PoshPost Update: Shipping During the Holiday Season

Dear Poshmark Community, 

You may have seen the recent announcement that USPS will be increasing their shipping fees for the holidays, effective in October 2022. I’m happy to share that PoshPost prices will stay the same, despite the USPS rate increase. 

We’re committed to delivering features and programs to support our community and we strive to negotiate the best shipping rates so that you can rely on the fast, simple, and affordable shipping you’ve come to expect with PoshPost. 

For more information on PoshPost, please visit our website—and thank you for being a part of our community.

All my best, 

Tracy Sun

SVP of Seller Experience, Poshmark

10 thoughts on “PoshPost Update: Shipping During the Holiday Season

  1. Please do NOT roll out live sales!! Have you seen the prices things go for? It’s only like $1-$5!! People expect Free People for $5 or less!! This will ruin the secondhand market as a whole. Please please please do not roll this out. You will be like LuLaRoe

  2. Posh continues to make its platform the most “user friendly”. Cont. takes steps (no postage ⬆️) to ensure that buying/selling stays worry free, even when economy is in ‘flux’. Just my opinion.

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