Latest Feature Updates on Posh: August 2022

App update alert! In this series, we’ll be rounding up some of our newest features and feature upgrades so that you can stay up to date on all the latest and greatest that were made exclusively for you, all in one place.

We create tools with you in mind, so that selling on Poshmark is simple and flexible for your lifestyle. Check out what’s new.


Your closet now has a unique QR code, making it even easier to connect. Simply show your QR code to link people directly to your closet—here are some ways you can use it to connect.

  • Share your QR code during Poshmark or community-hosted events.
  • Add your QR code to business cards, stickers, social posts, and more to help new customers quickly find your closet.
  • Include a QR code printout in your packages so buyers can easily find and shop your closet again.

Find yours by heading to the Account Tab and scrolling down to QR Code. 

P.S. This is available on mobile


Match Buyer’s Last Offer

Regret declining an offer? Now, you can accept a buyer’s last offer—even after you’ve countered! This will send the offer back to the buyer, and they can accept it to secure the purchase. Here’s how it can benefit you.

  • Get another shot at making a sale by matching the shopper’s last offer.
  • Capitalize on more opportunities to close the sale.Offer great customer service by re-engaging with a potential shopper. 
  • Offer great customer service by re-engaging with a potential shopper. 


Select All

We know you’ve been asking for it, and it took us longer than expected, but the wait is over. Select All is now available when using Bulk Listing Actions to share to followers and Posh Parties!

  • Save time by sharing all of your listings in just a few clicks.
  • Bulk Share to Followers to keep your listings at the top of search results, brand pages, feeds, and more.
  • Bulk Share to Parties to reach a large number of motivated shoppers all at once.

Tap the tools icon in your closet to try it out. 

BONUS: Select All has also been added to My Shoppers!

P.S. Not seeing it? Update your app to try it out.


Rotating Images on Your Phone

Now, you can rotate photos directly on your phone when uploading images to listings, making it even faster to create listings on the go.

  • Stay organized by removing the need to revisit and edit photos in another app before
  • Save time and list quicker and easier when uploading images on the app.uploading.

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71 thoughts on “Latest Feature Updates on Posh: August 2022

  1. I wanted to make a suggestion that all sellers be required to purchase at least 10 items on PM as a requirement for Posh Ambassador status. I wanted to make a suggestion that all sellers be required to purchase at least 10 items on PM as a requirement for Posh Ambassador status. I have had PA “like” several items in my closet and when I sent them an offer they say, “No thank you; I am only selling”. I was under the impression that we all were a supportive community with the sharing and liking and such but this comment is just selfish to want to make money off the community but not support it. There was a suggestion that PA buy 20 items on PM but I think that is too many.

    1. You have to keep scrolling down, It takes time to load the graphics. When you scroll down when you get to the end this tells the system to load more items. Keep doing this until you have checked the items you want.

    2. Hi there, it does that all you have to do is scroll down to the end & it will automatically select them all. ~Moon

  2. Please give us an auto-accept/Auto-decline option! For example, a $50 item that I could set my own parameters, something like Auto-accept $40, Auto-decline at $25 is still at the top of my request list.

    1. Before you select all to share, sort your closet by available only first then select all to share.

  3. I don’t think we should be forced to give a shipping discount. With Posh’s 20% and their discount plus the shipping discount it is just too much.

    1. I agree, at least on lower priced items. Since Posh takes a minimum $2.95 fee, on items under $15-20 we should have the option of offering either a lower price or a shipping discount, not both, especially when you consider the “minimum” 10% is often a lot more. For example, on a $12 item 10% off would be $10.80, but we’re forced to use whole dollars, so we’d have to offer $10 on a $12 item, which is 17%, It’s time Poshmark started showing some respect and appreciate for sellers – we’re the ones who make the money for them!

    2. I completely agree. I never liked this feature. We as sellers should be the ones making the decision, not the platform, since it impacts our bottom line.

    3. I agree. It should be the seller’s decision on what discount we want to provide, if any on shipping. Sometimes I offer free shipping because the order is large, but other times I don’t offer any discount at all because I can’t afford the mandatory shipping discount and don’t have time to create individual bundle offers on all ‘likes”.

    4. I agree. It takes away from ones profits. PM is making the money on our listing. They should offer the $2 discount.

  4. My only qualm is that for the first time ever I have hit my “share limit”. The Select All feature is great and I’m very excited but now I’m worried about my account getting banned because I overdid it in my excitement.

    1. Hey, I just shared all and the gotcha popped up 3xs. What the point I’d have to set in front of my computer laptop or iPhone and watch the shares….Nice try but no good if we have to watch!

      1. I’m new to Poshmark and am having a few problems getting everything set up. Could someone please help me?

  5. well, none of these are really that helpful the share all is not a share all. What would have been better is a mail box icon to let us know someone commented. I get hundreds of share by people and questions fall through the cracks. Also not having to offer a shipping discount on top of a discount to likers would have been better than any of the QR or flipping pictures. Sigh. Maybe next year

      1. I find having to discount relatively new or new items frustrating. I actually hate the fact of having to increase prices to then discount them. I do my best to have fair pricing based on Similar items sold. But discounts are expected. I will continue to the end of the year but as a part time person this just takes to much of my time.

    1. Watch on YouTube video about not sending a shipping discount when making an offer….it really works….Nicole Rossi on YouTube….she is awesome and informative

    2. I agree with Lin, as well as some other’s comments… but can’t find where to “Like”any of them on this platform. And I Really Wish We Had Prompt Access Getting Answers to Questions From Perhaps Live Chat Agents… The emails usually don’t resolve the problem in time… or take to long to communicate the issue! And trying to figure things out on our own “the hard way” takes months, is discouraging and can cause people to either stop trying, or just Continue To Loose A lot of Sales for Ourselves and PoshMark!

    3. Hey Lin, if you are in your news feed, the second tab at the top shows comments and will filter only your comments.

    4. I’ve asked fora SPECIFIC notification for when people like only not just share because who cares about a share when you are selling I want to know about a like so I can make an offer!!! A like here and there always slips through the cracks of all the dang share notifications. Have to go to the likes tab specifically.

      1. Go to your poshmark settings. You can select exactly what kind of notifications you get. I set mine so I don’t get any notifications of follows or shares, but I get notifications for likes, comments, bundles, and sales.

  6. I wish there were a way to message a buyer! I have a new posher that made offers on 3 different items. She did not add them to a bundle. She just sent an offer for each item! I left a message on each item, but if she doesn’t go back into the item she wont see the message! I hate to lose out on the sale and if I accept all 3 offers she will be charged 3 times for shipping. Am I missing something here? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

    1. Yeah that’s happened to me before. Someone bought 2 items and didn’t get a bundle deal and paid separate shipping.

      1. But there isnt a way for me to contact her directly to let her know. Unless I’m missing something here???? Thoughts?

    2. I think you can. You can go to her bundle section, that she had all of her “likes or offer” under your closet. You can messages her there. Or you can make/ creates a new offer adding all of the 3 items she offer to you, with one shipping fee, or free shipping for 3 items if you want. (But make sure, not to declines those 3 offers, she send to you yet).

      1. Thank you so much for your help! I was able to create the bundle for her, added the message, and already sent it! Thanks for your assistance and time! 😁

    3. Cindy, you can create a bundle for the buyer and put the three items in it for them. Then send her an offer on the bundle and/or explain in the comment section of the bundle that she can save on shipping by buying them together. I hope that helps!

      1. How do you start a bundle for a buyer if I am the seller? I know how to start one for myself to buy.

    4. You can make bundle for her. You just have to type their name while adding one product to the bundle. Then you will see other items below in the bundle listing add them and voila problem solved. Send then offer of three combined✨😊

    5. You can add them all to a bundle for her by sharing them directly with her. Or, if she has liked the items, go to My Shopper – My Likers. You will find her with all 3 likes at the bottom of the screen. Hit the shopping bag icon to add each to her bundle. Then make your desired offer.

    6. You can bundle them for her. Make an offer and add a comment about how bundles work and the shipping savings. Although some people like to buy individually because in the case of a return, it’s all or nothing on bundles.

    7. Hi Cindy, you can create the bundle and post a comment in there. If you @ her she will be notified by however she has set up (app notifications or email). That is true for the comment on the item or in the bundle. In the news feed, the second tab is for only comments so you won’t miss anything.

    8. Yeah, go to her page and click on the bundle icon on the top/mid right. You will be able to send her a private message in her bundle or…switch to sell view (top right down arrow) and even add items to her bundle and send her an offer 🙂 @mcadamsdebbie

  7. The bulk sharing is great but I wish we would get a warning as we approach our sharing limit. I didn’t think I had shared that much…it’s only
    Lunchtime! Now my closet is out of order and will be all day and for an OCD person like me it’s gonna be a tough day! Lol

    1. I ran into a share limit the first day, I find that if I share my whole closet about 1x an hour, that should be fine.

    2. OMG, Lori, I was worried about that…the sharing out of order. I, too, am OCD about organization and have my closet organized a certain way. This is the very reason why I cannot and will not use the bulk share option. It takes me an hour or so to share my whole closet, so if I share 2-3 times a day, that’s hours lost out of my day where I could be doing something else like taking pictures, writing descriptions and doing my research prior to listing.

    1. you just have to scroll to the very bottom and then select listings to select all. If your on a pc or computer, just press “End” button on your keyboard until you reach the very bottom. Then press “Home” on your keyboard and select all

    2. Cropping option on the app would be amazing. I know you can kinda do it by zooming in but it makes it difficult to get it the way you want it. Having be just like a normal cropping option should be next on the list . Also allowing to organize your closet by selecting to share in a number order would be dope!

  8. Absolutely love the new features!!! Used the select all feature in MY SHOPPERS and shipped out over 50 items the next day !!! Love it! 🥰 xoxo Lairen SECONDS2LOVE

  9. I love all these changes! Thank you, Poshmark!!! As for the “Select All”, make sure you filter “Available Only” then “Select All”. Make sure you scroll all the way down your closet so that it will select all your listings. It seems to select in increments of 40. Hope this helps! Any more questions, as me @newfoundracks.

    1. Yessss…thanks for the “scroll all the way down” note. And thanks Poshmark for this feature. It’s a game changer! @jaysaddiction

    2. Thank you so much for explaining how to select only the available items. I was sending all my listings including the “sold” items. Now I understand. Thanks🥰

  10. Try using the filter function, “Available only” first, then use the select all function. That way no solds are on the page. Filtering is also good if you want to push a particular brand, just dresses or any other specific category.

  11. For the select all share option, is there a way to select all available items to share rather than select all to share including sold items?

    1. So what I noticed that it only selects like 4 of the sold items and not all of them. At least for me. So what I do is after selecting all I scroll down and unselect the 4 that was sold and post it. It’s a bit annoying but hopefully that gets fixed soon.

      1. The “Select All” sharing feature is going to be a huge game changer, although I do wonder, is there a limit to how many times a day you can do this? Or is there any advantage to still share items individually in a rapid sequence?

  12. This is a great and much needed update. I can finally select all to list all my items at once instead of individually clicking on the item. Also having the opportunity for a second chance to a decline offer I sent is the cherry on top. No more having to message the buyer on their about me page to communicate about a second chance or comment on their bundle page.

    1. I would like an option of where you can set a minimum amount that you will consider for offers. The allowing people to offer 80% off….which is $19 on a $95 item… is not good, it causes upset on both the buyer and the seller. I was called everything under the sun last night for not accepting $19 on a $95 item. The buyer went so far as to post angry posts on 12 of my other listings acting a fool. My husband sells on Reverb and has the option of setting a minimum amount he will consider for offers.

      Also I wish we were not forced to offer a shipping discount.

      And lastly I wish you did not need to open a listing as if you are going to edit it in order to see your cost. I wish as a seller you could easily see your cost to make sure you are not ripping yourself off.


      1. Minimum offer like on other platforms would be a nice edition to Poshmark new updates (who knows maybe it’s coming soon after PoshFest?) ;)) dealing with unreasonable buyers/sellers is easy: report them (flag) and block. As for cost of the item this info is meant to be shown only in edit mode, otherwise it would be visible to everyone. Good luck!

      2. That was my request when they sent out the survey too. Auto-decline and Auto-accept. Say you have a $50 item and you’ll auto-accept anything over $40 and auto-decline anything under $25

      3. Regarding your last point, I created a couple spreadsheets for all of my closet inventory and sales that contains all listing information (item, list date (and relist date), sale date, cost of good sold, list price, sale price, Poshmark fees, shipping discounts (if given). It is helpful not only to make sure you’re not losing money, but also at the end of the year when preparing to do taxes.

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