Posh Tip: Say Cheeeeese!

Creating an awesome Covershot is always helpful in getting your item sold. Here are three different types of Covershots we’ve seen work well within the community!

1) The “I’m so lucky to have a photog help me” Covershot. If you’re fortunate enough to be this person, here’s our Posh Tip: Go outdoors! Lighting is so crucial to getting a good photo. Best time to take a pic outside? Not in the morning when it’s bright and the sun in your eyes. The best time is actually when the sun is just about to set. Below are some great examples of some users who’ve taken their Covershots outdoors.




2) Next, we have the “DIY Covershot.” This is when you don’t have a photog handy, but still want to have an eye-catching listing.

Posh Tip: Make sure you have decent lighting and be sure to angle your iPhone just enough so that you can get a good shot of what you’re trying to sell. Here are some great examples of some DIYs:




3) Lastly, the “Stylist Covershot”. This is when you want to do a listing, but don’t have the energy to put the item on. (C’mon, we’re all guilty of being a bit lazy sometimes!) We were hesitant about this type of Covershot at first, but we’ve seen some really awesome outfits put together, and guess what? Items sell! We’re finding that giving some style inspiration to the Covershot is super helpful to those shopping.

Posh Tip: Keep it simple. We find that when there are too many pieces in the Covershot, it can be distracting and actually take away from what you’re trying to highlight. Here are some great examples of some Stylist Covershots:




Stay tuned for next week’s post where we show you step by step how to take the perfect Covershot!

Happy Poshmarking!