The 2022 Holiday Trend Report

Welcome to the 2022 Poshmark Trend Report: Holiday Edition! ‘Tis the season for family, friends, festivity—and, of course, so much shopping. Secondhand is playing a bigger role than ever in holiday gifting this year, and that makes this season a huge opportunity (think $1.5 trillion—that’s right, trillion) for our sellers. You’ve got plenty on your plate getting ready to celebrate with the ones you love, so we want to make it as easy as possible to bring that holiday magic to your Poshmark closet this year.

We’ve sifted through consumer surveys, industry reports and exclusive data from Poshmark to deliver this report charting shopping behaviors across the platform, designed to help you make informative business decisions while sourcing inventory for your closet and broadening your knowledge of trending items and styles. It has everything you need to know and more! 

Read on and get ready to make your shoppers’ holiday wishes come true!

Secondhand Shines Bright This Holiday Season

Shoppers are showing increasing enthusiasm for giving and receiving secondhand items—bringing glad tidings to both your holiday sales outlook and the future of the planet. Consumers say they’re planning to spend more this holiday season, but ongoing concerns about the rising costs of everything from groceries to gas are likely to drive more value-conscious buying choices as they look for the best deals and discounts.

Search Demand: From Puffers to PJs, Cozy is Key

The winter weather may be unpredictable (thanks, climate change), but you don’t have to guess what’s topping shopping lists this season. We’ve got you covered with the most in-demand, top-searched items.

The ever-popular puffer continues to be a staple, but shoppers are looking for a range of options in the stylish warmth category—from the luxury outerwear of Canadian brand Moose Knuckles and jackets that do double duty with built-in scarves, to ‘70s-inspired Penny Lane coats and shearling-lined aviator jackets (think Top Gun without the flight suits).

Shoppers are also gearing up for those brisk winter days by stocking up on accessories like the fleece version of Lululemon’s viral belt bag and the elevated comfort of an Ugg Platform Boot. Pair them with a sweater dress (+49%) and scrunched socks for extra style points.

Women’s Top Brands + Categories: Pantsuits to the Rescue, and a New Face for Fast Fashion

Travel bags and pantsuits are climbing in the ranks, more evidence that people are ready to venture out more these days. With a range of neutral monochromatic hues to bold colors, pantsuits offer an easy, polished solution to the challenge of dressing for the office once again. Now, they’re embracing the oversized trend, making it an even more flexible wardrobe addition (try pairing an oversized suit jacket with a maxi dress for a casual cool look).

Nobody’s going to miss those Zoom holiday parties, but neither are we letting go of the comfort-driven styles of the pandemic. Just look at the exponential growth of On Running shoes, the popularity of loungewear brand Aviator Nation, and the viral success of Abercrombie’s rebrand, featuring comfy and flattering denim styles (see: Ultra High Rise 90s Straight Jean and Curve Love) that are sure to be worn on repeat this winter.

Amazon continues to make its mark as the new face of fast fashion, especially popular with Gen Z shoppers for ultra-trendy styles at affordable price points. Plus, the savvy shopper is making resale part of the equation with Amazon sales up more than 700% on Poshmark this year, and #amazonhaul dominating TikTok with more than a billion views and counting.

Men’s Top Brands + Categories: The Softer Side + a Little Western Flair

Stylish comfort is the key to menswear this holiday season, with footwear from Hey Dude trending alongside super-soft apparel from Marine Layer and athleisure newcomers Vuori and HOKA. Nothing embodies that trend quite like the dadcore aesthetic, which gets a boost from staples like the highly-coveted New Balance 550 sneakers and ever-so-classic relaxed fit jeans.

Cowboy boots and Pendleton also make an appearance, another iteration of the enduringly durable appeal of workwear as a style statement. This is the perfect season to lean into that look, with extra layers and iconic pieces like shearling-lined trucker jackets.

Kids’ Top Brands + Categories: Sleep Sacks, Stuffies, and Nostalgia

Cute, cozy, and comfy are top priority for Poshmark’s littlest members, with those soft and sustainable bamboo sleep sacks from Kyte Baby (the new Harry Potter-themed line is a must-have) trending alongside stuffed animals and pajama sets.

We’re seeing grown-up tastes reflected here as well, as Posh parents look to put their tykes in the organic cotton and prairie bohemian styles from Rylee + Cru, and tap into ‘90s nostalgia with a surge of renewed interest in Pokemon and Funko. But while shoppers may be willing to throw down for a good throwback, they’re also keeping up with today’s changing times when shopping for kids’ clothing, as eco-conscious fabrics gain prevalence, and more muted and gender-neutral tones take the place of traditional pinks and blues.

Home Top Brands + Categories: Decking the Halls, and the Table

Poshmark is the go-to place to keep your holiday decorating game fresh, whether it’s something new to top the tree or that sold-out Keepsake ornament from Hallmark (+140% YoY). In fact, we’re seeing Hallmark ornaments up +53% in Q3 alone, confirming that it’s never too early to get a jump on decking those halls. This year, shoppers are looking for a little style at the dinner table, with interest peaking around classy Le Creuset and the iconic checkered serveware from Mackenzie Childs.

The incredible popularity of the Stanley Tumblr, another TikTok phenomenon, and the Yeti Rambler is good news for the planet, not to mention the perfect gift for practically anyone.

Top-Selling Electronic Brands + Categories:Wearable Tech for Work and for Life

With many shoppers still remote or hybrid, interest is high in accessories that make working from home easier, healthier and just more fun. Smart watches from Apple and Fitbit are on every wrist these days, reminding us to take a moment out to get unstuck from our chairs and move around. Headphones are also a crucial component of our everyday lives, proving necessary with everything from conference calls to exercise. The endless churn of new models and incremental updates help make these gadgets a hot resale item for the price conscious.

Top-Selling Luxury + Trending Brands: Star Power Shakes Up the List

Some classics never go out of style. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Chanel have long topped our list of best-selling luxury brands, and this year is no exception. From the Louis Vuitton bum bag to Chanel ballet flats, demand for these legendary European fashion houses has never been higher. The enduring demand for the chunky lug sole Prada loafers and flats (with sales up 129% YOY) helped secure Prada’s place on the list once again.

But there were some shifts to the luxury market status quo this year, as Balenciaga surged thanks to the star power of brand ambassador Kim Kardashian and the Le Cagole bag that rode the resurgence of the Y2K city bag onto every Gen Z wishlist. And, you can’t mention Balenciaga without a nod to the iconic Hourglass Bag, as we saw a 121% increase in orders for Balenciaga crossbody bags. The Dior Saddle Bag wasn’t far behind, with an 80% increase in sales YoY for Dior shoulder bags, as shoppers turned to Poshmark to score both vintage and new iterations of the timeless piece. Also topping the charts is the Dior Book Tote—a gem of both practicality and beauty—which helped push the sales of Dior totes up 119% YoY.

Speaking of bags, there have been exciting developments in these stylish carryalls from some fresh and some familiar names on the luxury scene. The architectural shape and bright, bold colors of Le Chiquito bag that is suddenly on the shoulder of fashionistas everywhere have helped make French newcomer Jacqumues a household name, with sales on Poshmark up 152% YoY.

Bottega Veneta handbags reached new heights last year following their rebrand, and their popularity continues to rise (sales on shoulder bags are up 123% YoY) as the luxe Italian brand known for soft leathers and woven styles release new options in trend-forward colorways and styles.

If you’re planning to brave the holiday travel scene this year, why not give the folks in TSA something nice to look at. Sales for Goyard totes—which are sold exclusively in person at their stores, making resale the only online purchasing option—were up 107% YoY. Their most recognizable silhouette, the Saint Louis tote, also makes a great return-to-office bag.

Top-Selling, Sustainability-Driven Brands:Clothes That Do Right By the Planet

Of course, anything you buy on Poshmark has the sustainable glow of secondhand, but some brands make it part of their purpose. Cuyana, known for clean and simple designs t, tops the list. Shoppers are also eager to put their best foot forward with sustainable footwear from trendy brands like Veja, a staple of the Scandi girl aesthetic, and Rothy’s, who are pioneers of those eco-conscious, ultra-comfy ballet flats.

The Gorpcore trend—putting an every-day spin on functional gear designed for the great outdoors—is driving demand for outdoor brands like Patagonia, Columbia, and The North Face (think Patagonia fleece paired with straight-leg jeans, kitten heels and a baguette bag). Shoppers like the familiarity of brands they know who pair quality with a sustainably-minded mission, and we expect to see that play out as shoppers purchase their winter sports gear this year.

Today’s Influencers Meet Yesterday’s Influences

Cultural powerhouse TikTok continues to shape what we watch, listen to, think about—and, of course, buy (que the popular “TikTok made me buy it” saying). We’ve seen the platform drive viral demand for products ranging from the Steve Madden tote to best-selling books (all hail Colleen Hoover, Queen of BookTok!). Whether consumers are looking for sold-out and hard-to-find styles, or closing the loop with more sustainable shopping, they’re turning to Poshmark to find the things that everyone’s talking about.

Another trend with staying power, Y2K, continues to hold sway. This year, we saw miniskirts take center stage, from vintage-style sequined minis to the more modern micro mini from Miu Miu— the Y2K influence is in full effect on Poshmark.


All data is based on the shopping behavior of Poshmark’s 80M+ members.

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