Canada: Posh N Coffee Host Guide

Posh N Coffee is a series of educational events hosted by Posh Ambassadors that are geared towards helping Poshers build their businesses.

We’re so excited for you to host! Get started with the instructions below:

Set-Up Your Posh N Coffee Event

Meet with Your Co-Host(s)

  • It’s important to connect with anyone you plan to host with and chat before the event. If you choose to host your event by yourself, that works too!

Select Your Event Location

  • If you’re hosting your event in-person, be sure to share the location details on your event page. 
  • If you’re hosting your event virtually, select a virtual platform to meet on and provide instructions to your attendees for joining.
    • Here are some options you can explore:
    • Create Your Virtual Meeting Link
      • After you select a platform, create and save your virtual meeting link to share with your attendees. It is also a good idea to test the link beforehand to ensure it is working correctly prior to the start of your event.

Review the Agenda and Discussion Topics

  • During your Posh N Coffee event, you’ll facilitate a discussion for Poshers of all experience levels. Check out the agenda, quarterly themes and discussion topics listed below in the guide. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to Team Posh Canada at

Promote Your Posh N Coffee Event

Using your own social media channels and Poshmark closet to promote your event is a great way to drive attendees! Below are some ways you can spread the word about your event:

Create an Event Listing in Your Poshmark Closet

  • Step 1: Download this Poshmark listing image
  • Step 2: Include the date/time of your event and the link to the event page in the description of the listing. 
  • Step 3: Share your listing as much as possible. 
  • Step 4: Tag @pm_editor_ca in comment on the listing so we can help spread the word.

Invite New Poshers

  • Step 1: Head to the Poshmark app.
  • Step 2: Navigate to Find People > New People.
  • Step 3: Select a closet from the Fresh Closets tab > tap About > Meet the Posher.
  • Step 4: Leave a comment inviting the new Posher to attend your event and encourage them to bring a friend!

Share on Your Posh Story

  • Step 1: Download the Posh Stories template to your phone and head over to the Poshmark app. 
  • Step 2: Scroll down in the Feed to find Posh Stories. 
  • Step 3: Tap your Profile Photo with the (+) sign icon. 
  • Step 4: Select to upload the template you downloaded. 
  • Step 5: Add text by tapping and tag people by selecting at the top of the screen.
  • Step 6: Post your Story by tapping  at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Step 7: Want to share more than just the template? Posh Stories is a great way to reach your followers, so feel free to share anything else you’d like. Questions? Check out this guide.

Post on Your Instagram or Facebook

  • When you post on social media, be sure to use #PoshNCoffee and tag @poshmarkcanada for a chance to be featured. Not sure what to post? Here are a few ideas:
    • Share a behind-the-scenes look at how you’re prepping for your event. Feel free to add a countdown timer to let your followers know how soon your event is happening. 
    • Try posting the Posh Stories template to your Instagram or Facebook story to encourage your followers to attend.

Poshmark is invested in helping to make your event successful, so we’ll be: 

  • Showcasing your event on the Posh N Coffee website.
  • Sending out marketing to help encourage Poshers to attend. 
  • Sharing your Poshmark event listing to the entire community through @pm_editor_ca.

Event Access

  • If you’re hosting your Posh N Coffee virtually, share the virtual platform link.
15 minutesWELCOME
– Introduce yourself.
– Introduce the discussion topic. 
– Have your attendees introduce themselves and share how long they’ve been on Poshmark.
45 minutesDISCUSSION

Dive into the topic of the month. Please note, discussion topics are listed below.
– Help guide the conversation using the monthly topic and discussion questions outlined below.  
– Encourage others to speak from their experience and share their stories and ask questions. 
– Feel free to show any examples by clicking Share Screen at the bottom of your Messenger Room on the web.

Tips for moderating the discussion.
– Try your best to redirect the conversation back to the monthly topic. 
– Share a positive perspective to help steer the conversation in a different direction.
– Validate the Posher’s emotions and encourage them to reach out to Team Posh: 
I hear you and your feelings are valid. Since we don’t have a lot of time together, I ask that we keep the discussion as close to the topic as possible. Feel free to provide any specific feedback to I’d like to shift gears back to the monthly topic.
30 minutesCLOSING

Chat with your attendees and spend the rest of the time getting to know one another!
– Take a group photo by taking a screenshot.
– Let your attendees know if you are hosting more Posh N Coffee events.

Tell your attendees that Team Posh wants to hear from them. 
– As your event is wrapping up, please mention that you’ll be sharing a link to a survey on the event page.

Thanks so much for taking the time to host a Posh N Coffee event—we hope you enjoyed spending time mentoring your fellow Poshers. We are constantly striving to improve these events, so please be sure to:

  • Remind your attendees to fill out the event survey.
    • Share with Team Posh your Posh N Coffee experience! Your response will be used to help elevate Posh N Coffee events for the Poshmark community. Fill out this quick survey:
  • Fill out this quick host survey to provide any feedback and let us know how we can further support Posh N Coffee hosts. 
  • Apply to host another community-hosted event. Submit your application here.

Facilitate a discussion around the monthly topics below for Poshers of all experience levels:

July: Sales & Marketing Techniques

  • Building your brand on Poshmark is key to helping your closet stand out. Deep dive into how you market your business to increase your sales.
    • What Poshmark tools do you use to make the most sales and connect with buyers?
      • Do you use Posh Stories?
      • Do you interact with other Poshers through comments, shares or follows?
    • Do you share your listings to the Posh Parties to increase closet exposure? What are some other ways you drive traffic to your closet?
      • Do you market your Poshmark business via any social media platforms?
    • With so many Poshmark sellers on the platform, what are some ways you make your closet stand out?
      • Do you specialize in selling certain items in your closet?
      • How can Poshmark community members find you? Do you like to welcome new users on the platform?
      • Do you run closet sales or give Bundle discounts?
      • Are there any other ways you differentiate from other sellers?
    • How can you use Posh Shows to boost sales, reach new audiences, and drive repeat shoppers?
      • Consider how you market your shows: what kind of details are you adding to your show title and Covershot to attract shoppers?
      • Do you add Show Tags when scheduling your shows?
      • Are you theming out your Shows to attract a certain audience of shoppers?
      • Do you cross-promote your Posh Shows on social media to encourage external audiences to tune in?
      • Are you using the Sell Together feature as a way to merchandise your shows?

August: Designing Brand Identity

  • Bringing a brand to life is no easy feat. Share any helpful tips on how you got started and how you developed your brand.
    • What kind of personality do you want your brand to have?
    • Who are the buyers you want to attract and what feeling do you want them to have when they go to your closet?
    • In your closet, do you have any branding that differentiates you from other closets?
    • Is it important to have a logo?
    • Do you promote your brand through your packaging (i.e. business cards, personalized packaging or thank you cards, discount cards etc.)?
    • Do you use Posh Stories or social media to build a brand following?
    • Does your closet maintain a certain identity (i.e. boho, minimal, vintage)?
    • What are some tips for community members who are trying to build a brand?
    • Are you hosting live Posh Shows to bring the personality behind your brand to life?
      • How can you create consistency with your Posh Shows to establish your brand?
      • What do your Posh Shows Covershots look like? How do they convey your personal brand and highlight what shoppers can expect from your Shows?
      • Do you invite other Poshers on-screen as a way to promote community through your brand?

September: Customer Experience Strategies

  • Interacting with the Poshmark community is crucial in making the most of your experience on the platform. How do you interact with your customers?
    • Can you list a few tips on how to give the best possible experience to your customers?
    • How do you handle issues if something does not go as planned?
    • Are there any unique ways that you communicate with your customers?
    • Do you allow room for offers when setting your price?
    • What are some tips for getting repeat customers?
    • How can you utilize Posh Shows as a way to provide excellent customer experience?
      • How are you describing and highlighting your items?
      • How do you communicate to shoppers during your Shows?
      • What can you do to encourage shoppers to return and shop your next Show?