Spring Into Poshmark: Everything You Need to Know to Turn Your Closet Into Cash

Spring is here—whether it’s your annual tradition or simply time to say goodbye to the pieces that no longer serve you, this season is all about renewal. According to a recent Poshmark study* on spring cleaning habits, we found that 78% of people wear less than half of the clothes in their wardrobe on a regular basis. That’s an untapped opportunity to free up precious closet space and earn some extra cash—all while doing your part to help promote more sustainable shopping.

Your closet is a treasure trove and shoppers are looking for hot buys at great prices. We’re here to help our community members make the most of this season by turning their closet into cash. 

We’ve pulled together some of our top findings about spring cleaners and what they plan to buy and sell, along with key insights to give you some inspiration on what to list. 

Spring Cleaning Survey Highlights:

  • Among the general population, about 3 in 4 consumers (74%) plan to participate in spring cleaning this year.
  • Among those who plan to participate in spring cleaning, over half (56%) want to clean out their closets to get rid of ill-fitting clothing. 
    • Nearly two-thirds of spring cleaners (59%) claim to have experienced a weight change in the past year and want more comfortable-fitting clothing.
  • Nearly a quarter of spring cleaners (24%) plan to refill their closets with at least some secondhand items.
    • Vintage clothing appears to be popular among Gen Zers in particular, as they are more likely than other generations to refill their wardrobe with secondhand items (40%). 
  • About 1 in 4 spring cleaners (27%) say they are extremely or very likely to resell the items they clear out of their closet.
    • The younger generation of spring cleaners—namely Gen Zers (44%) and Millennials (35%)—and those with higher incomes of $100K+ (34%) are more likely to resell their items, highlighting key reseller audiences to keep an eye on.
    • About 1 in 4 Gen Zers (24%) who plan to resell their items want to clean out their closet for bolder and brighter clothing, showing how this generation is still experimenting with their style to find what suits them best.
  • Among all spring cleaners, only 5% plan to clean out the outfits they wore for Zoom meetings (mix of business on top and casual on the bottom) and only 10% plan to clean out the staples that got them through the pandemic.

Keep reading for a few helpful tips for Poshers looking for how to get the most cash out of their closet this spring cleaning season. 

Tip 1: Get Ahead of Popular Trends

With a new season comes new trends. For the 2022 spring cleaning season, vacation wear, dopamine dressing (bold and vibrant colors), occasion wear (bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses), and homeware are the top trends you’ll see consumers looking to shop secondhand this year. We made a few predictions for spring trends in 2022 based on top trending brands and categories to spark inspiration on what to list ahead of spring cleaning. 

  • With summer and swimsuit season just around the corner, it’s no surprise that ‘Swim’ was the second top-trending category in February based on year-over-year order volume growth. Not only are shoppers gearing up for long-awaited vacays, but they’re also preparing for the return of live events with more interest in festival wear and occasion wear.
  • In terms of color palette, consumers are getting bolder and brighter than ever with ‘dopamine dressing‘. Think the brighter the color, the better. We predict that saffron and marigold among other warm hues will be the trending colors of spring. 
  • Textures are at the forefront of our spring 2022 trend predictions with fabrics, specifically terry cloth and padded pieces, increasing in popularity. 
  • We’re also seeing the return of two unique styles: modern preppy (gingham, pearls, sweater sets, ultra-high platform shoes, etc.) and new bohemian (crochet tops, maxi skirts, espadrilles, etc.).

We also expect Home, Art, and Design to be some of the most popular spring cleaning categories again this year. As people begin returning to the IRL office, it’s a great time to reevaluate your home office setup and declutter your space. 

If you need further inspiration, here are the top-trending brands and categories that have historically driven year-over-year order volume on Poshmark: 

Note: Based on 2021 data

Tip 2: Maximize Sales

There are a few key steps you can take to optimize your Poshmark closet and maximize sales, including taking quality photos and providing detailed item descriptions. Attractive photos will help capture buyers’ attention. Check out the guides below for helpful tips on listing photos and merchandising:

Tip 3: Connect with the Community

The Poshmark community helps make selling and shopping simple, social, and sustainable. Being active within the community is the best way to make more sales this spring season. 

Don’t shy away from joining Posh Parties, too! During these real-time virtual shopping events, Poshers meet up in the Poshmark app to shop, share, and sell clothing and accessories. This is a great way to build your network, followers, and ultimately your sales. You might even make a new PFF (Posh Friend Forever). Check out more information on Posh Parties and connecting with your community:

We hope these survey highlights and tips help you have the most successful spring clean yet!

*Survey conducted by Morning Consult and commissioned by Poshmark

21 thoughts on “Spring Into Poshmark: Everything You Need to Know to Turn Your Closet Into Cash

  1. Never buy from Poshmark. They won’t let you return items that don’t fit. All they are is a company willing to steal money from senior citizens

    1. poshmark unfortunately has never allowed returns for fit. It is under their rules and policies. Always read those before purchasing online 🙂

    2. I am excited for those who are succeeding on PM. We aren’t frustrated with the 20% they are charging us as Sellers. We knew this before signed up. We read their policies & procedures. We were told that Poshmark is a Community Share culture. Most of us believed this statement and in return Shared, Listed & Repeated daily. We worked hard to develop a positive reputation for buyers. We worked hard to provide great customer services & retention for our buyers. We were making making money in return for our hard work.We believed in your platform. Period. So the problem isn’t with your fees which someone commented on.

      We stopped getting a weekly check which paid for our bills in this volatile society. Absolutely NO CASH FLOW. Your new process BANKRUPT so many people. The worse is without warning. We were blindsided. Why??

      To write this letter about how to or demand on Secondhand Sales, we already knew this. We were doing great at it. Our complaints were about making money. It’s as if you guys have tap out with your own business.

      Is the information helpful as a refresher course, yes. We aren’t making money on these secondhand or designer items. Your company abruptly changed the game on us with no resource or communication. Your original way was working & sells & morale were high.
      As a Corporation, how would you feel if suddenly you were depending on your money & all of a sudden someone told you no check this week or next? Constantly telling you we are working on it. What is it? Simply go back to what was working & let your Community continue to thrive. That’s what everyone is asking for. What was so broken with the old process?

      Go back now & address bigger problems that’s been plaguing your Corporation. Such as, daily new accounts open with brazen scammer coming on and selling obvious Fake items. Sellers who’s whole purpose is to Scam other buyers. Purge all these in active accounts that just take up space in the search. Close down Sellers who are bragging about and using Bots & VA which isn’t allow on Poshmark. They brag about how to use a magic share numbers that keep them under PM radar so you won’t caught them. Or the Sellers who have created three or more account which was told it’s impossible. I have screenshot of some. Why not fix those issues? Train your support team to gather all the facts when as Case is open. Teach them to not knee jerk on a decision & follow procedures. For example, anyone returning for Size can not; however, your support team is penalizing Sellers due to size & favor the buyers. Why & how? That policies is in black & white & your staff are Pro-Buyers. There are so many things you fix & can keep you busy while you allow us little hard working people to continue to make money.
      Bring back Cash Flow to us.

  2. reinstate my account refund my money on both orders .usps messed up ,soo if they seller’s keep my money AND products thats theft and fraud and scammers.like you poshmark .going to get my money back doing a chargeback ASAP.both orders ORDER DATE
    62361e784009772738c40cc4.ORDER DATE
    tracking numbers.9405511109349842065699.returned to seller received.no excuses.part2 on its way i dont have it,
    9405511109349840317417.i have nothing both end up sellers address at there house.me customer no money theft of poshmark customer service,poshmark resolution team messed up.not reading don’t care no response and ignoring e-mails.

  3. As a regular buyer and new lister, I agree with the comments. I will search for something with filters, for example Denim Jacket, white, my size 2X. I get all colors, other sizes, shoes, bags, jewelry. The other frustration is that seller typically do not post measurements. If asked, you may or may not get an accurate measurement. A size 2X is not going to be 20″ from armpit to armpit. That’s a medium, not a 2X. I ordered a 2X of another item which stated the pit to pit measurement was 27″, meaning it is really a 3X or larger, or is oversized. It turned out to be 24″, not 27″. I suspect it was not buttoned when measured. A pair of sandals was EU size 42, but labeled US Size 9. A 42 is actually a 10 or 10 1/2. All of this in one week.

  4. I am a posh ambassador that before your search changes in late Feb/early March 2022 averaged $600 in sales a month. I have been using posh since 2018 and for the last couple years I never did worse than $300 month and often cleared over $1000 monthly in sales. I sold almost nothing in Feb 2022, except during the last week when the search was changed back to just shared and I made over $400 in one week. Then it was changed back, and in all of March 2022 I have only had one $26 sale. I’m leaving poshmark. I can’t afford to buy, list, or waste time sharing anymore on this platform. My items are usually high end designer, but lean towards vintage, so I’m transitioning everything to Etsy. I have over 14k followers on poshmark and I’ve worked hard for years growing my business and supporting the “community”. I am disgusted by your lack of caring and transparency in these search changes. I’m advising all the people I brought to posh to close their accounts and helping them seek better platforms based on items they sell. Goodbye poshmark, this is your break-up text.

  5. I think the investors are calling the shots now. It’s been 6 weeks of #%^* and like I said earlier I have 3,000 items for sale on PM. I have staff that processes items in and out, even though we have a much larger business, this is where we outlet foods that are underperforming.
    Please readers— what alternate platforms ARE performing?

    1. I also have a closet of about 3000 available items. Used to have daily, consistent sales on Poshmark. Now it’s erratic. Many, many zero day sales, like never before. I’m lucky to get a lowball. I can’t speak to the performance yet, as I’ve just started the transition, but I am crossposting my items onto Mercari. I have had good luck with Mercari a few years ago, but I prioritized Poshark over it back then.

  6. I am trying to complete my 1st sale and I cannot verify my phone number. I have tried via the app and from my computer. YES. I entered the number correctly. NO. I do not have an alternate number. NO. I do not have VoIP (whatever that is).

    I have messaged your team via the website as well as my personal email and I get the same message each time (see answers above). Is anyone going to help me or am I screwed? Should I just go to eBay? ThreadUp? Mercari?

  7. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix the algorithm!!! My sales have plummeted. I tried searching for Torrid denim shorts for myself and got everything but. Nothing in my size shows up in the search when I specifically search my size. And no Torrid shorts!! I got jewelry, men’s items, shirts, and other shorts that aren’t Torrid brand. There’s someone out there with the shorts I need and I can’t purchase them. As sellers, you don’t have a platform without us. Listen to us. You are causing sellers AND buyers to leave and go to different platforms. When I contacted customer service about this issue, I got told to basically work harder. I do work hard! I had FANTASTIC sales before this. I’m highly rated. I follow the rules. I share constantly. My closet is beautiful with flawless cover photos. I spend a lot of time on this. But I need to work harder? No, you need to work harder. For us, your sellers. How absurd and frustrating.

  8. Chloe Ross..Emergency ??? I am looked out of my computer – everything is locked except my email. I just got an offer for Rykiel Top and I cannot contact the seller. CAN YOU HELP ME???

  9. Quit wasting our time with these blog posts and LISTEN!! OURS SALES HAVE DROPPED DRAMATICALLY. Items aren’t even showing in searches. For the love of GAWD fix it back. Everyone is pissed. EVERYONE. DO SOMETHING OVER THERE.

  10. Spring Fashions can’t sale if people can’t find them on your platform. I have at least one or two items listed on each category. If I am doing the right things, why have all my sales gone away. I’ve sold less than 6 items for the entire month of March so far. Plus many, many other sellers. It’s ok to say you tried something that didn’t work. We will go back to the old way until we can perfect the new SEO. I am not against or fearful of change. My life career was based on learning, educating others on changes within the company.
    It’s not the CHANGE which is frustrating your Community, it’s the uncertainty & lack of communication.

    You must recognize at this point there’s a problem. Simply advise us of your next step to correct the spiral. We are waiting & listening for recommendations. It would be a shame to throw Loyal Poshers out with the bath water.

  11. Thank you Poshmark, for giving me the push to stop investing time in your platform. You can thank your lack of communication most of all

  12. Your article says to make sure to use detailed descriptions. Yeah right. That is why your new algorithm promotes non detailed one word titles and most have no description. Who do you have working over there? Change it back, it doesn’t work for sellers or buyers!

  13. I’ve already begun moving my listings to other platforms and to my surprise making sales. Pretty refreshing after all the listing and sharing on poshmark to try and jolt sales to no avail. It’s unfortunate. I was really hoping to grow on poshmark but it seems to have come to a stalemate. I have to go where the money is and where my business can thrive as I continue to invest in it. I’m sad to say that doesn’t appear to be poshmark anymore and I can’t sit around for months waiting for your “experiment” to end in hopes that maybe one day I can actually make revenue again.

    1. Can you please share with me where to cross list my Poshmark closet to actually make sales. I can’t keep wasting 9 hours a day listing new items and sharing for no sales. Please help

  14. Why is the new algorithm still being used when PM said it would be scrapped because it was complete crap?

    It’s still the new algorithm. My closet of 3000 items tells the whole story of what is going on quite simply bc we don’t change our processes much— and we have gone to 0 sales a day some days. Obviously, if your an investor in POSH, be VERY concerned. This all started (negative changes in general, poor decision making) with the IPO

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