Love or List Challenge: Valentine’s Day Edition

What better way to celebrate the biggest day of L❤️VE aka Valentine’s Day, than by bringing the Love or List Challenge back with an awesome new way to share the #PoshLove. By participating this week, you not only are entering to win a shopping spree for yourself, but you also can spread the #PoshLove to a PFF!

Today, through February 19th, we’re giving away FIVE $100 Poshmark shopping sprees DAILY. But wait—it gets even better. Each winner gets to share the love by picking a PFF to win $100 too—so you can shop together! Literally, win-win!

Ready to take on The Challenge? Here’s how:

  • Create a new listing to be automatically entered to win.
  • Earn an additional entry for every item you list—the more you list, the better!
  • Winners announced daily on our blog so be sure to check back to find out who the lucky Poshers are!

Pssst don’t forget the golden rule: If you don’t love it, it’s time to list it!

$100 credited in the form of Posh Credit. Listings must be marked as for sale, available for purchase, and comply with Poshmark terms and conditions to qualify as a valid entry. New listings created between 2/14/17-2/19/17 are automatically entered to win. One winner per device. Winners chosen at random. No limit to entries, each time you create a new listing, you submit a new entry. No purchase or listing necessary to enter or win. Offer valid 2/14/17-2/19/17 11:59 PM PT. See Official Rules for details.

Day 1 Winners: 


Day 2 Winners:


Day 3 Winners:


Day 4 Winners:


Day 5 Winners:


Day 6 Winners:


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A #PoshLove Story: @costumebaldor & @windandwillow


Everyone knows that shopping is more fun with friends and that’s exactly what makes Poshmark so special–it’s all of the PFFs you meet. Today we’re sharing the story of two women, Natalie (@costumebaldor) and Shannon (@windandwillow), who met through a transaction on Poshmark, became fast friends, and met for the first time in person at PoshFest! Now that’s true #PoshLove! Read on to hear all about it straight from these ladies!


How’d You Meet?

Natalie: Shannon and I met on Posh! She bought a gold skull necklace from me last March. We would chat now and again through listings and commenting great finds. Then we started talking more and more. Now we text daily and chat on the phone too! The first time we met in person was in LA for PoshFest.

Shannon: I joined Poshmark in March of 2016. My first closet crush was @costumebaldor. I would browse her closet daily to see what amazing new pieces she had. There was a gold skull necklace that I just had to have. Several weeks after my purchase, I left Natalie a comment telling her how much I loved the necklace. We started chatting on Poshmark, then Instagram. This grew into daily texts, phone calls, and a trip to LA. We met in person for the first time at PoshFest 2016. We even added a few extra days to our vacation!

How does Poshmark play a role in your relationship?

Natalie: Aside from being responsible for us meeting, Posh plays a big part. We can bounce ideas off one another; as two active Poshers, this is awesome! We can relate to one another on a business and daily level too since Posh is not only for selling but also social engagement. We help and support one another on and off Posh.

Shannon: Without Poshmark I would never have met Natalie. She is such an inspiration. She is a mentor and friend. I had zero retail experience prior to Posh. Natalie was willing to share her knowledge and experience. She even helped me format my spreadsheets. We send photos of potential purchases and are constantly brainstorming new ideas and goals. Our friendship has grown beyond Posh. We send each other gifts, started a book club, and take on workout challenges. We are there for each other through all the ups and downs of life.

What does #PoshLove mean to you?

Natalie: #PoshLove means sharing! Not just from the feed but awesome finds, introducing new Poshers to my PFFs and always being active with any questions or comments I get. People feel #PoshLove when they know someone is on the other side to answer, have fun, and care!

Shannon: Poshmark is such an incredible community. #PoshLove is truly wanting to help others succeed, as well as achieving your own goals. Sharing, welcoming new members, participating in parties, it’s all part of what makes Poshmark so amazing. I love meeting new Poshers and finding creative and unique closets.

What are ways you two show #PoshLove to each other?

Natalie: We tag one another in parties, share one another’s closets and tag one another in must have items (because as much as we try not to, we shop on Posh, a lot)! We’re also friends on a day to day level. We celebrate one another’s birthdays, plan trips to NYC, PoshFest 2017, and Oregon, and know how to make the other laugh. We know each other’s moods and style. We support one another when life happens too with work, relationships…

Shannon: We share each other’s closets, tag one another in great finds, and introduce each other to fellow Poshers. Natalie has amazing taste. I asked her to help style me for LA. She found me so many fantastic pieces. I finally had to set a Posh budget! We’re planning a few trips together this year and can’t wait for PoshFest 2017! Natalie is absolutely my closest friend. She is the person I turn to when I have exciting news or need support.

Valentine’s Day Gift Picks

Natalie: My Posh Showroom pick to find a fantastic gift for Shannon would be NEW Jumpsuits and Rompers. Shannon can rock a jumpsuit like no one’s business! #plaidheadtotoe”

Shannon: I would choose the NEW Statement Necklaces Posh Showroom to find a fantastic gift for Natalie. She has the most gorgeous triangle necklace and her fashion motto is more is more! She’s wearing the necklace in the photo. I’m wearing a necklace Natalie picked out for me as a gift. She makes a great stylist and an even better friend.

A closet crush turned PFF? That’s a story we love to hear! For more #PoshLove stories, read about a mother/daughter Posh duo and a dynamic husband/wife Posh team in this series!

Let’s get social!
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A #PoshLove Story: @ediza & @wheelsinthewell


There’s a new kind of #PoshLove story now, thanks to the addition of Men’s on Poshmark! Enter Ediza (@ediza) and Ryan (@wheelsinthewell), a husband/wife Posh duo who support each other with love, commitment AND shares! (Couples who Posh together, stay together – right?!) Read on to see how they put their #PoshLove to work!




How’d you two meet?
Ediza: We met through work but we were in different departments. I remember that I noticed that Ryan was paying attention to me more than usual and we just started hitting it off! I remember that he had an amazing sense of humor and sweetness about him (still does!). Since then we’ve been like magnets, never wanting to separate!

How does Poshmark play a role in your relationship?
Ryan: Well at first, Ediza was completely hooked. Since she made her first sale, her closet became her little online store. Now that Poshmark opened it’s doors to menswear, I can finally see why she was so hooked. We’ve been really trying to make this a family business for us. She does all the marketing research and shopping, we collaborate on cover shots, she does the accounting and I primarily do all the shipping. We stick to our strengths, so we make a good team.

What does #PoshLove mean to you?
Ediza: For me #PoshLove is not just about supporting each other in the community, but it’s also a LOVE for Poshmark. We love Poshmark for all the support that the team has given to not only us, but to all the members of the community. There isn’t an organization that puts a lot of its efforts into its members as much as Poshmark does. They empower their users with confidence to achieve their goals and help support one another. When we first moved to Michigan, I still had Poshmark and the support of the community to still keep going. Even after leaving my job, I still was able to use Poshmark as a great source of income, and I can take it anywhere if we do move again.

Ryan: When I first started Poshmark, being a male in a female-dominated platform, I was unexpectedly welcomed with an abundant amount of #PoshLove. So many people were willing to help, give me tips, suggestions, compliments, and even make passes at me. lol. But to start something that is typically out of your element (I enjoy airplanes and motorcycles), and to learn so much by so many people, really speaks to the community. #PoshLove is a very unique and special thing that makes up the fabric of Poshmark.

What has been the best Valentine’s Day you have had together?
Ediza: As much as I would like to make up some over the top story about my husband, there’s one Valentine’s Day that really meant a lot to me. We decided one year that we weren’t going to buy each other gifts, we were going to make each other gifts. Ryan had spent hours and hours looking at video tutorials on how to make paper mache roses. He spent all day, and had numerous tries to make me the most beautiful rose. Not only did he make me one, but he made me 12! It was the sweetest thing ever, and the time and effort he put into it, just made my heart melt.

Ryan: Ediza is an excellent cook, one year she decided to make all my favorites all throughout the day with a surprise picnic during lunch. Then at night she even made my favorite dessert, a fresh skillet cookie. MMmmMmMm! She definitely knows the way to my heart!

Flowers or chocolates?
Ryan: Chocolates
Ediza: Ryan’s paper mache flowers 

What are ways you two show #PoshLove to each other?
I think we’re a really good team because we do a check and balance for one another. If Ryan ships out the wrong item, we start going over brands and we go over how to distinguish different garments. If I go over budget (which happens a lot) Ryan’s there to share a few more times throughout the day to help make some extra sales, and set up ways to help manage the budget better. We are constantly support systems for one another so there’s a lot of #PoshLove in this home!

Anything else to add about Poshmark and your relationship?
As of this year we decided to kick it up a notch from just my closet, to opening up Ryan’s menswear closet as well. Ryan also launched his blog too, sharing all of his experiences from flying, Poshmark, to cycling. His goal this year is to train and ride in a century ride (100 miles!), and training to get his commercial license for flying.

Apart from my blog that is currently getting a new makeover, we’re *hopefully* going to expand into a #PoshMini closet soon!  😉

Valentine’s Day Gift Picks

We asked Ediza & Ryan what they would gift one another for Valentine’s Day, shop their picks below!

For Ediza


For Ryan


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A #PoshLove Story: @suitcasegoals & @celestegeorge

The biggest day of #PoshLove (AKA Valentine’s Day) is right around the corner and to celebrate, we wanted to highlight just a few of the amazing relationships that have been further strengthened by their Poshmark experience. You know what they say “Those who Posh together stay together.” RIGHT?!

We’re not just here to chat with significant others, we’re here to share all types of relationships! We’re kicking off our first #PoshLove story with a mighty Mother – Daughter duo: Celeste (@celestegeorge), and daughter, Bethany (@suitcasegoals), who even attended PoshFest 2016 together– omg #goals. Read on to hear more about how they grew their relationship through Poshing.


Who found Poshmark first?
Bethany: I found Poshmark first in 2014. A college friend showed me a cute bag she bought on the app and the rest is history! My mom started helping me source inventory shortly after I got started and would help me take photos as well. When my mom got her first smartphone last Mother’s Day I convinced her to start her own closet. She was finding so many great items on Poshmark that I couldn’t keep up with how fast she was buying!

How does Poshmark play a role in your relationship with your Mother?
Bethany: Since May, we have been working together to promote both of our closets and it has been amazing to be able to work together from different cities.  Right now we are only an hour apart but this summer I will be moving from San Diego to the Chicago area.

Celeste: It will be a big change not being able to work together in the same place but we love that we have Poshmark as something we can continue to work on together every day even when we are in different states. It is so fun calling each other about the amazing finds we come by and debating whether or not we should accept an offer!

What does #PoshLove mean to you?
Bethany: To me, #PoshLove is about the community. It’s sharing your PFF’s closet because you know they’re having a slow day, congratulating someone on hosting their first party, and the pure excitement you get when you finally meet your PFF in person.

Celeste: We have had so much fun attending Poshfest and meetups together. Through these events, we have met so many amazing Poshers that we now consider our close friends.

What are ways you two show #PoshLove to each other?
Celeste: We definitely show each other a lot of #PoshLove. We share each other’s closets daily, take photos for each other, and really just about everything!

Bethany: It’s amazing being able to run our businesses together and have someone who gets it when I yell, “Yay! I just made a bundle sale!”

How cute are they? The cutest.


Do you have an inspiring #PoshLove story? Share it in the comments below!

The Grand Prize Winner of the #LoveorList Challenge Giveaway: Kristina (@vthcloset)

1400x579We kicked off January with the #LoveorList Challenge and all our Seller Stylists came together and absolutely smashed it! Everyone cleaned out those closets, listed a bunch, and watched the extra cash roll in. With this challenge came a giveaway, in addition to our 5 weekly $100 Posh Credit winners, we included a grand prize winner of a $2,500 shopping spree in the city of their choice…are you ready to find out who the lucky winner is?! We’ve been dying to share!

We’re SO EXCITED to announce that the winner of this awesome prize is none other than Kristina (@vthcloset)!



And what  city did she just so happen to choose? San Francisco! Do we feel a PMHQ visit coming on? (we hope so!)

Simply put, Kristina is an awesome Seller Stylist on Poshmark — she has amazing Covershots, fabulous style and we are SO happy for her! We wanted our entire community to get to know her even better sowe’ve put together a Q&A. Let’s get to it, shall we?

What are the three emojis you would use to describe how you felt when you
found out you were our grand prize winner?
When I read the email saying that I won, I literally started screaming and

running around my apartment. I was so shocked! I think I read the email 10 times
and then continued screaming!

What is your favorite thing about Poshmark?
My favorite thing about Poshmark is how it’s a creative outlet for my artistic mind.
I truly enjoy taking photos and listing items. It allows me to have an online shop
with my own aesthetic.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

What are you most excited about visiting San Francisco?
I am most excited about emerging myself in San Francisco’s culture and visiting
the Poshmark HQ! To walk through the halls of a place where ideas are born is
something that’s too exciting for words!

What’s one thing you know you want to buy?
Eeeeek! The one thing I know I want to buy is the black GG Marmont Shoulder
Bag with Pouch. An everlasting shoulder bag that will be sure to complete my
outfits and to maybe-pass down to my future daughter one day.

Your Covershots are so cute! Any tips or tricks?
Thank you so much! Here are some tips and tricks:

  1.  I always like to use a white background. I feel it’s the best way to see a listing.
    And every color goes with white! You can purchase a white foam board
    anywhere that sells school or office supplies.
  2.  I photograph only during the day with the natural light coming through the
    window. This gives your photo a clear view of the item.
  3.  Adding other elements to your listing helps visualize it for the buyer. I go for a
    hat, a book, sunglasses, or shoes. Coming from a merchandising background, I
    play with the grid layout to visually finish my listing.
  4.  I filter my photos, but I make sure it doesn’t take away from the original color of
    item.Some of my favorite apps are:
    VSCO: I filter my photos with F2 to give it the photography look.
    acolorstory: I use their Tools category to brighten up my photos.
    Aviary: I use the Blemish button to clean up any dust from the foam board. This
    will make it clean and clear for each listing.
  5. Take a variety of angle shots to show the color, texture, and silhouette of the
  6.  The cover photos of me modeling the item, well that’s my husband behind the
    lens. We collaborate on location, outfits, and poses. He is my creative buddy
    throughout my whole blogging journey!
  7. And most of all, have fun with it!

What’s a question you ask yourself when deciding whether you love an
item or want to list an item?
When I look in my closet, I analyze my clothes and ask myself, if I have not worn it
in the last year. If not, it goes! But, as I am selecting what I want listed, I keep in
mind my audience and the current trends. When thrifting, I select items that best
fit my closet-aesthetic.

San Francisco is quite chilly right now – what’s your go-to warm weather
My go-to warm weather outfit would be to rock a black moto jacket. I love chilly
weather! A white loose long sleeve casually tucked into black high waisted, cuffed
denim with faux snakeskin booties. And to accessorize, I would go for a grey brim hat,
aviators, a camel, oversized scarf and a classic crossbody.

Get ready! We’re covering Kristina’s whirlwind shopping adventure straight from the city on Poshmark’s social media channels. Don’t miss out! 

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