An Update on Search

We’ve been hard at work iterating on our search experience to help buyers more easily find what they’re shopping for while driving more traffic to listings and increasing sales for our sellers. Recent tests centered around this have shown an increase in sales, likes, and traffic to listings across the board. With these results and your valued feedback in mind, we have moved back to an optimized version of just shared as the default sort for all users. 

Our commitment to you is to honor what makes Poshmark unique as a social-marketplace: our community. We want to connect shoppers with the most relevant inventory to their searches and in turn, reward sellers for the effort they’ve put into marketing and crafting quality listings, with an increase in sales and visibility. We encourage sellers to continue leveraging the power of sharing and to enrich listings with titles, descriptions, style tags, and multiple photos to help match their listings to the most interested and relevant buyers.

Through ongoing testing, we will continue optimizing to drive more traffic and orders to your listings. Stay tuned, as we will be offering education for Posh Ambassadors focused on how they can improve the discoverability of their listings. As always, we are here to listen! Please comment below to share feedback and we appreciate your patience as we monitor. 

For more information on our recent search updates, see here.

379 thoughts on “An Update on Search

  1. Hi, my overall closet engagement and sales have plummeted, and I’m not sure why. In mid-late May, I was making a sale every 2-3 days and receiving consistent likes. Now I haven’t had a sale in eleven days, and I barely receive one like a day. I haven’t changed anything I am doing. I am still listing/re-listing, sharing, following new poshers etc. I have been putting the work in, but the results are simply not there. There are some items in my closet that have been consistently receiving likes since first listed, but now they are not. It’s not like those items suddenly became undesirable. I can only deduce that the algorithm changes and test groups are responsible for this, which is truly disheartening as I feel like my work is completely going to waste. Please assist here. If things don’t improve or we are not given guidance on how to have success under these new changes, I will be forced to turn to other reselling platforms to try to have any success. Thank you.

  2. I believe the algorithm weighs heavy on what we are charging for our items. I have noticed when sellers are not getting sales, they tend to lower their prices. Some think that means less money for Poshmark. In actuality, their profits are higher because the increased total sales they are getting from the lower prices some sellers are able to charge. If you notice, everyone having problems are the sellers that have to charge more to sustain their businesses. I am sure they also have marketing surveys which indicate prices of items across the entire market. Check out the department stores. It is crazy the low prices and sales they are running.

    1. You’re probably onto something but ONLY if you use direct to consumer messaging. I used Poshmark’s “My Shoppers” tool & reduced prices 45-70% and in some cases, lost money, but thanks to Poshmark tanking my traffic & sales from being in that mystery test group, I didn’t have much left to do in order to get items out of my residence. If I can at least make more money off of anything pre-owned on Poshmark than I would if I took it to my locally owned consignment stores then I’m just going to do weekend price drops & such. New items just can’t go that low. I’ve lowered my entire closet before & didn’t make any sales, so it’s not just the low prices really, but right now even when I sent out offers of a brand new, beautiful maxi dress from $79 to $45 no one purchased, and I can’t go any lower, so that item is going to be delisted/relisted back at the higher price or I’ll just change the price back to a higher price on that listing. I even had someone send me a counter after I discounted another item 45%, so, no matter how low you go someone wants it cheaper. I just sold a bundle for 75% less than originally listed. So, YES Poshmark IS making money, but I”m not., I’m just setting up to not even have to pay taxes as I”m almost giving things away, or paying to give them away at this point, argh!

  3. My sales have plummeted on the last few months. I’m active every day. Have over 200 active listings. List new and relist old frequently. Share my items and others. Follow new users. Use all the buzz word search terms. Take good pictures. Yet minimal sales. What more am I supposed to do to generate sales with your new changes? I’m over halfway qualified for the new Posh Ambassador II program for this quarter but I despite all my efforts to make sure I’m doing all the things in my control on that qualifier list (community shares, items listed, seller rating) but I’m no where close on the number of sales needed. And if that’s what keeps me from reaching this new level status to stay relevant on Poshmark despite doing all other things necessary to reach said level which should result in sales then clearly something is wrong. If there are Poshers who this is working for, please start having them share what they’re doing to be successful because having corporate Poshmark make statements saying it’s working for most and is beneficial doesn’t give me any confidence if all of the comments of actual sellers are negative. Give us more guidance, clarity, and communication. Show you value the majority of your sellers more than this please.

    1. Jordan, I hate to break it to you but Ambassador II does nothing but give you a gold star beside your name. I’m in the exact same boat, once made a living here and last month under $200. Coincidentally my first month as amabassador II.

    2. I am a Posh II ambassador…it doesn’t matter, my sales have tanked as well.
      Something else is going on when closets like @bhfo make 5,600 sales since March 2022. This closet has low followers & low shares. How is this possible???

      1. I agree, how is it possible for @bhfo to have the number of sales they have since March 2022 with very few followers and very few shares😖😖😖
        I have been sharing my closet, sharing other closets gaining followers for WHAT??? To see my sales slow to less than a crawl. I am doing everything that Posh says to do, especially the shares and then to see a new closet tear up sales without the shares. Something is not right and Posh refuses to explain. I am thinking the small closets are of little importance now to Posh and that is the truth of the situation.
        Please Posh tells us how this @bhfo is getting it done or better yet how you are helping them. Tell us and do the same for all. If your desire is to only have large closets then tell the rest of us. Put your big pants on and speak truthfully with us, no more smoke and mirrors please.
        To the rest of the small closet people where are you moving your inventory to? I need to make sales and move if it helps.
        Thanks for listening to me rant!!!

      2. I would guess that instead of sharing and following–@bhfo lists and lists daily and many many items. Listing is what makes sales over sharing and following. My sales are still awful even though I’m listing a few daily. I guess if you list like 100 a day you’re gonna make sales no matter what.

      3. Just a thought. I have shopped @BHFO for years on eBay. I think when they opened their closet on Poshmark they already had a huge customer base. The sales are probably because people go to their closet to browse and not because they saw a particular item from sharing or a party.

      4. That doesn’t make sense though. Why would any one of their followers from EBay want to spend more money for an item by now buying from them on Poshmark. The selling fees are more on Poshmark, so it would be hard to believe they don’t raise their prices on the items now listed on Poshmark

      5. How do you tell the number of sales a closet has made in the past month?

      6. You can’t tell how many sales they make each month. But you can see when they started their closet, which was March 2022. And since opening their closet they have made 5,600 sales

      7. I just check the closet @bhfo and this seller only posted 1, 2 or max 3 pictures for each item, how is that possible? And still this seller can get that amount of sales? Also, looks like more than 100 models works for this seller because each one modeling their clothing is different.

      8. You realize that seller is using stock photos, right? Not really legal, but allowed as long as the original company doesn’t mind their use. They’re also probably buying pallets of returns which is why they have so many listings.

    3. Hi Jordan. I appreciate your message here on many levels. I too am not going to be able to keep my Poshmark II Ambasador status due to not having enough sales. I need 25 more sales from now through June 30th and that is NOT going to happen as I am clearly in the “test group”. I have only made the sales I have by discounting 45-80% off items & I am LOSING money right now. But, because I am an “over-shopper” (my term, lol) I have 5 clothing racks FULL to still photograph & list among other shoes & accessories, however, if I’m not making any sales then it makes no sense to put the work into Poshmark. Due to other life challenges with my health & caring for my elderly folks (both intensified this past year) I’m not able to get those listings done. I am still listing a few & delisting/relisting, sharing, etc., “all the things” and my sales have been down 75% since February of this year. I am bringing items to local consignment at a loss for some of the items just to clear out my place. I’m no longer motivated to do this since Poshmark’s game playing. It’s a true shame. eBay isn’t the platform for me due to my health challenges & other commitments that make it so I can’t list daily, Poshmark was still steady without daily genuinely new listings but now it’s crickets.

      1. Likewise, I won’t make Ambassador 2 either. Absolutely no sales. It’s the one area that I am behind on. I am sure many are the same. Since this Ambassador status have no benefits, I am ok without a title. I am not ok with no sales. I, too must be in the ‘test group’. Abruptly from 20 to 40 sells a week down to 1 a week or nothing at all. Like you, I have so much more inventory to list but no motivation. It’s senseless. Many Poshers are experiencing the same decline. It’s a shame. A great deal of buyers were Sellers. Since they aren’t making money, they can’t shop. Just know you aren’t in the boat by yourself. Poshmark Ambassador title really don’t carry weight. It’s mainly a status thing as people like title in today’s society. I prefer money instead. These outlet store are where Poshmark is providing the sales along with new accounts. They are making profits & none of them are using all the tools PM is telling us with their algorithm to have your closet seen. None of of them are using it & daily sales are booming. I follow there closets daily. All I have is time these days. I don’t have the answer. I will participate in the Boycott tomorrow. I haven’t sold anything in weeks. One day won’t make a difference.

      2. Right Drue! I’ll be shutting my closet down tomorrow as well. I have to go to a doctor’s appointment anyway & since I’ve only had FOUR sales since April 30th it’s no big deal for me to do so. I firmly believe that there is a way to turn closets on/off on Poshmark just like they do on eBay. It’s so obvious on eBay when you’re steadily making sales & then something happens with a return or whatever & then crickets. eBay had an issue last weekend with their shipping USPS first class mail being the same cost as priority mail & both overpriced, double actually, and I lost a sale because of it, it was the potential customer who alerted me to it & I contacted them & they said they’d “work on it” and I never received any info. back & I lost the sale/customer. These platforms have so many users they apparently can pretty much do whatever they want & ignore the needs of a portion of the sellers. It just shows the lack of ethics & lack of transparency. Poshmark executives say they got all these sales from the “casual seller” and they want more, but then why feature these corporate account closets like the ones mentioned above. How are these other pro closets getting sales when they’re not sharing? I don’t appreciate the manipulation, I just don’t.

    4. Hey just wanted to reach out and say ambassador and ambassador ll are entirely useless and play no part in your sales. I have both. Ive talked to many other ambassador ll and they say the same. We dont even get the extra perks poshmark claimed we did. Like “priority faster help” lol we do not get that. Help is exactly the same. Poshmark created this and its nothing more than a game to make you be on the app more.

      1. Hello, I am a Posh ambassador II and I am in the same boat as everyone else commenting on here. Huge decline in sales. But I did get an email from Posh to set up a private zoom meeting to discuss my issues. The meeting is on May 20th. If anyone has any specific questions that they think I should ask reach out to me in my closet Jenee2222

  4. My sales have plummeted for two months now. I once made enough to get by and now make next to nothing. These changes have been detrimental to my life and livelihood. The thousands of hours I’ve put into Poshmark and moving my boutique here now seem like a massive waste. You’re playing with people’s lives.

    1. Hi, I noticed that in March a new user registered in poshmark, @bhfo, he has around 131,000 listings and in just one month he has sold more than 5000 sales Honestly, I see it as a whale in front of most of us who try to build something on Poshmark, i think this could be the reason for the decrease in our sales 😮‍💨

      1. It’s a discount outlet store with its own web store as well. This appears to be the direction Poshmark is pursuing.

      2. I agree. I have seen other closets the same as well as New Poshers bragging & making multiple sales daily. Some are on these platform talking about how they have sold in just a week. Their closet doesn’t even meet the criteria Poshmark team told us to be in alignment with their SEO & Algorithm. Absolutely nothing special about their closet. A few pics & minimum description. I believe strongly PM are supporting newbies as their test pilot. Each one who brag & telling us they are doing great, started in April 2022. Now these outlet stores. I am wondering if all Poshers should closed down their business & start new ones. You will start to see the sales increase. I did with a few items & sold immediately. Just saying….
        For someone like me, I have 2000 active listing. I will post new ones on my new account & slowly share a selected few from old account. Since I have nothing but time these days, it will be worth the effort plus allow me to add more pics & update my old listing. If you are on Poshmark platforms, notice all the new Poshers making sales. Judge for yourself.

      3. I’m in Canada so that’s not really the case for me but good for them I guess. I don’t think one seller’s success is to blame.

      4. Hi Marye – I’ve noticed a different user with same suspicion (nwtbrands2love). Last month I saw they were making hundreds of sales with minimal discount while the rest of the normal poshers struggling, are encouraged to drop prices to nearly 85% off nwt. They have currently over 21k listing since jan and have made sales from buyers I never see. They are def being favored and shown as relative search items more than others. It’s a hack. Their items are shown to a collection of buyers they know will buy at higher prices via algorithms, while low price buyers are filtered to many non corporate regular accounts. They have no love note given out, yet they became ambassador after first two months (one of requirements) . Recently they just added a female name as appendage to their header-name to fool ppl more. They are a corporate closet in my opinion, being favored , like many others. It’s sad and disgusting.

      5. Oh! Wow! I just checked this seller, they have their Instagram, it is a big warehouse with 150 employees….. I can understand Poshmark but in the other hand is not fair the way Poshmark had separated the sellers in groups is like First and Second Class Closets, where they make visible only the First Class and the others closets not even get notifications. Summary: An uneven competition, not because there are big and small sellers, is uneven cause Poshmark had made this uneven, helping some and abandoning others. Maybe the apps work like that and we are just realized now.
        (In poshmark I am having 1 sell per week, yes One, but I’m now in 4 apps more 😎)

      6. Whale on Posh? Yup. That is the trend. Posh is attempting to follow EBays updates. The current trend is to attract and allow major labels to set up their (2nds) under their brand name and sell direct to the public. Small sellers will go the way of the dodo bird.

  5. I am a gold star ambassador. On PM for four years. I had built up to 1-2 sales per day. When the first change happened in Feb my sales tanked to zero. When they said they put it back to just shared my sales went back up to normal. Now for the last ten days Zero. I saw the invitation to the chat but it was sold out and I couldn’t get in, so I didn’t even know what was going on until I came on here to look. Why wouldn’t you at least send a summary of the content to all posh ambassadors? Especially if you can’t have everyone included? The rest of us are just supposed to wonder what is going on with our business? I am still not clear exactly what went on… can someone give me a summary? I share constantly, list daily, follow until I’m told there is a Error (because the system thinks we are all robots apparently). Nothing is working.

    1. I also keep refreshing here as I was unable to get a ticket. I heard from others that it was recorded… but would love to know where it will be available! I couldn’t believe the Fireside chat was not made available to everyone. Especially since their YouTube channel has Fireside chats from years ago all publicly available. We are desperate for information and answers. Please communicate with everyone Poshmark. I know this special education was supposed to be only for ambassadors (which seems silly to begin with) but where can the ambassadors watch the videos for the events that sold out.

      1. I went to YouTube & a few Poshers are doing recaps. I loved this older lady take on today’s Zoom. Try going to YouTube Poshmark Search Hacks 2022. For whatever reason, I wasn’t able to log in. I am bummed out as I like to hear for myself & arrive to my own opinion. I’m told it was 35 minutes instead of a hour. I’m hearing it was like Poshmark 101 with a few positive pointers. For me, all these pointers except using Google trends was new to me. All the others, I have been doing for years. As many noted today, the information provided is great for new Sellers. Sales are still horribly down for me. People were still anger & frustrated by the chats.

        I hope you can find better answers.

    2. You didn’t miss anything by not being able to the attend the meetings. They still didn’t give us any information as to how to navigate the new algorithm to make sales

  6. Just wanted to let everyone know on instagram sellers are now planning a strike/boycott. Everyones putting their closets on vacation mode starting may 11th. For more information hop on instragram and look up this account mimiessany for more information.

    1. This is interesting but to gain traction–the reach has to be more than just IG. Twitter, Facebook, Redditt, Tictock, Discord, etc…

      1. We are trying. Its being shared around facebook currently. But the more people that share it around the better. Thats why i posted here. Hoping others will share to other platforms 🙂

      2. Literally nothing on Twitter about it. Nothing on Reddit. I’m down. I called for this weeks ago and offered to help organize since I have experience in labor organizing. This is gonna happen in 8 days and it’s the first I’m hearing about it.

      3. I personally only have FB and insta. This is also newer, planned a couple days ago. I have posted it in some of the posh groups on facebook though!

      4. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t take off. You can’t plan this big of a shutdown in a couple of days. The organizers of the Etsy strike planed for months–that’s how they had so many sellers sign their open letter. The issue they had was sellers in China did not close their shops. We’re all here in the US. That gives us more leverage on some levels.

      5. I’ll bet we have many many sellers in China, as Mel previously pointed out in her most recent comment.

      6. I am sure we have many Chinese sellers but not sellers who are based in China like on Etsy, because of the way shipping works. Is it possible that there are sellers who order products from China and then sell on Posh, yes, could they also be Chinese, sure but since Posh doesn’t do overseas shipping those sellers have to be in the US.

      7. I’m a shareholder. Just got this notice of annual meeting. Our chance to vote em out!

        ‌Annual Meeting‌: ‌June 14, 2022‌

        Important proxy voting material is ready for your review.
        Proxy voting is for shareholders as of ‌April 18, 2022‌.

        Vote Now!

        Ways to Vote

        Log on to your
        Vote by
        ‌June 13, 2022‌
        ‌1‌1‌:‌5‌9‌ ‌P‌M‌ ‌E‌T‌

      8. Yes I read it on IG & Facebook. Since my business isn’t making sales, it’s already in dead mode. I will join & put in vacation mode on May 11, 2022 in support of everyone who have lost revenues, close down their business, or struggling to survive. It’s the least I can do as I don’t agree how PM is treating their ‘COMMUNITY’ who made them what they are today, FILTHY RICH. It’s pathetic. The worse part is they didn’t warn us, prepare us nor teach. Just created a blind test group with nepotism.

        In order for this BOYCOTT OR STRIKE to spread, it must be passed around fully on every social media & the news. Companies don’t like negative publicity as investigating will start to take shape. I’m surprised this debacle haven’t made the news.

        I don’t see everyone getting involve; especially, if they are in the positive test group. It would be nice whether you are or not experiencing negative sales to simply support millions who are for one day. The way we change the world is with our strong collective voices.

        I don’t depend on PM as my only source of income. I am blessed in this regard. As I mentioned, I am sick & tired of these multi-million dollars corporation doing this to people as if they don’t have enough money. PM thrived off the blood, sweat & tears from the very hard people from this POSHMARK COMMUNITY who just want to provide for their families or whatever reason. I don’t begrudge people who are wealthy who earned what they have by going into business for themselves, through education, a dream or whatever. Seriously most people just want to live a comfortable life with financial freedom before their time is up on this earth. I know we can talk about the people who aren’t doing anything. I get it. I am talking about the millions & millions who do & can’t get one step ahead without getting pushed back 10x over. AS JUDGE JUDY WOULD SAY, RIDICULOUS!!!!

        I learned early on to never ever put all you eggs in one basket for reason like this. Most of us get changes. The world is changing everyday & we all must adapt. Simple as that but when you are blind-sided & pitting other Poshers against each other due to no communication on a blind TEST GROUP as if we all are just RATS in a cage. That’s unconscionable.

        I am sincerely happy for the businesses or closets who are doing great. Based on last week Chatfire, you won the LOTTERY. The rest of us sadly LOST. PM is trying to brainwash us about this algorithm, sharing, listing & repeat. Raise your hand if you were doing this already & successfully making money. Who made money in 2020, 2021 & 2022 until this change? Our biggest complaints at that time was scammers filtrating this company. Most heard Tracy Sun, SVP tell us, the decline is due to economy as well people are going back to stores for shopping. Again RIDICULOUS!!! Why would a Senior Vice President of one of the largest Online Resell platform mention brick & mortar retail stores. They built their business on Resell Online shopping. Now this is the reason some of us aren’t succeeding. My mouth drop. The anger & frustration started to come in like wildfire. You had to be on that Chat.

        Tomorrow will be interesting on the HACK SEARCH. How are they passing this information on to the Buyers who we depend engine to find items? I am reading & hearing no way they are changing back. My thoughts is this, they already purchased & invested millions with a software company and they must make it work. I’m not a software engineer or know how to create apps but I do know that they can tell them what they need for their specific business & customers. So the real question is why the abrupt CHANGE.

        In closing, LET’S CLOSE DOWN FOR ONE DAY ON MAY 11, 2022. CALL IT A MENTAL HEALTH DAY OR REVAMP MY CLOSET DAY. May 12, 2022 you can open up.

      9. What is everyone gaining by tearing down the community further? We have all invested our money, blood, sweat & tears into this platform. If everyone would take the time they’re wasting on boycotts, voting out the board, etc. we could get back to the place where Poshmark was a wonderful community. All of this discord helps no one. I have reached out to Manish to see if they will talk with me about the outstanding tech questions everyone has. Let’s give them an opportunity to respond and let’s find a way forward rather than stomping all over the people who created this platform to begin with. Yes, there are problems, but these are SOLVABLE problems.

    2. Thank you for the heads up. I have an IG account but avoid social media like the plague 😉 lol, except for YT engagement & this here blog post as it’s important. I’ll hop on IG for more info. I could easily vacation mode my closet as it won’t wreck the sales I’m not having right now anyway!

  7. I am a Five star seller on Poshmark and I just shared one of my listings— purple houndstooth blazer, which shows up first in the shared listings but CANNOT even be found when I clicked “relevance.” In fact most of the blazers showing up aren’t even purple. Sellers with COUNTLESS five star ratings should have their listings as show as relevant. Sadly, this new algorithm system is not helping my sales at all. Please fix this. Thank you.

    1. Just wanted to let everyone know on instagram sellers are now planning a strike/boycott. Everyones putting their closets on vacation mode starting may 11th. For more information hop on instragram and look up this account mimiessany for more information.

  8. I have a request: Please put my closet @karloren in the Selling Group, I mean put my items in the Visible Group, since I share my closet and and my shares go directly to a parallel universe no showing up as a result for any search, I’d truly appreciate it.

    1. Lol, love it! 😉 My closet must be in the same parallel universe, lol. I am getting some visibility but no sales. I may just take most of the remainder of my inventory that’s seasonally appropriate to the two local consignment stores in my hometown, actually, there’s a new consignment store so I guess there are three, oh and then there’s another one the next town over. OK, so I’ll only get $1.50-$6 on average per item but at least it’ll be cash & if I bring a few hundred items I’ll sell more in a month than I could in a year on Poshmark!

      1. Thanks for the response and I so feel you! I to share a lot but have to ask myself why I am doing it?????
        And the sad part is they don’t care about what we are individually earning as long as PM continues to make $$.
        I believe it may be time to pivot, pivot, pivot🤪 what choice do we have.

      2. Just wanted to let everyone know on instagram sellers are now planning a strike/boycott. Everyones putting their closets on vacation mode starting may 11th. For more information hop on instragram and look up this account mimiessany for more information.

    2. I feel your pain and feel exactly the same. I have reached out to PM multiple times only to receive back “canned” answers that it is being worked on and we need to share more😖. I do share and do all the things we are supposed to do and my sales still are now in the toilet! Was there a reason to fix something that wasn’t broken? I am researching other selling platforms and will check out Mercari. This is beyond frustrating and the fireside chat was not informative nor were our questions answered. I tested sharing of a vintage scarf in my closet and scarves that had last been shared months ago appeared before mine. PM and I have differing ideas on what “just shared” means! Also I just shared a bunch of your items @karloren😎😎😎.
      Carla (my new closet name should be – beyond frustrated!)

      1. Hi Carla! You are most likely in their “test” group & they said in the “fireside chat” (which is now being called a “dumpster fire” of slight Poshmark seller fury I might add, & rightfully so) that they are NOT going to be changing these “test groups” but they are going to continue to test at this point indefinitely, which means unless you’re psychic & figure out which exact classifications of key words are being preferred in their algorithm, your sales will continue as is., which for me is 80% drop since February. To say I’m “pivoting” is an understatement. I am going to focus on eBay now & some in person locally owned consignment shops.

        I share about 7,000 shares on average a day as I have 500 active listings & literally can’t share any more. The act of “sharing” is just so your “visibility” doesn’t completely fall off a cliff. But the sharing combined with whatever algorithm they had before is not the same, will never be the same again so I am going to assume the amazing sales I had at the the last 6 months into January 2022 are over.

        I have experimented with not sharing for hours & then I will not have even one share, like, etc., so you DO need to share but the sharing is NOT leading to sales or enough eyes on your items to make a difference as it once was.

        I’ve been doing A LOT of searching myself & I have seen a few patterns as well, so you’re certainly right on what you’re seeing.

        Here is what I’ve noticed; older, less active closets being seen, items that have generic titles, less professional looking closets with under $15 being show, the same items are repeated in the search vs more items seen in whatever it is that you’re searching for, some YouTuber’s closets being shown where others are essentially non-existent. One brand name I researched “X-Brand Skirt, dress, top” showed one YouTubers items 90% of the time. Even some of the items I’m selling in my closet I searched & saw the same closets being seen but not mine.

        If we are doing what we’ve always done & had prior success and are not having that success now but in fact are seeing significantly lower sales what is the incentive to remain on/with Poshmark?

        The reality is that Poshmark is a business, they don’t care about their “Poshers” that was a cutesy marketing campaign. The whole business has been run like a social media MLM platform & many of us are now realizing we had the wool pulled over our eyes as we were hoping there could actually be a business with a heart as well. Clearly, Poshmark is NOT that business.

  9. Previously I had been doing so well on PM – so well for me anyway. I had just gotten to the point of fairly consistent sales of 1 or 2 a day. But then The Change happened. Now, I am not making hardly any sales. I am so disappointed in PM. It is hard for me to believe that sales over all are up. I really haven’t heard of anybody who is enjoying the change at PM. Please change back! Search is not consistent in that some super strange things pop up when searching – this is bad for a buyer and confusing for the seller! What should our titles be to compete with “blue dress” that is ahead of us in search? Time in research and keywords are put into each listing and title and then “blue dress” gets seen first? It really doesn’t make any sense.

  10. This has literally killed my sales. The only positive is it forced me to finally sign up for Mercari and I’m doing well on that platform. It’s a shame I enjoyed Posh, but I have to pay my bills.

    1. I am hearing many Poshers are doing wonderful on Mercari. Also I read that Serena Williams resigned from Poshmark Board of Directors. It was in Fashion Network dated April 27, 2022 by Jennifer Braun. Did anyone know she was part of Poshmark? Learn something new everyday. BTW, Sales with my closet haven’t improved either. Make a horrible mess. People are starting to tag board members.

  11. In March, I listed around 400 items and sold 47 and made a bit over $1700 in sales. In April, I’ve listed over 400 and have made 17 sales and have made under $700. So whatever group I’m in is obviously the wrong group. Somethings broke and Posh does not care. After that ‘Fireside Chat’ it’s obvious that small closets don’t matter anymore. Even if it’s the small closets that built Posh. It’s so disheartening.

  12. I have a request: Please include my closet in the selling group, I mean in the group that actually is getting sales. Thanks in advance .

  13. I have worked in software development and e-commerce for over 15 years. I have an acute understanding of the software development lifecycle and how companies should develop and test platform changes because it is my job to do these things.

    One of the rules that is not broken, ever, is to test out platform changes on live data. When I refer to “live data” I am referring to users closets and real time activity. You can imagine my surprise when, listening to the fireside chat, I hear them speak about testing being performed on Group A and Group B, live closets on the Poshmark platform. The logical assumption is that the platform changes were tested out in the live, production system that is the Poshmark platform. I’ve never seen a company do this. It’s just not done. It’s not only unethical, it’s completely against everything developers KNOW to do.

    How can Poshmark explain away using these groups as test subjects when answering a question about why sales drastically decreased, why the search algorithms were not working correctly, why users were not given the opportunity to opt in or opt out of being in a beta test group?

    Is Poshmark really saying they’re the direct cause of sales decreases / lost revenue for these two groups of real time, live closets? Is there really to be no mention of reparations that need to be made to the sellers who lost a lot of money during this undisclosed testing phase? A testing phase that was neither communicated nor truthfully represented in the following months when users were begging for answers?

    I’m really disturbed.

    We are the first Poshers, who have been here since the very beginning. This platform was built on our blood, sweat & tears. We have developed the SEO Method, educated people about how software algorithms work, navigated not just one, but two Ambassador programs, and learned how to create a sustainable business working within the vague and unknowns. We figured it out. Poshmark has learned from us and has gone public on our backs.

    We deserve truthful answers from developers who know what they’re talking about. I am offering to speak directly with the developers and can translate the meaning to the Poshers I’ve educated for years.

    It’s time we had some real talk. Y’all know where to find me.

    Poshmark Paige

    1. We have been in Poshmark for 6 years and our sales always steady with daily sales for Designer bags 5 to 10 but starting in April 2022 we almost have no sales. Why did Poshmark do? We are doing the same what we did to share hourly, list daily and share other closets. What is going on Poshmark. Its really sad and also we loss thousands of sales. We already made $2million dollar sales in your platform and you are the best all this time compare to eBay, Tradesy and Vestiare however we never experience this to have no sales for how many days.

      Our closet: luxury_cheaper

      Can you please let us know what is going and what is the new algorithm and ways to boost our sales again since it seems like you guys change completely the method or ways and no longer the old times.

      Thank you soo much Poshmark we appreciate.

    2. Thank you SO much for your thoughtful & educated response. This is exactly what I was saying, albeit with more anger & frustration. Is this even legal? I KNOW it’s unethical but I caught this at the chat too & was livid! My sales are down about 90% & I was hoping to get off of SSDI by selling online & now I know that’s not possible. I’m a former psychotherapist so I know a lot about human behavior & even studied a bit of organizational psychology & I’m disturbed by the actions taken with this testing on so many levels. You’re right, none of us were notified, gave permission or agreed on any level to this & we are suffering & Poshmark obviously does not care, it feels violating. I really don’t want to sell on this platform ever since this came out in the “fireside chat”. I care about customers & my fellow Poshmark sellers, mostly women who once again are being taken advantage of by a system. All I can say time & time again is how disturbing this is. I’m going to be contacting my state’s agencies to see what if anything can be done & also maybe contact the federal trade commission. I feel used & manipulated & I had enough of that in my short lived marriage & I don’t need it in something I chose to pursue as a positive ingredient in my life; it is no longer.

      1. I don’t think we know enough yet to go down the ethics road but I’ve sent several messages and have asked Posh to talk to me so we can get specific questions the community has answered. I’m not trying to stir up trouble. I’ve actually seen an increase in sales and traffic the past couple of weeks, but I really want to understand better what has changed so that we can pivot and deal with it once and for all.

  14. I was at the chat today. Corporate is corporate and I understand that. What I don’t understand is having a test group and a control group and not letting end users know which group they’re in. The test was run with no consideration for people who actually depend upon Poshmark as their sole source of income.

    My sales have increased this year. So I’m not complaining that the changes have stopped my sales because they haven’t. But could they be higher if I were not subject to the changes? Or are they higher because of the changes? Nobody knows least of all me whom it affects. I have posted significantly more this year. My issue is that I don’t know if I’m part of the test group, or part of the control group. Again as a businesswoman I would like to know if my success this year is due to my increased postings which I suspect it is, or if me being in the control group or test group had anything to do with it. I feel that if Posh would at least let people know which group they fell into it would be a true test because sellers could then respond to the results of the test/control by taking actions to repeat success or changing their strategy to improve success.

    I would also be interested in knowing if anyone at Poshmark has lived the life of a posher for one week. As a test -as we’re all in test mode now- test going out to source clothing, photograph the clothing, describe the clothing, research comps, respond to questions, share closet multiple times a day, (but not too many cause share jail) and go to the Post Office and also try to figure out what’s going on with Poshmark and care for your family and also have a social life and be healthy. I’d like to see the results of that test. There was a woman in the Northeast that wrote a book a decade or so back about going on welfare and living on a bare minimum and she was shocked at what people actually went through. She did this by choice, but she wanted to see what it was like for the other side. There’s great value in gaining perspective.

    The sharing expectation, and the social aspect of the app as well as the time it takes to make professional posts, stay active on the app, and actually find new inventory- we all do it and we manage and love it. But again I don’t know if Posh actually knows and therefore can appreciate what it takes for a day-to-day seller to get all that done and still be successful.

    It takes a lot. So to have a company that you admire, promote, brag about, give 20% of your all to quietly pull a test with no warning is not well thought out for the potential effects to the end users who as it’s been so succinctly stated warehouse everything so Posh doesn’t have to and filter up the 20% that makes Posh what it is.

    I am not crossposting to other apps, or closing my closet, etc. I really love and appreciate the app, and it has afforded me a greater deal of personal flexibility than I’ve ever had. Thank you for that. But in return I’m really hoping to find out if I am in the test group or the control group so I can manage my business accordingly.

    Very best,

    1. Cici, as a seasoned Poshmark seller (this is my fourth year on the platform), all I can do is echo and agree with your observations regarding the changes and fireside chat.

      I am one of those sellers who has clearly been put in one of the test groups that is giving all off the negative changes, as I went from multiple sales every day to crickets over the last 6 weeks.

      Poshmark was what enabled me to be a stay-at-home mom to my infant child, and I can no longer count on this platform as a viable source of income.

      If they are trying to push off larger sellers who are not actual companies or wholesalers, it’s working.

  15. Super disappointed in this extremely unprofessional “chat”. I can’t search for anything that doesn’t bring up irrelevant results. The reason buyers are viewing more listings is cause no one can find what they need. Please address these missteps.

    1. It’s not just buyers who are “searching.” It’s actually sellers who are futility checking for their own listings in the search results to see if anything they do makes a difference. Posh is counting sellers “searching” their own listings as an increase in “buyers” activity.

      Sorry to step on your toes, but we need to call it like it is. But, no matter what, Posh has got it wrong.

    2. Disappointed isn’t the right word. I was infuriated with this 20 minute discussion. Didn’t have enough respect to give us 10 more minutes & address the questions they ask us to submit. Instead they fled & got off that chat ASAP. It as if they are blaming us for not adapting. Adapting to what? My mouth drop when the SVP Tracy Sun told us people now shopping at stores now that the pandemic is better. & the economy not doing good. As if to say, this why our sales are down. They built their company brand on ONLINE SELLS & RESELLS. That was the best as the leader she could give to her loyal community. Bottom line is this is the “new way.” They are not going to change back but will keep on testing the unknown ‘WHAT’. We were told to continue to Share. We never STOP. It was a very poor execution today to all their PM Sellers & Buyers. It was a true failure.

      1. IS ANYONE IN CORPORATE READING THESE POSTS????? We shouldn’t be surprised….once a company starts selling stock it’s all about the shareholders! You do realize WE THE SELLERS are essential to your business model. The meeting yesterday was supposed to be 30 minutes, you only managed 20 mins. None of the questions you had us prepare for you were addressed. Did any seller hear even one clue on how to adjust to these idiotic changes??? I didn’t. Very disappointed and today am listing items on two other platforms for the first time. Hey shareholders, are you aware of this fiasco, shareholder complaints will obviously be the only complaints listened to from here on……very sad and disappointing Poshmark!

      2. Report Problems
        If you have a problem when you shop online, try to work it out directly with the seller or site owner. If that doesn’t work, you can report it to:

        the Federal Trade Commission at
        your state attorney general
        your state’s consumer protection agency

        AND contact media outlets; these are our options because Poshmark doesn’t care, won’t listen, thinks they know everything & I’m done listing on Poshmark unless something changes.

        Hello Universe, powers that be? I’d like a refund on my Poshmark stocks as I’ve now LOST over 90% of the money I put into this poor excuse for a company and also 90% of sales. I SO appreciate all my fellow Poshers but NOT Poshmark the “corporation”.

      3. The WORST part of this “chat” which infuriated me as well as it was demeaning, condescending, disrespectful, insulting & dismissive filled with gaslighting & lack of responsibility is THIS: They ADMITTED that they are using us RIGHT NOW as guinea pigs without telling us first OR compensating us. There are 3 groups; A, B & “control” (laughable as there’s nothing scientific about the way their gathering this data or ETHICAL). IF you’re in the group that clearly I’m in as I’ve lost 90% of my sales since the change, oh well, too bad, they’re experimenting on you with the new search & you need to try to figure out how to get more sales. I lost ALL respect for Poshmark & in fact, I’m not so sure what they’re doing is legal, it’s certainly not ethical & I’m going to contact some agencies to find out because online is a whole other ballgame. I don’t want Poshmark to make another dime off of me after attending this “meeting” because they do NOT care about ANY OF US AT ALL. These two fake, phony, unprofessional poor excuse for “facilitators” of this meeting were totally unprepared & acted like 15 year old giggly girls. I was insulted & if this is where & what Poshmark thinks is professional? I’m outta here!

  16. Poshmark is BROKEN. Ruined. I have been selling on posh for 3+ years & absolutely love(d) this app. So much so I got friends & family selling, bragged about it constantly on social media, & filled an entire room in my home with 1200+ items I’ve listed because I had so much faith in it & was having such success. I would spend hours on the app each day, & usually made 3-5 sales per day. After the first search change, things crashed. Stopped completely. Then after things were changed back, I ended up having a record sales month in March- the best in 3 years!! However with the latest change, not only can I not sell (only making 1 sale a day if I’m lucky) but I can’t buy either!! Simply cannot find what I’m searching for. If I search a particular brand of shoes, I will find jackets, purses, coats- you name it- but not what I’m searching for. It’s the most frustrating search algorithm I’ve ever encountered. If me, as a buyer & seller who knows the app can’t find an item, you better believe the general public can’t find an item & they will quickly search elsewhere! You have taken what wasn’t broken & utterly destroyed it. You have taken people’s primary & secondary incomes away. You have left sellers sad, frustrated, mad, & frankly moving their business to other platforms where searches work & items are selling. Personally since this fiasco, I have diversified & spread to 3 other platforms & have removed over 100 items from posh. There is NO WAY your profits are up- I would love to see your proof. You have truly ruined an incredible, community based platform- PLEASE fix it. Admit your mistakes, fix them, & keep doing what you were doing!! Until then… peace Poshmark. 🥺

  17. Sadly, the search is broken. I’m a seller who buys – a lot. I have a brand I buy a lot of – and yet my most recent search brought up FIVE items for this brand. 5. One of the closets I went into had a dozen, but they didn’t appear in my search.

    If I can’t sell because of crappy search, and can’t BUY because of a crappy search – where does that leave you?

  18. Just wondering about this comment : “Stay tuned, as we will be offering education for Posh Ambassadors focused on how they can improve the discoverability of their listings. “

    Have you released anything yet?

    1. They are apparently doing a live video on the 28th lol. You have to register for it and submit your questions upon registration. I dont have much hope for it but,

      1. They have a “search hack” session on May 4th too but it’s sold out.

  19. It is very frustrating when this was used as a platform so people could have at home jobs but after all the searches have changed, this is not working anymore. As a buyer, it is very frustrating when toward the tops of the searches old, inactive closets are showing items that will never get fulfilled so your money gets taken and you have to wait to cancel the purchase. If someone hasn’t logged on in over 30-60 days and they aren’t on “vacation” mode, there closet should not been seen.

  20. I have 2 Posh Closets. One is wholesale the other is my first closet that I have had since 2017. I have sold over 2k items and am pretty part time. Well when I decided to go fulltime with my wholesale business and dropped serious money into getting inventory this happens. I am now moving all my items over to Ebay and Mercari and Facebook marketplace. I went from !k in January to no sales now. I am heartbroken but so angry that I feel betrayed by a company I literally LOVED so much. I really depended on Poshmark.

  21. Whatever you are doing, it is not working! I’ve only sold one item all month despite doubling my efforts at sharing and posting new items. Fix this!

  22. I am begging you to fix your search functions, and your website. My January sales, my February sales, and half of my March sales were phenomenal. I became a full-time reseller Towards the end of 2021 and put everything I had into Poshmark. Mid March my sales plummeted and for April 2022 i’m barely making 25% of my January or February sales because people cannot find my items and I’m not getting likes so that I can’t even make offers. You’re literally killing my business and making me take my listings to other platforms where my sales are taking off. It’s not because people don’t want my items, I’m making the sales elsewhere! People can’t find my items on Poshmark, you are losing my business, you are losing my income you are driving customers away, you are driving resellers away. Please help us keep our business on Poshmark

  23. As both a buyer and seller on Poshmark, I find the search function incredibly broken. It used to be great, providing many listings to any manner of searches, and I have become adept at using filters to hone the results. In the current state, I am unable to find many, if any, relevant listings. I’ve always used my sales proceeds to make purchases, but right now I’m doing neither. If sales have increased, it must favor a few big sellers. One of the great things about Poshmark was that it was a level playing field for everyone, no matter the size of the closet. Interaction with the app and effort made a difference. This change to the search function is both frustrating and confusing, from both a purchasing and selling view. If I’m not selling, I’m not buying. If I’m not finding anything using the search function, I’m not buying. Please fix this- I can’t be alone in my experience.

  24. How is it that in March I made $1700 after Poshmark ‘fixed’ their search issues, now it’s been charged back and I’ve made under $400 (and that’s before fees) for April? I list daily. I share. I greet new poshers. I share fresh closets. I relist items that are over 60 days old. And here I am with over 820 items and not a sale since Monday 4/18. I did take a short vacation for the Easter Holiday but short vacations have never hurt my sales like this. Did I mention I have 820 active listings?!? Do we need to call for a strike of small closets to make @Poshmark actually listen? #poshstrike

    1. It’s terrible service! So disappointed, I’ve begun mapping my items to another platform. After years on PM, they lack vision and accountability! Terrible service.

  25. Poshmark, the search button isn’t working, shoppers are leaving poshmark to shop on other sites! My sales have tanked and I’m full time! For the love of Mike! Please fix the search function and focus on the pro sellers who built this company!!! 😭

  26. Hello Poshmark,

    I was experimenting with the search function again. I shared 5 pairs of Sorel boots I have for sale in my closet. I immediately did a search for “Sorel”. Three of the boots showed up in the top of the search and two were not anywhere to be seen. I scrolled down pretty far. They all have “Sorel” in the title and should have all shown up in the search. Yet another search issues. Whatever you guys did, undo it and work out the kinks on a testbed. PLEASE!!!!!

  27. I have had the same experiences as so many writing here. An ambassador since 2018 who realizes that the ambassador role is a fluff piece that took them literally years to decide on a use for. I’ve signed up for the upcoming “conversation” and am glad to see at least one ‘perk’ from the program before it is taken away next quarter because changes have tanked my listings.

    I digress, however. The point I wanted to mention here is one I haven’t seen much spoken about and that is the biggest concern for me. I’ve been selling online forever and experienced the etsy market being literally given to chinese sellers who had already killed ebay and amazon for small business. The experience at etsy was/is so blatant that even calling it a complete joke is an understatement. And, frankly, I see the same thing coming. Here’s why…

    When posh made bulk listing possible they changed the game. I was glad to see it but was concerned that as soon as some of the larger sellers could throw up tens of thousands of listings, and daily tweaks to existing listings, I would be drowned out no matter what I did. I think that is what we are seeing. Posh had to change the way results are given because if they don’t then there will be a handful of sellers with 10000+ listings whose bots throw “shares” back and forth at each other and drown out any smaller seller. Sounds bad at first, but consider that buyers don’t know the difference and posh is getting the same cut on those sales as on ours and you see why etsy did what they did and why posh is going to too.

    The only way I can see to compete on posh moving forward is going to be to approach it like promoting a website on google — regular new content and highly detailed seo. But here’s the catch — we aren’t being given any traffic data to make that kind of promotion possible. The additional closet insight feature is cute and gives some mildly interesting data but nothing that gives us the ability to compete.

    Posh has to decide whether smaller sellers are worth the trouble and I would (and am) betting my income that it’s already decided. I say that because a 30 minute conversation cannot accomplish much and they are constantly tweaking results with no updates or info already.

    I don’t think they are concerned about their “old school” sellers. They are now an international company, and a public company, that is required by the market to focus most on bottom line. That’s why that sudden change in results was allowed to happen. I think they underestimated how loud a group of angry posh bosses could get — and I’m proud of us for that! – but their response is to placate us – not to help us compete. They are essentially required to run their business this way now. You can only grow so far with a bunch of small side-hustle sellers.

    The decision for me is going to come down to whether they will give enough info for me to carve a niche out of the marketplace that makes it worth staying. I’ve invested way too much time and money not to see what’s coming but my optimism isn’t high. Frankly, they’re doing what I would do in their shoes. Business has to grow and the same thing has happened to every single online marketplace that is still in business. And all the ones that focused on small sellers are… gone.

    1. Mel,
      You’re saying the same thing I trying to say. My niche in various Corporations for over 40 yrs wasn’t in Retail or Online. As A CEO, Stockholders, Trustee etc, I know the Bull Crap. The little guys will always be pulled or the person who dedicated their entire career building up a business kicked out a year before pension or retirement. I have against this my entire; however, sitting in these meetings many only cared about lining their pockets.
      You are SPOT on. What will 30 minutes accomplish when you can simply do the right things & send another letter? They have already heard our voice at least mines. It’s impossible for smaller or mid size closet to reach the Share level they put in place. It’s simple mathematics. Bulk listing with listing of 10k or higher will have a fight chance. All of this I am putting out isn’t for me as this isn’t my bread & butter. I live a wonderful financial stable retired life. I am fighting the less fortunate who don’t have a voice or made this company what it’s today. They have the legal right to do whatever they want. I have seen big Corporations fall as well. People just don’t understand their voice or too tired & broken. A rule of thumb I’ve shared for years with my loves & others. Never ever put all your eggs in one basket. This is why I absolutely love this New Generation. Their may have some faults but they have learned from Boomers Generation. Loyalty without reward is a given & they will march & fight for what they believe in. They will quit & move on while we were caught to be completely loyal. Again your points are spot on. You know sad part I see from so many desperate sellers. They are being brain with this Share, Share, List, List & Repeat daily. Who wasn’t doing this before this new SEO. To list you must make money to buy more inventory. To buyer from others you must make money. Those who replied on this as a full-time job or extra needed income were abruptly FIRE. Most don’t know it yet & many are hopeful. Rarely in my career have I seen mega corporations change back to a positive outcome. They will look at it as the built in loss they expected & with thousands of new accounts created daily this will be a bleep in their corporate history. Those who aren’t effect now just wait & be prepared as the second & third phrase is coming. Everyone is important until they are not.

    2. Mel, I agree with you but it isn’t just the Chinese manufacturers who will create multiple closets with thousands of listings, it’s also the large clothing companies such as Free People and Levi’s who now have Brand Closets and can sell thousands of NWT items each day because they have staff dedicated to listing on Poshmark all day, every business day.

      I also think the new requirement for payment companies to send 1099-K forms to each seller on their platform who sells more than $600/year in 2022 is a factor. That’s going to be a nightmare for Posh to send to their millions of sellers who reach that low threshold. I think they want individual sellers to quit the platform before they reach that amount. Looks like it’s working.

      Let’s stay and fight on!

      1. those ‘brand closets’ are chinese sellers if you get to the core of it. i started this journey with a formalwear store from the 70s until the 00s.

        there’s a chinese mfg closely related to every discount you see and it is very calculated. they put physical boutiques out of business due to box stores and online sales. then they put small online sellers out of business by competing directly with them one on one in every marketplace. then they focused on brands…

        they became experts at using our marketing techniques and appearing to be us companies until they had so much of the market that it didn’t matter anymore. with my store I worked with sherri hill and tony bowles and a lot of ‘names’ in the formalwear industry — and believe me when i tell you that their biggest problem is the factories making their dresses are also making knockoffs and selling DIRECTLY against them. It’s been getting worse for years.

        also, please understand that I am actually NOT ragging on the chinese — i’m merely identifying who is doing this. they have become the most competent business people and are therefore trouncing us. we have become fat, happy, lazy, uneducated and unresponsive to the market. it’s ironic but true that the big US capitalist economy outgrew itself and is getting it’s — handed to it by competitors who are just doing what we did first.

        posh was successful at first because it was focused on second-hand sales so avoided this whole scenario for the first several years. now they’ve grown big enough that they have to get big sellers to participate with a lot of activity. posh’s choice was to either stay small and focus on second hand garment markets or to expand to all markets. they made that choice with housewares and pets and electronics and canada and india and everything else they are planning. that takes capital – so they went public.

        everything is decided now. small sellers are for the most part just the cool story of how posh built their business. their actual usefulness as sellers is past and they have NO strategic advantage either to buyers or to posh as a company.

      2. Thank u for writing the diatribe that I didn’t have time to write!I totally agree!!!

      1. Thank you!!! I didn’t mean to write a long post when I started but…. well…. since i’m not busy shipping orders….LOL!!!

  28. I’m grateful that you’re having a 30 minute session to address our concerns but it’s quite simple, we want the search to bring up items that we (sellers and buyers) are searching for. If I type “Free People Yellow Maxi Dress”, the fourth item should not be an unbranded item that hasn’t been shared in 3 days, when the sort order is by “just shared”! If I was searching by relevance or recommended then maybe that would be an acceptable result but even then, it should be at the bottom after all the dresses of the actual brand I typed in show up first. Your search used to work. Now it doesn’t.

  29. I’m with everyone else here as well. I worked my BLANK off for 6 months and became a PA in December and as of now I’ve had 1 sale within the last month. It’s a complete joke and waste of my time. I feel that working as hard as I did to become an Ambassador was for nothing and to top it off knowing that CORPORATE isn’t even listening to those that have been doing it so much longer than I have and are used to making much more $$$ that I have, is a huge slap 👋 in the face to EVERYONE!! It’s so very sad!! 🥺 All I can ask is that those that have been fighting for change, PLEASE PLEASE don’t give up. If you do, I completely understand because it’s your livelihood. But I’m going to keep fighting alongside you, it’s SAD when their algorithm shows up INACTIVE closets and INACCURATE products when you’re searching for something specific. 🙄🤷‍♀️

    1. I will continue to fight with you & voice my opinion. Actually I haven’t ever saw the benefit of being an Ambassador. I guess when I first started in 2019. As a new fish in the water, I was taking advantage by several Sellers with the Ambassadors title. From that point on, it had no value for me. Con Artist are everywhere. In saying this, I succeeded with my reputation as a Seller & Buyers. I joined simply to sale years of buying during my career. Once I retired, I didn’t use most & didn’t use most when I purchased them. I guess you could call me a Shopaholic at that time. It was time to purge & concentrate on my second chapter. My education.

      I worked so hard on being an honest Sellers & giving advice to others on this platform. My closet listing grew 4000 items, my manual shares increased yearly, now 60K, 244K followers & growing & following 2.7 millions. These were important factors but providing excellent items & customer services/retention was my ultimate goal. Sold over 1900+ & over 1300 love notes in less than 3 years.

      I understand slow months, the change in economic etc. I rode those waves. Then February 2022 abrupt announcement came. I didn’t understand it. I couldn’t get any communication back from Support other than we working it. I kept asking what is it? Some sales but nothing like the previous month or prior year. Then I heard it’s changed back. Again what’s changed back? Such a lack of communication. It was obvious for those who knew the language but for other like myself I didn’t. Then people were buying again. Items were moving daily. My biggest challenge was packing & shipping. I miss those day,

      Then another letter on March 18, 2022. Again abruptly changed without warning or no tool on how to be successful. No training or education on how to navigate it. The message was you need to SHARE, SHARE & SHARE. Ok I thought. I do this everyday anyways. So no big change for me. I SHARE, LIST & REPEAT everyday.

      Then I started to hear other Sellers profit plummet. These voices were starting to louder & a lot. I initially thought it was just my account. Dead in the Water. I would get a few little bits. Nothing earth shattering & then NOTHING.

      It’s been that way for over 45 days. Simply put, I don’t understand why they have to have a chat with us. If the original was working, why on God’s green earth you would change it. Then I had to take off my retired Corporate hat, investigate & get real. I understand Algorithms, hiring process using this features. It couldn’t be just that as it should be picking up descriptive words that I already use. I use to get complaints from buyers for being too detailed or wordy. That’s not my problem.

      In short, I went from an average $2500 a month to less than $300. You are right if your goal is to maintain being Ambassador, it will require 24/7 of your time especially since it’s a quarterly evaluation. Hence where Bots & VA became the rave just this summer. Many knew this was coming & pay monthly fees for them. These Bots & VA came share 24/7. The VA knows how to beat PM radar.

      NUMBERS DON’T LIE. Which make me believe out of the multiple billions on this platform alone, why aren’t we hearing an overwhelming amount of complaints. As the low to medium sellers are being effective. This change back should have been corrected within week like in February. Why you ask? Because their are millions who are profitable & they will cater. Rich get riches. Millions of our out cries should have made the news by now with Social Media. Etsy did.

      I am signed up for this Chat session. This is where we will have the ones who are succeeding speaking up as they are told to do so now to appease us.

  30. My sales are down 75% from last month with zero changes to account from my side – my interaction with the platform hasn’t changed, my amount of new listings hasn’t changed. Seventy-five percent. You are now starting to turn away your core userbase that built your platform for you. I’ve been a user since 2015 and for the first time in seven years I’m making more sales and more revenue on your competitor’s platforms. Much more activity on Depop, Mercari, and Ebay right now.

    1. JUST IN! Under “news” on Poshmark.

      “We heard your feedback and that you’d like to dive deeper into search and what it means for your business. We invite you to a fireside chat exclusively for Posh Ambassadors. Join Poshmark’s Co-Founder and SVP, Tracy Sun, and SVP of Community, LyAnn Chhay, on Thursday, April 28th at 2:00 PM PT as they answer all of your search-related questions.”

      Your thoughts on this? I did sign up.

      1. My thoughts are not positive. It’s only 30 minutes. They’ll both pat themselves on the back and not offer any real advice besides “how well things are doing” without offering any data. It’s a corporate PR stunt to drum up support for their next earnings report in May.

      2. I signed up too. No thoughts at this moment. I haven’t made money as my closet is completely dead. All I get is people, no like nor purchases as most are in the same boat. We are giving this brainwash SHARE, LIST & REPEAT which I’ve been doing for years. Nothing changed in my process until now. Why?
        Numbers don’t lie!!!

        Let’s address the big elephant in the room which is the people with Bots & Virtual Assistant. They have a huge advantage over the manual daily sharers.
        This new SEO only benefits SHARES, Right? Sellers with BOTS &/or VIRTUAL ASSISTANT can SHARE a thousands more times than manual sharers.
        Some brag about it as these software keeps them under the radar where PM can’t freeze their account. PM is aware it’s being use & trying to discourage it by freezing Sellers accounts. The problem is they are only frozen for a few days. I can’t compete against a Robot.

        It would be nice if PM gives up all the same fighting chance for following their guidelines vs those who don’t.

        Another big issues, I’m started to notice is Sellers having multiple Accounts on PM. I’m told one IP address per Sellers.

        I listed my questions to them & I am now reporting any & all accounts with my above concerns. Other must do the same. Screenshot & send to PM. I am sick & tired of following rules that only benefit ones who don’t. Somehow they get rewarded. I checked out weeks ago on PM. No longer motivated.

  31. I’m noticing that when the search is by “Relevance” that most of the items at the top are listings by sellers who have not been active since 2021 or even 2020! Why are their items even included in the search when clearly they are not active sellers??

    1. Yes, that is why there are so many angry and frustrated commenters on this thread :). Every 4th and 5th search results (roughly) seems to be only based on a word-for-word exact match, which brings up super old listings that haven’t been shared in ages and are usually from people who are inactive.

  32. Just wanted to let everyone know that upon filing a complaint against poshmark with the better business bureau i was able to get a phone number for poshmark headquarters

    650 488 7740 here you go!

  33. I’m getting the same pre written repose every time I reach out about the new algorithm tanking my sales. I get that “my concerns are being sent to the appropriate department” but that doesn’t really mean anything. I would like a real answer and to speak to a real person please.

    I am sure I am just one of hundreds if not thousands of sellers reaching out about this, but the new algorithm changes have devastated my business. Poshmark is how I used to help support my two little girls, but now my sales have at least been cut in half. Please don’t send me the same response everyone else gets. I’ve heard it already. Just please think of us as people, not just numbers. Please return to the old algorithm. Sincerely, a mother just trying to get by.

    1. It seems that we are the only ones reading these comments.Poshmark used to take time to respond to my many questions,some silly,but I would always get a sincere if I get a response at all its the same they send everyone else.

      1. Right Helena, clearly they really don’t care. I’ve made $210.00 gross in sales so far this month. I made close to 2K in Jan. I’ve barely made anything since January. I care about the customers but I’m no longer a fan of Poshmark the company. Going to be changing my strategy & focusing on other platforms.

      2. Same here almost no sales since January as well,is this the future at Poshmark?

  34. On the quarterly earnings call, Manish said that the search algorithm re-launch was “100% live”. Does this mean that it is final? Are you still making tweaks? Are you guys actually happy with the way it is working? If so, then it seems like the short, non-optimized titles (such as “black shirt” or “cute top” are being prioritized in the search results. This is my issue as it directly contradicts SEO guidelines. Please respond to the community so we can pivot our businesses accordingly.

  35. I have been selling for six months now and had an amazingly strong start. I’ve built up a large following and have met my sales goals each month up until April. I am doing all the things that are suggested to boost sales. Posting new items, sharing other closets, sharing mine several times a day, delisting/relisting old items, editing or updating my cover photos, lowering prices to be competitive and it is dead. So slow. I have out my whole heart Into selling on Poshmark and I am struggling to understand why a company would make such a detrimental change. I have started to check comps through google which usually leads me to a poshmark listing via their search engine. I don’t understand how PM can’t use a filter system that is so basic and commonplace among other retail sites. Please figure out the search filters and reward those of us who put work and effort into quality listings.

  36. I’m Poshmark ambassador with Gold star😖 I have 1.500 active list! normally I made $1.500 from Poshmark every month but since they change everything I can’t make even $200 a month!! I’m sick of this” and give up!! I spend all my time only do Poshmark” invest all my money to inventory! But now I don’t wanna do this anymore!! I cannot make money for buy more inventory if it’s stuck in my house!..

  37. Please change things back! This has been a complete failure! I feel like I am sharing to nobody! I get crickets after sharing my large closet & only a few likes! You are driving Poshers to other platforms! Please change things back to the way they were!

  38. When will Poshmark provide true numbers to support their claims? I have not heard of a single seller claiming to have better sales under these revised searches. Poshmark has based their commercials and social media around the ability for sellers to create a meaningful income while selling on their platform. They have now pulled the rug out from under dedicated sellers and offered no real guidance on how these same sellers can optimize sales under these changes. Poshmark has provided no reliable data to support their claims of success under these changes and further, they have not defined what they consider success. These blog posts tell us nothing and it is obvious that is how it is supposed to be.

  39. I am a full time reseller and my sales on Poshmark have plummeted. I was listing mostly on Poshmark but I am not going to waste my time listing as much on a platform that isn’t listening to their sellers. Hopefully enough full time sellers will make a stand and Poshmark will finally listen.

  40. Commenting again as i would like to make a suggestion to sellers. I just saw on global news that thousands of etsy sellers are going on strike over issues of their own with etsy. I think we should start a facebook group and plan our own strike or something of the sort. All these comments on the blog and social media are useless. We have to make actual moves and we need the move to be big with many participating.

    1. I have to agree with Lyra. Over 50,000 Etsy sellers signed an online petition with certain demands including but not limited to improving and expediting the support systems for sellers who have had their business disrupted by Etsy’s automated tools. They will be putting their stores on vacation mode for one week starting Monday.

      1. Where can we see the content of their petition so we can use it to craft one of our own?

      2. If you wanna message me on fb im under “elle anne” blue hair. We could start a FB group and get word out!

      3. I already vacation mode my closet this week until I hear positive solutions to this disaster PM have created. They aren’t getting the ripple effect of their “COMMUNITY”, angry & frustrated with others asking questions, success stories & newbie getting their head bit off for asking a newbie questions. Many broke with hundreds of dollar of inventory that’s not moving. These Vultures are out big time sending these ridiculous 60%-90% offers. At they were just circling and the opportunity opened up for the kill. I understand so many are frustrated, angry & broke. In all my years I saw positive with any businesses, corporations, organizations etc. is with everyone unified voices. Those who are sitting on the sideline & isn’t speaking, I feel for you. The only reason PM is in business is off the backs of the low, medium mid-medium Loyal Sellers who supported PM since 2011. If so frustrating in all my life & careers, I seen this over & over again. The only common denominator I saw was THE PEOPLE speaking up. Geez, we have Social Media now in my days.

        It’s nothing I believe on April 28, 2022 in 30 minutes chat that will change the course for many. There maybe be a few like a few who are thriving now. Before now, I would consider myself as a medium level pro-seller that back in March 2019. I had no true directions or knew what I was doing in reselling business. I would ask Ambassadors/Sellers & got scammed from some who saw I had an impressive closet. I got some Ambassadors/Sellers who corrected certain things they saw & gave exceptional advise to a newbie. Sadly the majority were scammers. So I did my own homework as running businesses wasn’t new to me. As my PM business grew & I learned about these PM platforms, I gave advice, answered questions to anyone who need assistance because that’s what I read in PM “Mission Statement”. Ambassadorship, Community etc. SHARE, LIST & REPEAT. I have no doubt any other Poshers did the same.

        Where are the Ambassadors, high earners & the millions who are still profiting in this volatile platform?. Why aren’t only a handful guiding & speaking up with us lower sellers? I have only read a few “commercial style” comments. Poshmark has been good to me. There fees are great. I promise you millions felt & isn’t complaining about these distracted comments. Most never said, PM didn’t give them a full-time, part-time, fun-time job or hobby. The complaints aren’t with Sellers & Buyers LOYALTY. Most are hanging on with the HOPE & PRAYER they can make money again, pay their bills, feed their family, buy a car, house or whatever their goals were. What they are saying is, WHY? ABRUPTLY? The whys were given to the high rollers. The reasons were given to the high rollers. The preparedness of a storm were given to the high rollers. This market in a multi-billion industry. Isn’t enough money to spread to the little guy at the bottom enough?

        How within 45 days so many PM closets/businesses go from hundreds if not thousands a month to a few dollars? That’s the question. Many are intelligent people. Many understand SEO & Algorithms. Many understand Changes. What we don’t understand is this: Lack of Communication before hand-most could have been prepared, Education on the use of “this new software” & Most importantly WHY fix something in our eyes, with no communication & education wasn’t broken.

        That’s what I like to hear on April 28, 2022 along with a timeline. Anything else is just WHITE NOISE.

        The moral to this story is companies can do whatever they want to many of us anytime they want to. This practice isn’t new. Remember nothing good last forever.

        You know the weird part of this all, most of did better during the Pandemic of 2020 & 2021. When the world was turned upside down during this historic moment, WE WERE THRIVING. This crap about the economy, really.

        I’ve checked out & no longer motivated. I wrote this for other voices to speak up, other platforms, social medias, news medias, to use their voices & understand it matter. Remember no companies want bad publicity during these times.

        Remember people & companies can only do to you, want you allow them to do.
        All the BEST.

      4. You speak for many Drie! I’ve just stopped listing any new items, what’s the point? I have chronic health challenges & my energy & overall health waxes & wanes. I really enjoyed reselling during the pandemic as I was totally homebound & that’s when I got started. I grew my closet & over time my sales increased & I thought I may actually be able to get myself off of disability because Poshmark seemed to be less of an hungry animal needing consistent daily listing as eBay is.

        Then in Feb. everything changed & my sales tanked and NOT simply due to the economy or Feb. being a slow month. I’m now making few sales as I did when I first started & had 50 listings & I now have over 600. To go from your highest historical sales month(s) to barely nothing is suspect but when hundreds of other sellers are experiencing the same thing? Hmmm. Also, I’ve had to accept lower offers to the point of losing money just to “make sales” which is not why I’m doing this, but hey on the bright side I’m not going to be filing taxes when I’m not even making any profit, I’m essentially donating/gifting my items at this point.

        Unfortunately, this is another example of the richer getting richer & controlling our “free” economy which is such a joke right now when a handful of billionaires have more money than everyone else in this country put together.

        I’m just going to consider this “gig” not a gig at all & simply a slow Swedish Death Cleaning Project which at some times may be slightly enjoyable. At my age I don’t have time left to play games, especially with a deadly virus still circulating which most people, understandably so, are so burned out by. Too bad Poshmark which was once a positive beacon of light is now down in the negative news of the day.

      5. You’re welcome & I am glad you are speaking up. Many are like you. I misspelled my name. It’s DRUE. I am speaking up for people like you. I am sure PM doesn’t care & not reading these comments. Let us vent as in time it will die down.

      6. Thank you Drue. Yes, it is certainly frustrating & although I did sign up for the call I may not end up being able to be fully present as I am caregiving for my Mom 3 nights a week & the weekends right now. It would be nice if they actually listened to the suggestions we’ve offered, I mean we can’t even create a real sale in our closets still. I’d LOVE to be able to just do a “30% off tops” for example, but there’s no way to make that happen easily & I’m not into creating emojis or whatever to signal this item is 3 for whatever, way too much work for my brain, lol. I used to make double or triple my money on items & now I’m lucky if I get a couple of bucks over what I paid or as I mentioned, in some cases losing money. I hope something changes but I’m certainly not holding my breath!

      7. Hi its great that you have an opportunity to make your voice-and hopefully many of our voices heard!(no pressure!)I hope that u are able to participate because u seem to have a sound mind and a good handle on the issues.thanks!in advance!

    2. If yall wanna reach out to me on facebook my name is “elle anne” blue and black hair in profile. We can start a FB group and get word going!

  41. I understand that you are trying to get new people on the app, trying to go after the Gen Z / depop market and boost the number of people whose data you can sell. Given the plummeting stock price (from 82 IPO to 12), I get that you need a drastic change to keep your head above water. But come on Poshmark, you built a name for yourself by being a community platform of Posh Bosses. You are screwing over the community that you supposedly care about. When we complain that the search doesn’t work anymore (via instagram or email), you tell us to come here and comment on this post. There are hundreds of upset, angry and hurt community members. It really seems like you just don’t care. The algorithm change is a very very big deal. Please acknowledge this and tell us your plans!! How can we make it work? Are you still beta testing? Has it rolled out for everyone? How exactly is this optimized? You claim that the “optimized” listings are being shown but that is not what the hundreds of commenters on this thread (and thousands going off on instagram and facebook) are saying. Where can we send you screenshots to show you the issue? Can we have a community call with the developers? Do you have specs? If it is working as you intended, then it sounds like this is a communication issue. We’re not asking for much. You made a massive change that impacted many small businesses around the world. Just communicate with us, please!!

  42. I don’t care if you change it back, or change it another way, but for God’s sake, tell us what the hell you’re doing what we have to do differently to make this work for us — and you! I agree with the earlier poster who said you’re using successful sellers — folks who do what you have trained us to do — are being treated as lab rats. It’s unfair and, in the marketing world, stupid.
    Quit with the stupid 1-hour promotions and communicate with your sellers.

  43. As someone who has been selling full-time on Poshmark for several years now, and was fortunate enough to receive one of the quarterly grants from 2021, this change has tanked my closet engagement and sales.

    Please stop using your most active and experienced users as lab rats, because right now this change brings up items that are old and stale from closets that aren’t active or are very obviously scammers.

    If you wanted to increase platform sales you should work on scrubbing out the endless scam accounts that pop up, instead of leaving the community to report and review them. You should focus on removing items from closets that are no longer active (haven’t been shared in the last 6+ months would be a nice start), and you should also revert these algorithm changes, because right now you are killing the sellers who have depended on this platform to bring in income.

  44. I just don’t understand why you would mix things up so much. Successful Sellers equal more money for posh, even though the 20% fee is complete and total crap especially now considering that top sellers are taking huge hits and are stuck with so much inventory. I’ve had to change up my selling platforms which for just BS for someone who thrifts and resells on a platform that has proved so successful for the last five years and now is a fight.

  45. Hi, Agree with everyone having sharing and search issues. My daughter and I both have accounts and tested her closet and nothing is working for “ just shared”. I did my closet and luckily my items came to the top of the search. Her sales are half of what she’s been selling or maybe worse and like many others depends on this income to survive! Poshmark is also losing money with this problem too.
    Galaxyfinds is suffering from these changes! Please Poshmark help everyone with these issues!

  46. Poshmark. Please. Do the right thing. Change it back. So many of us rely on income from this platform. Income that we got used to being able to count on. Income that pays for groceries and preschool tuition and car maintenance. When your sellers are happy and making money, YOU should be happy and making money. This change is exhausting and costing us ALL a fortune. Thank you.

  47. From the first day I started in 2/18 I made a sale and subsequently every day after that for over a year I had at least one sale a day and normally more, I was amazed that could happen for a brand new user so I worked hard at it as many do to build a business for myself on poshmark. I love the site and it’s definitely been a blessing in my life but that being said, it’s been all over the board lately with no consistency or stability. I understand change is inevitable in business but I feel if your going to change something that will have such detrimental effects on your long time users you should be straight with us so we can either change with you or make other arrangements to support ourselves. Ive had more 0 day sales in the last few months than I have in all the years combined and it’s not realistic to think I can continue this way. It’s easy to tell when your part of the test group since your closet basically goes quiet. I feel like your promoting new closets and your ambassadors are being used as crash test dummies. I’m not saying everyday was a record day but days without comments or offers of any kind is suspect. You spoiled with a fantastic app with endless potential , a steady stream of income then you ripped the rug out from under us.

    1. Yes, my theory is that some days when you share your stuff gets seen almost like normal and other days it doesn’t. Like some days they promote your closet, then randomly they won’t. The last 2 days I had many likes and today I’ve only had 1. My family members who do poshmark have also noticed the same thing. All our sales are down a lot. At one point I hadn’t sold anything for 11 days, and my sister for 2 weeks. We usually make a sale everyday. After the 11 days of not making a sale I started making sales almost every day. Definitely still less than before they started messing with everything though. Another sister of mine has had only 1-2 sales a week for the last 2 weeks and she usually sells the most out of us all. So it’s very weird. Seems they are doing some of promoting thing. Have you noticed the same or similar patterns?

  48. Please change back the algorithm!? This is crippling for a lot and I mean ALOT of sellers! I have always been so pleased with this platform from selling to how fair you are to the buyer and seller!

    Thank you

    1. Commenting again as i would like to make a suggestion to sellers. I just saw on global news that thousands of etsy sellers are going on strike over issues of their own with etsy. I think we should start a facebook group and plan our own strike or something of the sort. All these comments on the blog and social media are useless. We have to make actual moves and we need the move to be big with many participating.

      1. You bring up a good point! I was thinking the other day that someone has to get in touch with the media or do something on a larger scale because that seems to be the only thing people care about nowadays is how they look in the media. I used my $600 stimulus check to buy Poshmark stock & I totally regret every penny of it now that 90% of it is gone along with 90% of my sales! I love making $58 in a week, really, I do. I can find that much money in cans in the trash if I wanted to. We’ve got to do something!

  49. I am writing because I am just so sad to see what is happening with Poshmark. You have an amazing Platform, however, these changes that you are implementing regarding the search and whatever else you are doing is really affecting a lot of your Sellers and Buyers. I am not sure if you are rolling these changes out in phases, testing in groups, etc. but whatever spot we are in (and many others), it is horrible!!! I certainly hope there will be some improvement soon. I am doing “everything” you suggest and my sales have slowed considerably. I think many of us are hoping for some sort of an update soon. Thank you!

  50. Hundreds upon hundreds of users are begging you to change back the algorithm and search sort functions. It’s bs that some people are in beta and some aren’t. It’s not fair at all to be beta-ed when you never asked to be used as a guinea pig. I personally just quit my full time job because I believed in Poshmark. We all believed in Poshmark. I often make $100+ sales. Making Poshmark a significant amount of money. Poshmark needs to remember who they were before they went public. What made them who they are. You still have time to walk back these bad changes like thred up had. Once you lose trust in your user base no matter how much advertising money you put into regaining it you will not be able to do so.

    1. Not what is happening; but please do not blame the economy; people are still buying clothes and spending in traveling etc.

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