CA: Posh N Sip Monthly Discussion Topics

During your Posh N Sip event, you have the opportunity to facilitate a discussion around the monthly topics below for Poshers of all experience levels.

October: Trend Forecasting & Sourcing for the Holiday Season

  • With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s important to start thinking about what items you want to list. Share some strategies you use to predict what shoppers will be on the hunt for this holiday season.
    • Ask the group, for the holiday season:
      • How far in advance do you usually prepare?
      • How do you use the Trends feature to help source? 
      • What tools or resources do you use to help you forecast trends? If so, what are they? 
      • How will you use this year’s Holiday Trend Report to help prepare your closet? 
      • Do you see any changes in demand for certain inventory during?
      • How do you determine what items to sell?
      • Do you use My Sales Report to help you see what items you sold last holiday season?
      • Where do you get items to list? Do you have any favourite or unexpected places where you source items? 
      • What are some other things you consider when sourcing seasonal inventory?
      • With the launch of Posh Shows, who’s been able to go live? Any advice for those who have yet to host their own? If you don’t have that capability yet, how can you still take advantage of the feature?