created a habit for myself. I share in the morning before my kids get up at around 6-7am. I’m on PT time and it’s 3 hours ahead on the East Coast so it’s still morning for them. I also share once more in the night time. I used to share during lunch time but find that is when I am teaching my kids so I’m now sharing in the morning and at night.

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Level Up LIVE: Poshmark Photography Tips


We’re back with another panel of our series Level Up LIVE on YouTube! Join us each week as we connect with fellow Posh entrepreneurs and have them share their personal experiences and the unique ways they’ve grown their Poshmark businesses. Follow along and learn something new on a topic you want to learn more about! 

This week, we went live with @chevah, @desireluxe, and @merileean to chat about how they take listing photos, capture the perfect Covershot, and more. Check out the highlights below.

Poshmark Closet: @chevah
Instagram: @chevah
Location: California
Posher since: 2017

Q: Do you have a dedicated space for taking photography?
A: I have a dedicated space in my living room and it’s very versatile, so I can pack away [my photography stuff] when I have people over. My space consists of assembled hardwood composite tiles that I placed on top of my existing tile. I’m fortunate to have a nice brick wall that adds a great backdrop and I can store everything under the couch and out of the way. You only need a pack [of tiles] and you can find it at any supply hardware store.

Q:  How do you prepare for taking photos?
A: I try to take photos during the daytime, but my schedule dictates my time. I’ve been making a lot of use of the Drafts feature lately. If you’re running short on time, rather than focusing on descriptions, take a bunch of pictures, then go back to add details to the listing when you have time and don’t need light. If I know which items I’m going to photograph the following day, I can build out a listing draft the night before and add the photos the next day. I also try to take photos of the same type of items at one time to get in the zone and make sure the angles and lighting are consistent. For example, if I have a few hats, I’ll photograph them on the same day. I’ll try to do this most of the time, but sometimes I prioritize getting favorite items out quickly. 

Q:  For anyone looking for lighting kits, what are your recommendations?
A: I recently caved and bought a selfie ring light and I’ve noticed a difference in the quality of my photos. You can also make due with what you have around the house. Before purchasing the ring light, I was using two lamps with bright, white light. Find what works best for you and your space. You don’t have to invest a lot of money to get great results. 

Q:  How do you decide which props you use and how do you use them to enhance the item in your Covershots?
A: I use an acrylic stand to prop items up and capture them at a better angle so that the item that I’m selling is slightly elevated and stands out more. Also, my Covershots include 4 items that are also in my closet. I get so many messages from people asking if an item in the Covershots is available. It’s a great way to advertise other listings in your closet. I like to create a vibe and outfits in my Covershots to give buyers an idea of the potential of the item.

Poshmark Closet: @desireluxe
Instagram: @shopdesireluxe
Location: Indiana
Posher since: 2016

Q: What is a step you make sure you do to capture the perfect Covershot?
A: I’m all about natural light. Try to get all the photographs first and then measure later. Getting measurements do not require lighting and you can take your time with that after.

Q: What happens when you don’t have natural lighting?
A: I try not to use my studio lighting and I’ll honestly go outside. I may use an umbrella light to boost the lighting in my closet. You do not need a lighting kit but it helps with taking photos during off times. I will also add that I like the way lightboxes look and it makes everything white instead of yellow.

Q: Do you do any editing after you take your photo?
A: I like to use the built in iPhone editor. The tools I use the most are black points, contrast, and shadows. Sometimes, I’ll lightly use the brilliant tool but that may make photos look yellow so you’ll have to be careful.

Q: With the 8 photo listing option, how do you dictate what photos to use? 
A: I definitely utilize the 8 photos every time. I make sure I have pictures of the care tags, measurements, fabric, and flaws if applicable. In the end, you’re being honest to your buyer. If you need to go beyond 8 photos, you could create a collage or create another listing.

Q: What is your top tip for someone who wants to revamp their Covershots?
A: Do your research! Browse other places to find inspiration and see if you want to replicate it and make it yours. There are so many boutiques other there and figure out what draws you to that listing.

Poshmark Closet: @merileeann 
Instagram: @merileeann
Location: California
Posher since: 2015

Q: Do you have a dedicated space for taking photography?
A: I take pictures all over the place, I’m all about finding natural light. So depending on the time of day I have a hook on my porch, sometimes I’m in my master bedroom that has tile that looks like wood. It sits right by a window and is a beautiful tile that’s so neutral and works really well for me. Wherever I can take a picture where the lighting is the best, that’s where I am. 

Q:  How do you prepare for taking photos?
A: This is my best Posh tip, I’m not even kidding! One day in a Poshmark Facebook group, I posted a photo of a shirt before I cleaned my [phone] lens, and after I cleaned it and people were shocked. People don’t think about it, but it’s in your pocket all day. A huge thing to remember after lighting is a clean lens before you start. 

Q:  How do you decide which props you use and how do you use them to enhance the item in your Covershots?
A: When you have too much in a picture it’s hard to tell what’s for sale. If I’m going to add a pair of shoes, I sneak them in. I’ll sort of cut off the back of the shoe or only half of it, just so it’s obvious that I’m selling the item taking up the most space. 

Q: What is your top tip for someone who wants to revamp their Covershot?
A:  Steam or iron your clothes and make sure your item looks like someone would want it. Don’t forget you’re selling to a stranger. I’ll even rotate my Covershots—I’ll have a mannequin form shot and a flat lay shot and I’ll sometimes swap it. A lot of times it’ll get new likes. If you have 2 Covershots, don’t be afraid to periodically switch them around. 

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Level Up LIVE: Inventory Management

We’re back with week two of our brand-new series, Level Up LIVE on YouTube! This week, we spoke with Poshers @beckypark, @elducho, and @poshingwithmona on how they manage their inventory and what systems work for them. From organization tips to processing inventory and utilizing Poshmark tools, check out the highlights below.

Poshmark Closet: @beckypark
Instagram: @beckyparkonposhmark
Location: Illinois  
Posher since: 2017

Q: How were you managing your inventory in the beginning?
A: I had piles of stuff along the wall and then my inventory started to take over my daughter’s room. It would take me hours to find an item that sold. That’s when I realized that I need a better system because it shouldn’t take me this long to find something.

Q: What does your inventory process look like as soon as you get new items? 
A: I’ll photograph the item and set it aside to organize later. I’ve tried to come up with a system that’s as efficient as possible because I don’t have a lot of spare time. I have numbered bins where I store the items and each bin has a corresponding spreadsheet. Once an item has been listed, I’ll store the item in a gallon bag that is numbered and place it in a bin. Later, I’ll dedicate time to updating my spreadsheets with the new items placed in a bin. I make sure to reuse my inventory supplies too.

Q: What does your process like when you make a sale?
A: When an item sells, I’ll search in my spreadsheets for the item and locate the item in its corresponding bin/bag. I’ll package the item using the free USPS supplies and any supplies that the buyer can repurpose such as tissue paper and yarn. 

Q: How are you utilizing the private inventory fields that are available in the listing?
A: I was so excited when this feature launched and thought it is such a game changer, but I have yet to use it. If I had more time, I would probably use those fields to track the buy/cost expenses, which would help determine my potential profit when I get an offer. I definitely see the value of it!

Q: What roadblocks did you encounter while developing your process?
A: I’ve had many days where I’ve had to go through every bin trying to locate an item I’ve sold and I also have a student that photographs my items, so it’s difficult to keep track of who has the item and where it is. I took a lot of inspiration from other resellers and how they approach their inventory system.

Q: For anyone considering getting organized or evolving their system, what advice would you give them?
A: It’s important to be honest about how much time you’re willing to invest and evaluate how feasible an inventory system is for your lifestyle. Also, clear bins make a huge difference because you can peak through and find an item without digging through everything. Lastly, use this time to find a system that will set yourself up for success. 

Poshmark Closet: @elducho
Instagram:  @elduchothrift
Location: Washington 
Posher since: 2017

Q: How were you keeping track of your inventory at the beginning?
A: I had bins but it still wasn’t the best. The reason is because I had 60 or so items in each bin and so looking for items was a challenge.

Q: What does your process look like after you purchase your item?
A: When I bring my loot home, I first photograph the item. I’ll do them in batches and knock out 40 items at a time. I’ll sit at my desk, measure the items, and put in the inventory in my Google spreadsheet. I have a virtual assistant so I have to be clear and give as much detail as I can so that they can help me create descriptions. 

Q: How are you utilizing the private fields?
A: I input the date in the sku. I know some people will add their buy cost. I don’t do that but this is a great place to do that. 

Q: For anyone that’s looking to evolve their system, what advice do you have or them?
A:  Be proactive in being organized right away so you don’t run into this problem. There’s a lot of content out there for resellers. I recommend watching those videos, cherry-pick what you like, and add your own spin to see what works for your space. You don’t have to wait until you have 500+ items in your closet to start your inventory process. Do that now as it’s easier to add to your inventory process than to work backwards. In addition, always be willing to evolve as your inventory is evolving.

Poshmark Closet: @poshingwithmona
Instagram: @poshingwithmon
Location: Texas
Posher since: 2013

Q: How can you compare your inventory process from when you started Poshing to what it’s like now?
A: In the beginning, I honestly would just take my inventory and throw it in the closet. Yes, it was a chaotic mess. I realized that it wasn’t sustainable so I moved towards having an actual inventory process. Now, I use bins so that I can locate my inventory easily.

Q: What does your process look like after you purchase your item?
A: I prefer writing it down in my notebook. Once I do that, I describe it, steam my item, take the pictures, and put it in a bag. I try to do all the work prior to the sale so that when I make the sale, I can just pull the item, put it in a box, and ship it immediately.

Q: What benefits do you see tracking in a notebook vs a spreadsheet?
A: My laptop is currently dead. Using a notebook is what works best for me. I used to do everything on the laptop but find it being easier working through my notebook. In scenarios like this, it’s great to have a reliable backup.

Q: For anyone that’s looking to evolve their system, what advice do you have or them?
A: Do what works for you and find something that makes it easy to locate your inventory. It’s ok to do it differently. Don’t get overwhelmed or you’ll burn yourself out quick. Using bins works for me but if that doesn’t work for you, then that’s ok. Also, take into consideration the space you have. If you don’t have a lot of space, consider getting compartments to store under your bed.

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