Your 2021 Poshmark Holiday Checklist

Ready to crush your holiday goals? Buyers are shopping secondhand this holiday season more than ever before! Earn extra cash this gift-giving season with the checklist below.

1. List what shoppers are buying this season.

Check out our 2021 Holiday Trend Report to discover valuable data around the most-searched and top-trending items of the season so that you can offer what’s hot right now.

2. Stock up on supplies and ship like a pro.

Due to the supply chain disruption that’s affecting all aspects of delivery, make sure that you’re on top of sending out items. This means stocking up on supplies, communicating with your buyer, and being aware of shipping delays.

3. Use the 2021 Holiday Calendar to stay organized.

Be sure to plan ahead. This calendar was made to help you learn key dates like shipping deadlines, give you access to important promo dates like Closet Clear Out Days, and attend holiday-themed Posh Parties that are sure to have gift-hungry buyers.

4. Bring potential and past customers back throughout the holiday season.

We recently launched a new tool to help you connect with your past and potential customers called My Shoppers. With My Shoppers, you’ll be generated a personalized list where you can create Bundles, send offers, and comment all at once—making giving holiday discounts a breeze.

5. Share the holiday magic.

There’s nothing more special than the holiday season, so add that magical touch wherever you can. Personalize your packages, include a handwritten thank you note or a cute small gift with your item that shows your gratitude, and encourage your buyers to share their purchases on social media.

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