New Feature Alert: Price Drop Tool

Ready to price drop it like it’s hot?! As a seller, you can maximize your sales using the NEW Price Drop Tool! Use this awesome feature to automatically lower your price by 10% and we’ll send a price drop notification to every Posher who has ever liked this listing.

Drop your prices in 3 simple steps:

  1. Select a listing and tap on Edit.
  2. Tap on the Price Drop Tool icon to the right of Listing Price.
  3. Tap Apply Price Drop.

It’s that easy! Ready to give it a try? Pop into your closet and edit a listing to get started.

This feature was created and announced at the PoshFest Hackathon. Big thanks for all your feature request submissions! Don’t see the feature? Be sure to update the app first.

How to Invite Friends and Earn Cash on Poshmark

Do you LOVE Posh?! Your friends will, too! Invite your besties to Poshmark using your very own referral code (now your username)! To sweeten the deal, your code gives them $5 to shop, and $5 to you after they’ve made their first purchase. CHA-CHING!

What’s New
We’ve changed your invite code to match your username! Woohoo! But don’t worry, your old invite code still works.

How it Works
Earn unlimited FREE credits! Your friends get $5 when they sign up with your invite code. You earn $5 after their first purchase. Boom…time to shop!

Ready to earn some extra shopping money? Pop into the
Account Tab on the app and tap on Invite Friends, Earn Cash! to get started.  


Will my old invite code still work?
Yes! We know you may have previously shared your invite code with others so we made sure that it’ll still work for awhile without a problem.

Can I change my invite code to something other than my username?
Sorry, invite codes can’t currently be changed.

Can I change my username?
Currently, you can’t change your username once you set up your Poshmark account.

Where can I see how many friends I’ve recruited?
Go to the Account tab > My Balance > My Earned Credits to see the standing of your referral credits and how many friends you’ve brought to Posh!

For any questions about our referral program, you can always reach us at!

Introducing Listing on the Web

You’re not dreaming! We just released new features from the top of your list:

List on the web: Yes, you heard that right. You can now list on the web! Got tons of stuff to add to your closet our boutique? This feature will making uploading huge quantities of stuff a breeze. Even better, add your listing title and we’ll automatically fill out your category, subcategory, brand, and color! Head over to and click on Sell on Poshmark on the top right corner!

Upload multiple photos on the app: Say goodbye to uploading one picture at a time. Tap up to 8 photos at once and upload them in a snap!

With the ability to list on the web and new updates to listing on the app, listing is quicker and easier than ever!

Ready to list up a storm? Head over to or click on Sell on Poshmark at the top of your page to get started!

If you’re listing on the app, download the newest version to get started. If you don’t see the multi-photo upload feature, hang tight! It will be available to all users in a few days.

If you don’t see web listing available on, pop into the app first to unlock the feature.

Let’s get social!
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#PoshTip: Keep your account secure via text message

You might already know that we use your email address for account verification, but using text message is faster, more convenient, and reliable. (Important emails stuck in spam folders, anyone?!)

Here’s How
First, make sure you have the most recent version of the app. Then, follow these steps to enable text message verification:

  1. Visit Account Settings > My Profile
  2. Tap Account Info at the bottom of the page
  3. Tap Add Phone Number (You’ll need to verify your account via email to make this change!)
  4. Add your phone number, including area code

From the web, click your profile picture in the top right corner of the page and select Account Settings > Account Info, then follow steps 3 and 4 above.

You’re all set! For more details on account verification and why it’s important, check out our FAQs.

Let’s get social!
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Security Upgrade: Two-Factor Verification is Here

Good news! We just released a security upgrade. Internet security may sound like a scary topic, but it’s actually pretty simple. Let’s start with a little experiment. Have you ever:

  • Used the same password for more than one site?
  • Logged into any account while using public WiFi?
  • Clicked on a link from an email address you didn’t recognize?
  • Downloaded things off the internet?

If you answered yes to any of these things (haven’t we all?!), there’s a chance that your personal information could be at risk. At Poshmark, we take your information and security seriously. Our latest update provides next level security to keep the bad guys out and ensure that your information is always protected.

How it works
With our latest security upgrade, if you change your password, email, or redemption details, we’ll email you a verification code to double check that you are the one requesting this change. Once you return to Poshmark and enter the code provided, we’ll complete the requested change. This prevents fraudsters—who may have stolen your information elsewhere on the web—from accessing your account. Ready to upgrade your account?

Update your app now to start using two-factor verification!


How will I get the verification code?
By default, we’ll send the verification code to the email address associated with your account. To check which email that is, you can go to the Account Tab > My Profile.

You can also set up text message verification for fast, reliable, and convenient verification. 

I didn’t get the verification code, what do I do?
Please check your spam folder and add to your contacts. If you’re still unable to find the verification code email, don’t hesitate to contact us at

I didn’t request an account change but I received an email with a verification code. What do I do?
Do not use the verification code. Instead, please contact us at and we would be happy to assist you further.

Can I use a verification code more than once?
Each code can only be used once.

Is this security upgrade mandatory?
Your security is of the utmost importance to us, so this security upgrade will automatically be applied to your account.

Is this change only for the app?
This change will be reflected on both the app, as well as

New Feature Alert: Introducing Posh Now


Always wanted to be notified of when your style crush lists something new?! Dream come true: Introducing Posh Now, a new way to snag the latest listings from your favorite closets—right in your Feed!

See that burgundy ring? It means Poshers are listing now! Think of it as VIP access to your favorite boutiques and closets. #MAJOR


Simply tap on a closet and be the first to shop newly listed items from People You Follow, Boutiques, and Fresh Closets. Added bonus: you can see the latest listings in their closet highlighted by a burgundy border. Be sure to check back daily to avoid a case of FOMO!


Poshmark Update: Account Verifier Tool Now Available!


Serving and protecting our community is our number one priority. It has come to our attention that a small number of Poshmark accounts were impacted by fraudsters who were using usernames and passwords stolen from other websites to gain access to Poshmark accounts.

Poshmark systems remain secure and intact, and we have no reason to believe that your account was impacted.

Today, as part of our efforts to serve you better, we are providing a tool for those who would like to verify changes to their accounts. The Account Change Verifier can be used to double check that only you have made important changes to your account.

The Account Change Verifier is available any time via your Account Tab > Poshmark Support Center.