The Details on Retail: 3 Retail Boutiques You Need to Know

This week’s Details on Retail was all about three very different Retail boutiques! They may stock different types of inventory in their boutiques, but all of them are building their businesses on Poshmark in an amazing way.


Quick recap: What is the Wholesale portal?
The Wholesale Portal is a place right in your Poshmark app where you can buy Wholesale inventory in bulk. Inventory will usually be sold in packs of five or six for you to then stock in your boutique and sell as “New with Tags” Retail! It is absolutely the fastest way to get your boutique going – and it couldn’t be easier! No resale license is required – woohoo!

Best of all, there is an exciting new update to your Wholesale experience! You can now find the Wholesale portal right in the Shop tab. That’s right! Easier, faster access to Wholesale. (Right now this update is only for iOS but will be available to all within a week!) Once you pop into the Wholesale Portal, you’ll find the next exciting update, which is that your Wholesale experience got a makeover! It’s now more shoppable than ever, with increased searchability within both closets and listings.

-Shop by listings or closets →  Switch seamlessly between viewing closets and listings.
-Updated Feed → The new feed updates in real time so you’ll never miss out on new inventory from your favorite brands!
-New filters and search bar —> Filter by trending to see what’s hot and search closets and listings to find exactly what you’re looking for—in just a couple taps.

Important thing to note is that the Wholesale portal will only be available if you are already Wholesale authorized. To become Wholesale authorized is easy – you need to have made 10 sales and have at least a 4.5 rating.

Now onto our three amazing sellers and their stories!

Established Seller // Jena (@Jenaforsberg)Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 1.43.48 PM
Jena has a highly curated, beautiful closet with a range of inventory across accessories and clothing. Her photography is on point! But that’s not all. Jena’s closet has a mission – to empower women! Her entire closet is based on her ethos that women should feel and look their best.

Retail and Resale seller // Michelle (@metchison)
Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 1.45.06 PM
She has a stunning closet with seriously gorgeous photos (lighting on fleek!). She sells both Retail and Resale inventory, but you would never know the difference because of how consistent her aesthetic is! Be sure to check out her gorgeous Boutique – we’re loving all the lace she has in there right now!

Fashion Entrepreneurship Fund Winner // Christie (@Christiemann24)
Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 1.46.28 PM
What’s amazing about Christie is that she is constantly trying new things! She’s sold many of the brands from the portal, and everything is modeled and styled beautifully. She’s also great at promoting her brand on Social Media which is a great tip if you’re trying to grow your Boutique.

Remember that you can make your Boutique whatever you want it to be! Whether you’re building your Retail business from the ground up, already an established boutique, or mixing retail and resale, Retail can be tailored to your needs!

You can catch the full livestream here:


Posh Moms Who Rock: @bossyjocey

All week long we’ve been featuring inspiring women from the community that do it all AKA #PoshMomsWhoRock.

For our third and final Posh Mom Who Rocks feature here on the blog, we’re so excited to introduce Jocelyn!

Jocelyn // @bossyjocey


What is one life-lesson that you have picked up in the Poshmark community that you would want to pass down to your children?
I would say the idea of “community.” Forming bonds and relationships with other poshers has helped me grow what started as a hobby and a way to make some extra cash, into a business. I want my children to know the importance of friendship and comradery. How you can share the love and want success for others as well, and it takes nothing away from you. How all that good energy you put out there comes back to you.

How do you balance running a business with Motherhood?
Now that’s a great question. I’m still in the process of working that out. My kids know Poshmark is my business and they understand I need to work, as well as have fun. On a positive end, Poshmark has helped to allow me to be at home and be present more with my children. Which is awesome. On top of that, I have an amazing husband who supports me, great friends who I have gotten addicted to the posh life as well, and Starbucks is my trusty companion.

What’s a day in the life of a Posh Mom?
Well, my day starts by waking up a bit earlier to share my closet. Then I take kids to school. On Friday’s I take photos with my best friend of all my new merchandise and post it. I try to share my closet as often as I can, and definitely make it a priority to be present for posh parties. In between that I am picking up kids, making snacks, helping with homework, making dinner, packaging up my orders, and my daily run to the post office. Poshing and Moming, it’s all in a day’s work.

Do your family members play a role in your Poshmark business?
They are my biggest supporters and my main motivation for working from home. My husband has always encouraged me and helps me to stay organized as well.

Posh Moms Who Rock: @crazyposh

All this week, leading up to Mother’s Day, we will be profiling three Posh Moms Who Rock and talking with them about balance, entrepreneurship and how they are constantly living #ThePoshLife.

Are you ready to meet our second Posh Mom Who Rocks (um, yes!) Let’s meet Kelly:

Kelly // @crazyposh


What is one life-lesson that you have picked up in the Poshmark community that you would want to pass down to your children?
Work hard to achieve your goals, and no matter what the outcome, you’ll be better on the other side if you put your whole heart and strength into your work. In the Poshmark community there are so many hard working women being their own boss and putting everything into their Poshmark closet. These women inspire me to keep pursuing my own personal goals and dreams and the best part is that we encourage and support each other along the way. I want my children to know the value of hard work, and that great things come when you put your best effort into your work. I also want them to see how rewarding it is to help others achieve their dreams, as well.

What’s a day in the life of a Posh Mom?
Wake up, coffee. Quiet time on the couch, with more coffee. If my kids haven’t woken up by then, I’ll try to steal a couple minutes on Poshmark to check my newsfeed. Then I’m back in mom mode… feed the cute little munchkins, maybe have a play date or we’ll just have downtime together. About one morning a week we’ll all go together to some local shops to see if there are any great deals to pick up. Yes, I take my kids with me! My favorite second hand store has a play area for the kids so, obviously, I go there a lot! After lunch is when I can usually get at least 2 hours to dedicate towards Poshmark. After the kids go down for naps I try to add a couple of listings to my closet, share other Poshers items, and package as many sales as I can before they wake up. Then, back to being a mom. Snacks, running around, reading books, changing diapers, you name it. When my husband gets home I try to sneak some time away to check Poshmark and answer any questions Poshers might have, etc. After we eat dinner and get the kids to bed, my husband and I usually get some down time together (nothing like Netflix!) before CRASHING into bed. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 🙂

Family picture 3

Do your family members play a role in your Poshmark business?
I couldn’t do this without the support from my husband. He built a database to inventory everything I was selling and even barcoded everything for me! So I feel like a legit store when I get to “scan out” my sales for the day. This helps him when we report our taxes. He’s crazy and does all sorts of charts and graphs showing how we have grown, what does and doesn’t work in our business, and more! My mother in law also shops for me and so that is pretty awesome, it’s like having a personal shopper!

What’s one piece advice you would give other mothers wanting to start a business on Poshmark?
You can do it. You absolutely can. When I first started selling on Poshmark I was making maybe 1 sale a week. With each sale, I learned things. Every week I got better at learning how to take covershots and understanding what items to look for that sell better. It does take patience, but you really can do this. If I can do it, anyone can! I’m just a normal mom, wearing yoga pants with my husband’s sweatshirt most days! If you have the drive to want to start your own home-based business, you can do it. The best part is that you start off small, and you grow at a pace that gives you the time to learn along the way and pursue the things that are really working for your closet. Some practical advice would be to make sure and have a phone with a great camera, and if you don’t have great natural lighting invest in some inexpensive lighting. That was one of my best purchases, and I can thank another posher for giving me that advice! If you are going to buy wholesale items, start small, and buy things that are trending or that are relevant.  

Posh Moms Who Rock: @gemmas_treasure

It’s almost time to celebrate some of the most amazing, strong and inspiring women, who we wouldn’t be here without – the moms! All this week, leading up to Mother’s Day, we will be profiling three Posh Moms Who Rock and talking with them about balance, entrepreneurship and how the are constantly living #ThePoshLife.

Let’s meet our first Posh Mom Who Rocks, Sharon!

Sharon // @gemmas_treasure 


What is one life-lesson that you have picked up in the Poshmark community that you would want to pass down to your children?
 You don’t have to meet someone face to face, to make their day. It can be as easy as making someone smile by a few kind words, or gesture you provided them. It doesn’t take much to do so, and is contagious.

How do you balance running a business with motherhood?
It’s a team effort. My 3 year old daughter, Gemma (who I named my business and closet after) knows what my first priority is in the morning, after hugs and cuddles; mommy’s got to check Poshmark, and “wrap packages”. She’ll ask to put stickers on wrappers and draw pictures to be sent out to buyers. She’s a true helper!  I think the most important thing, for this to work in my family, is to ensure everyone feels included and has a place to jump in.


Do your family members play a role in your Poshmark business?
Absolutely! As mentioned above, my daughter is a big fan of Poshmark and wants to help anywhere and anyway she can. My husband is a huge support and is always there to help with anything, including waiting in line at the post office for me. My mom is my biggest cheerleader and hands out my cards all the time! I couldn’t ask for a better support system.  

What’s one piece advice you would give other mothers wanting to start a business on Poshmark?
Go for it!  Plain and simple; Poshmark has given such a great and truly easy platform to utilize for any size business. The portal can be helpful for anyone wanting to test out new product for their buyers, so you really have nothing to lose.

P.S. Stay tuned right here on the blog for a giveaway to help us celebrate Mother’s Day, you could have a chance to win a Posh Shopping Spree!

And the Fashion Entrepreneurs Fund Winners Are…

Remember when we announced that 50 lucky Poshers had a chance to win $500 to put towards their retail businesses on Poshmark? Well, the Fashion Entrepreneurs Fund winners have been chosen! (Can we get a heck yes?!)

E FUND round 2 blog
Last week we announced the first 25 winners, and now it’s time to share the remaining 25 winners! As a reminder, the Fashion Entrepreneurs Fund winners fall under two categories: Retail Recruits (relatively new to retail on Poshmark) and Retail Veterans (already stock a fair amount of retail items).

This week’s Retail Recruits are:

Nee Hoang // @bluegreenwagon
Erica Clark // @clarkerica8
Gabby Kay // @designhamptons
Denise Gorman // @exexec
Haley Hagen // @haleyjean01
Jessica Paul // @jessicapaul
Kylie Corrigan // @kyliebrienn
Monica Oconnor // @mloconnor8
Whitney Myers // @mrbpenny
Olivia Beavers // @olcb93
Lisa Drogin // @storyofmydress
Renee Martin // @swapshop

This week’s Retail Veterans are:

Kristen Ellis // @breezyleigh
Bethany Wolfe // @bwenger
Denise Otico // @dasrozo
Gina Mahaz // @ginaisabella
Cheryl Ontell // @italia1grl
Elaine Kim // @itselaine
Dorothy Kim // @ivyandchantelle  
Kimberly Gomez-Ortigoza // @kegso
Melanie Wilcox // @melaniekaren
Deana Boucher // @runnergirl36
Carla-Marie Mercun // @singernyc
Kristen Good // @skylarandozzie
Toni Philips-Tees // @twinkletoestoni

Last week’s Retail Recruits are:

Brittany Hughes // @britthughes7
Christie Barker // @christiemann24
Jasmine Diaz // @jd11923
Jennifer Barnes // @jenbarnes16
Lucy Albrecht // @linensbylucy
Nesh Aqrawi // @naqaqi
Alison Tran // @princess_alison
Sara Jones // @saralizbethj 
Jessica Estrada // @style4love
Courtney Robb // @lucidemotion 
Michelle Etchison // @metchison
Hannah Zombory // @rhzombory
Carol Tang // @cjtang

Last week’s Retail Veterans are:

Amanda DeLisi // @amandadelisi 
Matosha Williams // @bagladee 
Shonda Sorritelli-Dunn // @bellacincy 
Destrie Dee // @destriedee 
Jessica Silansky // @persuasions 
Jessica Cummings // @jnc650 
Kim Floyd // @kimz_kloset
Lesley Casella // @lesleyscloset 
Mary Stefanik // @marystefanik
Meredith Mcbride // @meredithsshop 
Kim Brannon // @poshmishmosh
Priya Motwani // @riyasshop 

After receiving thousands and thousands of applications full of inspiring stories and PoshLove, we’ve selected these amazing women to receive $500 to use in the Poshmark Wholesale Portal. They’ll be growing their businesses, so keep an eye on their closets for new retail additions! We can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for us.

Thanks to all who applied and congrats to our winners! 

Posh Loves Moms: How 3 Women Make Money & Friends with Poshmark

Continuing with our celebration of Mother’s Day, we are highlighting some moms in our community. These busy women are using Poshmark to make money, whether it’s their main source of income or a little something extra, and connect with style-minded women across the nation. How do they do it? Read on to learn how these women find time to balance being a power Posher and an amazing mother and how Poshmark helps them support their family.

Extra Income, Extra Style


Barb | @nugget_love
Kiddo: Chris, 4

How does Poshmark help support your family and your role as a mother? For several years I was a stay at home mom, so Poshmark was my only income. At that time I was able to spend much more time on the site then and made significantly more than I do now, which is okay. The extra income helped pay for many of the activities we did with our son such as classes at the YMCA, dinner dates, parks, etc. Now that I am back to work it allows me to take care of my work wardrobe by buying on Poshmark and/or redeeming earnings to shop elsewhere. This also allows for extra funds for fun things with the family.

When do you find time to Posh? When I’m working, I Posh first thing in the morning, on my break, try to get a little in as soon as I get home while my son is catching up playing with friends, and again before I go to sleep. On my days off, I Posh during some of the same times, and nap time. Whenever my son is playing and entertaining himself, I sneak in a little Poshmark. In general, I’ve mastered multi-tasking as a means to make time to Posh.

Cultivating A Career & New Friendships


Crystal | @lilmscrys
Kiddos: Jaedon, 13, Isabella and Rosea, 7

How does Poshmark help support your family and your role as a mother? When I retired from the Army, I knew I wanted to find something to supplement my retirement income but I knew seeking a new career in the Chemical field would consume me. When I found Poshmark it was the perfect fit. I have the freedom to work from home as a consultant and do my listings and shares while my girls are at school. I earn extra money and don’t have to sacrifice the quality time I have with my children.  The money I make from Poshmark has allowed me to stay home instead of going back into the civilian sector full-time. In addition to the money I’ve made on Posh, I’ve met some remarkable people and that is priceless.

When do you find time to Posh? I generally log on to Posh in the morning while my kids are still asleep while simultaneously watching CNN and drinking my morning coffee. I call it the calm before the storm, for once my girls are up its pure madness till I take them to school. The other times are throughout the day and in the evenings after 8:30 when my kids go to bed, just in time for the evening parties. I also just got my Apple Watch so now I can Posh between sets at the gym or while on the stair master or cycle. Good ideas for times to Posh are while in the carpool line, waiting to pay for groceries, and while waiting for them at the bus stop.

Full-Time Job & Full-Time Mom Balance


Suzanne | @scanon
Kiddos: Kirstan, 7 and Dalton, 3

How does Poshmark support your family and your role as a mother? Poshmark has become a full-time job for me so I spend several hours a day on the app. It’s not the typical 8-5, it’s off and on all day long. That’s one of the great things about it; I can set my own schedule to work around my family.

When do you find time to Posh? When finding time for Poshmark, choose a schedule that works for you. I like to wake up early, usually around 5am. This is the best time for me to get a head start before anyone else is up. I get my packages ready for shipping, do my ordering from wholesale vendors, post new listings, and of course share my closet and others.

Also, think ahead. I post my new additions on Friday’s, so I know I have to have my pictures taken and ready to post by Thursday. Depending on what the kids have scheduled that week, I find the time to get everything ready.

Finally, have fun. One of the best things about Poshmark is the people and the flexibility you have. Whether its more of a hobby or a full-time business, you can fit it around your family’s schedule and enjoy it.


Now it’s your turn! How do you balance your Poshmark time with your other responsibilities? Whether it’s being a mom, going to school, growing your career, or something else, we want to know how you make it work. Share your experience in the comments.


Success Story: She Sold Over 400 Items in Just Three Months

Poshmark’s community is full of inspiring stories and we couldn’t wait to share this one with you. We recently caught up with Shawna, a.k.a. @sfconway, who has turned her closet into a booming business.

A former fashion buyer, Shawna knows style and now she’s honing her entrepreneurial skills with Poshmark. She’s gone from selling her own items to going “treasure hunting” to fill her Poshmark closet with amazing items from Free People, Alice + Olivia and more – and most items are brand new with tags! Success in selling has been life changing as she is now able to stay at home with her darling daughter and earn extra income on Poshmark.

How does she do it? Read on for how to take your selling game to the next level.

012815_success story_sfconway
How long have you been on Poshmark and what drew you to selling your closet?

I’ve been on Poshmark for almost a year. I was about to go to a consignment store with a ton of clothes (name brand and with tags!) and then donate the rest. I decided to Google any other options for selling for myself – that wasn’t eBay – and found a few. After downloading a couple, Poshmark was the most streamlined and user friendly, and I loved the social aspect of it!

How have you used your retail buying background to become an all-star seller on Poshmark?

I have always had an eye for fashion! I treat selling stuff in my closet the same way I would buying for a store. I stay on top of trends and research price points, but above all, I help style pieces! What’s the point of buying an item if you don’t know how to wear it? Being able to communicate with women on the app is definitely what sets selling on Poshmark apart. I love hearing how a seller wore an item because it gives me styling tips, too!

You sell a lot of bundles in your closet. What’s your secret?

I give AMAZING bundle discounts – In just three months I’ve sold 438 items! My stuff goes quickly! I also have a ton of items listed and a lot of sell full outfits. I love selling complete looks! It’s such a compliment when I get tagged in a listing where a girl is showing off how much she loves her purchase. I try to maintain at least 100 items for sale in my closet. This increases your sales as well as opportunities for bundling. I also give returning customer discounts. You’ve gotta give back to the girls shopping your closet frequently! (Also, be on the look out for a sale! I have something special planned for the readers of this blog post.)

012815_success story_sfconway 2

How has selling on Poshmark impacted your life? What has it allowed you to do?

I get to do what I love again! Leaving the fashion industry was a huge decision my husband and I made when I became pregnant. As much as I love working, I wanted to be home with my little one more. Now, I get the best of both worlds and I have the best buying assistant I could ever ask for. She’s a little fashionista – at 16 months she’s already picking out her own outfits!

What advice would you give to someone who wants to take their Poshmark closet to the next level?

Interact! I have met so many amazing women on this app that truly want you to succeed. We share each others’ products. If someone is looking for something in my closet but I don’t have their size, I’ll tag them in someone else’s listing who does have it. You’re not losing a sale, you’re gaining a new friend! She’ll remember you and return the favor.

As for power selling, gain a following of women who trust you AND your style. You have to go out there and find your inventory! It takes time, but it pays off. Sample sales are an amazing resource! If you don’t have any near you, consignment stores are a gold mine. I call it treasure hunting. Get to know your sales girls at these stores, they can let you in on new inventory and huge sales. People get rid of a lot of good stuff that’s still brand new! It really is a full time job, but the hard work pays off.