Introducing PoshPost

When you make a sale on Poshmark, we provide you with a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label. No stamps. No hassle. Now that’s what we call PoshPost!

Here’s a breakdown of how much weight our pre-paid shipping labels cover in each country:

  • United States: up to 5lbs.
  • Canada: up to 2.5kgs.
  • Australia: up to 2.5kgs.
  • India: up to 2kgs.

If your package weighs more, you can get a label upgrade directly through the app for an extra fee. 

1. Finding the Right Box

  • United States: Our partnership with USPS allows you to use Priority Mail, Priority Flat Rate & Priority Regional Rate boxes. Note: Our label does not support Express Mail boxes. You can request FREE boxes from USPS? They’ll even drop them off at your house!
  • Canada: With Canada Post, you can purchase any Priority envelopes or boxes. Note: Our label does not support Xpresspost boxes. 
  • Australia: With Sendle, you can use your own packaging materials or purchase their compostable A4 Satchels. Note: Avoid using branded packaging from other shipping carriers like the Australia Post.
  • India: You can use your own packaging materials, shipped using our third-party shipping partner for a flat rate of ₹ 99.
  • Posh Tip for all countries: You can also use a size-appropriate, regular brown box to ship your items (just make sure you remove any previous labels before shipping).

2. Packaging Up Your Sale

We recommend adding a special touch to your #PoshPackages.

Here are a few ideas that we love:

  • Wrapping items with decorative (and recyclable!) tissue paper or a ribbon.
  • Adding a heartfelt handwritten note explaining what a purchase means to you!

Image 2.png

3. Placing Your Package In the Mail

Package Drop Off:

  • United States: Drop your package in a USPS mailbox (if it fits) or drop it off at your local post office.
  • Canada: Drop your package in a Canada Post mailbox (if it fits) or drop it off at your local post office.
  • Australia: Select Package Drop Off when creating your pre-paid shipping label in the app. Print the label, attach it to your package, and drop your package off at the nearest Sendle location.
  • India: Package drop off is not available at this time.

Package Pickup

  • United States: Schedule a pickup online via USPS.
  • Canada: Register as a small business (it’s free!) and schedule a pickup for a small fee via Canada Post.
  • Australia: Select Package Pickup when creating your pre-paid shipping label in the app. Print the label, attach it to your package, and place your package outside for pickup.
  • India: Create your printable shipping label by heading over to the Account tab, select My Sales, and then choose Package Pickup. Then place your shipping label on the package so it’s ready for pick up. Our shipping partner will collect it from your doorstep. Please note that pickup can occur anytime from 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM.


Posh Protect. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Posh Protect

We understand safety and trust are important to you. With Poshmark’s Posh Protect, you are protected every time you place an order on Poshmark.

Refund Policy

When you purchase on Poshmark, we don’t release payment to the seller until you tell us that you’ve received your order and it’s as described in the listing. You have 3 days after delivery to inform us if the item has been misrepresented by reporting the problem in the Poshmark app or website with supporting photos. Only after you’ve marked your item as ‘received’ do we release your payment to the seller.

What is not covered

Item does not fit/changed mind: Unfortunately, if the item isn’t your style or doesn’t fit you, we cannot accept a return. You’re more than welcome to re-list the item on Poshmark!

Trades & Offline Transactions (i.e. PayPal): Posh Protect does not cover trades or any transaction completed off of the Poshmark platform (e.g. paid through PayPal). When payment for the full value of items is not exchanged through the Poshmark platform, we cannot and do not guarantee that both parties ship and transact as promised. You bear all risks associated with any such transaction.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Check your purchase promptly (within 3 days) to make sure your new item was accurately described in the listing.
  • Mark your item as ‘received’ in the app if everything is okay.
  • Contact us by emailing immediately if there is a problem with your order.


  • Delay checking your item past 3 days.
  • Mark your item as received if there is a problem with your order.
  • Try to resolve any problems with your order yourself. Contact us first. We’re here to help.

Remember, if the item you received is not as it was described in the listing, then you are covered under Posh Protect.

Happy Poshing!

Introducing: Share Your Closet On Instagram!

As big (BIG!) fans of Instagram, we’re so excited to announce the release of the latest version of our app (v.1.64), where we’ve given you the ability to share your Poshmark closet with your Instagram followers.

Sharing your closet on Instagram is easy!

  1. Open up Poshmark, click on the tab to the far right, and select “My Closet.” Click on the arrow on the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Click on the “Share My Closet” button.
  3. Click on the “Instagram” button.
  4. Your Instagram app will now open with a picture of your Poshmark closet. Once you choose your filter, you’ll see that we’ve pre-populated the text field for you, including some of our favorite hashtags to help others on Instagram find your picture. Publish and you’re set!

So what are you waiting for? Update to the latest version of the Poshmark app if you haven’t already, share your closet on Instagram, and make that money!

Happy Poshmarking!

NEW! Posh Party Showrooms and New Hosts!

Our Posh Parties just got a major upgrade! We’re beyond thrilled to announce the launch of our Posh Party Showrooms, curated collections of products that are added to or shared to a Posh Party, making it easier for you to discover and shop for new fashions and trends.

But we’re not done! To help make our Posh Party Showrooms even more special, we’re introducing new hosts for our Posh Parties! Ever wanted to have the chance to shop alongside your favorite style influencer? Well, now you can inside our Posh Party “Host Picks” Showrooms! Our fashion-savvy hosts will be scouring listings throughout the Posh Parties and hand-selecting their favorites, all of which will be curated for you in one place.

Be ready to Posh Party-it-up with our first set of hosts: Anh of 9 to 5 Chic, Jessie of Style and Pepper, Christine of Court & Hudson, Danielle of We Wore What?, Christine of NYC Pretty, and many more to be announced soon!